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2000 pts Dreadknights "spam" army

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Cmdr Shepard

Cmdr Shepard


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Greetings Battle Brothers,

I always liked Dreadknights and the 6th Edition, with its "buffs" to GK Montrous Creature, gave me the chance to think about Dreadknights-heavy armies.

I'll start by sharing a list I used with satisfying results. In future I'll plan to build a true DK spam list with 2 FOC and 6 DK. :D

For now here is a more classic list with just one FOC.

Let me know your opinions


Ordo Malleaus Inquisitor
TDA, Psycannon, Hammer, Psyker (Divination, of course ;) )


10 GK Terminators
2 Psycannons, Psybolts and a combination of Nemesis weapons

10 men Strike Squad
2 Psycannons, Hammer

8 men Strike Squad
Psycannon, Hammer.


10 men Interceptor Squad
Justicar with halberd (I had spare points), 2 Psycannons, psybolts


3x Dreadknights
Personal Teleporters, Heavy Incinerator.

Total: 2000 pts.

NOTE: You may have noticed this list has not A/A dedicated weapon. I didn't include any of the in the list because I knew I I wouln't have fight against flyers. If you want a A/A weapon, just remove some PAGK and upgrades until you have the points for an Aegis Defense Line with Quad Gun.

Anyway, when I first tried this list I played against an assault oriented BA army and the DK were simply amazing. The support from other units was very effective, not to mention Warp Quake created so problem to his deep striking units (I used it only for the first turn since I wanted to test the DK in combat. If you play Warp Quake accordingly it will create a lot of problems to deep striking units)

As always comments are very appreciated.




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How much did the individual squads cost?




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I've bought my first DreadKnight and can't wait to get him stuck into the enemy.

This looks good, Grey Knights are so brilliantly flexible. The one thing you will miss taking 3 DK is the 48" of the psyfleman.

I'm not entirely sure how you will be running this army but I would be tempted to drop the inquisitor and all your other units, then replace them with Crowe and Purifiers instead of the terminators and strike + interceptors. The idea being your opponent will be very busy with the 3x knights so the terminators are an over spend + lots of armies run AP2 now. Double psycannons too!!




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This looks good, Grey Knights are so brilliantly flexible. The one thing you will miss taking 3 DK is the 48" of the psyfleman.

GK survive really well without Psyflemen in 6th edition. AV12 isnt much to hang onto in 6th edition.
Never played with Psyflemen, and never really missed them as support either. Dreadknight is faster, "stronger", and tougher.

Not saying Psyflemen are bad, but they are not as good as they once were, and didnt get a boost like the Dreadknight did in 6th.