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The Shadow Legion - Outline/W.I.P/not IA ready...

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I have discarded Eternal Stalkers for what I believe a better idea. I have been a part of a gaming group for over the last several years, since 2001, and I want to create a 40k Space Marine Chapter based off of the group. That is the inspiration for this outline and here is what I have so far, a very simple outline, and utilizing Octavulg’s example. All feedback and CC is welcome, but please be constructive and helpful.

Chapter Name
- Shadow Legion

- 21st Cursed Founding

- A work in progress, general idea is to minimize and summarize the history possibly only noting the major engagements, battles and conflicts.

Home World
- No home world, fleet based chapter

- Stronger is better
- Ritualistic challenges/competitions/duels…
- Emperor is not a God, but Creator/Father
- More/clarify as development takes place

Combat Doctrine
- Ambushes
- Night Operations
- Mixed Warfare ranged and close combat, operation dictates

- Codex Adherent
- The 1st Company, the “Death Dealer’s”, are veterans and Legionnaires who have an overwhelming combat awareness and prowess. Death Dealer’s wear a skull helmet and remain on a separate battle barge, the “Battlemaster” in order to deploy where needed
- Jester – Librarians
Legionnaire – Space Marine
Initiate - Recruit

- Unknown, but show enhanced durability, strength and toughness compared to other space marines

“War is the Answer” – still a work in progress, but I do like it.

Color Scheme
- Would like to incorporate Red/Black/Gold/Silver/White, will make a few versions

Just a work in progress, but I feel very good and positive about this one.
"Lifes greatest pleasures, are purchased with pain!"...Marshal Tolek, The Sordon Crusade - (WIP), 938.M41 "Trial of Norwich" Shadow Legion - DIY Chapter