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Space Wolves Resources

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Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


  • 22,620 posts
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  • Faction: VIIth Legion

There are lots of useful topics about the Space Wolves scattered across the Bolter & Chainsword website. While most will occur in this forum and in the Space Wolves army lists sub-forum, other related topics are bound to spring up elsewhere, especially in the Forge forums. In addition, plenty of external websites will include content that is useful for fans of the Space Wolves, including blog posts, videos, etc. Since we can't pin every useful topic, this topic is intended to provide a handy resource for players of the Space Wolves.

If you know of a topic, external site, or video that you would like to see added to this resource listing, please reply with a link to that topic, external site, or video. If the moderators agree that the submission is both relevant and useful, it will be added to the listing.

If you see a link that you think is no longer relevant or which is broken, please post a reply notifying the moderators of the issue. We'll do our best to keep this resource listing updated, fixing broken links and removing those that are no longer relevant.

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Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


  • 22,620 posts
  • Location:The Temple of Oaths
  • Faction: VIIth Legion


The default tag for discussions about the Space Wolves Chapter is Space Wolves Chapter.
gallery_26_14909_242.gif SPACE WOLVES RULES
Games Workshop FAQs and Errata
Space Wolves Apocalypse Datasheets
Errata (Codex: Space Marines August 2019 update)
Warhammer Legends - Space Wolves (Warhammer Community)
FAQ - Saga of the Beast (Warhammer Community)

gallery_26_14909_242.gif BACKGROUND OF THE SPACE WOLVES
Space Wolves: A Comprehensive History
Tabula Astartes - Space Wolves Legion Successors
Space Wolf Name Generator
Wikis: Lexicanum/WH40K Wikia

gallery_26_14909_242.gif MODELING & PAINTING THE SPACE WOLVES
Choosers of the Slain
Chaplain Mikey's Painting Tutorial
Space Wolves 3rd Party Resource Compendium
Stinkenheim's How to Freehand Space Wolf Symbols
Color Matching for Painting

Bits Sources Thread

gallery_26_14909_242.gif SPACE WOLVES WEB/PROJECT LOGS
Claws and Fists Space Wolves Blog

gallery_26_14909_242.gif SPACE WOLVES SHOWCASES
Heroes of the Space Wolves
Troop Packs of the Space Wolves
Fire Support Packs of the Space Wolves
Heavy Armor of the Space Wolves
Specialized Infantry Packs of the Space Wolves
Dam13n's 13th Company Grand Army
Space Wolves by Adam
Insane Psychopath's "Wolf Wing" Army
Bladewolf's 14th Company
The Volsung by Creamywynch

gallery_26_14909_242.gif SPACE WOLVES TACTICA
Paul Murphy's Space Wolves Tactica (Warhammer Community)
Army Building in 9th Edition (Google docs version) by Valerian
Long Fangs
Stalkers (vehicle)
Primaris Wolf Guard Battle Leader

gallery_26_14909_242.gif SPACE WOLVES BATTLE REPORTS
(No links yet)

gallery_26_14909_242.gif SPACE WOLVES EVENTS
The Thing!

Black Library Space Wolves Products
Kill Team tokens - Space Wolves Chapter, Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company theme (B&C Downloads)

See also: Adeptus Astartes Resources
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Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


  • 22,620 posts
  • Location:The Temple of Oaths
  • Faction: VIIth Legion
Note that the mods are in the process of updating the resources. If you see any dead links (that aren't already marked as such), please post here to advise us.

Also, I added the link to today's Warhammer Community post about Paul Murphy's Space Wolves Tactica to the tactica category.
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