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UM tactic Devastators in Drop Pod Assault

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I could just be wish-listing my interpretation of the rules on this topic, and am most likely wrong but I'd at least like to bring up the subject to other players. In an effort to save my expensive sternguard from a horrific demise on the first turn I was toying with the idea of drop podding in a ten man devastator squad with four multi meltas in on turn one instead. If I use the ultramarines Devastator doctrine I give them relentless, but here's where my question come in, the codex states that devastators have relentless "unless they disembark from a transport in the movement phase" pg 77 UM chapter tactics. I was under the impression however that the drop pod assault occurs at the very beginning of turn 1 and all models immediately disembark, then the movement phase begins freeing up my devs to fire as normal. I could be incredibly wrong in this instance (it wouldn't be the first time) But it sure would be cool if I was right. Can anybody provide some clarification on this one?



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Grey Mage

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No, the drop pod comes down as part of the movement phase. There is nothing before the movement phase, simply 'beginning of the movement phase' things to do.

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