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Visit in London

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I´m travelling to London next month and I plan to visit some tabletop stores.

Because I´m from germany (so excuses if my english is not that good), i had no idea where to find these stores.

Through Google I found the "Dark Sphere" and that store is definitly on my Shopping list.

But I wonder if you guys could give me some hints where to find other good stores ?


And my girlfriend has told me, she wants to visit some flea markets, if there are some.

So if someone hast a hint on that, please tell me.


Thanks for your answers,





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Hello mate,


Hope you enjoy your trip to London! Darksphere is my regular gaming location. I may be biased, but I consider it to be probably the best store in London to go to as it gives nice discounts on GW products and has a solid range of products (as well as a ton of non-GW stuff).


If you're into historical/roleplaying stuff (or the Fantasy Flight Games books) you could also check out Orc's Nest. Can't think of anywhere else off the top of my head.





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