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Today in the hobby I....

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TITH it was too hot and humid to do much painting, so I took a crack at converting my own Bladeguard Veterans. 




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Nothing yet, but yesterday evening I started looking for the right red paint for my Primaris army... Blood Angels to be I think. My IG is mostly a lot of blue and dark blue and red pop's against that very nicely. But...which red... Hopefully I'll have that sorted this weekend. Planning to try a few test models, something I never bother to do but that red had to be just right for some reason.

Also packing up extra Ork models to send to a fried for a trade but putting in a good bit more than he's asked for because I know he's under a lot of stress with all the lock down and lack of being around friends, he's very social. 


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Fix Bayonets! 
Hail Hail Freedonia! 


Brother Lame

Brother Lame


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Today in the hobby I spent a couple hours trying to brainstorm up ideas for converting a decent left arm Hurricane bolter for an Ironclad Dreadnought - everything from trying to repurpose a missile launcher arm to nicking an Invictor hand held heavy bolter - and ultimately couldn't decide on something I liked. A shame, as the right arm is occupied with a converted Seismic Hammer I'd rather not have to ditch.




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Not today, but recently I got to the stash I've not had access to due to lockdown - all my stuff from years ago. I've gotten rid of loads of stuff that wasn't worth saving (so much paint!!), but have managed to keep and partially organise the following:

Paint, glues and brushes - https://i.imgur.com/QG9SRzF.jpg (including this - it's twenty years old and hasn't sealed properly in probably ten, but still hasn't dried out! https://i.imgur.com/HFQw5xO.jpg)
Chaos, Guard and Marine transfers - https://i.imgur.com/UZMxTE6.jpg
One Rhino/Razor/Pred, magnetised and interchangable. Rear door opens. Chassis not glued yet. Turret and sponsons have full range of movement, magnetised.
One Pred. Rear door and top plate glued down. Full range of movement again.
One Vindicator. Partially magnetised, partially unglued so far.
Loads of spares/extras for the above.
One classic Dreadnough (ETB perhaps?) - power fist, missile launcher, twin lascannon, assault cannon.
All the parts from this classic LotD box.
All the parts from this classic Vanguard Veterans box.
All the parts for this Masters of the Chapter box.
All models from classic metal scout box. Guy with pistol outstretched has lost his knife hand somehow. Seem to have started a conversion so that he's holding a boltgun too.
DA captain/librarian from megaforce
A handful of metal Catachans
The metal Cadian command squad, plus 2 metal Lt's
13 Kasrkin (sgt, plasma, flamer, grenade launcher, 2 melta) - not found all backpacks yet, think some (inc spec weapons) are just missing
Metal terminator captain. Sword was lost when I was a kid.
2 metal DA robed bodies
Parts for 5 plastic assault terminators, with DA upgrade parts, plus a free terminator from WD
Parts for classic metal Chaplain on bike
2 extra bikes and metal attack bike parts
6 of the plastic stormtroopers bere, top right - http://www.solegends...1997p025-02.htm
Metal Chaos Lord & Sorceror, possibly a Chaos Terminator too
At least one Ork Warboss (one may have been a Nob, not sure)
Ork burna boy/s (metal)
Leman Russ/chimera (presumed complete, but old and a little battered)
Sprues (not all complete) for various marine parts, some Chaos parts, Ork parts, Fantasy Chaos Warriors
A Cadian sentinel or two (presumed complete)
Some custom resin female definitely-not-Cadians (from a crowdsourcing effort on TauOnline years ago)
Enough RTB01 parts to make a marine or two
Fellowship of the Ring set (presumed complete)
Some limited releases - 30th ann. Grombrindal; Aenur, Sword of Twilight
Old tools (now have an extra pin vice and drill bits, scalpel and blades, many more files and some sculpting implements)
Some greenstuff of questionable quality
An Ultramarine and a Fantasy Chaos Warrior my mum painted when I was about 9!

Also managed to get some loose bits organised a little better.

Bits box 1!
Top row: DA legs, servo skulls, regular legs, vehicle bits, iconography (anything with wings, basically)
Middle row: DA backpacks, regular backpacks, banner poles, scout bits (forgot they were there), stuff (pouches, grenades, purity seals, etc)
Bottom row: boltguns with arms, boltguns/pistols (some really old bolters in there!), bolter arms, special weapons, heavy weapons/arms (metal & plastic)

Bits box 2!
Top row: bare heads, DA helmets, generic helmets, a couple of bits from other races, bits I need to give to a mate, some bits I can't place, some bodies I need to move
Middle row: CCW arms (left and right), a RW banner thing, plastic scout pieces
Bottom row: DA torso front/back, generic torso front, generic torso back, a single jump pack, DA shoulder pads, generic shoulder pads, not sure (knives apparently?)

All in all it's taken about forever to do, but I'm happy enough. =]

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Today in the hobby I'm finishing decals on my Deathwing venerable dreadnought and an impulsor. I'll be working on painting a talonmaster and a Ravenwing Champion as well.

Sky Potato

Sky Potato


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  • Faction: Blood Angels, Catachan

TITH (to be slightly more accurate, in the last 24 hours in the hobby), I;

Painted and based a Myphitic Blight Hauler
Painted and based a 10 man squad of Chaos Cultists
Painted the skin of 62 poxwalkers
Painted the demon flesh on 2 Foetid bloat drones

I’m getting very close to finishing the entire Death Guard side of Conquest magazine now. And I got a LOT of duplicate issues of Conquest.

Pretty much all I have left to finish is 2 Bloat Drones which are half done, 2 chaos spawn which I need to start over on (I was using them to test various contrast paints, a little wet blending using contrast etc). And just a small blob of 62 poxwalkers. So only 66 models. 🤦‍♂️

Today in the hobby, I am down to needing to complete 23 poxwalkers, 1 spawn and half a bloat drone.




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TITH I played a game of 9th against myself. ~600 8th ed points per side to test out mechanics.




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  • Location:south coast uk

TITH I played a game of 9th against myself. ~600 8th ed points per side to test out mechanics.

Heroically resists urge to ask who won?


TITHI Painted cypher, some cultists and started the tally of my khornate forces, so far it's lots

c & c welcomed, kudos accepted, blame shifted

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