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Iron Hands Tactics

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So it depends on how rules vs fluff you want to go?


To me, Mk IV is the most advanced form of Astartes armour in the Heresy and so is used by units that are more all-rounders. Mk VI is newer but has specialised systems meant for infiltration etc and interestingly MkIII was re-adopted by many legionnaires as the front plating is more resistant to Bolter Fire, an unexpected side use when fighting other Astartes.


Based on this, I say you go for a variation on Imren's idea - a Flamer Support Squad (as opposed to heavy flamer) and also give them a Bolt Pistol + CCW (which you can do!)


This way you're getting extra attacks, can sprinkle in the chainsaw look you desire and use the MkIV in a meaningful way!

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What is your opinion about Sabre tanks in Head of the Gorgon? I'm thinking on adding one or a pair with neutron blasters to my army to finish my list and collection. Currently I didn't have that many tanks (a Spartan, a Sicaran BT and a couple of Rhinos for troop transport), and I would like to add some armoured might to my army. They seem like a nice choice for the single FA unit, what is with HotG allowed.


Other question: I have a Cataphractii Terminator unit from the Calth box. Only 5 strong, armed with mixed PF and CF-s. Will they be enough? I have a Tartaros unit too, mostly with PF-s, but initially I thought on running them with my Sons of Horus. Additionally: do I need the Gorgons from FW or can I live without them? My army consists mostly tacs, a big blog of breachers and some support marines with volkites.

I used to be a regular Space Marine, just like you. - but then I took the Horus Heresy in the knee...

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