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Iron Hands Tactics

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The Native

The Native


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Strongly advise against Immortals. One of the worst unique units in the game.


HotG with Ferrus makes for ridiculously tough tanks. Free Blessed Autosimulacra and IWND for any vehicle with AV13 or greater. 

Orth in a Caestus Assault Ram could be funny. It's a flying tank that can carry 10 models and Terminators do not count as bulky. 

Memento Of Prospero

Memento Of Prospero


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you can squadron vindicators. I would suggest a unit of 3 with Orth, as his tank hunter will benefit the entire unit. Or go big with a squad of Malcadors with Orth. Ferrus is a lord of war, he does not take your HQ slots.

The artist formerly known as Wolf_Pack

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