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+++ The Eternal Crusader +++

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Marshall Dolourus Penitent Crusade Badge

Dolourus Crusade. Marshall Dolourus' Penitent Crusade.
Marshall Dolourus Crusade to cleanse Polaris V met with disaster at the arrival of a Tyranid Splinter Fleet. Returning in disgrace to Eternal Crusader, Marshall Dolourus is preparing for a Penitant Crusade of High Marshal Helbrechts choosing.


The stripe represents Marshall Dolourus, the clawed skull represents the Imperial Guard that stood, fought and died with honour on Primaris V, the ring of thorns is the badge of the penitent.


Yes it is a great honour to added to a Crusade Shield, but Marshall Dolourus declared the clawed skull added as a mark of respect for the valour and grim determination shown by the I.G. fighting foes that, in the Marshalls eyes, were immeasurably superior (Necrons) and who outnumbered them 100/1 (Tyranids)






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Marshal Mattias

Marshal Mattias


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+++The Renascibilitas Crusade+++

Now recovering from decades as the 'Lost' Crusade, after they vanished into a warp storm pursuing Dark Eldar pirates, this troubled crusade is currently establishing Keeps and recruiting new Neophytes. Originally formed during the Third War for Armageddon, this crusade benefits from the wisdom of an experienced high command but has not yet elected a Marshal to lead them in their regeneration. They have, however, adopted the Phoenix as their new crusade badge, symbolising both their rebirth and the burning wrath they deliver in rapid strikes against their foes.

TAGS: Fluff, WIP, Battle Reports, Righteous Zeal, General Abhorrence of Witch-folk.

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Guys please post the links and tags to your Crusade so that people can link it up in case it gets buried in the Halls of our forum

'No matter the laurels of victory, no matter the glories others may seek. We are Space Marines, the Adeptus Astartes, the Angels of Death! And more than this.' he said, his voice dropping quiet.
'We are Black Templars. Victory is its own reward.'

- High Marshal Helbrecht - 'The Crusader' - Crusade to the Ghoul Stars -




++The Vengeance Crusade Thread++

Marshal Zaccheus

Marshal Zaccheus


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Hurricanes of Fire Crusade



Marshal Zaccheus, commander of The Hurricanes of Fire Crusade, is currently embarked upon a campaign to eliminate xenos races, particularly Necron and Dark Eldar forces, located in the southern reach of the galaxy near the Bakka Sector. The Dark Eldar threat, for the most part, has been removed from the system, while the Necron presence continues to remain resilient by constantly awakening reinforcements.  Furthermore, only hours ago the crusade received a disturbing transmission warning of a Chaos fleet that is due to arrive in the Bakka Sector. With RIGHTEOUS ZEAL Marshal Zaccheus will rid the sector of the Heretics and Xeno filth, therefore, bringing Honor and Glory to the Emperor of Mankind. The Crusade lives by the motto Kill Them All and vows to Accept Any Challenge, No Matter the Odds!


Tags: Painting, War Gaming, Tactics

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Marshal Zaccheus

Marshal Zaccheus


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M41.937: Harald Bloodglaive, newly appointed Marshal ploughs the void toward the Caradryad Sector of Segmentum Tempestus with Inquisitor Lord Thaddeus Wraith, an Anomolian Beholder of the Uhulis Conclave, following the vanquishing of the Arch-Heretic Jorgun Salthas.  During the heirophant's forty-year reign of terror, three sub-sectors of the Uhulis Sector burn bright against the black velvet of space.  As Salthas dies, he predicts the birth of a great hulk from the Storms of Judgement, "the spear of an angry god meant to pierce the heart of the Imperium."


M41.942: The Uhulis Crusade, spanning five years, uncovers blood cults and heretical covens within all echelons of Imperial governance in the worlds outlying the Caradryad Sector.  Lord Wraith condemns the world Kilan IV before the marshal and his sword brethren.  The brothers of the Uhulis Crusade descend upon the hives of Kilan IV upon wings of fire.  The heretics there pray to a thing known as Orbos the Resplendent to save them from the angels of death.  This thing does not hear them.  Within the governorial palaces of the ancient Hive Loðbrok, Marshal Bloodglaive leads a detachment of sword brethren to take the capital spire.  Therein, after weeks of combat, the true nature of their quarry shows itself in the form of the Dark Apostle Amon Khôl, and a retinue of his most corrupt traitor marines.  In the fury of battle, Amon Khôl summons terrible creatures from the warp and escapes into the crumbling spire.  All but Bloodglaive and a young sword brother Ansgar Stalherz survive.  The battle for Kilan IV takes three years, ending in a declaration of exterminatus passed upon the planet by Lord Wraith.  The Templar, having waded through hive spires honeycombed with heretics stand aboard the bridge of the Battle Barge Will of Sigismund, silently taking in the finality of Lord Wraith's righteous judgement.


M41.945: Bloodglaive is interred within the holy bulwark of a dreadnought, following the grievous wounds taken in the battle of Kilan IV and Ansgar Stalherz is inducted into the Marshal's household.  The celebration of his anointment is made in battle, as the outlying colonies around Kilan IV erupt in open revolt.  In the purging of these colonies, Marshal Stalherz earns the moniker "The Alphyn," after the silver-maned winged lion of his home world, for his prowess in jump pack assault tactics.  The Will of Sigismund drives ever closer to the perilous warp storms that compose the Storms of Judgment.


M41.973: The death screams of a thousand psykers ripple throughout the warp as their bodies are taken from them and made the puppets of the forces of corruption.  Three planets within the Shanoian Reach, Iraad, Khorai, and the mining colony XV-321 fall within days of the psychic eruption.  Surviving pict casts from the three worlds reveal legions of cultists and daemons supported by several war bands of traitor marines, the blasphemous prophet Amon Khôl at the fore.  Simultaneously, long-range augurs reveal the emergence of a cyclopean space hulk from Hell Quadrant.  The Alphyn plots a course through the Storms of Judgment to the location of the hulk as Inquisitor Lord Wraith calls to the nearby Dark Hunters for aid.  Dubbing the space hulk Godspear, after the prophecy of the Arch-Heirophant Salthas, Marshal Stalherz receives blessing from the High Marshal to purge the galaxy of the daemon riddled abomination and sets the crusade fleet on course for Hell Quadrant...



Well met, brothers!  Above is the backstory to my crusade.  As models are painted and point thresholds rise, my gaming group and I will be uploading youtube battle reports and fleshing out the storyline as it evolves.  Stand by, stay tuned, and may your zeal be righteous!

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+++The Sanctus Crusade+++



The crusade was formed from the remains of numerous other completed crusades which had been denied the honor of fighting on armageddon due to their diminished numbers. Each finished crusade provides the expertise from their previous campaigns and adds new elements of warfare with which they are accustomed to, as such these elite warriors of mankind have come together under a new marshal to wage war upon the enemies of mankind. This marshals name: Mortus Helstrom, the aim of this campaign is a simple one: the recovering of sacred artifacts in the name of the emperor and smiting all that oppose him.

Tags: Black Templars, Painting, Converting, Crusade, Zeal


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+++The Silent Sword Crusade+++






Commanded by veteran of 300 years of service and custodian of the training facilities on Khreak, Marshall Gregor MacLaren leads this Crusade comprised of a highly specialized group of Black Templars. Many of this crusade are "blanks" descended from the lineage of the Sisters of Silence. Discovered during the third war of Armageddon, trained under the unyielding will of Marshall MacLaren, his sword brethren, trusted members of the Inquisition and Ordo Hereticus on the ancient Black Ship "Aegis Deus", they are the bane of all those who fall to the insanity of the warp. It is the sole purpose of this Crusade to find and destroy the most dangerous of rouge psykers and servants of chaos when all others fail.


Operating in secret, this fighting company often serves at the will of High Marshall Helbrecht himself as a special strike force. They are currently based from a re-activated Chapter Keep in the Valkyrinae system on the outskirts of the Segmentum Tempestus. When not under order of the High Marshall, the members of the Silent Sword continue the eternal crusade with ZEAL against all who seek to corrupt the light of the Emperor. 


Tags: Painting, Conversion, Tactics

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"My blood is the same colour as yours. And what I do, I do to protect Earth, same as you. You don't like how I do it, that's your prerogative. But there are things going on out there that you know nothing about. Threats to the human race that no one never hears about, because we stopped them. There are dangers all around us. And whether you like us or not, we may be all that stands between you and the abyss."
- Bester, Babylon 5







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Marshal Bernhardt

Marshal Bernhardt


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The Caldera Crusade





Led by Marshall Bernhardt, The Caldera Crusade is en-route to Hive World Caldera and its nearby planets after alerts of a Daemonic incursion, which has attracted a greater Chaos invasion force. Furthermore there is evidence of Xenos activity in the surrounding systems. However Hive World Caldera is of absolute value, so its defense takes priority over skirmishes with any Xenos that may be found en-route. Am Assault Brigade of Death Korps are weeks out from the system, so it is up to the Black Templars to start pushing the heretics back.




Tags: Painting, Conversions




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Brother DasPanzerIstUber, I have updated my post to move my crusade into the Penitent era. The Badge, Thread and Gallery have been updated, as have the story.



Marshall Dolourus is back from a disastrous Crusade and is to be sent on a Penitent Crusade.




Castellan Cynebald

Castellan Cynebald


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The Orphean Penitent Crusade


Led by Castellan Cynebald, this crusade has been battling hard against the Necrons during the Orphean Salvation Campaign. Suffering heavy losses and after being ordered to return to the side of the Eternal Crusader aboard their Strike-Cruiser Einhard, this Crusade is on the warpath to reclaim their honour...


Tags: WIP, Fluff


Link:The Orphean Penitent Crusade

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Dalthus Crusade
Led by the Twin Marshalls Geof and Schlitzaf Iuris, originally 200 strong and aided by three Vostroyan Infantry Regiments, the campaign was launched to retake the Calaxis Sector starting with the Subsector of Hazeroth. It met with a tragedy from the start, with the loss of Reclusiarch Marius to the forces of the Bloodied Iron.

During the second part of the Dalthus Crusade, the Crusade's Champion Veltico was lost in battle to the Ork Warboss Rafka. The campaign then descended into a two century long war of attrition with the resurgence of Bloodied Iron and Wraagh! Rafka, based out of Stygian Prime. In this era Ordos Hereticus Inquistor Serena and Ordos Xenos Inquistor Tiena both arrived with a contingent of Scions to aid the Templars.

Recently the arrival of Primaris Marines, has allowed the Black Templar's to stage a series of counterattacks that crippled the Wraagh! And a recent duel on Dalthus, resulted in Marius being slain in battle, when Marshall Geof was gifted a pair of Dragonic wings. The wings rejuvenated him and enabled him to defeat and slay Marius.

Tags; Conversion, Fluff, and Tactics
Link: http://www.bolterand...althus-crusade/
Wish List:
BT Crusader Biker- http://www.bolterand...igensian-squad/
BT Primaris Crusaders - (WIP)
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The Ventros Crusade


Jamil Ventos is a rogue inquisitor responsible for the Cartalu VII massacre. A backwater world, Cartalu VII's population was massacred over the course of two weeks in an attempt by Ventos to gain favor with the Chaos gods. It was by happenstance that Marshall Alderic's ship received a faint distress signal and investigated. After receiving no word from planetary defense forces a small force of 50 crusaders was deployed to the planet surface. The force was decimated, tortured, and sacrificed to the Chaos gods. One initiate was able to escape and send word back to Alderic, before succumbing to his wounds. Alderic immediately moved to engage Ventos' ship. After a brief firefight Ventos was able to escape into the warp without Alderic's forces able to pursue. 
Alderic then declared that the Ventos Crusade would bring vengeance to this rogue inquisitor. Due to Ventos' willingness to sell many Imperial secrets and his psychic ability for prescience he has evaded the Crusade for several years and never seems to find a lack of soldier be it foul xenos or heretics. Marshall Alderic is closing in though, and vows that he will slay this enemy of the Emperor and show that heresy will never escape justice.
tags: wip, paint and play, crusade

Link: http://www.bolterand...entros-crusade/

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Grab sword, thrust, repeat




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Clorix Crusade (currently ended)

Insignia: White sheild, right half red, left half black.


In M41.955 mass Black Templar force were spotted in Clorix Subsector, purging the Necron Tomb-worlds. The Crusade was let my Marshall Titus, in  general they succeeded in destroying 8 Necron Tombs, and countless minor Xenos and Traitor threats in sub-sector. The Crusade ended, when the Chaos forces invaded Cadia, and majority of Clorix Crusade Forces relocated into Cadia.


[Redacted] Crusade

Insignia: black sheild with white cross


After the Fall of Cadia, a big crusade was sended into the Great Rift, to help several loyal worlds. This crusade is patronaged by poweful Gothic Sector Inquisitors, and now all the data about it is strictly kept out of public eye. 


Tags: reports, hobby, fluff

Link: http://www.bolterand...dacted-crusade/

+++ No Pity. No Mercy. No Remorse. +++





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The Avernus Crusade

Link: http://www.bolterand...vernus-crusade/

Description: A crusade using repurposed reliquary ships, originally assigned to the necron threat in the ghoul stars, now acting as the front line against daemonic threats on worlds near the Cicatrix Maledictum.

Tags: Conversion, Narrative

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Chaplain Dosjetka

Chaplain Dosjetka


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The Anara Crusade

Link: http://www.bolterand...-steps-forward/

Description: +] incoming [+

Tags: WIP, Paint & Play, kitbashing, conversions, battle reports, fluff.

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The Eisen Speer (Iron Spear) Crusade was launched shortly after the hive world of Cirillo Prime fell to the forces of Chaos and xeno scum. Cirillo Prime's location near the "Temporary Rift Corridor" makes it a vital world in the Imperium's efforts to push back the forces of Chaos and xenos.
Led by Marshal Otto II, the crusade is expected to make planet fall soon and begin the reconquest of Cirillo Prime.
Imperator Vult!

Black Templars: 1-1-1 
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                                                         The Ouroboros Crusade


                                                    ~ Creation out of Destruction ~

                                                            ~ Life out of Death ~


Led By Marshal Reamann, The Ouroboros Crusade was created out of the survivors of the last crusade Reamann was part of where he carried out duties as Castellan. Having lost their Marshal and suffering heavy losses ridding Imperial worlds within the Segmentum Pacificus of Ork warbands that plagued the area they were left badly under strength and returned to their Keep to rebuild. 


By the command of the high Marshal and Marshal's of other Crusades that know Reamann, he was elevated to Marshal. Reamann and the remaining battle brothers also underwent transformation into Primaris and were re-enforced to full strength. While some of the equipment and war machines are new, this hasn't stopped Reamann teaching these new brothers the Black Templars Doctrines, and the way Templars make war. 


From that point they have been bringing the light of the Emperor to all those who would turn their back on him, the xenos and any abominations wherever they are found. 


With the call from Vigilus, the Ouroboros Crusade have joined other Imperial forces in the defence of this pivotal world.






Modelling thread coming soon...



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