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The Guilliman Heresy

Alternate Heresy Guilliman Heresy

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Conn Eremon

Conn Eremon


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There could be one of each. Perhaps the dark brown is a unifying element tying distinctive groups together. Perhaps two Chapters share in a single duty, perhaps permanently and perhaps temporarily.


As for what's too much or not, it ultimately comes down to whether or not their legion is still recognizable. The example I gave previously was mostly in a variant color, but the display of the standard colors and badge meant that it was still recognizable at a glance.

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What if a daemon-hunting unit was brown and gold, but with a grey helmet and grey markings? And with the IH symbol and fire motifs on their armor as well? They wouldn't be mistaken for Salamanders since they're not green or black.


I dunno, if you guys aren't keen, I'll just use it for my "version" of the IH. Maybe I'll decide to just use it on a specific daemonhunter unit, and just partially, and keep the rest slate grey/gold. Or... a way of marking Legionnaires with daemonhunter training/honors, kind of like Terminator Honors.


Regarding weapons that would be unique to the GH, is there anything similar to Baze Malbus' gun from Rogue One? A las-weapon or energy weapon similar to a Volkite, but with a chunky ammo feed like a heavy bolter?

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#The Guilliman Heresy

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