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terminator weapon cost questions

terminator chaos codex point

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I am new to the forum and 40k- with  questions 


In the chaos sm codex the terminator entry states that a pair of lighting claws are cheaper for a "chaos terminator" than for a "terminator champion" which may choose* terminator weapons so which do I go with? 


Under the chaos wargear list- terminator weapons are more expensive points wise than in the terminator entry ex- combi and LC, etc


-Do a pair of lighting claws for a termi champ cost 22 or costs 7? 

-Same question about the other termi weapons on the points differential, are combi-plas 5 or 7 for the champ? 


If this is the wrong area please relocate. 


Thanks for the input 


Grey Mage

Grey Mage


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Sadly, he must use the more expensive option seeing as he is a Terminator Champion, not a Chaos Termiantor.

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You must buy upgrades for champions from the wargear page, same logic that a plague champion cant buy a meltagun, plasmagun or flamer, as these are options for plague marines, not plague marine champions.

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thanks guys

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