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Brotherhood of the Angels 2014

Dark Angels Successors Fan Fiction

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Harlan Skorus

Harlan Skorus


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FOUNDING:- 23rd Sentinel Founding

CHAPTER MASTER:- Grand Master Sephalion

CHAPTER WORLD:- Etzabaidat


MAIN COLOURS:- Iron Grey, Crimson

SPECIALITY:- Naval Boarding

BATTLE CRY:- Nos vero per bellum/We are cleansed through battle

CURRENT STRENGTH:- Full strength (~1000, exact figure unknown)


*See Geneseed, below.


Formed during the 23rd Sentinel Founding (Late M.37 or early M.38, depending on sources), the Angels of Contrition are a Dark Angels successor Chapter that have developed a focus on ship-to-ship boarding actions and naval combat. The Chapter maintains a nominal presence on the feudal world Etzabaidat, although outside of recruiting purposes the Chapter remains fleet based. Formed in response to dire portents foretold by the Emperor's Tarot, the Angels of Contrition have made a name for themselves tackling Space Hulks and other Chaos vessels ejected from the Warp near the Eye of Terror in large-scale boarding assaults. The Angels of Contrition wear grey armour, with crimson hands and details; their badge is a downward pointing crimson sword, flanked by two crimson blood drops.





Already reeling from six Black Crusades launched by Abaddon, the Imperium's grip on the Segmentum Obscurus was tenuous enough by the middle of the 37th Millennium. The Emperor's Tarot was consulted time and time again, and each reading came with the same dire portents: plans beyond the comprehension of the Imperium, an attack that would leave them trailing in it's wake, confused and bloodied. A rapid reaction force was ordered into creation by the High Lords of Terra, and not long afterwards the Angels of Contrition were created as part of the 23rd Founding.


Created from the gene stock of the Imperium's most resolute warriors, the Dark Angels, the Angels of Conviction were given a sizeable fleet, a powerful armoury, a world from which to recruit, and a particular goal: to patrol the Segmentum Obscurus, responding to any confirmed reports of Chaos activity outside of the Cadian Gate, to meet the foes that slipped through the net cast by the Astartes Praeses. It is unsure whether or not the Angels of Contrition were created in time to try and halt the 8th Black Crusade - since accepted as the cause of the readings that led to the creation of the Chapter – but they have nonetheless continued their patrols of the wider Segmentum Obscurus, meeting the forces of Chaos wherever they can be found. Since their inception, the Angels of Contrition have also taken on the more sinister duties of the Unforgiven, hunting down the Fallen that betrayed their progenitor Legion millennia ago.


Over the thousands of years since, the Angels of Contrition have forged themselves a reputation of an aloof, distant Chapter that rarely interacts with outside organisations other than the Dark Angels and their other successors. Nonetheless, they have explored and destroyed scores of Space Hulks, and fought in numerous campaigns against the forces of Chaos. Notable victories include the destruction of the Infernal, a Chaos Repulsive-Class Grand Cruiser, in 422.M39; a dozen defeats of Chaos raiders in the final actions of the Gothic War; and their finest hour to date, the assault on the daemon-infested Space Hulk Eternal Perdition in 961.M41, in which the entire Chapter deployed to the Space Hulk, battling through a horde of Nurgle cultists and daemons to destroy the gigantic vessel.




The Angels of Contrition have a recognised homeworld in Etzabaidat, a tribaliustic feudal world in a far-flung system on the edges of the Segentum Obscurus. Etzabaidat is a planet split into two distinct environments; the lowlands are a desert wasteland spotted with the ruins of a bygone age, barren and inhabitable, plagued by great seas of radioactive gas that are blown about the planet in swirling storms. Meanwhile, the population of Etzabaidat is divided into a series of city-states known as Hiri-Handiko (high cities), each occupying a separate mountain or mountain range, living off the arable highlands that rise from the tides of gases like islands. Status in Etzabaidat's cultural system can be measured by the location of one's holdings: the wealthy and elite populate the highest reaches of the townships, furthest away from the toxic clouds below, and the population grows poorer as the settlement descends towards the planet's lowlands. With living space on Etzabaidat limited, slums often spring up outside the boundaries of the mountain city's walls, forming sprawling settlements of their own perched precariously on steep slopes.


In line with the strains put on their society and the measure of socio-economic status, those who inhabit Etzabaidat worship the stars; each one, they say, is another brave soul ascended above the hellish climates of their homeworld. The emphasis on the cultural ideal of the Lgoera (the ascension) – a belief that only through sacrifice can one provide for themselves and others, an idea in keeping with the planet's limited resources - leads to communities that have tight-knight family institutions. Unlike many feudal worlds, the farmers and providers are found among the nobility rather than the lower class, with especially those producing food to sate the ever-burgeoning populations of their cities given a high status within society. The culture of self-sacrifice also can be seen in Etzabaidat's military traditions, with family members bartering their service and lives in order to secure resources for their families.


The city-states are locked in an eternal conflict that consumes the planet; a conflict born of necessity as much as pride or hatred. The farmlands of Etzabaidat are not in abundance, and the planet can only able to support a limited population; wars are fought as much as a method of controlling population growth as they are about trying to acquire more of the limited farmland of the planet. Battles are fought, invariably, as a series of hellish sieges, defending armies largely unwilling to commit their forces to the deadly lowlands, whilst the attacking force tries to force it's way to higher ground before the unpredictable radioactive storms bear down upon them. Occasionally more conventional field battles break out on the lowlands, but prolonged engagements are rare; the lowland atmosphere makes them and unreliable gambit at best, leading to a history of rushed, violent wars. Numerous alliances are formed, usually lasting only as long as the short wars that follow them before dissolving again, and many are shorter still.


The Chapter does not maintain a base on the planet itself, preferring to distance itself from the planet's occupants and instead holding a small installation on the largest of Etzabaidat's sixteen moons. All of the remaining moons have been turned into either orbital weapons platforms to defend the planet should it ever come under attack, or docking stations the Chapter uses to make repairs to it's fleet when it returns to the world for recruiting. The natives of Etzabaidat see the Angels of Contrition as Altzairu Aingeruak, steel angels from the stars that come when the most promising of the planet's young warriors ascend to the heavens above, to gain eternal glory in an endless battle that is the reward of those who live proud lives. Etzabaidat culture has a strong emphasis on the pride of the family unit, and so to have a member of the family ascend with the Altzairu Aingeruak is seen as significant proof of the family's worth and esteem, enough in itself to provide a stepping stone into nobility. Despite having an official homeworld, the Chapter is for the most part fleet-based, as befits the task issued to them upon their creation. The Battle Barge Eternal Task functions as the Chapter's mobile fortress-monastery, accompanied by two other Battle Barges (Repentance and Cleansed By Fire) and ten Strike Cruisers, along with numerous Escort vessels.


The Hildako


The nature of the rapid and brutal ways of war on Etzabaidat have led to a culture among the planet's aspiring warriors of the Hildako-Bizidunak, the dead that walk. Part fuelled by the belief of the honourable death that wars bring, and in part an acknowledgement that to war on Etzabaidat is to invite death upon oneself to an almost-certain degree, those who join the Hildako-Bizidunak give up rights to all their possessions; going so far as to give up their name to be henceforth referred to simply as 'the Hildako', seen no longer as a person but as a living spirit of war. This is done in a raucous funeral ceremony (the Hiltzen) that concludes with the tattooing of tribal masks on to the faces of the newly-made Hildako, marking them among the ranks of the already lost; for to be Hildako is to have forfeited more than your clothes, home, or name; it is to have forfeited your life.


Those who pledge themselves to the Hildako-Bizidunak are pledged their city-state, promising to fight for their kin whenever called upon in the deadly battles of Etzabaidat. They take up serrated curved blades known as a Zizalia, going to war clad in nothing but tribal markings painted upon their bodies in ash. In return, their families are provided with food and land until their next generation comes of age; their lives pay for the guarantee of life for their families. It is considered a great honour in Etzabaidat society to join these warrior groups, ensuring sustenance for their families, and freeing up living space and resources from others. The need to tightly regulate population and the benefits conveyed on the family for having a member join the Hildako also has the effect of family members being pushed into the order at absurdly young ages, with many of Etzabaidat's wars being fought by those barely in their teens – or younger. The youngest Hildako in records was the equivalent of six Terran years old.


The Chapter's recruits are taken exclusively from the ranks of the Hildako, with the youngest and fiercest of the Hildako-Bizidunak providing the Angels of Contrition with their numbers. Their tattooed faces make for fearsome visages, and their promise to give up their lives for those they lived with on Etzabaidat now becomes a solemn oath to do so for the entire Imperium. Having relinquished their name upon induction into their fearsome order, those Hildako that prove themselves fit to join the Angels of Contrition take a new assumed name; many of the Chapter's recruits choose names styled after the heroes of their original legion, the Dark Angels, leading to names that are often at odds with the warrior's actual heritage, and many of the Chapter's other naming conventions.




Since their founding, the Angels of Contrition have assumed a role that focuses on sudden overwhelming displays of strength, which coupled with their fleet-based nature, has gravitated them towards a specialism in large-scale boarding actions of enemy fleet vessels or orbital platforms. They focus on close-range anti-infantry weapons, favouring plasma weapons and flamethrowers; only rarely do the Chapter find themselves facing enemies at range or with significant amounts of heavy armour support, making long range weaponry such as lascannons and missile launchers a rare sight throughout most of the Chapter. Notably, the Chapter's Assault Marines also forgo jump packs, which are obsolete in ship-to-ship boarding actions; they will deploy via drop pods when engaging ground forces. This focus on naval warfare and boarding actions also extends to the way in which the Chapter's Reserve Companies organise themselves, with no Scout Company to speak of; new recruits, labelled Initiates, fight alongside full Battle Brothers in mixed units known as Probator Squads. The Angels of Contrition favour the use of Caestus Assault Rams when boarding hostile vessels, with the Caestus' magna-meltas able to pierce the thickest Space Hulk's armour to leave boarding points for successive waves of Thunderhawks and Stormravens carrying reinforcements.


Despite their fleet-bound nature, the Angels of Contrition still maintain a fully-equipped Ravenwing equivalent, the Ghostwing. This fast attack element often forms the core of any efforts made by the Chapter to hunt down the Fallen, along with spearheading any assaults on ground forces that may have retreated from space after assaults by the Angels of Contrition. The Ghostwing also can operate as a scouting force in lieu of the Scout Company in ground engagements. The Chapter armoury operates with more limited tank support than many Chapters; some vehicles are used alongside Ghostwing forces, but generally they are unsuited to boarding actions, and as such the Chapter maintains only a minimum of armoured vehicles. Should the Chapter find itself fighting on a more conventional battlefield, the Chapter employs numerous aircraft from it's fleet to provide ground forces forces with mobility and fire support. The Angels of Contrition do, however, have a strong contingent of Dreadnoughts, with thirty four of the venerable warrior machines as of the start of the 13th Black Crusade – including three of the uncommon Mortis-pattern Dreadnoughts. Unlike the other Chapters stemming from Lion El'Jonson, they also make use of Ironclad Dreadnoughts to provide armoured close-range support, along with flights of Stormraven gunships to ferry these venerable warriors to battle.




Straying in places from the guidelines of the Codex Astartes, the Angels of Contrition are for the most part organised in the same manner as many Chapters of the Unforgiven. They are currently led by Grand Master Sephalion, who rules over the Chapter's Inner Circle; consisting of the ten Company Masters, Master Chaplain Alazar, and Master Librarian Tharzial. The 1st Company of the Angels of Contrition, known as the Bloodwing, functions in the same manner as the Deathwing of the Dark Angels; the Angels of Contrition's 2nd Company, the Ghostwing, is their equivalent to the Ravenwing. The 3rd, 4th and 5th Battle Companies are formed in the same manner, a mix of Tactical, Assault and Devastator squads, like any Codex adherent Chapter.


The Angels of Contrition's 1st Company, named the Bloodwing, are the Chapter's equivalent to the Deathwing of the Dark Angels. Always found at the forefront of any attack, the Bloodwing (so named for the blood-crimson they paint their armour) are the finest warriors the Chapter has. Unlike the Deathwing, the Bloodwing is not solely comprised of Terminator squads; originally well-equipped with Tactical Dreadnought armour to suit their main occupation, the Bloodwing lost over half it's number during the assault on the Space Hulk Eternal Perdition in 961.M41, with no chance to reclaim the suits before the Space Hulk was destroyed following the overloading of the ancient reactor system at it's core. Forty three suits currently remain to the Chapter, those that survived the Eternal Perdition and the handful of suits that have been obtained since. The rest of the Bloodwing deploys in Veteran squads much like more conventional Chapters.


In place of the 2nd Company found in Codex adherent Chapters, the Angels of Contrition operate a Ghostwing that functions largely like the Ravenwing of the Dark Angels. Armoured painted pure white where the rest of the Chapter sports a dull grey, the Ghostwing lead any ground engagements the Angels of Contrition find themselves in, much like the Bloodwing do for boarding actions. When examined closely, it is apparent between the Bikers and the Pilots of the Ghostwing, the Company is kept over-strength, allowing the Ghostwing to strike with the same speed and overbearing force on the ground that the Angels of Contrition utilise in ship-to-ship combat. In purely naval engagements, the Ghostwing often act as attack craft pilots or commanders, working alongside the Chapter's techmarines. Much like the Ravenwing, the Ghostwing hold a position of great honour among the Angels of Contrition that know their true purpose; their function as a rapid attack force means that it often falls on them to chase and capture or destroy any of the Fallen the Chapter come across.


There is one main structural difference between the Angels of Contrition and other Dark Angel successor Chapters, found among the reserve companies of the Chapter. Being a Chapter primarily formed for the purpose of large-scale naval boarding actions, the Angels of Contritions have little need for a Scout Company; dedicated scout squads are seen as unnecessary in the tight confines of a Space Hulk, where stealth has less importance than a traditional battlefield; quick application of force is more useful than stealth, as every moment spent on the unpredictable vessels adds to the risk of the Hulk dropping back into Warp space. Instead, the 6th Company has become the Chapter's Assault Reserve Company, and the 7th the Chapter's Devastator Reserve Company. The 8th, 9th and 10th Companies form the Chapter's Tactical Reserve Companies, each formed of Probator Squads, a mix of Tactical Marines acting as both mentors and assessors to Initiates in a similar manner to the Crusader Squads of the Black Templars.




In Lion El'Jonson, the Angels of Contrition revere the first among the Emperor's sons, and one of his staunchest supporters. They consider Lion El'Jonson being the first found Primarch to be more than simple coincidence; Lion El'Jonson was destined to be the first among Brothers, and as such is held above the other Primarchs. This has led them to hold a slightly distasteful view on Chapters descended from the other legions, many of whom who they view as noisy upstarts that waste time boasting whilst the Sons of the Lion act. This has earned them no friends among the Astartes outside of the Unforgiven. Like many of the Dark Angels successors, the Angels of Contrition are seen as a very insular Chapter among other Imperial organisations, including other Space Marines Chapters; their fleet-based nature and preference towards naval warfare only serves to heighten this, as they rarely find themselves working in concert with any of these outside organisations. Their view of the Emperor as not a God, but simply the one amongst mankind who best knew the value of sacrifice – the trait held most esteemed in their roots on Etzabaidat – further serves to isolate the Chapter from the wider Imperium.


Considering themselves honoured to have joined the descendants of the First Legion, the Angels of Contrition fully embrace their role as one of the Unforgiven, using their fleet-based nature to rapidly redeploy according to any rumoured sightings of one of the Fallen. This, along with their proximity to the Eye of Terror and their experience in destroying Space Hulks and other corrupted ships, has left the Chapter well-versed in combating all forces of the ruinous powers. Their time spent battling Chaos forces has left the Angels of Contrition with a deep-seated mistrust of Abhumans and Radicalists, and they have in the past refused to work alongside forces containing abhuman detachments, or with certain members of the Ordo Malleus who might employ less than pure means in combating the forces of Chaos. It is not only in this that the Angels of Contrition are considered haughty; they rarely interact with their homeworld, considering themselves to have completed their Lgoera and having escaped Etzabaidat's petty struggles. The Chapter embrace the belief of their homeworld that they are the Altzairu Aingeruak, largely keeping to their star-bound fleet, and although their duties require it, the Chapter often express a mild distaste for formulaic ground warfare, prefer to arrive from the stars in trails of exhaust fumes and flames, ending fights rapidly and violently before withdrawing once again to their fleet; this continues even during protracted wars, with the Angels of Contrition often neglecting to deploy permanent ground forces, rather acting as a rapid reaction force striking repeatedly from orbit.


A consequence of their roots on Etzabaidat is the Angels of Contrition's somewhat aberrant views on the conflicts the Imperium sees itself drawn into. On a planet where life is often thrown away in bloody battles for little gain, the lower levels of Eztabaidat society have developed a belief that only through testing oneself in the most extreme circumstances can mankind better themselves. Being drawn largely from the poorer classes more likely to nominate family members to the Hildako, the Angels of Contrition carry this belief with them; that only through war can mankind learn to flourish and take it's rightful place as ruler of the stars. This view, while earning them no allies among forces they consider weak and unworthy (which accounts for most Imperial forces outside of other Chapters of the Unforgiven), has earned them some respect amongst Inquisitors who follow the Isstvanian school of thought. It always find the Angels of Contrition all too-willing to engage in the hostile environment presented by many warped Space Hulks, often when the far safer option would be to destroy these vessels through a simple massed bombardment; more pragmatic Chapters view this as needless risk-taking and glory hunting, where the Angels of Contrition view it as a necessary test of their skills.


Squads within the Angels of Contrition are viewed in a slightly different manner than might be the norm among the Astartes. Owing once more to the Chapter's roots on Etzabaidat, where upholding of the family unit is seen as the highest virtue, Angels of Contrition squads hold closer bonds than most, almost becoming family units in their own right. Much like the honour bestowed upon a family by one of it's members joining the Hildako, a member of a squad that ascends to the Bloodwing confers significant honour not only on the Marine in question but also the squad from which he came from. Conversely, Angels of Contrition have been known to be driven into a terrible frenzy considered unseemly by some of their Space Marine brethren, should one of their squad members fall in battle. Another belief stemming from their base among the Hildako is the Chapter's liberal use of Dreadnoughts – whilst a select few are piloted by heroes of the Chapter who were dealt mortal blows, the majority of these machines are piloted by talented recruits selected shortly after they have ascended to the ranks of a full Battle-Brother. Being Hildako, they are already considered as dead by the standards of Etzabaidat, and so have already satisfied the chief requirement most Chapters have placed on being eligible for internment in a Dreadnought. This is a large part of the reason why, despite the dangerous engagements the Angels of Contrition engage in, they still have a larger contingent of Dreadnoughts than most Chapters. It is speculated that they trade relics found on Chaos vessels and Space Hulks with the Adeptus Mechanicus in return for an increased number of Dreadnought chassis for them to make use of, along with an increased number of Terminator armour suits and fleet assets; although this has never been directly proven, the Chapter does sport an unusually powerful fleet for a comparatively new Chapter, and has a larger than would be expected contingent of Techmarines tending to it's powerful armoury.


Relics of the Chapter


The Angels of Contrition have a number of relics and objects that they consider as sacred. Like their parent Chapter, the Angels of Contrition have three sacred standards - the Standard of Penitence, the Standard of Reproach, and the Standard of Castigation - gifted to them upon their founding by the Dark Angels, alongside the ancient Fire Raptor gunship Divine Providence that often accompanies the Ghostwing to battle. These standards are usually carried into battle by the three Battle Companies, filling the Brothers around them with purpose and wrath. Each Company bears some marker or emblem of their devotion to the 1st Legion, usually carried into battle by servitors or serfs alongside the Company Master (in the case of the Ghostwing, it is carried by a Spiritshroud – the equivalent to a Darkshroud of the Ravenwing). The Grand Master of the Chapter carries two badges of office: the first, and the most sacred of the Chapter's relics, is an ancient scarred shield known as the Untiring Vigil, said to have been carried to battle by one of Lion El'Jonson's closest retainers on Caliban during his youth. It is carried by a Watcher in the Dark, an ever-present shadow to the Grand Master, and signifies the relationship between the Angels of Contrition and their founding legion. The second badge of office is the Grim Confession, an ornate double-bladed glaive wreathed in crimson arcs of energy, that features an inbuilt plasma-blaster of a long forgotten design. It is suspected that the weapon may be an altered design of a Nemesis force weapon; the Angels of Contrition refuse to explain where they might have obtained such a weapon, although it is not outside of the realms of possibility that it could have been salvaged from one of the many Space Hulks they have boarded.




The Angels of Contrition are thought to be descended directly from the Dark Angels Chapter, although given they are part of one of the more recent foundings, this may not be entirely accurate; rumour often link them to either the Angels of Absolution or the Guardian of the Covenant, although when questioned directly the only answer the Angels of Contrition is that they are “descendants of the first legion”. The Chapter's gene-seed has no significant defects, as is the norm with descendants of the Dark Angels.




Recruitment on Etzabaidat is a simple process; the Chaplains of the Chapter, unarmed and unarmoured, will descend upon the city-states of Etzabaidat accompanied by retinues of serfs. A great ritual known as the Arima Galdu Topaketa (the Gathering of Lost Souls) will be organised, during which the Chaplain will watch as the the serfs form a tight unit, and are set upon by any of the city's Hildako that choose to participate (this is usually all of them; Hildako are not known for their fear of battle, no matter how outmatched). Many of the young Hildako suffer terrible damage or death at the hands of the older, stronger serfs, but those that show particular resilience or resolve are paraded through the city before being shepherded away to the Chapter's recruiting station within Eztabaidat's moons. Although there is some pattern to who is chosen for recruitment, with fortitude favoured over direct strength, there is a lack of defined criteria that only serves to heighten the mystical awe those of Etzabaidat hold the Angels of Contrition in. Imperial observers have called this practice barbaric due to the high possibility of death among the hopefuls, but it continues as one of Etzabaidat's stranger rituals.




The Angels of Contrition usually fight in cold silence, eschewing the bombastic battle cries of other Chapters. Their motto is said to be Nos vero per bellum! - “We are cleansed through battle!” - which comes from the response to the Chaplain's pre-battle litany of Sanguini, ignis, et in morte - “In Blood, In Fire, and in Death”.




Grand Master Sephalion


Hailing from the Hildako of Hiri-Handiko Barazimor, the young warrior who assumed the name of Sephalion was already widely-known as a fierce and grim youth before he was picked as a potential recruit for the Angels of Contrition. As a child, he was easily excitable, quick to laugh and anger, and seemed a peculiar fit for the Hildako. His wild nature came to the fore during his Hiltzen ceremony, during which he blinded a man who questioned his worthiness in a savage and bloody duel despite the man being twice the age of the wiry youth.


Shortly after, Barazimor went to war with a nearby rival, Jolthaki, and the child went with them. The armies were not heard of again – not until the child returned, a year to the day after the army departed from Barazimor, the only survivor. Gone was the expressive, fiery youth; a sullen, grim-faced thing came back, that refused to speak of what had occurred on the toxic wastes below, and would often be found thrashing about in his sleep, caught in an unspeakable nightmare. Many tried in vain to persuade the child to answer to what had happened during the battles below, but he refused to speak a word. When the Angels of Contrition next sent a delegation to Barazimor for recruitment, the child fell into a sudden fit before attacking the Chaplain present, stabbing the colossal warrior in the leg with his Zizalia and kicking and biting those who tried to subdue him, terrified that the fearsome Chaplain would kill the poor mad creature in retaliation. Impressed by the child's ferocity and undaunted nature, the child was instead taken away by the Angels of Contrition, marked for greater things.


Sephalion's dour nature has carried with him, exacerbated by the secretive and pious nature of the Dark Angels successors. A formidable warrior, his resolve drove Sephalion to greater and greater feats until, in 951.M41, he was inaugurated as the Grand Master of the Angels of Contrition. Sephalion led the Chapter in it's greatest victory, a Chapter-level assault on the Eternal Perdition, during which he personally fought and killed a Great Unclean One in the assault of the ancient reactor core of the Space Hulk. Following the assault, Sephalion led the Chapter in two hundred and fifty-nine days of prayer, one for each life they had lost aboard the Eternal Perdition, to cleanse the Chapter of any lingering taint.


In recent years, Grand Master Sephalion has been haunted by the nightmares that ailed him as a youth. Convinced that these dreams have some sort of prophetic value, the Grand Master has become even more of a recluse, spending larger periods of time in fervent prayer and self-reflection. Guiding the Angels of Contrition against the forces of the 13th Black Crusade, some of Sephalion's recent behaviour is beginning to mark him as erratic even among his most ardent followers; the recent decision to gift the Grim Confession to Interrogator-Chaplain Alazar (a weapon carried by the Grand Master of the Chapter for thousands of years) and recent bouts of fatalism have the Grand Master currently under close scrutiny even among his own Chapter.


Interrogator Chaplain Marzuviel


Interrogator Chaplain Marzuviel was the most prominent of his order to serve with the Angels of Contrition. Having served the Chapter from the early years of M38, Marzuviel rose quickly through the ranks of the Chaplaincy, the strength of his faith glossing over a nature often said to have been bloodthirsty to the distant extremes of acceptable behaviour among the Astartes. Despite this cruel streak (or perhaps because of it), Marzuviel holds the honour of having been the only Interrogator Chaplain within the Chapter to have forced the repentance of more than one of the Fallen in his lifetime.


Marzuviel was present for the Assault on Koram, when the Angels of Contrition were part of a multi-Chapter task force aiming to retake the planet that had fallen to Chaos. Marzuviel led the Angels of Contrition's forces in an assault on the orbital defence stations surrounding the planet, and although the stations were taken, they came at a heavy cost; almost all of the two hundred-strong task force perished, and Marzuviel himself was gravely wounded after being cut off from his forces and surrounded, fighting his way free but sustaining a number of mortal wounds in the process. He was interred in one of the Chapter's Dreadnoughts, a source of knowledge and guidance to the Interrogator Chaplains that have served the Chapter since his internment. In battle, Marzuviel is often to be found leading his brother Dreadnoughts of the Bloodwing, venerable warriors all, in sudden and savage assaults against the sternest resistance.




Brother Haephus, 3rd Battle Company, 1st Squad


Veteran Sergeant Barbariel, 3rd Battle Company, 1st Squad


Sergeant Ekias, 5th Battle Company, 4th Squad


Company Master Laraziel, 9th Tactical Reserve Company


Unknown Initiate, colour scheme designation 'Probator'


Unknown, colour scheme designation 'Ghostwing'


Unknown, colour scheme designation 'Bloodwing'


Chapter Badge


Angels of Contrition Chapter emblem


Chapter Banner


Angels of Contrition Chapter banner

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Harlan that was briiliant! A great read and really well thought through.


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Mmmm some really good entries to the BoA, I wonder should the Blades of Altena step into the light once more.

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Mmmm some really good entries to the BoA, I wonder should the Blades of Altena step into the light once more.


Yes! Yes! yes! They should!!!! :)



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That is truly a good article there Harlan! Well done!


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Adding Harlan's entry to the roster brings us up to 29 Oaths of Moment! 10 are complete and there are 5 works in progress! 


Come on board Arkley and let's revisit the Blades of Altenas history and bring us up to an even 30.


What is the terror of death? That we die, our work incomplete. But what is the joy of life? To die, knowing our task is done.

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This is an excellent effort by the unforgiven! Well done to all and thanks for making more work for me!!!!huh.png but ...No pain no gain I guess..... Once the ETL ends all these will be coverted to PDfs as promised !


Those who have completed their oaths...feeld free to make more for the ETL and certainly think about including your completed models in to your BHoA submissions. 



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Come on board Arkley and let's revisit the Blades of Altenas history and bring us up to an even 30.


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Things changed
Origin, Homeworld, Recruitment and some other minor bits read it anyway :)

Index Astartes



  • FOUNDING:- 3RD [M.32]
  • FORTRESS MONASTERY:- THE KRAKEN (Water going Leviathan)
  • BATTLE CRY:- CHAPLAIN 'In the name of the Lion!' - REPLY 'We are his Blade'
  • CURRENT STRENGTH:- 800+, 4th & 6th Company rebuilding from 90% Losses.
  • The Blades of Altena Space Marines Chapter
Sometime during the 32nd Millennium, the High Lords of Terra requested the Dark Angels Chapter to aid in the creation of a new Chapter, The Dark Angels used this opportunity to create another member for the Unforgiven.
The Unforgiven Chapters led by the Dark Angels each sent a cadre of Marines including Command Staff. This was done to make sure the Dark Angels controlled the Chapters future and their place in ranks of the Unforgiven.
The Chapter's original purpose has long since been forgotten or ignored, It was given a new goal, which is to hunt down renegade members of the Unforgiven. One record of note mentions the Chapters original name in a deployment orders to the Maelstrom, whether this was garrison duty is unknown, It is doubtful the truth will ever be known and the reasons why this order was ignored has be forgotten. About 5 years after arriving on Connacht the Cassiel renamed the Chapter from the Iron Manticores to the Blades of Altena.
They consider themselves part of the Unforgiven and will pursue the Fallen to the ends of the galaxy. But they do not do this for the reasons that the Dark Angels do. They follow more closely to their Primogenitors the Angels of Vengeance they are intolerant of Traitors of any kind.
The First Grand Master was Cassiel, a veteran Master from the Angels of Vengeance 3rd Company, a far sighted commander who was meticulous in planning his war craft . Considered to be one of the most gifted Commanders in the Unforgiven. 
Command Staff who were selected to found the new Chapter
Cassiel – Angels of Vengeance 3rd Company Master
Ruriel – Angels of Vengeance 6th Company Champion
Aamon – Dark Angels Interrogator Chaplain
Gethan – Dark Angels Apothecary 4th Company
Sasahael – Angels of Absolution Epistolary Librarian
Xaphan – Angels of Absolution 2nd Company Sergeant 
Nakriel – Angels of Redemption 1st Company First Sergeant 
Isiah – Angels of Redemption 3rd Company First Sergeant
Blades of Altena Original Command Staff
Cassiel - 1st Grand Master, Known as The Grand Cross, World Protector – The Dagda
Ruriel - 1st Chapter Champion – The Hammer of Altena
Aamon - 1st Grand Interrogator – Grand Master of the Chaplains
Sasahael - 1st Grand Seeker – Chief Librarian
Gethan - 1st Master Surgeon – Chief Apothecary
Nakriel - 1st Knight Commander of The Gallowglass (1st Company) – Voice of Altena
Xaphan - 1st Knight Commander of The Dullahan (2nd Company) – The Huntsman
Isiah - 1st Knight Commander of the 3rd – Master of the Fleet
Home World
Connacht is located close to eastern most point in Segmentum Tempestus, in the Uhulis Sector, the naval base of Bakka would be considered the nearest Imperium planet.
Connacht would be considered a water world as over 85% of the planet  is covered in vast aquamarine coloured ocean, There are three main land masses.
Fertile grasslands cover most of the continent of Alastir, the people of the country are well known for their artistic endeavours, their works of art have been distributed all over the Imperium. Alastir was also the landing site where the Iron Manticores made planet fall. A memorial to this event was made and placed at the site.
The continent of Laibhe is situated north of Alastir, Laibhe took the full force of a volcanic natural disaster rendering the vast majority of the land uninhabitable. It was estimated that over 500,000 people lost their lives in the disaster. The people of Laibhe were made of stronger stuff and they rebuilt their Towns, A new capital of Laibhe was created near the site of the extinct Volcano, New industry was established in mining the Obsidian made from the disaster. The Blades of Altena also use this continent to train the Chapter scouts.
The mountainous Cethlenn is the home of the current King of Connacht, Industrious and hard working people are a stark contract to a more medieval world signs of change are seen more so in Cethlenn, the Kings Palace is situated in the capital Kiel. The Knight orders have been slowly dying out over the past millennia, with this the Military of Cethlenn has adopted to a more modern way of warfare, Connacht's first Astra Militarum regiment was created in 991.M40. Military service of a period of 6 years from the age of 12 mandatory in Cethlenn, Alastir and Laibhe have been known to send their children to the Military Academies. 
Fortress Monastery
The Blades of Altena do not use any of the continents as a base instead they sail the great ocean known as Altenian Sea, in what can only be described as a water-going Leviathan/submersible, The Kraken.
The Kraken is a marvel of human creation, it can be compared to the Raptorus Rex Star Fortress of the Fire Hawks in design. A relic of the Dark Age of Technology the Kraken was purposely made for water, how this Leviathan ended up on Connacht is a mystery never to be known. It was discovered submerged in the Northern Altenian Sea by the Chapter when they were surveying for a suitable locations for the Chapters Fortress. Cassiel declared Rites of Acquisition and claimed the ancient Leviathan. It took over 15 years to make the vast Fortress battle ready.
Combat Doctrine
Like the Dark Angels, the Blades of Altena share a stubborn streak on the battlefield, but this is tempered even they know when its time for them to leave. They prefer to use assault vehicles like Land Raiders.
The Chapter will use overwhelming fire-power in the form of Whirlwinds and Thunderhawk Gunship bombing runs once the enemies are reeling from that the 2nd Company will scout ahead for ripe targets to allow the 1st Company Terminators to finish the job.
In battles where the assets of the 1st and 2nd are not available Battle Companies will rely on the Predator Spearheads backed by Vindicators. Always at the forefront are the Battle Company Veterans.
The Blades of Altena are set up like a Codex Chapter with the exception of the 1st and 2nd Companies like the Dark Angels.
The Chapters Inner Circle also functions in a similar way Dark Angels but probably not as convoluted . The Chaplains and  Librarians will be the ones to interrogate Fallen caught.
The 1st Company are known as the Gallowglass, a name they have taken from Connacht's ancient past. They were considered to be the elite warriors of Battle Kings of old so it is fitting that the Blades of Altena honour this custom in the most elite of their warriors.
The 2nd Company take on the name of the ancient tale of the Headless Horseman known as the Dullahan, the 2nd Company are relentless in their duty and refuse to let anything stop them. It is not hard to believe how much the Grand Cross of the Chapter relies on these Veteran Warriors on their metal steeds.
The 3rd Company are also known as Vengeance Blades after The Angels of Vengeance & The Blades of Altena fought in a 25 years crusade to find 3 Fallen from the Heresy. The then current Angels of Vengeance Grand Master commended the remains of the 3rd Company with the sacrifice they made in capturing the three.
The remainder of the chapter is organised exactly like a Codex Chapter, with the 3rd, 4th and 5th companies being Battle Companies, the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th being Reserve Companies. The 10th is the Scout Company.
Most of the Chapter's recruits used to come from the Knight Orders that served the King, As the world adopts a more modern way of life the Knight Orders have been slowly dying out. Recruitment has been focused on the Military Academies. It has been noted by the Chaplains of the Chapter that it has provided a greater flux of suitable recruits compared to the Knightly Orders which in turn has led to the Scout Company being of a considerable size more so that standard Codex traditions.
However a few brave individuals have swam out to The Kraken earning a place in the Chapter and its rich history. One such individual is the current Grand Cross Cadeyrn.
Appereance and Iconography
The main colour of their armour is dark red, it is considered unique among the Green, Bone and Black of most of  the members of the Unforgiven. But there is no mistaking their lineage. The chapter icon is the same as the Dark Angels but in golden yellow. Company markings are as standard Unforgiven. Icons such as skulls and Crux Terminus are usually in gold. Chest Eagles are painted bone. The robes of the Chapter are usually in a Cream/Stone colour with yellow or green trim.
Sergeant Aran
3rd Company 'Vengeance Blades'
As the Iron Manticores they used the head of the mythical beast and their symbol, Green Chest Eagles. Robes where Ice Blue in colour.
Unknown Iron Manticores Space Marine
The Blades of Altena like most Space Marine Chapters venerate the Emperor as the father of all marines, and the Lion as his most gifted son. With these beliefs and the Monastic order of Knights that serve as the Altenian Kings Royal Guard. But one might wonder how the Chapter will be shaped in years to come with the decline of the Royal Guard.
The Imperial Creed has never fully caught one with the natives of Connacht, There are pockets of people who worship the Emperor as a God, but it is rare these are accepted into the Chapter.
They have a deeply stubborn streak and prideful. They work very well together with Angels of Vengeance and will fight to the bitter end with their fellow Unforgiven brothers.
Like all of the Unforgiven the Swords of Altena use the Angels of Venegeance gene-seed, known to suffer very little impurities.
CHAPLAIN 'In the name of the Lion!' - REPLY 'We are his Blade'
Selected Battles
622.M32 March Home
The first battle the Chapter faced after leaving the Rock was a small moon in the Dectus Sector, an Ork Warboss known as Grimkilla. After 3 months of combat the newly promoted Chapter Champion Ruriel met the Warboss in personal combat and slayed the Warboss. So began the Chapters eternal war.
437.M33 The Grudge of Dogs
During a combined force assault on a Chaos held world near Cadia, the Blades of Altena 4th Company fired on a Space Wolves encampment after the Wolves commander ordered Imperial Guard artillery to fire on a chaos held location Scout elements of the 10th Company where present and killed. The Blades of Altena refuse to help or fight with the Space Wolves. 
“The Arrogance of these dogs and I will put them down like dogs, My chapters losses mean nothing.” Knight Commander Alaois of the 4th
829.M35 The Sheran Rift
The 5th Company's Battle Barge (Obsidian Blade) under the Command of Bradach were caught under a surpise attack by a small Chaos force led by a Chaos Battle Barge known as the Ecstasy of the Soul. After losing most of her escorts the Obsidian Blade was able to score a kill shot on the Ecstasy's engines crippling the ship. 7 Suits of the rare Cataphractii Terminator Armour were salvaged and have been restored to its former glory by the Techmarines of the Chapter and sancified by a Magos Techpriest of Bakka Forgeworld.
771-774.M37 The Rage of the Unforgiven
5 Companies representing the Unforgiven launch an all out assault on a renegade Imperial world, rumours are abound as sighting of the greatest traitor himself Cypher. It was noted Cypher himself was not present but there was a Fallen Angel insighting riots. Arakiel was captured and died during his interrogation at the hands of Unforgiven. 
101.M39 The Culling of Hathre
The Blades of Altena are asked to provide backup to Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Yeth Bandt in his mission to prove Dark Eldar had infiltrated the Imperial World of Hathre, The Inquisitor orders exterminatus on the planet. The 5th Company and elements of the 2nd and 9th are wiped out to a man. The Battle Barge Connacht's Pride escapes the system to report to Grand Cross Declan.
203-206.M39 Declan's Vengeance
Declan the 20th Grand Cross calls upon a  Angels of Vengeance fleet that was in a nearby system, The Angels of Vengeance proved to be instrumental in capturing the rogue Inquisitor. After a 3 year chase the Inquisitor is cornered and captured. Declan gave him no quarter as he killed the Inquisitor with his bare hands. Bandt's skull was cleaned and polished, Declan engraved the names of his dead brothers into it. It is now considered a relic. 
054.M40 Traitors Game
The 5th Company’s first battle after Hathre comes in the form of a Crusading Black Templar force giving chase to a Black Legion splinter fleet led by Karatos the Reaper. The battle comes to the fore on the bridge of the Black Legions command ship. Marshal Arnfried and Knight Commander Dalach kill Karatos. Both chapters earn each others respect and exchange gifts.
The Mace of Arnfried is now used by all 5th Company Knight Commanders since this day.
910.M40 Space Hulk Theoculus
The Theoculus space hulk turns up in the Uhulis Sector, swarming with Orks, with the combined might of the whole Chapter the Orks are defeated and the Hulk destroyed, but the Blades of Altena suffered losses of 40%. 
559.M41 All Records Deleted
743.M41 Record deleted at request of Ordo Xenos 
972-997.M41 Crusade of Three
The combined force of the 3rd Company of the Blades of Altena and the 4th Company of Angels of Vengeance respectively scoured the Laeth Trinary system for 25 years to find 3 of Fallen. Massive loses were inflicted on the Blades of Altena but the 3 were caught. As a result the remaining Veterans were given the honour of wearing the Dark Angels original Legion colours. 22 Marines survived. 
982.M41 Massacre on Geath Prime
Considered the darkest day in the long history of the Chapter. Grand Cross Cadeyrn answered the pleas of a local Imperial World under attack by sending the 4th, 6th and elements of the 1st. A Chaos Battlegroup under command of a Thousand Sons Sorcerer Lord simply known as The Occulus. 162 marines died in one night sacrificed to the warp. 26 Brothers spat on their oaths. The 31 survivors have sworn bloody vengeance on the traitors.
995.M41 Hunt for The Occulus
After the massacre on Geath, the Blades of Altena 1st, 2nd & 3rd Companies & along with elements from the Angels of Vengeance 1st 2nd & 4th Companies, Launch a devastating attack on Cyuinse IV suspected location of The Occulus. The Sorcerer Lord and his elite cadre escape his forces take overwhelming losses. 3 Oathbreakers confirmed dead.
999.M41 Game of Shadows
Connacht's Pride under the command of Braden and the 3rd chase down a damaged Eldar Cruiser of some unknown Craftworld. On closer inspection Tyranids are discovered. Knight Commander Braden with the help of Revered Knight Isiah kill the Hive Tyrant. This is the first recorded encounter of Tyranids by the Chapter. Minimal losses taken.
Sacred Cormac
3rd Company Standard Bearer
Heroes of Antiquity
Cassiel - 1st Grand Master, Known as The Grand Cross, World Protector – The Dagda
Cassiel was a Master in the Angels of Vengeance, known for his tactical ability, he was rumoured to be next in line to be the Grand Master of the Angels of Vengeance, but he was given the option to help found the Iron Manticores. He took to the task with much fervour. He developed a great hatred for Orks most especially an Warboss known as Grimkilla. He was also the one who had chosen to use the original Legions iconography after they changed their name after they settled on Connacht. He was the first Grand Cross to be named The Dagda for the chapters defence of Connacht after a splinter Ork fleet attacked. Cassiel died at the hands of Dark Eldar after 355 years of leading the Blades of Altena.
Ruriel - 1st Chapter Champion – The Hammer of Altena
Ruriel would be the first to admit he would never be a Master of his chapter, or even a Sergeant. His talent lay in combat. He was never seen on the battlefield without his custom Power Hammer a relic from the Great Crusade. Ruriel's life was cut short when he fought a Chaos Space Marine known as Kyrax the Bloodied a foul Champion of Khorne.
Aamon - 1st Grand Interrogator – Grand Master of the Chaplains
Aamon was the first to volunteer to join the Blades of Altena, he was known as a pain speaking man, only saying what was required. He was known for his oratory. He would be known as the main architect in integrating Connacht's traditions into the chapter. He was over 600 years old at the time. But this grizzled old veteran lived for another 213 years. Giving his life to save a young scout.
Sasahael - 1st Grand Seeker – Chief Librarian
Sasahael was given the honour of becoming the youngest Chief Librarian of any of the Unforgiven, His main talent was his ability to read his enemies tactics, his prescience was almost legendary he has saved so many lives of his brothers with his forewarning and precognition. His legacy to the Blades of Altena has been in form of predicting each of his successors to his position from Eamon to the current Chief Librarian Cillian and beyond.
Gethan - 1st Master Surgeon – Chief Apothecary
Gethan was put forward by the Chief Apothecary to be given the task of building the chapters first recruits, a task he was only too proud to take on. Within the first 100 years along with Sasahael and Aamon they had increased the chapters strength to just under 400. Gethan spent very little time on the field of battle his time was dedicated to the building of the chapter. 
Nakriel - 1st Knight Commander of The Gallowglass (1st Company) – Voice of Connacht
A giant of a man was Nakriel, but was soft spoken. He was given the title of Voice of Connacht due to his skill in diplomacy, but as with every Astartes his talent was in war. Always to be found at the vanguard of a battle. He carried his huge 2 Handed Axe a parting gift from his previous Grand Master. He was chosen to succeed Cassiel.
Xaphan - 1st Knight Commander of The Dullahan (2nd Company) – The Huntsman
Even in the Angels of Absolution Xaphan was considered very zealous, he knew most of the secrets of his chapter and holds no guilt but  he stopped at nothing to hunt down any and all members of the Fallen. He was given the title of The Huntsman after his capture of the Fallen had risen to over 20.
The title of The Huntsman is only given to the Knight Commander of the 2nd Company, and only 3 have ever earned it. 
Isiah - 1st Knight Commander of the 3rd – Master of the Fleet
Isiah held the positon of Knight Commander for just over 72 years, he was fighting Dark Eldar pirates when he gave his life to protect the Grand Cross. His body was recovered after the Dark Eldar were killed, it was discovered he was still breathing. With quick thinking he was placed in stasis till his return to Connacht. Gethan and Terathel (Master of the Forge), worked for days to put his remains into a Dreadnought. Isiah became the first Dreadnought of the Blades of Altena. And is still active to this very day. An Ancient Hero of old.
Masters of the Chapter
Grand Master - The Dagda  – World Protector
Grand Cross Cadeyrn (24th Grand Cross)
Cadeyrn has been the Grand Cross for over 212 years, he became a scout in 487.M41. He was 14 when he swam out to the Kraken, he survived more to his quick thinking in making himself a suit  made from Seatiger skin. His quick thinking and tactical acumen seen him rise up the ranks faster than most. After his years as a scout he was promoted straight into the 4th Company. It was not long before he attracted the attention of the Master Tadghan. Within 60 years he was Tadghan's First Knight. 
When Damhan the 23rd Grand Cross died, Most Masters expected Tadghan to succeed him to the surprise of other Masters Tadghan and Damhan had already chosen Cadeyrn to be the new Grand Cross. A task he has proven time and time again he was made for.
Chief Librarian – Scion of Sasahael – Keeper of the Book of Antiquity
Grand Seeker Cillian
Like all his predecessors Cillians fate was predicted by the chapters first Chief Librarian Sasahael. He also knows who will replace him and when. But this one constant continues to give the chapter hope that in the future the Blades of Altena will be there to hunt the traitors of the Unforgiven.
Cillian given his fate can be considered reckless, but his skills and talents in war make him indispensable. Forever at the forefront of battle, Cadeyrn has relied on Cillians talents over the years. He is also the Keeper of the Book of Antiquity, this contains the name of every Brother of the chapter.
Grand Master of Chaplains – Master of Traditions 
Grand Interrogator Dara
Dara has only been the Grand Interrogator for 7 years after the previous Grand Interrogator spat on his oaths at the Battle of Geath Prime. Dara was the Chaplain of the 4th Company. On promotion to Grand Interrogator he begged Cadeyrn for vengeance against his old Master. His vengeance was granted 13 years later when Dara killed Lorcan who had become a Champion of the Changer of Ways. With vengeance stated Dara turned back to his duties as the Master of Traditions to make sure the ancient ways of the people of Connacht are honoured to this day.
Chapter Standard Bearer - Voice of Altena
Sacred Conleth
Conleth has been the bearer of the Chapters Standard for over 200 years, he was the the First Sergeant of the 5th Company during a battle supporting Naamans Vengeance. He slayed 2 Ork Nobz 1 of which had killed the previous 5th Company Standard Bearer, He carried the 5th Company’s banner for the rest of the war. Not once did his beloved 5th Company’s banner touch the earth again.
The honour to carry the Chapters Sacred Banners was given to him by Cadeyrn after the previous bearer was killed. Whenever the chapter deploys en-mass Conleth can always be seen stood at the side of Cadeyrn, his stern features unmoving like the statues of the chapters heroes of old as the Chapters Banner stands proud in his hands.
Master of the Forge
Grand Creator Piaras
Piaras is the oldest living marine of the Blades of Altena, more machine than man now, at 932 years old. He has been the Grand Creator of the Forge for 672 years. His greatest work has been the making of the Dreadnought chassis he has called Legion, this chassis has never been occupied. He says only one of the Chapters mightiest heroes can ever be considered to be entombed in it.
Master of the 1st - The Gallowglass - Grand Knight of Connacht
Knight Commander Tadghan
If there was ever a Hero of the Blades of Altena to signify the honour of the Chapter Tadghan is it, he has been the Master of the Gallowglass for 348 years, he is humble, stoic and patient. He stands as a giant in his Terminator armour, his huge weapon the Axe of Connacht gripped firmly in his hand as a symbol of office as the Grand Knight of Connacht. The weapon was made by Piaras himself.
Before his ascension to the 1st Company he was the Chapter Champion for over 100 years. He is instrumental in Cadeyrn becoming Grand Cross an act he is proud of as a father is to a son. 
Master of the 2nd – The Dullahan – Grand Champion of the Hunt
Knight Commander Einhan
If Tadghan shows the stoic side of the chapter, Einhan is is opposite. He is brash, impetuous and hotheaded, it has been joked he is more like an Ork of the Evil Suns than an Astartes of the Emperor. 
And this is a reputation he plays into, he usually takes to battle on his custom bike, tearing head-on into the enemy chasing them down like dogs. His behaviour has been questioned by other Masters of the chapter but nobody can deny his unorthodox tactics can and do win battles. He is also the Grand Champion of the Hunt, an event where other members of the The Dullahan compete hunting down one of the rare predators of Connacht.
Master of the 3rd – Master of the Fleet – Vengeance Blades
Knight Commander Braden
Braden was the First Sergeant of the 3rd Company when his mentor and friend was killed during the Hunt of the Occulus, his promotion was never in doubt. He is also the chapters pre-eminent Master of Void War even his mentor would ask for his opinion in Void War. He like all the Masters of the Chapter carries a Weapon of the Tuatha De Danaan, his is The Kraken Blade a 2 handed Relic Blade.
Braden's company was the first Company of the Chapter to come into contact with the Tyranids, during a battle with a Hive Tyrant Braden scored the killing blow after Revered Brother Isiah broke the creatures back with is power fist. 
Braden's personal ship is the Connacht's Pride
Master of the 4th – Master of the Arsenal - 
Knight Commander Treasach
Treasach is one of the new Masters to come into Command after the Massacre of Gaeth he has taken an Oath of Vengeance against his former brothers. He denies himself any accolades until the the last 23 traitors are dead.
A stubborn man he has come to blows with Master Lochlann when the former commented on his tactics during a recent war-game with the 5th Company it was only by the interruption by Tadghan that stopped the disagreement becoming fatal.
Tadghan could not fault Treasach the betrayal of some of his closest brothers has hit the Marine hard. But his bitterness could cause more issues later and for how long Tadghan can prevent Treasach from being stripped of command is anyone’s guess.
Master of the 5th – Master of the Marches
Knight Commander Lochlann
As the Master of the Marches it is Lochlann's responsibility to make sure the territory of the Blades of Altena is secure. A task he is well suited to, the 5th Company spends most of its time on the Star Fortress Toraigh. Recently he has came to blows with Treasach, he worries for his brother as not only are they brothers in arms but brothers by blood, both were accepted into the Chapter when they were 14 and 15 respectively. He can only hope his vengeance comes soon before hatred consumes him.
Master of the 6th – Master of the Watch
Knight Commander Kelan
Kelan is another new Master to the Blades of Altena, he was the a Knight Sergeant in the 1st Company for numerous years. Promotion to the 6th Company Knight Commander was given to him as he was considered a man of vision. He has taken to rebuilding the 6th Company with all his talent. It has been remarked he has the makings of being a Hero of Legend in the Chapters history.
Master of the 7th – Master Victualler 
Knight Commander Ionatan
Ionatan was given the duties of the Master Victualler after a Eldar plasma grenade destroyed most of his body, he has lost both his legs, most of the left side of his body, he refused to be put in a Dreadnought he still wanted to serve the chapter, his body was wrecked but his mind was sharp as ever. The chapters Master Surgeon Garvan was able to save him. He is not considered a front line Master any more. His 1st Sergeant Alastar is the Knight Commander in all but name. 
Master of the 8th – Master of Uladh
Knight Commander Fion
Uladh is the moon that orbits Connacht, it is also the home of the 8th & 10th Companies. Fion is the Master of Fortress Altair. Fion is known to be a staunch supporter of the Codex Astartes and with his talent in tactics he makes war games for the other companies to hone their skills whether its in close combat or tank tactics Fion has a plan. 
Master of the 9th – Master of the Kraken – The Reapers
Knight Commander Raigan
As the Master of the Kraken Raigan spends most of his time on Connacht the grizzled old veteran has been in the 9th Company for over 400 years. He is one of the most unorthodox commanders as he carries a Heavy Bolter as his main weapon, his Weapon of the Tuatha De Danaan is Combat Knife named The Reapers Edge.
He has refused any promotion to any Battle Company, his answer is always he belongs with his brother Devastators. His current command squad has been together for over 300 years.
Master of the 10th – Master of the Recruits
Knight Commander Eamon
Eamon has been the guiding hand in his chapter for over 200 years, he is known to be one of the  finest marksman of the chapter only other to be better is his protégée Doran. Between Eamon and Fion the Chapters future is in very good hands. 
Weapons of the Tuatha De Danaan
Like the Heavenfall Blades of the Dark Angels and the other Unforgiven ancient weapons the Blades of Altena do have their own versions of this weapons.
Each weapon is remade to suit the Master of the Company with the exception of the Grand Cross who will only use the Blade of Altena.
The Blade of Altena – Grand Cross Cadeyrn
The Manticores Claw was give to the 1st Grand Cross Cassiel by the Supreme Grand Master of the Dark Angels on creation of the chapter. After the Chapter was renamed the weapon was renamed also. 
The Axe of Connacht – Knight Commander Tadghan 1st Company
The weapon of choice of Tadghan, where most of his contemporaries use blades Tadghan prefers the brutal power of his axe.
The Huntmans Blades – Knight Commander Einhan 2nd Company
Einhan requested 2 daggers be his weapons, his skill with the short blades is known within the chapter, he is one of the best swordsmen of the Chapter.
The Kraken Blade – Knight Commander Braden 3rd Company
This huge 2 Handed Sword was the previous Master of the 3rd used this blade, Braden refused to change weapons.
The Traitors Doom – Knight Commander Treasach 4th Company
This Mace is Treasach's answer to the brothers who spat on their oaths, He has the Mace blessed by his company Chaplain every battle.
The Spear of Cethlenn – Knight Commander Lochlann 5th Company 
This spear was modelled on the spear Lochlann used to fight with while he was in the Knight Orders of the King. 
Sword of Nauda – Knight Commander Kelan 6th Company
Kelan's sword is in the typical style of the Unforgiven it is 2 handed but Kelan has learned to use it 1 handed.
The Obsidian Halberd - Knight Commander Ionatan 7th Company
Ionatan's weapon is one of the most unique within the Chapter, A 2 Metre Halberd. 
Hammer of Laibhe - Knight Commander Fion 8th Company 
Fion's hammer is a huge 2 handed hammer, considered to be Techmarine Kelan's finest work.
The Reapers Edge - Knight Commander Raigan 9th Company
Due to Raigan's use of the Heavy Bolter he wanted his first combat knife as a Scout remade so the Reapers Edge is born. Enemies have underestimated Raigans skill with a such a simple blade.
Claws of Connacht - Knight Commander Eamon 10th Company
Since his time in the Gallowglass, Eamon was a master with Lightning Claws so when he was promoted to Master his weapon of choice was not in doubt. 
The Gallowglass
Like the Deathwing of the Dark Angels the 1st Company of the Blades of Altena operate only in Terminator Armour, unlike the Deathwing, the Blades of Altena do not have the Knights as part of the structure, instead they are the Knight Sergeants of each squad, these veterans have lived through centuries of war next to the Masters of the Chapter they are the future leaders of the Chapter, nobody becomes a Knight Commander or even the Chapters Grand Cross without at least a few decades as a Knight Sergeant in the Gallowglass. Above all Knight Sergeants there is the First Knight, he alone carries the honour of the chapter, he is the Champion, Bodyguard and Confidant of the Knight Commander, to become the First Knight is a mark of greatness that makes Heroes.
The Gallowglass adopted the broken blade as their symbol, in some ways it is a symbol of failure to a vow made by the 7th Grand Cross when he swore to protect a planet, It is a stain on the Blades of Altenas honour which is now a symbol to remind them that failure is not an option. If the Chapter is considered stubborn one may look no further than the Gallowglass.

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It is is so great to see this submission return in even greater glory and with painted miniatures as well. Another high calibre submission! Great work Arkley and good to see you back in action!


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Excellent... remember all of you. think about placing a photo of your entire collection / army of your DIY chapter in to the article as well.... This is going great guns....:)



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I have my chapter emblem done thanks to cod_lover, just need to apply them to the painter images.


gimp can be a real pain sometimes.

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Haha, tell me about it. Have spent the last couple of weeks wrestling with it.


Real nice work Arkley. The minis look fantastic,

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Reposting my chapter I change a few things.                                                                                                                                                      spacemarine_zps9d224a2c.jpg  tactical marine .                bloodhoundtechmarine_zps6e4caa5c.jpgtech marineblooodhoundlibby_zps6a2a9553.jpg  librarian. bloodhoundreconmarine_zpsa46bc851.jpgrecon. bloodhoundmedic_zpsb9f35ab9.jpgmedic.bloodhounddevastator_zps6a433438.jpg devestator.bloodhoundchaplin_zps17136c39.jpg​      Chaplin. bloodhoundassaultmarine_zps9bc65ce2.jpg assalt marine.vet_zps10681190.jpg               (this marine  a vet of fir sstqaud first company)                                       Symbol:                                                                                         BLOODHOUNDSYMBOL_zps5440134b.jpg   Bloodhounds Founding:2nd.            gene-seed: Lynn Elgonsen              Successors of: dark angels       Chapter master: Sakage the reformer.           battle cry: ''for the Imperium for the Primarch and for the chapter and my the blood hound watch over us!''    Main colours:black and red.          Full strength: 1460 Current: Unknown.         Tactics: the chapter favors Stealth above all else. cameleisoline and refractor fields to all marines.           specialty: close combat and stealth.             Known descendants:    doom angels.           Beliefs: the chapter believes in the protection of humanity above all else and that one day all of the enemies of mankind will one day be destroyed.           Armour:  While they were mostly mk7 armour the blood hound have always been seen wearing mk6 helmets and greaves. the also have special retractable  mono filament 4 inch claws built into their finger tips.                                                  worlds: Kardon: temperate  flat green planet which has on the great grassy plain sits the larger of the 2 chapter monastery's. Ardon: the sister planet to Kardon, which spins in the same orbit and in the largest canyon sits the  the second and smaller chapter monastery.Mostly grey mountains  and jungle.     Here in the ultima segmentum you will see kardonWarhammer_40K_Galaxy_Map_by_ikkaan_zps91                                                                                                                                                                                         history: the blood hound are a mysterious chapter indeed all that known about them is that they may be an 2nd founding unforgiven chapter descended from the dark angels charge with hunting down the fallen. Though they are mysterious they are one of the friendliest to normal human around. Whole company of blood hound have been known to sacrifice themselves to protect civilians. It is said that the blood hounds were formed to eliminate all chaos.  Known only to marines of t the space marines attacked the he blood hounds it is said that after the chapters founding the chief apothecary figured out how to make female space marines something the emperor did not want. Respecting the emperors wishes he did not show his finding to the chapter master. Shortly afterwards he was killed trying to save a marine from a chaos terminator. But now his research has surfaced and there are female space marines. Is believed that newest chapter master implemented it after coming across it in the chapter house grand library were all the information that that the blood hounds can find. Weather it be top secret or the random rumors going a round. One my think that only marines of the chapter are allowed in the grand library but in fact the whole chapter house is open to almost everyone. The chapter house is a gigantic fortress that is made to serve as a shelter for   the entire population in times of invasion.The chapter entirely rejects servitors on the basis that robot are not trust worthy and has the ships run by volunteers from the planetary defense forces. And our vehicles run by space marines. Also the chapter frowns upon bionics so much that they go and find heretekhs that know how to regrow flesh promising them protection from the Adeptus Mechanicus. Scouts in the blood hounds wear the full power armour like the rest of the chapter. The chapter also frowns upon removing you helmet in combat. Once the chapter has won a planet from heretics or aliens they fix it to a ultramarine-grade planet. Recruitment: ultramarine style recruitment. when the trainee is 13 he along with 9 other are knocked out and awaken in some harsh terrain on the planet. They are left with a sidle recording that tells them that they are being chased by chaos marines and that the have to evade them and get to the storm raven. Actually the chaos marine are really blood hounds in disguise only shooting them with stun rounds. Enemy's in the empire Administratum Inquisition, Iron Snakes and Storm Wardens Terran sisters (blood hounds can tolerate the non terran sisters beacus they will fix things and would have just killed the flesh tears instead of leaving.) main enemies chaos dark eldar and tyrinnds.                                                                                                                                                                                                Xeno pact: the blood hounds have a pact with ulthwe and somewhere along the road the blood hounds them to show them how to make better plasma that does not explode.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Battles:  the blood hounds have fought in the 1 4 5 6 8 10 and 13 black crusades they were present when the swooping hawks turned traitor. Also the wear in the babab war fighting alongside the astral claws believing that the high lords of Terra were way over stepping their authority . The blood hound home world has been evaded by both dark elder and tyrninds. The blood hounds were in the battle in which space marines attacked vandire. The blood hound were also at Commorragh when the strike cruiser was captured.                                                                                                                                                                                                               Organisation: 13 squads per company ten man command squads all of fist company ride in storm eagles and the rest of the chapter rides in storm ravens. All squads ride in land raiders. Terminator squads are ten man. 6th is all tactical company 7th all devastator 8th company is all marines with boarding shields and special weapons. And 9th company is all assault. 10th is all sniper squads. And 11th is all vehicles with centurions. Battle company :command squad 6 tactical squads 2 devastator 2 assault squads 2 sniper squads 2 dreadnoughts 4 land speeders 4 leman russes 13 storm ravens 23 thunder hawk transporters 4 thunder hawks 4 storm talons. 4 whirlwinds, 4 predators 2 stalkers and 2 hunters. Squad break down: command 1 captain 1 lieutenant 1 standard bearer 1 company champion 4 apothecaries 1 chaplain 1 tech marine. Tactical 1 sergeant 1 corporal 6 rifle men 1 heavy weapon 1 special weapon. Devastator 1 sergeant 1 corporal 4 special weapons 4 heavy weapons. Assault 1 sergeant 1 corporal 2 special weapons 6 marines with bolt pistols and chain swords. Recon squads 5 marines with sniper rifles and 5 marines with bolters. Centurion: 5 centurions. (notes: all blood hound are recruited for the psychic ability the blood hounds try to get psychic for the whole chapter only really strong physic get to be librarians.) Sergeants and ranks above all wear dog shaped helmets. And corporals get laurels. Red stripe worn by marines and marine officers. White stripe: worn by medics. Blue stripe: worn by librarians. Yellow stripe: worn by tech marines. Black stripe worn by chaplain's . red stripe with blue stripe running through it: worn by veterans.       Beliefs: IN the history of kardon and ardon it is said that there are 3 spirit animals that watch over them: The blood hound is the animal that gather the spirits of of those who die for a good cause in battle and delivers their souls to the emperor. . The fire bull gathers the spirits of those who died fighting for a bad cause in battle and lock up their spirits until they are deem worthy to return. The star eagle gathers the souls of those that did not die in battle.                                                                                                                                                        Record from inquisitor vorbins personal audio diary:                                                                                                   ''Magos''? ''Yes my lord''? ''Have you found it''? ''Yes my lord I have found trace amounts of what indeed appears to be eldar DNA in their gene samples ''Then it is settled then we must begin exsterminutus procedures at once''. ''Agreed my lord.'' +''my lord nquisitor a ship has just come out of the warp ahaed of us we are hailing but as of yet no response''.+ ''Damn' they found us''. +''Sir their power charge is increasing their … THEIR CHARGING LANCE BATTERYS, GET A FIRING SULITION ON THAT SHIP AND===============SIGNAL END.

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Added painters of all the specialists to my three submissions which make all three of them done.

Since I missed the cut off to ETL I'll start dreaming up some new ideas for chapters...


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As the ETL competition is coming into its last and final month of the year, so too will this competition end at the same time. We have had a wonderful number of entries added to the rosters of the Unforgiven with a variety of chapters and styles. 


Here is where we stand with the Roster and the Completions:



Of the two who have submitted but are not complete, they need only to add SM Painter images or Photos of the necessary painted up Miniatures to be complete. There has been a number of wonderful teaser images but let us see if we can get these done as well. As further inspiration to the cause, I will write up another new chapter (from scratch this time) to add to the roster - I vow to complete my write up of the Raptors of Caliban before this competition closes.


What is the terror of death? That we die, our work incomplete. But what is the joy of life? To die, knowing our task is done.

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Say when does this end?

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With the ETL


What is the terror of death? That we die, our work incomplete. But what is the joy of life? To die, knowing our task is done.

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  Whoops! sorry  didn't see the.

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Yes, this is the final week and the momentum pretty much died here as everyone picked up their paint swords and took to the fields of battle on the ETL. I still have my last chapter to finish up. I WILL NOT FAIL!


What is the terror of death? That we die, our work incomplete. But what is the joy of life? To die, knowing our task is done.

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GENE-SEED (PREDECESSOR): Dark Angels (Angels of Vengeance)

FOUNDING: unknown

CHAPTER MASTER: Pyrrhus Brasidor



MAIN COLORS: crimson, bone, silver


BATTLE CRY: “For the Emperor!”

CURRENT STRENGTH: none (see “Present Activities” below)


The earliest recorded actions of the Throne Knights Chapter date back to M34, in the years following the Howling. Created from the gene-stock of the Angels of Vengeance Chapter, the Throne Knights lineage ultimately derives from the 1st Legion and the primarch Lion El’Jonson. The various Unforgiven chapters were under scrutiny at this time as evidence of their willingness to abandon erstwhile allies in pursuit of their own agendas was mounting, so the choice of the Angels of Vengeance as a predecessor was unusual. In all likelihood, the Angels of Vengeance had performed a great service to the Imperium and had been rewarded with the prospect of siring a new chapter, though the nature of that service is lost to history.
The Throne Knights operated as a crusading chapter for the first eight centuries after their founding, participating in operations throughout the Segmentum Obscurus, including participation in at least two of the crusades of the Adeptus Ministorum and the purging of the xenos Thal’kreen. The Throne Knights are also recorded as successfully defending against a minor Chaos incursion in the Scarus Sector; as well as re-taking the Imperial world of Johexis from renegades, an event known in latter day Imperial histories as the Bloodsword War.
Librarium Note:  It is worthy to note that the leader of the Chaos renegades in the Bloodsword War was the Fallen once known as Heraniel, Sword Lieutenant of the 18th Chapter of the 1st Legion. Heraniel’s broken body was recovered by the Throne Knights and submitted to the Rock following the Bloodsword War.
Operating as a crusading chapter for the first few centuries of its existence, the Throne Knights Chapter claimed Urkona as their chapter world following the Jager crusade in M35. Their actions over the next two millennia are a history of warfare, ranging from the purging of space hulks to countering Ork Waaaghs. Their most famous actions by far were the Second Battle of Zurst and the Crusade of the Emperor’s Light [see below].
Suffering severe casualties in the Crusade of the Emperor’s Light, the Throne Knights entered a period of rebuilding. They had been reduced down to less than four hundred battle-brothers, losing almost the entire First Company and the majority of their senior officers in the bloody fighting. Though the chapter was capable of regaining its full strength in time, some taint had insinuated its way into the chapter within the Banehold warp storm. The exact nature of the taint has never been ascertained, but it took a combined force of three full chapters to bring the errant chapter to heel. The chapter has since been listed as traitoris purgatus.
Librarium Note:  The Inner Circle members of the Throne Knights Chapter waivered in their devotion to the Legion and the Hunt for the Fallen. In M580.M37, the Throne Knights rendezvoused with the Rock in the Agripinaa sector. The chapter was called to task on their meeting with the Supreme Grand Master, the Grand Master of the Throne Knights, Pyrrhus Brasidor, questioned the need to complete the Hunt, and then claimed that his chapter’s devotion and service to the Emperor and the Imperium were sufficient to absolve them of their obligation. He cited renegades from other legions that had remained loyal to the Emperor and pointed out that the chapters descended from those legions remained in the good graces of the High Lords of Terra. He was immediately censured by the Supreme Grand Master. The Throne Knights Grand Master retired to the Imminent Fury with his honor guard and returned to Urkona, indicating that his chapter was autonomous and answered to no one but the Emperor and the High Lords of Terra. After this event, the Throne Knights refused to respond to the missives of the Supreme Grand Master. Worse yet, the Throne Knights Chapter had developed a known relationship with members of the Inquisition following the Bagrattius crusade.  Fearing that the Throne Knights would reveal the existence of the Fallen and doom the Unforgiven chapters, the combined Inner Circle decided to act. Three entire chapters were mobilized, recalling all subordinate forces that had been deployed. The combined force then journeyed to the Nikor system and launched an assault on Urkona. Catching the Throne Knights Chapter off guard, the combined force succeeded in destroying the Throne Knights to the last man, though not without casualties. Though the gene-seed stores of the Throne Knights were divided equally between the three chapters, the Angels of Vengeance refused to accept what they considered to be tainted gene-seed. Their share was taken by the Dark Angels for distribution among the Unforgiven chapters as they saw fit. The fortress-monastery of the Throne Knights was then destroyed by orbital bombardment.
Knowing that the destruction of the wayward chapter could not remain a secret, the Dark Angels submitted a report to the High Lords of Terra describing how the Throne Knights had succumbed to moral corruption and heretical practices, submitting several Warp-infused relics recovered from the chapter’s librarium as proof. The High Lords of Terra accepted the explanation and commended the three chapters for the action. The remaining relics of the chapter were seized by the Dark Angels and taken to the Rock for destruction.
Once an ocean world completely covered in water, Urkona had collided with a rogue planet billions of years before mankind had first crawled from the sea on Holy Terra. The rogue planet was destroyed in the collision, its raw material breaking apart and sinking into the depths of Urkona. The force of the collision forced Urkona off its orbit, thrusting it to the extreme edge of the life-supporting region of the star Nikor before its orbit stabilized. Most of the lifeforms indigenous to Urkona suffered extinction as a result of the planetary collision and shift in climate, but a few hardy species survived. Moreover, alien material introduced by the rogue planet evolved into a variety of new species able to survive the deadly frigid ecology.
Urkona was originally settled by Mankind during the Dark Age of Technology. The settlers were eventually reduced to a pre-industrial technology level and their colony ships were salvaged to fabricate city-state dwellings deep beneath the icy surface of the planet. Cut off from the rest of mankind during the Age of Strife, the human colonists developed into a caste-based feudal culture. The most important of the castes were the Structors and the Venati. The Structors were responsible for the building and maintenance of the city-states and their life support systems while the Venati were a warrior-hunter caste. Initially responsible for hunting on the surface to provide food for their city-states, the scarcity of native fauna and competition with other city-states inevitably led to open warfare between the city states. The city-states were eventually reduced to just five, but the separation between the surviving city-states reduced competition for food and resulted in minimal warfare between the survivors. This balance of power remained stable through the Age of Strife.
Urkona was rediscovered by mankind during the Jager crusade when renegade forces sought to escape the forces of the Imperium. Pursued by a small force of Throne Knights Space Marines, the renegades were ambushed by a Venati hunting party. Though the Venati were wiped out to a man, they succeeded in killing far more of the better equipped renegades. Impressed by the prowess of the Venati, the Throne Knights Chapter claimed the world as their own, establishing the fortress monastery in an orbital station.
The Throne Knights remained aloof from the surface of their planet, descending only to conduct training and to recruit neophytes. The inhabitants of Urkona remained largely ignorant of the Throne Knights Chapter, knowing only that Venati often disappeared while on the hunt [see Recruitment].
When the combined force of the Dark Angels, Angels of Redemption, and Angels of Vengeance destroyed the Throne Knights Chapter, the Venati hunting parties on the surface of Urkona saw, but failed to understand, the great battle taking place in orbit above them. When the orbital fortress of the Throne Knights crashed to the surface of the planet, destroying one of the city-states, the Venati knew only that the fiery wreckage had destroyed their city-state. The survivors fled to the nearest enemy city-state, seeking refuge. Captured and tortured, they told their tale to their disbelieving fellows in the city-states beneath the ice. Further hunting parties confirmed the destruction of the city-state and the tale has grown into an oral lesson about the anger of the Sky Gods, spreading to all of the Urkonan city-states.
To this day, Urkona remains a minor recruiting world of the Angels of Redemption chapter.
The Throne Knights Chapter was destroyed in mid-M37 by a combined force of the Dark Angels, Angels of Redemption, and Angels of Vengeance Chapters in an action that has been recorded as the Judgment at Urkona.
The watershed events of the Throne Knights Chapter were the Second Battle of Zurst and the Crusade of the Emperor’s Light.
Second Battle of Zurst
The Second Battle of Zurst was a battle of the Stonefist War which took place in M36, in which the Throne Knights under Master Mykenon destroyed the Tagus landing fields. The landing fields were the essential destination of any ships traveling through the Drewlian Gate, a stable passage through the Warp. 
The renegade leader, Hehrn Rodnar, was a chief lieutenant under the arch-traitor, Hraz Stonefist. His forces had successfully captured the strategic worlds of Almanaras III and Kadr Fein, commanding the major route between the Antimar and Ange Lus sub sectors. He now prepared to advance into the Ange Lus sub sector with a massive force of renegades, which was strong enough to take on the Astra Militarum forces in the segmentum. There were two Throne Knights detachments operating in the Ange Lus subsector, however: Strike Force Mykenon, on patrol near Heveron, and Strike Force Eumaios en route to Thracian Primaris. The Drewlian Gate separated the two sub sectors. Any military force moving between the two sub sectors would have to cross through the Drewlian Gate to the Tagus landing fields.
The renegades had strengthened the position at the landing fields by securing the orbital defenses, a network of orbital weapons platforms that created a gauntlet of interlocking fire between the Drewlian Gate terminus and the atmosphere of Kadr Fein.
The two Throne Knights strike forces linked up near Ingeran and Mykenon, as the senior officer, assumed command of the overall force. Mykenon’s plan involved dividing his force into three elements. The largest element was under his direct command and was to storm the landing field at Kadr Fein from the north. The second element under Master Eumaios was to attack the near-orbit defenses while the third element under Sergeant Telanicus was to launch a diversionary attack on the south end of the landing fields.
The attack on the south end of the landing fields began at dawn when devastators opened up against the bastion at Morbat. The defenders were prepared for the assault but were still taken by surprise when centurions and assault squads burst from their cover and charged up towards the bastion in the face of fire from the defenders. Soon the opposing sides were engaged in hand-to-hand fighting.
Observing the assault, nearby renegades moved to reinforce the remote bastion. This action succeeded in diverting the attention of the renegades, enabling Master Mykenon’s force to launch the main attack on the opposing end of the landing field. Meanwhile, the Throne Knights fleet under Master Eumaios was weathering orbital defense fire while destroying most of the network of orbital guns. This prevented the forces in orbit from firing upon the Throne Knights forces engaged on the planet below.
The action was swift-moving, deceptive and daring. The decisive result produced a substantial improvement in the Imperial position by keeping renegade forces separated ahead of the imminent Battle of Heveron. Sergeant Telanicus was grievously wounded in the fighting and was later interred in a dreadnought sarcophagus, continuing to serve the chapter for seven centuries. Master Mykenon delivered the deathblow to Rodnar in single combat, depriving Stonefist of one of his most tactically adept subordinates.
Crusade of the Emperor’s Light
The Crusade of the Emperor’s Light was part of the Wars of Apostasy in M37 when the forces of the Imperium fought to regain control of worlds that had broken from the Imperium during the Reign of Blood.
The Ecclesiarch sought principally to shrine worlds and stamp out pockets of those still loyal to Goge Vandire. The Adeptus Ministorum forces, spearheaded by the Adepta Sororitas under the leadership of Alicia Dominica, were joined by multiple contingents of the Astra Militarum and Imperial Navy. Several Adeptus Astartes Chapters seconded detachments to support the crusade, among which was a strike force of the Throne Knights Chapter under Master Urkaenos.
The crusade succeeded in regaining control of over thirty worlds, including four shrine worlds of the Ecclesiarchy. The Throne Knights were heavily involved in the fighting for both of the shrine worlds. More importantly, Master Urkaenos personally led a force that reinforced Sister Dominica’s contingent after it had been cut off by surprise reinforcements. Though Master Urkaenos later died in battle at the Invasion of Talvisota, his leadership and prowess throughout the crusade were reported to the Ecclesiarch by Sister Dominica. The Throne Knights Chapter was awarded a Victorix Maxima upon completion of the holy crusade and the Ecclesiarch had a statue erected to honor Master Urkaenos at the Convent Sanctorum.
Librarium Note:  The Throne Knights reported multiple battles in which they faced traitor Adeptus Astartes during the Crusade of the Emperor’s Light. None of those they encountered were of the Fallen, nor were they thought to have known of the Fallen. The Throne Knights reports highlighted the fact that one of the traitor forces they encountered appeared to be renegade Iron Hands Space Marines.
The Throne Knights chapter was organized similarly to the other chapters descended from the Dark Angels Legion. While this was similar in most respects to standard Codex Astartes chapter organization, there were several distinct differences.
The first two companies of the Throne Knights are where the greatest differences from other codex chapters resided, mirroring the organization of other successors of the 1st Legion. As with the Dark Angels chapter, the 1st Company of the Throne Knights was known and feared as the Deathwing, veterans who only took to the field of battle in tactical dreadnought armor. Similarly, the 2nd Company was the Ravenwing, and those who made up its ranks were masters of high speed attack - every warrior rode a bike, land speeder, or atmospheric craft.
The remainder of the chapter was organized along strict codex lines, with the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Companies forming the battle companies; the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th the reserve companies; and the 10th Company consisting of scouts.
Librarium Note:  As with other Unforgiven chapters, the most senior leaders of the Throne Knights formed the Inner Circle. The membership of the Inner Circle included the Grand Master, the Masters of the Deathwing and Ravenwing, the librarians, the interrogator-chaplains, and select senior company masters.
The Throne Knights maintained a modest fleet, having only a single battle barge, the Imminent Fury, and four strike cruisers. In addition, the Throne Knights operated the Spear of Retribution, which  was larger than a standard strike cruiser and able to embark a force twice the size of that which a standard strike cruiser can embark. The Spear of Retribution appeared to be a heavily modified version of a Lunar class vessel, though how and where the Throne Knights acquired this ship is unknown.


The Imminent Fury
Battle barge
Chapter flagship


The Throne Knights employed a unique method of recruitment that also served as a test for veterans. Induction into the chapter’s veteran company took place only once a year. Each year, a handful of battle-brothers were submitted as candidates the veteran company. These candidates were assigned as pairs. Each pair of battle-brothers was inserted into the icy wastes of Urkona wearing only protective cameleoline clothing and equipped with homing beacons for their own use and as well as other supplies. Each pair would first construct a camouflaged shelter, using the shelter as a base of operations. They would then hunt the Venati hunting parties, stalking them and taking the youngest for the chapter. Once the first of the neophytes had been seized, one of the candidates would remain at the shelter as guard while the other would continue the hunt. They would then take it in turns, one using the provided supplies to keep the neophytes alive and protected from the elements while the other would return to the hunt in order to seize another neophyte. Each pair would continue their hunt until they had gathered a half dozen neophytes or a week had passed, at which point they would activate their homing beacon and take their captured back to the chapter.
On the handful of occasions in which a candidate was slain by Venati, the other other candidate would subdue those of the Venati hunting party that he could while slaying the others, immediately activating the homing beacon. The entire Venati hunting party would be taken to the chapter and accorded honors. Those that were young enough would become neophytes while those too old for the process would become thralls. Chapter tradition maintained that the neophytes from such events were destined for greatness.
While the candidates operated with maximum stealth when recruiting, members of Venati hunting parties occasionally snatched glimpses of the Adeptus Astartes or the remains of their shelters. To the Venati, the candidates became creatures of fear and superstition, beasts that haunted their nightmares and invoked fear. The candidates became creatures of myth – the Sarmenkar (Great Ice Devils).
The Throne Knights livery featured deep crimson as the predominant armor color. Chest decorations were typically in silver and both the winged skull chapter badge and common squad badges were displayed on opposing shoulder pauldrons in a bone color. Company affiliation was displayed upon the left kneepad using a distinctive system that drew upon that used by their progenitors, the Angels of Vengeance, and which could be traced back to the First Legion. Throne Knights sergeants were distinguished by black helmets rather than the usual red.
Though the chapter followed the Codex Astartes closely, one minor deviation was that veterans wore bone colored helmets rather than white. Similarly, the members of the 1st and 2nd Companies were distinguished only by their bone colored helmets, squad badges, and honor markings.
The chapter’s neophyte scouts displayed markings and livery that generally conformed to the dictates of the Codex Astartes.
The company captains, referred to as “company masters” in a practice that paralleled other Unforgiven chapters, wore the standard rank insignia provided in the Codex Astartes. One notable difference was the additional wearing of rank shields at the left shoulder. These shields displayed the heraldry of their company and served as the basic badge of office.
The Throne Knights habitually carried banners into battle, including both unit-based standards and banners as well as personal standards. One notable type of personal banner was known as a Mortem Banner, referring to the Mortem Oath. Such an oath would be sworn to achieve a particular objective or to die in the effort. The common feature on such banners was the imagery of a skull wearing a laurel crown, representing victory in death. Master Urkaenos swore such an oath during the Crusade of the Emperor’s Light, successfully completing his oath when he struck down the leader of a traitor warband. The majority of his force was killed or injured in the action, including his banner bearer, when the traitor force was augmented by Warp-spawn. The Mortem Banner was damaged in a hell-born conflagration, but the singed remains were submitted to the Adeptus Custodes on Holy Terra when the chapter was awarded the Victorix Maxima.
Shown below are pict-captures of two of the standards carried by the Throne Knights during the Crusade of the Emperor’s Light. The banner on the left was that of the 4th Company while that on the right was Urkaenos’ Mortem Banner before it was damaged.

gallery_44777_9370_83634.png          gallery_44777_9370_273254.png

Librarium Note:  While the remains of Urkaenos’ Mortem Banner are in the safekeeping of the Adeptus Custodes and beyond our reach, the 4th Company Banner pictured above was destroyed after the Judgment at Urkona.
Amassing a battle history over three millennia, the Throne Knights Chapter earned many awards and commendations. The most significant of these, though, was the Victorix Maxima for the Crusade of the Emperor’s Light and the statue to Master Urkaenos at the Convent Sanctorum. The statue still stands today, one among many honoring the heroes of the Imperium that have fought alongside the Adepta Sororitas.
The Throne Knights followed normal Space Marine tactical and strategic doctrine as found in the Codex Astartes, the masterwork of the primarch Roboute Guilliman. While conforming to the broad tenets of tactical flexibility espoused within the Codex Astartes, the Throne Knights demonstrated a preference for rapid assault and first strike methods. Wherever possible, they would concentrate their forces, though they would employ combined arms with different elements of their forces converging at strategic points in order to achieve victory.
The chapter typically operated as two elements. The first element comprised the majority of the chapter embarked aboard the Imminent Fury and a fleet of strike cruisers and rapid assault vessels. This element would engage in major campaigns, often crusading in furtherance of the chapter’s self-appointed mission to continue the spirit of the Great Crusade. The second element comprised a task-organized force built around a battle company. This element would also include squads from other companies, and would generally resemble a much smaller version of the first element. The second element would operate from the Spear of Retribution. At any point in time, one of the two elements would be deployed while the other would perform the dual role of defending the chapter’s home world while training, reconstituting, and preparing for deployment.
The warrior cult of the Throne Knights Chapter was secretive, but was known to have been heavily influenced by the hunter-warrior caste rituals of the Urkona populace. Chief among these rituals were the symbols of the hunt as well as a combination of rites featuring survival of the cold and the embrace of fire. A handful of testimonies from eyewitnesses serving alongside the Throne Knights reported considerable facial tattoos on various battle-brothers of the chapter.
While the Throne Knights did not literally deify the Emperor, the strength and passion of their belief in him was equal to that of any adherent to the Imperial Cult. They believed that the Emperor represents the pinnacle of Humanity and regarded him as the founder of the Imperium and as their creator. The Throne Knights believed that the Emperor would eventually heal and rise from the Golden Throne, and would subsequently achieve total conquest of the galaxy. The chapter believed that its role was to continue the ideals of the Great Crusade, furthering the expansion of Mankind in its eventual dominance over the galaxy. The Throne Knights venerated their Primarch as much as they did the Emperor and continually strove to emulate the example of Lion El’Jonson.
The Throne Knights were notoriously intolerant of non-humans and would refuse to fight alongside armies that included alien races, abhumans, and mutants. They were highly suspicious of outsiders and often appeared unreasonably aloof and intransigent. There were a number of occasions where the Throne Knights withdrew suddenly and with no explanation from a warzone when confronted by an Imperial inquisitor or missionary.
Created from the gene-stocks of the Angels of Vengeance Chapter, the Throne Knights’ gene-seed was pure and showed no signs of degradation.  When the Throne Knights Chapter was destroyed, the majority of the gene-seed stocks were taken by the Dark Angels Chapter, with the balance taken by the Angels of Redemption. The predecessor of the Throne Knights, the Angels of Vengeance, refused to accept any of the gene-seed, despite the losses the chapter suffered in the heavy fighting required to destroy of the Throne Knights.
Mentes Urkaenos, Master of the 4th Company, served as senior commander of Throne Knights forces during the Crusade of the Emperor’s Light. His career as an Adeptus Astartes began auspiciously when, as a young boy, he had been part of a Venati hunting party stalked by venerable brother-candidate Koratedes, and had been witnessed to be the one that struck the deathblow upon Koratedes. He was especially attentive in his devotions to the Emperor and his armor during the Crusade of the Emperor’s Light was festooned with various seals of piety, purity, and devotion. He bore the argent laurel as reward for his defense of the 4th Company Banner when xenos Eldar ambushed a Throne Knights force during the Dursk War, standing over the fallen form of Master Remneus as he held the banner aloft. His actions during that incident earned him candidacy for the Deathwing and he eventually returned to the 4th Company as Master of that company three decades later.
Alkinus Mykenon was a brilliant tactician and bold leader. He favored a massive axe in battle, a mighty weapon crafted to his specifications after he had served as Chapter Champion under Grand Master Kromedes. Mykenon later became Grand Master of the Throne Knights, serving the chapter for three centuries before finally being slain during the Tethsarch Incursion. After his death, his skull was displayed in the chapter’s grand hall, the bones covered in a layer of silver inscribed with the record of his awards.
Librarium Note:  Mykenon’s axe was one of the items retrieved from the Throne Knights fortress monastery during the Judgment at Urkona. It was taken as a spoil of battle by the Angels of Vengeance, who purified it and bequeathed it upon the Master of the 8th Company, Master Reduel, for his bravery. Master Reduel later disappeared during the Grenuet Wars and was presumed dead, the axe disappearing with him. Mykenon’s skull was protected by heavy wards, beyond the ability of our Librarius to counter without great risk. The skull remained in the chapel and was destroyed when the fortress monastery was destroyed.


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Raptors of Caliban


  • FOUNDING: Rumored to be a part of the 5th Founding
  • CHAPTER MASTER: Long Eye, Dropmaster of the Chapter
  • MAIN COLORS: Brown, Off-white and Yellow
  • SPECIALITY: Quick Reaction Force, Lightning Raids
  • BATTLE CRY: ‘Strike Swift! Strike Sure!’
  • CURRENT STRENGTH: 552 Battle Brothers



The Raptors of Caliban's history has become clouded over the millennia and much of their history has been sealed or deliberately destroyed to the point that the only links to their past is held not in their Libraries but in the vaults of the Rock in some of the more secure vaults surrounding the tightly secured areas accessible only to Ezekiel, the Grand Master of Librarians.  Of those records, they are the secretive reports sent by the Inner Circle of the Raptors to the Dark Angels. As such, the details they have are spartan and concern mostly the actions of the Inner Circle to find, capture and deliver Fallen Dark Angels to the Rock.


The few remnants of history has molded the chapter into a dedicated force with the sole purpose of finding the influence of Chaos and crushing it utterly. But instead of getting into protracted campaigns against warlords like Huron Blackheart, they refine their searches to those with possible links or ties to the Fallen.



The Raptors have eschewed their right to claim a home world to instead take to the stars as a fleet based chapter. To complicate matters further, they do not restrict themselves to one piece of the Imperium. They have travelled far and wide in their attempts to bring the Followers of Chaos to the Lion's justice. To that end, they are constantly operating with spartan resources as they operate away from established supply worlds. The Dark Angels and those successors with firmly established supply lines will send supplies to the Raptors when they they are nearby.



The Raptors have just concluded a campaign that has seen the chapter reduced to dangerously low numbers. As such, they have started a recruitment campaign to begin training up additional neophytes in an effort to replenish their numbers. The Raptors are anything but idle and is still active in their search for Chaos and the Fallen. Should they find any information, they will mobilize the fleet and set off on their new lead, even in their weakened state.



<<Data Redacted - Information from Inner Circle Communiques to the Dark Angels Chapter>>

The Raptors of Caliban have engaged a Tzeentch Cult led by a rogue Chaos Marine Warlord, later identified as Fallen Brother Absolam of the 6th Chapter of the Dark Angels Legion. During the engagement, witches within the cult were able to open a rift to the Immaterium allowing a number of Demons to manifest on the planet. The Raptors were hard pressed to maintain any momentum in light of this new threat until elements of the Grey Knights teleported into battle to counter the demonic threat. The warlord was captured and secured for transport when the rift was closed and the Grey Knights succeeded in purging the planet of cultists with assistance from the Raptors. Of the Raptors of Caliban that were on the planet, only a demi-squad survived to be picked up by a Dark Angel ship dispatched to pick up the stasis pod containing the Fallen Brother Absolam, found dead as the pod was deliberately damaged. The squad of brothers have no memory of what happened on the surface or how they came to be in possession of the gene-seed of all their fallen brothers including that of their apothecary. Even the banners used by their Sergeants and Officers were found secured with a purity seal with no parchment strip. Under special order from Grand Master Ezekiel, they were to be returned to their chapter. In a private enclave of the two Inner Circles, scant information was conveyed as part of Ezekiel's order and the brothers were to be isolated from further action. They have been made Sergeants in the Scout company to help train recruits for the nearly 200 marines lost.

The Rise and Fall of the Magnificent Master of Malice

A Chaos Space Marine and a small cabal of followers were successful in turning a small hive away from the Emperor's light. As the Master of Malice prepared to expand his reach to the larger hives on the planet, the Raptors of Caliban made planet fall and cordoned off the hive before excising the Master of Malice and the population of the hive from existence. As a final act, the hive itself was destroyed from orbit using reduced yield Cyclonic Torpedoes leaving the other hives intact. The whole event occurred in under three Terran months.


<<The Loss of Three Companies of the Raptors of Caliban - Information from Inner Circle Communiques to the Dark Angels Chapter>>

The 3rd and 4th Battle Companies along with elements of the 1st, 2nd and 10th made planet fall on evidence that Chaos marines had landed on the agricultural planet of Solobad's Reach. It was later discovered that the Chaos Marines were followers of Nurgle and had begun to spread pestilence across the planet. Though the Raptors had fought to contain the chaos marines, the diseases and pestilence were spreading at an alarming rate. The Librarian on the surface was able to send a psychic message to the Inner Circle of the Dark Angels that they had identified a Fallen Dark Angel among the marines. After a short deliberation, it was determined that it was preferable to assassinate instead of capturing the wayward brother. This was carried out by the few remaining scouts on the planet but the Exterminatus order had been given by a regional magistrate and was carried out with the Raptors still on the planet. In response, the fleet vessels targeted and destroyed the vessel and captured the magistrate. Though local Imperial Navy vessels turned against the Raptor fleet, they escaped to rendezvous with the Rock where Interrogator Adar of the Raptors was awarded a Black Pearl from receiving a confession from the magistrate originally known as Sergeant Barakai of the 3rd Dark Angel Expeditionary Force. 




The Raptors of Caliban have continued to honor their primogenitor by following the organization of the Dark Angels and their Successors. Since the chapter is typically at reduced strength, it is rare for any one company to be a full strength. The Dark Angels and several of the Successors keep close contact with the chapter to assist them in battle and to help resupply the chapter of vital resources needed to react quickly to any Chaos uprising.


The only noticeable difference between the chapters is that with a depleted armory, the Raptors take to the field on bikes or jump packs in an effort to reach their targets as quickly as possible. While this makes the chapter resemble the White Scars on the field of battle, it has allowed most of the brothers of the chapter to attain a skill that rivals the White Scars or even the vaunted Ravenwing of the Dark Angels. Indeed, the 2nd Companies of both chapters have worked in coordinated effort to great effect on several battlefields.


With the Inner Circle constantly changing with the fall of brothers in the 1st Company or the Officer of a Company, the Inner Circle knows of the secrets of the Fallen but they rarely meet. The Raptors have created tighter circles that determine and guide the chapter. The second circle is known as the Inner Core, this group is made up of the Officers of the Companies, Chaplains, Apothecaries, Librarium, Armory and Fleet. Also apart of this group are the Veteran Sergeants for in time they may be called upon to replace a fallen officer. Within this core is the Inner Three, the Chapter Master and the Masters of the Librariam and Chaplains. These three determine the course of the Chapter while the Inner Core advise. 



The Raptors of Caliban continue to be a fleet based chapter but the fleet has suffered much as the chapter has suffered. Only the fastest vessels still remain in service to the chapter and even those are in need of further repairs and service. Only vessels that travel to the Rock see anything resembling repair and refit. In light of the depleted state of the chapter, the Techmarines of the chapter have decommissioned several vessels temporarily in order to perform much needed service and repair. The rest of the fleet stand ready to make all speed to their next mission, leaving any stragglers behind. As a consequence, the two battle barges that the Raptors have at their disposal are typically the last to the fight where they carry the reserve companies. The fighting elements typically board the faster escort vessels and they have modified the escorts to be able to launch drop pods or fire boarding torpedoes. 



The Raptors of Caliban are constantly recruiting from any world they visit. Their depleted numbers means that they are willing to take anyone with the mentality of a warrior. However, since their gene-seed is a also stretched thin, the young aspirants are put through rigorous trials and training aboard a battle barge in an attempt to refine those aspirants to those they find worthy of implantation or that would not reject the implants. Many of the Chapter Serfs that serve aboard their ships are the failed aspirants. Though they failed to become Astartes, they are still highly skilled fighters and have gone on to assist their brethren in battle repelling boarders and even to secure their mobile operating bases.



The Raptors have taken on the colors of the winged birds of prey on ancient Terra. In that they are predominantly brown with yellow gauntlets. Sergeants have their arms in yellow and veterans have their helmets in an off-white color. In a departure from other Unforgiven chapters, the chapter seems to have discontinued the use of robes.


spacemarine 6
Brother Marine
spacemarine 8
Brother Sergeant
spacemarine 9
Veteran Marine
spacemarine 12
spacemarine 13
spacemarine 15
RoC Scout
RoC Term


In the Chapter’s rush to any battlefield containing the Fallen or the Forces of Chaos, there is often little time to create a banner for the deployment. Most of the Standards in the halls of history never even saw the battlefield for they were created after the battle was won. Without this battle testing, the Raptors have come to believe that a standard that has not seen battle is to be as distrusted as an untested warrior. Instead, the personal banners of sergeants and officers are the rallying points for the brothers for they have seen numerous battles and as long as the standard is raised, a Raptor is still fighting. 


There is only one banner that ever sees the field of battle and that is the Chapter Banner. It follows the current Chapter Master and stands proudly wherever the Chapter Master and the Inner Three gather.



The Raptors may not have many honors, decorations and awards, but they do have a small assortment of relics and other weapons that have never known true defeat. Several of these are nothing more than common wargear that have a history in excess of the deeds of the rest of the chapter's arsenal.


One example is the bike of Librarian Sure Talon, by all standards it is nothing more than a standard space marine bike painted in the blue livery of the Librarium. Sure Talon took to the field of battle on the back of the bike with his force sword in hand. With the help of his warp sight, he could navigate the fields of battle with only a single hand ever on the bike while the other would strike and kill opponents with a single cut. In one notable encounter, Sure Talon faced off in a joust with an Eldar Shining Spear. Sure Talon took down three in successive passes before the Exarch stayed his squadron. The Exarch gave a nod and led his squadron off leaving the librarian alone. After that, the Eldar departed the field of battle and Sure Talon continued on to complete his real mission, the interrogation of a field general whose actions on the battlefield led the librarian to suspect the general of servitude to the Blood God. Several librarians that have since ridden the bike would swear to the psychic presence of Sure Talon and the bike's aura similar to that of a force weapon, but no such circuitry had been found.


A true relic of the chapter is an old mace of the Dark Angels from early in the chapter's history. The story is that the Mace of Absolution fell from a Deathwing Terminator that had been cloven in two by a plaguebearer. Veteran Sergeant Quick Gaze fired up his jump pack and led his squad into combat with the daemons. Upon landing, the Sergeant picked up the mace and landed a heavy blow into same plaguebearer. Only this time, the blood infused incense reacted violently with immaterial nature of the demon and it howled as it was banished back to the Warp. The Mace is only ever used in combat after a hero has fallen and his blood would be mixed with the incense that continues to drive daemons howling back to the Immaterium.



The Raptors have long become masters of the Quick Reaction Force. They perform Lighting strikes on any perceived weakness as quickly and surely as if they were expecting it and Hit and Run tactics to needle larger foes into making costly mistakes. The Raptor prefer to remain mobile and detest the long drawn out siege battles. To this end, they utilize Transports, Bikes and Jump Packs to a large degree. The 1st through 4th Tactical Squads in a Battle Company will be mounted in Rhinos and Razorbacks. The 5th Squad takes to the battle field on a bike and the 6th on Land Speeders. The 9th and 10th Devastator Squads ride in Razorbacks. The Commander of each Company can freely choose his own transport.


Once in battle, they try to minimize their time contact with an enemy and to eliminate the threat in as few moves as possible. They constantly try to refine combat so that it is ended as quickly as possible so that the Raptor may move on to the next combatant. The perfect combat is over in a single move.



‘Strike Swift! Strike Sure!’



Many of the local rituals revolve around the Raptors battle cry and style of combat. Many duels and challenges are determined by a single strike, charge or attack. Weapons would be loaded with a single round of ammunition. Depending on the challenge, they would either see whose single attack had the greatest impact or who would win in a feat of arms where only one strike wins.


During their time in the Scout Company, they earn their Warrior name. These are usually from some act they performed either in battle, dual or training. Their Warrior name is typically given by an officer of the chapter but in rare occupancy the squad mates will select one.



The Raptors of Caliban have lost much of their history, but what they have left shows them quickly moving to secure targets and objectives associated with the forces of Chaos. It is very rare for them to find any historical battle where they are fighting a Xenos like the Orcs or Eldar. The few reports that do exist seem to pale in comparison to the level of detail in a report about those corrupted by Chaos. Even the details of the targets are known to the brothers save one crucial detail that is saved for the Inner Circle. 


The Raptors style of warfare has had an unusual effect on their reputation. While they are known for quitting a field of battle suddenly, they either will strike again somewhere else or they will have done enough damage at one point that the rest of the forces can exploit it to their advantage. Their quick strike and fade style of warfare has tempered Imperial commanders to only expect them to strike but not to commit to any protracted engagement. The Raptors, for their part, will use this simple expectation and reinforces it by advising the Imperial commanders of their strikes so that they may mobilize a follow up force to capture the ground the Raptors will be keen to abandon as they press on to their goals which is often a high level leader that is captured alive, bound, gagged and taken away. Once their target is removed, many Imperial Commanders will find the battle suddenly easier and victory assured in a timely manner, though the Raptors would have long departed, leaving them to claim the credit of the victory.



The Dark Angels



Long Eye - Dropmaster of the Chapter

spacemarine 16

Long Eye got his name as a Scout Sniper three centuries ago. He has continued to show incredible marksmanship with ranged weapons at distances beyond the design of the weapon. He rose through the ranks leading Devastator squads into battle and often targeting units along with the heavy guns. There is a continuing debate with a former squad mate, Sure Shot, about who had brought down an Archon. Long Eye's bolt in the driver's eye or Sure Shot's Lascannon shot to the vehicle's exposed engine that saw it dive down and crash before them. Though they rarely fight side by side, their banter on the battlefield has seen the Raptors through difficult situation. As the Chapter Master, he now uses the brothers of the Chapter like rounds. Of ammunition and Long Eye has continued to see cracks and opportunities that has seen a drop pod or an insertion strike to deadly effect.


Purple Haze - Sight Master of the Librarians

Purple Haze has served only a couple decades as the Master of the Librarians. His appointment  was rushed but it seems as though the chapter chose wisely. Known for the fog that materializes around him in battle as he calls upon the Immaterium to fuel his powers, he is the strongest psyker in the chapter at this time. Though not long on words and primarily a man of action, he has dedicated himself to reading the journals of past Masters in an effort to better guide new  psykers to become stronger Librarians but also versatile enough to take over tasks that may be set before them that they may not be prepared, just like himself. 


Fury Strike - Skull Master of the Chaplains

Fury Strike has led the Chaplaincy for nearly a century. In his time in black, he has gone through ten Crozius's as more often than not Fury Strike will end up using the Crozius Arcanum in a manner beyond it's design. Perhaps it was because he welded a Thunder Hammer before he joined the ranks of the Chaplains. Fury Strike still takes the field of battle and typically leads strikes against armored vehicles and strong points. His litanies of hatred have seen him smash through several heavily armored foes including a demonic land raider. 


Left Fist - Master of the First Company

Left Fist got his name during an unarmed sparring match. While most marines become ambidextrous during the process of becoming an Astartes, a select few retain their dominant hand. It was this dominance that became apparent in the sparring match where Left Fist occupied his opponent with motions from his right side until an opening appeared where he through a single punch with his left that rendered his opponent unconscious. As an Assault marine, he took up the power fist and has continued to live up to his namesake on the battlefield. He would continue to wield the power fist or the chainfist variant until the present day where his trademark fist directs the terminators of the 1st Company wherever they are needed to smash through the defenses of any foe.


Spinning Wheel - Master of the Second Company

Spinning wheel was always destined to ride a bike. Even as a scout, he would perform tricks with his bike much to the chagrin of his sergeants who thought his showmanship was an indication of possible mental imbalance. This was soon remedied when Spinning Wheel was able to hold off being captured by those same sergeants and even sending most to the Apothecarion with those same grandiose moves while mounted on an unarmed bike. Now as master of the 2nd Company, he skill is still unsurpassed but he has since tempered his displays unless for educational demonstrations or combat.

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What is the terror of death? That we die, our work incomplete. But what is the joy of life? To die, knowing our task is done.

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What is the terror of death? That we die, our work incomplete. But what is the joy of life? To die, knowing our task is done.

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Index Astartes: Angels of Caliban


Chapter Name: Angels of Caliban

Chapter Number: XXXII

Primarch: Lion el’Jonson

Grand-Master: Bohemond 1V

Homeworld: None, Fleet Based Chapter

Fortress-Monastery: Imperial Battleship, Glory of Caliban

Main Colours: Black and Forest Green

Speciality: Tactical flexibility

Successors: None recorded

Current Strength: Unconfirmed

Battle Cry: “Mortis et Traditore!”




“Adeptus Astartes! Angels of the First Legion! Today is a historic day indeed! Today, today we start the Great Crusade to liberate and unite Mankind!”

- Excerpt from the Emperor’s speech to Legio I on the day he launched the Great Crusade


The Angels of Caliban can trace their origins back beyond the Great Betrayal of Horus and the discovery of the First Legion’s Liege to the hallowed ground of Terra herself. The 18th Chapter of the First Legion was established upon Terra raised from recruits drawn all over Europa. In particular they were drawn from that region of Europe known as Alba. The Chapter, and Legion, participated in the final stages of the Unification Wars cutting their teeth against the Techno-Barbarians of Terra. Following the launch of the Great Crusade they began to wage war in the name of the Emperor and his vision of unity.


The 18th Chapter had spent much of their early service away from the bulk of the Legion. A result of an altercation between Chapter-Master Elisha and, it seems, the Legion commander, Chapter-Master Astelan. Although the cause of this rift is lost to time suffice to say it meant that the Chapter was absent from the Legion during its most gruelling campaign against the Callix Tech-Empire. It appears that four out of every five marines died during the conflict leading to one of the most gutted Chapters in the entire Legion. However, victory was total and a large number of resource rich worlds were added to the Imperium of Man including the world Prydien which would be of importance to the later Angels of Caliban. It was during the conclusion of this campaign that they received word of the discovery of their Primarch on the world of Caliban. So it was that they made haste towards Caliban, the new home world of the I Legion – newly renamed ‘The Dark Angels’ by Lion el’Jonson.




Malachi and Raul were brothers and sons of the Order. Raised in the latter days of Caliban’s Great Crusade the two honed their skills against each other and the last of the great beasts that plagued their home. These two mighty Heroes fought side by side in every conflict, in every war, their swords rose and fell as one, they lived and breathed as one, their bond was as inseparable as that of the Lion and Luther! True Sons of Caliban, they immortalised all that was good and pure about their world, they truly were Dark Angels, sons of the Lion!

- Extract from Remembrancer Wulfnorth, M.31




Chapter-Master Elisha and the 18th Chapter arrived at Caliban to be greeted by their Primarch. Jonson renamed the Chapter the 18th Order and ordered that large numbers of recruits would be added to the Order to bring them back up to full strength. Over the next six months Elisha worked these recruits hard to integrate them all into the Order. His training was a success leading to one of the most integrated Order’s in the Legion with a strong working relationship between the Terran and Caliban born Astartes.


It was during this time that two Marines would rise to prominence. Both were dedicated sons of Caliban who had completed their initial training in ‘The Order’ Malachi and Raul, firm friends and brothers in arms. They served together well; each rising to the rank of Company-Master determined that they would work together. Yet this was not to be and, as the Order finished campaigning in the Revedor system, Raul was ordered back to Caliban to take command of the 42nd Chapter as Grandmaster. This moment marked the last time the two friends would see each other, for Raul would not leave Caliban again until its destruction. Shortly following his recall to Caliban Elisha fell, mortally wounded, in combat against Orks of Yanus III. Although the subsequent battle was a total victory, the Order mourned the loss of their first GrandMaster. He survived his wounds, however, as he was interred in a Dreadnought Sarcophagus upon both his agreement and the order of the Company-Master of the First Company, Malachi. The position of GrandMaster was filled by the promotion of Malachi who was a popular choice among both the few remaining Terran Astartes and the sons of Caliban.


As the Horus Heresy broke over the Imperium the 18th Chapter was part of the Dark Angels force which was in the Thramas crusade against the Night Lords. Throughout the Heresy the Order distinguished itself fighting with fervour and dedication against every traitor. Yet their efforts were not enough and Horus struck down the Emperor. With heavy hearts the Legion returned to Caliban, and with it went Malachi and the remnants of the 18th Order.


It was in orbit around Caliban that the Order faced their biggest threat yet, treachery from their own. The battle for Caliban ended with the Lion missing and their home destroyed. Luther, considered the arch-traitor, was found in the wreckage of the Fortress-Monastry. But it was not Luther who Malachi sought to find when he descended upon the ruined world. He sought his once brother, the nemesis of the Angels of Caliban – Raul. Sadly, he would not find him and exact his vengeance upon the traitor.


Following the Fall, Malachi and the 18th Order pursued the remnants of the Warmaster’s armies back across the Imperium. Key among their foes during the Scouring were the Iron Warriors under Warsmith Menares who was only removed from his fortresses during a protracted campaign. Malachi and Menares had clashed several times during the Heresy but their personal conflicts would come to a head during the Scouring.




Brothers…this is a dark day indeed, for not only must we split the Legion, but we also have lost our Liege.”

- Corswain, Seneschal of the Lion


As part of Guilliman’s reforms the Legions were broken into Chapters. The much reduced 18th Order formed the core of the new Angels of Caliban named in remembrance of their lost homeworld. Included amongst the number of Astartes that he took with him was his mentor, Elisha. Malachi established the Imperial Battleship Glory of Caliban as the Chapters Fortress-Monastery; henceforth would the Chapter ply the stars seeking out the Emperor’s foes.


It was Segmentum Obscuras that Malachi decided to make their home and over the next seven hundred years Malachi led the Chapter against the Emperor’s foes imprinting his legacy upon the Chapter through the Tome of Malachi, an impressive ten Volumes discussing the history of lost Caliban, the teachings of the Lion and the teachings of Guilliman. He instituted Prydein as one of the key recruitment worlds for the Chapter and it was this world which he asked to be buried upon when he died facing down an Eldar Autarch. It would be his successor, Bohemond I, who began the construction of the mighty Citadel, Angels Fall, and the city of Malachi’s Rest.


Throughout the history of the Imperium the Chapter has been instrumental in most major engagements across Segmentum Obscuras. Due to their proximity to the Eye of Terror the Chapter also has every Black Crusade mentioned on their honour rolls, for at least one company has always stood against their traitorous brethren.


Recent Activities


Following Abaddon’s Gothic excursion the Angels have gathered in greater numbers restoring Imperial order and control across southern Segmentum Obscuras. There are rumours of greater numbers of aspirants being taken from their recruiting worlds expanding the size of the Chapter. Due to the fragmented nature of the region no Imperial authority has the time, or willpower, to sanction a full investigation – indeed many Imperial commanders have hinted they would welcome the increased numbers.


As rumours abound of a Thirteenth Black Crusade prepared by Abbaddon the Chapter considers deploying Astartes to Cadia. However, with the return of an arch-nemesis there are those who would rather hunt him down and add to their redemption.


A Homeworld?


“Caliban is our ancestral home, we know no other. But Prydien is the gift of Jonson, a world in form much like the beauties of Caliban – without the dangers – and a place we can rest in exile.”

Unknown, ascribed to an Astartes from M.37


Technically the Angels of Caliban do not have a homeworld due to their status as a fleet based chapter. If they do have a homeworld, then it will be Caliban that they mention. However, observers note the Chapter’s closeness to the world of Prydien and several others in the Callix subsector. Prydien is the location of the Tomb of Malachi where the first Grand Master lies buried.


Prydien is a Terra-like world with a temperate climate. There are three large landmasses and numerous islands situated in a sea which covers the world much like the ancient histories claim Terra once had. The natives of the world are divided into fairly primitive clans which practice a subsistence based agrarian society that has a strict honour code. While metalworking, and the wider Imperium, is known to these clans they prefer to keep life simpler remembering the dark days of the Callix Tech-Empire. The clans frequently engage in warfare, most of the young males will form the King’s warbands and they constantly vie with the neighbours for control of resources, glory and women. Alliances, too, are a source of constant violence as one clan will march to another’s aid even if they suffer themselves. The ruler of each Clan is referred to as the ‘King’ but this is not a hereditary position or title. Upon their ruler’s death the elders come together and select a new ruler out of the warriors of the Clan, one who is wise, canny and a skilled warrior. They must undergo the ‘Ritual of the Night’ where they must survive the night without falling asleep or perishing. If they are found asleep they are beaten to death or must choose suicide, for the shame is too great. Should they pass, they become the Clan’s ruler.


The Clans have a loose political organisation which allows them to deal with the Imperium, once every five years they will meet on the hallowed ground of Malachi’s Rest, the only ‘city’ in the entire world, in what is called the ‘Great Theng’. Here they meet to sort out their grievances and, at times, to select a world leader to represent their people. Smaller ‘Theng’s’ also exist in regions in order to provide the Clan Kings the ability to properly meet and talk to one another. Theng’s are also a place where death is not allowed, though violence in the form of wrestling is encouraged between warriors, as it considered a betrayal of sacred oaths. Anyone who commits violence leading to death is, himself, executed. It is considered a great honour to be chosen by the Angels by these clans and so budding youngsters are taken to the Great Theng and presented to be chosen. On the culmination of the month long event, these youngsters are taken by the Chapters representatives to the Keep of Elisha, situated in the northern part of the world, where they must survive the night outside, naked, in the manner of the selection process undertaken by the Order. Those who live are taken into the Order to begin their training, those who fail and die are returned to their clans.


There is a second Fortress that the Angels maintain upon Prydien, near Malachi’s Rest. It is built next to a large lake, though much of it is constructed deep underground. It is this Citadel, called Angels Falls, which leads many to assume that Prydein is the homeworld. It maintains massive armouries, geneseed banks and enough room to hold at least a Thousand Astartes. Massive orbital batteries also exist scattered across the world garrisoned by the Angel’s Chapter Serfs, mere mortals who are generally failed aspirants and female soldiers. This network, which interacts with the native population, keeps Prydein safe from invasion and most hostile raids.


Karasnor lacks valuable resources with much of what it once had already mined. It is inhabited by primitive, nomadic, tribes ruled over by a tribal leader and shaman. These tribes constantly war with one another for resources and it is not unknown for an entire tribe to be wiped out, their womenfolk assimilated, by a stronger tribe. It is these warriors which makes the planet attractive to the Chapter and the Imperium. The Angels maintain a Chapter-Keep aloof from the planets population and almost never intervene in their affairs. This Fortress is built into one of the largest mountain ranges and, once every generation, aspirants come from across the planet to the massive Adamantium gates set into Mt Corswain. The tribes themselves describe their ability to know when to send their best young warriors as ‘the call’ when the Shamans receive a dream of a mighty Lion roaring from the peak of a tall mountain. They will then select a number of their best warriors to travel to the Lion’s Range, the greatest mountain range, where the greatest of them are taken by the Angels of the Sun God to serve him among the stars.


A Dark Past

Malachi was present when the terrible truth was revealed to the sons of the Lion: The Fallen had survived but of the Lion there was no sign. Along with his brother Grand-Masters he swore the oath to hunt them down, for only then could they gain forgiveness.


For Malachi, however, there was a greater pain, a greater betrayal which had to be atoned for – Raul. The Angels of Caliban seek him even now, above and beyond even other Fallen.

Callix V was the heart of the Callix Tech-Empire and, for that reason; the Angels of Caliban maintain a visible presence on the planet. The planet is industrially powerful, although it lacks the hives that many other industrial planets have. However, the world is a source of potential recruits from the military academies the world maintains where the nobility of the planet send their young men. It also is a source of valuable industrial material. Aspirants from Callix are taken to the Keep of Elisha on Prydein to undergo the same test that all recruits must, ultimately, pass – the night spent in the cold. Callix V also maintains strong links with the Adeptus Mechanicus and it is from Callix that many of the Chapters Techmarines and Armoury Marines are drawn.


Although these three worlds form the core of the Chapters recruits, they do recruit from other worlds, many of which they have conducted operations upon. Upon each world they maintain a Keep that watches over the world and acts as the central location for new recruits. Maintained by Chapter Serfs and aging Astartes, each Keep is the first testing ground of any potential recruits. Often set in harsh locations: high up in mountain ranges, or in the middle of a desert or some other inhospitable location recruits must make their own way to the Keep. True to the traditions of the order those who make it must spend a full night outside the doors before they are accepted. Those who fail perish or, if they demand entrance to the Keep may be admitted to the ranks of the Chapter’s Serfs.


Angels Falls


Angels Falls is the name of the main Fortress that the Angels of Caliban maintains upon Prydein and is the largest Fortress they currently utilise across the Imperium. It is rumoured that the Fortress is large enough to hold the entire Chapter, their serfs and any additional troops they so desire.


The Fortress itself is constructed in the mountains to the south of Malachi’s Rest. There lies a great plateau in which sits a large lake. It is here, built beside the lake, that the Fortress towers above the world. Mighty walls built to withstand orbital strikes surround the Citadel carved with Angels, Gargoyles, Lions and other symbols of the Chapter. A single gate sits in the wall, forged from adamantium and steel, strong enough to withstand the blast from a Shadowsword. Towers exist along the walls crowned with mighty weapons strong enough to defend Prydein from Orbital attack as well as land attack. Smaller weapons line the wall providing a grim reminder that no world is ever safe from attack.


Behind the gate there exists a massive courtyard large enough to contain the entire Chapter assembled. It is surrounded by cultivated trees and lined with statues of heroes of the Chapter. At the end of the Courtyard there sits the Rostra carved with the faces of Elisha, Malachi and Bohemond. It is from here that the Master of the Chapter will speak to his assembled Warriors. Towering above the courtyard and even the mighty walls rises the Tower of Prydien. This is the central Keep of the fortress lined with mighty guns and carved symbols. It is here that the heart of the Fortress is and within this tower sits the Void Shield Generator which protects the Fortress even more. Legend has it that the heart of the fortress marks where the first Angel stepped foot upon the world of Prydein, whether this is the actual spot, the Angels refuse to comment.


Like many Astartes fortresses across the Imperium, Angel’s Fall is largely built underground. Carved into the bedrock of the Mountain and expanding under the surface of the Lake itself, it is here that vast armouries and barracks exist. It is rumoured that the Angels maintain far more in the way of weapons than they need to equip a full Chapter. Likewise Angel’s Fall maintains large geneseed banks, alongside those maintained in the Glory of Caliban and it is rumoured the Chapter has other banks secreted across Segmentum Obscuras.


Chapter Colours



Brother Abram of the Angels of Caliban Fifth Company. Note the White cross on a blue background, symbol of his Heraldry.


With the Second Founding and the establishment of a new Chapter the Angels of Caliban had to give up the Winged Sword emblem of their Legion. Initially for the newly formed Chapter this was difficult and many believed they should keep the symbol of their Legion as it was all they had to remember Caliban. It was Bohemond, then Master of the First Company, who spoke to the assembled officers reminding them of the initiations they, and their forefathers, had gone through to join The Order. He spoke of the circles that they undertook as they advanced in knowledge and prowess, suggesting that a complete circle be taken as their symbol.




Armour                                 Halved Green and Black

Trim                                     Steel

Accents                               Generally White

Eye Lenses                         Red

Cloth                                   White

Weapon Casing                  Black




Chapter Symbol


The Angels have a halved Green and Black scheme for their armour. The Green is that which represents Caliban and their heritage and serves as a reminder for what they consider to be their true home and their duty to the Lion. The Black represents the Legion and the Emperor, an ever constant reminder of their duty to the Imperium. Worn on the Right Pauldron, the Chapter symbol is a White Circle that represents The Order and Caliban, while the left Pauldron bears the personal heraldry of each Astartes that is presented when formally inducted into the Brotherhood. The heraldry of each brother contains some element of their mentor’s heraldry, in this way the traditions and respect for the senior brothers continues throughout the new recruits.


Unlike the Dark Angels Chapter, the Angels of Caliban do not maintain a separate colour scheme for their First and Second Companies. Instead they both adopt the halved scheme. It should be noted that the Terminator’s of the First Company do not bear the Chapter symbol upon their Right Pauldron, instead they maintain their personal Heraldry upon the right and bear the Crux Terminatus on the left.


Unlike other Unforgiven Chapters, Robes are not a symbol of position but are more widely worn by members of the Chapter both on duty and off. In battle the wearing of Robes, Tabards and Loincloths is widespread as they are seen by many to be yet another link back to lost Caliban.


The armour of Initiates is black, bar the left arm and pauldron which is painted forest green. They bear only the Chapter symbol on their left pauldron and the right contains the squad designator. The fatigues of the Initiates vary depending on the mission at hand; in an urban setting they will be a mottled grey, blue and black.




Company-Master Elijah of the Third shortly after his elevation, note the plain white heraldry, unique among the Chapter




Like the rest of the Chapter the vehicles are maintained in a halved black and green scheme emblazoned with the Chapter symbol. Symbols of the Chapter, Legion and Caliban grace most mechanised vehicles providing an inspiration to the Brothers who fight alongside them and act as a reminder of their heritage. Every vehicle is named and holds a place of honour on the Rosta Gloria contained within Angel’s Fall. Those vehicles destroyed are remembered for where they fell and every squad which was once associated with the vehicle is recorded. Thus is the past remembered for the future.


The Flight of Angels


The Flight of Angels is a colloquial term that refers to the extensive fleet the Chapter has acquired over the millennia. The Core of the fleet is the Glory of Caliban, a large Crusade-era Imperial Battleship, and two Battle-Barges; Fist of Malachi and The Prydien. There are also five Strike Cruisers, attached to the Third through Seventh Companies. It is The Prydien that is formally attached to the Second Company and First Companies, though neither company has made that much use of it.


The Glory of Caliban is a Crusade-era Battleship built in the shipyards of Luna for the launch of the Great Crusade. Originally named Wrath of Terra, the Glory of Caliban was attached to the 227th Expeditionary force under Chapter-Master Eliphas and the 18th Chapter of the 1st legion. After the Fall, Malachi renamed the mighty warship the ‘Glory of Caliban’ to honour their lost homeworld and to provide a link with what he and his brothers had lost. The Battleship itself is larger than the later Emperor Class battleships and contains the central armoury, forges, Reclusiam, Apothecarian and Librarias as well as the Grand-Masters quarters. Large numbers of relics and geneseed stores are stored upon the warship, although there are caches secreted on their Fortress which are scattered throughout the Segmentum. With its formidable power and its ability to deploy large numbers of Gunships and Fighters, this Fortress-Monastery grants the Angels the potential military power that younger Chapters cannot hope to achieve. Few outsiders are allowed to enter the mighty warship and, of those who are honoured so, they will spend most of their time on the Seventh Deck.


The remainder of the Flight of Angels is made up of a large number of escorts, resupply craft and Imperial Cruisers acquired in the last ten thousand years. This sizable fleet gives the Angels power and ability to strike against their foes wherever they are and no matter the strength of their defences. The First Company maintains twenty Frigates which one assigned to each squad of the First Company. This allows them to operate independently, although usually they are attached to one of the Battle Companies. The reason for this organisation is unclear, and indeed frowned upon by many other Chapters and Imperial organisations. In a battle, it is not unusual for the entire complement of the First Company to leave the campaign zone aboard their frigate. While observers in the know might note it as not unusual of the Unforgiven, the Angels have managed to avoid much of the stigma associated with these actions by only withdrawing their elite forces. However, there are still instances of entire Battle-Companies being pulled from a conflict with no explanation given.


Glory of Caliban


The Crusade-era Battleship Glory of Caliban is recorded as the Fortress-Monastery of the Angels of Caliban in official Imperial sources. The Glory of Caliban was one of the earliest warships constructed by the Imperium following the Unification Wars, built larger than modern warships. The vessel is not large enough to maintain the entire Chapter and dependants, although a large number can be kept onboard the vessel should the need arise.


It is upon the Glory of Caliban that the Angels maintain their Librarius, inner sanctity and reliquary, geneseed banks and the main Armoury. One entire deck is reserved for visitors, and they are not usually permitted to leave this area, in fact the Angels maintain their secrecy by not informing their visitors of what level the deck is. The one place they may travel to is the Grand Master’s quarters which takes up much of an entire deck, although most is not utilised for comfort but military duties. There are two features of the Grand Master’s quarters worth discussing; the first is the lack of Spartan decoration with fine wood panels and tapestries decorating his quarters. The second is a hall which can contain around fifteen hundred Astartes around a massive table. This is the hall utilised for the Festum Angelus.


Chapter Organisation


The Codex, you say, yes we follow ours to the letter. Is yours not the same?”

- Grand Master Elijah III in response to accusations from Chapter-Master Lucius Cornelius of the Knights of Corothia, M.35


The Chapter, like most Unforgiven Chapters, fields the Second Company mounted entirely on bikes and speeders and the First Company are made up of Veterans. The rest of the Chapter is divided into eight Battle-Companies of around one hundred Astartes divided into, usually, ten squads. This number can increase temporarily depending on numbers of Astartes that are able to interface with their suits of Power Armour. Each Battle-Company also has a complement of Initiates who are attached to each Company for their entire careers, unless transferred to a specialist field or the First and Second Companies or for some other reason which is never explained. This mode of training replaces the standard Tenth Company in other Codex Chapters although they will be attached to a Veteran-Sergeant who trains and guides them on their way to becoming full Astartes.


A Company can number well over a Hundred Astartes depending on the numbers of current recruits and the number of battlefield casualties. The Ninth Company currently stands at One Hundred and Twenty-Three combat ready Astartes plus Company Command as well as Twenty-Two Initiates. This is due to high recruitment rates in recent years and the Ninth’s low combat losses. As part of the Chapters organisation, too, a Company that suffers high losses will be taken out of active service and placed in strategic reserve upon the Fortress-Monastery for several years granting them time to rebuild, as is currently the case with the Fourth and was, until recently, the case with the Ninth. This does not mean that such a Company will not see action; on the contrary they are Astartes after all and will be used when and where necessary.


Like the First Company, the Second recruits from among the entire Chapter. They never explain the selection processes and an Astartes who has shown a lack of skill on a Bike may, for some reason, be pulled into the Company. Events like this, however, are rare and most of those recruited to the Company are the most skilled at Bikes and controlling the Landspeeders of the Chapter. Due to the nature of mounted warfare of Pyrdien the vast majority of the Company are made up of Astartes who hail from that planet. The Company, like the Battle-Companies, can number upwards of One Hundred Astartes.


Unlike the other Companies the First Company never numbers more than One Hundred and Five Angels, the reason for this has never been made clear, though, due to the numbers of highly skilled Angels who have not been raised to the First due to ‘lack of available space’ some rumour that this hints that it is a way to control the procession of Marines within the Chapter. There are twenty squads in the first company and each has its own Frigate complete with armoury, LandRaider and a Thunder Hawk. This flexibility sees the Veterans of the Angels of Caliban striking all over the Imperium, even at seemingly innocent locations. The First Company, along with the Second, also has access to the Battle-Barge The Prydien where the two Company-Master’s and their Command Squads are based along with the support personnel essential to the Companies.




Uniform of the First Company


Every Company is under the command of a Company-Master who, unlike some Chapters, does not fulfil any extra role. The Chapter considers that they need to be focused on their duty to lead, train and fight where they are called to go. Most roles are fulfilled by high ranking serfs who are often privy to parts of the Chapter Cult. There are two roles which are occupied by Astartes, however, these are the Master of the Recruits and the Master of the Fleet. The Master of the Recruits is a role which is fulfilled by an older Astartes and can often be short term. They are responsible for the initial stages of recruitment and training before they join the Battle-Companies. The Master of the Fleet is a position granted to an Astartes who has a talent for space command. Usually they are advised by a Chapter Serf who holds the title of Admiral of the Flight of Angels, a career officer who has spent much of his, or her, life as an officer in the Flight of Angels and so knows the Chapter’s fleet intimately.


Outside of the Astartes the Chapter maintains a large number of serfs to fulfil a number of roles. These include soldiers, failed aspirants, hereditary serfs and those recruited as they pass through warzones. Higher ranking serfs include those who command the mighty warships of the Flight of Angels as well as those who are highly trusted with the administration of the Chapter. The highest ranking Serf is the Seneschal of Prydein who is appointed by the GrandMaster to oversee the highest levels of administration of the Chapter. Serfs are used for many roles below this including military roles where they protect recruitment worlds and form garrisons for Chapter-Keeps across the Segmentum. The Armoury also has a large number of Serfs to help with the maintainence of Astartes vehicles and weapons. The Serfs are loyal to the Chapter and often participate in the more public rites of the Chapter taking honour in the valuable position and role they occupy. Without the thousands of Serfs the Chapter has they would find it harder to function as well as they do.


Some Astartes maintain their own personal households of Serfs who they are responsible for. These help them with their armour and other duties and, in return, they are granted protection and higher access than most Serfs. The practice is not frowned upon as it reflects the bond of Knighthood which The Order once prized.


Combat Doctrine


Discipline, Knowledge, Skill and Dedication are the hallmarks of the approach which the Angels of Caliban takes to warfare. The Chapter seeks excellence across all areas of war and scorns the idea that a Chapter should specialise in one approach above others. To this end the Astartes of the Chapter trains constantly with every weapon they will use and practice simulations against as many opponents as they can gain access too.


Knowledge in the context of their combat doctrine refers to the ideal that they should know how to defeat their enemies with the minimal of effort and they will spend countless hours studying the war plans of famous enemy commanders, such as Abaddon, Khârn, Yriel and many others looking for weaknesses. In recent years the famed Lord Castellan of Cadia, Creed himself, is considered a popular figure to read on for his insights as is the study of Macharius’ campaigns. The Chapter contains one of the largest depositories on Xenos and Traitor military doctrines in the Imperium, though there are parts of this library which none bar the Librarius and Company-Master’s may read. The rank and file do not remain curious, as they know there are some things they should never read.


For a Chapter which encourages flexibility in a theatre of war the Angels of Caliban will almost never withdraw when there is a slim chance for victory. This increases particularly when facing the Traitor and Renegade, whom they hate with a fervour greater than many other Chapters. When faced with a Traitor force the Chapter will almost never abandon a position and fight to the bitter end determined to take as many of their foe to the Emperor’s Judgement as possible.


Brothers, I thank you for this honour that you have bestowed upon me. Elisha, a great brother and true servant of the Lion was brutally murdered by the thrice accursed traitor Raul who brought shame upon our honoured first Grand Master and our Chapter. I hereby pledge that I shall bring him to justice, no matter where Raul hides, no matter where he flees, he shall be found. And he shall be killed. We shall never rest and we shall gain vengeance, not merely for Malachi and the Lion, but for all our lost brothers since then and, most especially, for Elisha.

Excerpt from Bohemond IV’s acceptance speech on his succession to the title of GrandMaster following the death of Elisha VII




“Welcome, from now on, you will address me as Master and I shall address you all as Child. I care nought for you station in your previous life, the moment you stepped through these doors you became the Chapters until you die.”

- Master Kylos, Master of the Recruits, to initiates on Prydien M.41


‘There is nothing but the Chapter’ is an apt summary of the training of each Angel. Cultures and traditions are broken down and replaced with the Chapter traditions; faith is replaced with the Chapter Cult. No matter which world one brother comes from, their world view is reshaped to that of the Chapter. Once they enter the gates of a Keep they become children again, no matter the position they had in their previous life. Their trainers, whether Serfs or Astartes, are the only adults in the training halls, and only adults have any authority which is more than fleeting. More than one recruit who has been treated as a man in his home world, usually with the greatest of honours, will break under this pressure and demand they are treated better. These individuals are removed from training and never seen again.


The initial training before implantation is the roughest on the mind of the raw recruits. Organs are too valuable to waste. Librarians and Chaplains will thoroughly work them over indoctrinating them into the Chapter, stripping away the rituals of their past life. Punishments are handed out for any cultural norm or ritual which is not considered worthy to remain in an initiate and they soon learn to replace these with the Chapters own rituals. Once they are considered worthy they are implanted with the first of their organs and begin the true training of an Astartes. It is at this point, too, that they put aside their birth name and take on a name of the Chapter.




Training occurs not only on-board the Glory of Caliban but also in the mighty fortresses of Prydein. Recruits will usually start their training at Prydien before moving to the Battleship where they complete their training and see the heart of the Chapter for the first time. Training not only includes combat doctrine but the history of the Chapter and histories of each Company. They are taught much of the history of the wider Imperium, too, or, at least, that which the Chapter deems to be what they should know. Once an initiates implants are mostly finished and they are deemed ready to progress by their trainers, the Initiates move on to join one of the eight Battle-Companies. This is just after the time that an initiate will join the Tenth Company in a more codex chapter. Once they join the Company they are added to squads where they study under a Veteran Sergeant and gain more battle experience.


Once an initiate is deemed to be worthy to become a full Astartes they receive their Power Armour, which most Astartes will wear for the rest of their lives. As part of their initiation as a full Angel they are granted the right to wear their own personal heraldry which will be permanently added to their role of honour. This heraldry incorporates part of their Sergeant’s heraldry as a sign of the bond to those who had gone before, those who came with them and those yet to come.




Initiate of the Angels of Caliban,  dress code. Note that the white fatigues is for use in the dress uniform, in combat camo will be utilised




“It is the traitor, above and beyond the Xenos, that will destroy the Imperium. There can be no mercy shown to a traitor for, by their acts, they show you how worthless they view the Emperor and, for that, there can be no forgiveness.”

- Grand Master Malachi I, Tome of Malachi 225.5, Volume II


The Emperor is revered as the greatest man, and ruler, who has ever lived and continues to live. The Angels also acknowledge the immense power of the Emperor and maintain that he still helps those of his servants when they are in dire need. Notably they cite fortunate reinforcements arriving in the nick of time, unexplained destructions of enemy forces and their own existence. Second only to the Emperor in reverence is their Primarch, Lion el’Jonson whom the Angels of Caliban maintain is the greatest of all the Emperor’s sons. The Chapter does not actually believe in the death of the Lion and state that, when the Imperium needs him most, the last loyal son will return, reform the First Legion and lead the Imperium in a glorious Crusade sweeping all before him. This particular part of their faith is not usually shared with outsiders, including those in the Unforgiven. While the Chapter may not share some aspects of their cult with the Unforgiven it would be wrong to assume they are estranged. Like most Unforgiven Chapters they maintain close relations, some would say too close, with their primogenitor Chapter and the Grand Master of the Angels of Caliban is always welcome at the Rock frequently meeting with the Supreme Grand Master.


Past heroes of the Chapter, and Legion, are also honoured in the Chapter Cult. Malachi, Corswain and Elisha all feature prominently after the Lion and the Emperor. The Legion occupies a special part of the Chapter’s faith and, as a result of this, the Angels of Caliban maintain their closest links with the other Unforgiven chapters – in particular the Dark Angels and the other Second Founding Chapters. Over the years the Chapter has developed closer links with other Imperial organisations and entities, including individual Inquisitors and, through Callix V, the Adeptus Mechanicus. These links, though, are regularly tested by the closed nature of the Angels of Caliban who, like all Unforgiven Chapters, maintain their own counsel.


Caliban is considered the spiritual and natural home of the Angels of Caliban and they regret its destruction above all else. The story told to Initiates once they have reached the appropriate stage differs in nature to that of other Unforgiven Chapters. The Angels tell a story of the mighty warrior, Raul, close friend of Malachi who, in his jealousy and hatred broke every oath and destroyed Caliban and caused the disappearance of the Lion. The shame that one of their own killed every one of his brothers on the surface of Caliban and turned his back on the Legion and the Lion has forced the Chapter to never mention this to their Unforgiven brethren. This tale may be told to the rank and file of the Chapter, but as an individual rises in the circles of knowledge they learn the darker, uglier truth: That it was not merely Raul who turned in jealousy.


The recruitment of the Angels resembles much of the old inductions utilised by the Order. It is said that Malachi initiated this so that the legacy of the greatest Knightly Order of its age would never be forgotten. Over time much has changed, but the core values of the Order are retained – albeit at times in an altered form.


Ever since the establishment of the Chapter hatred for Traitors has been at the centre of their beliefs. In particular they reserve a greater hatred for any and all Astartes Traitor, mortals are not accorded as great a hatred as they are considered fallible and therefore easily led astray. The flip side to hate for treachery is a focus on loyalty to the Chapter and to the Emperor of Mankind. It is striking that in ten thousand years there has not been a single recorded traitor from within the ranks of the Angels of Caliban.


The Inner Circle of the Angels of Caliban knows the truth about the Fall of Caliban and that Raul was a traitor who escaped judgement. They are committed to the hunt and redeeming the Chapter once and for all. In particular they seek the capture of Raul and his closest followers, all of whom were drawn from the 18th Chapter of the 1st Legion. The final capture and redemption of those Astartes will remove the black stain on the Chapters past almost as much as the return of the Lion and restoration of the Legion would.



[Interrogator]: Tell me about your feelings before the killings started?

[Prisoner]: May the Emperor forgive me. We were filled with jubilation at our success in removing the Imperial authority. We believed we could defeat anything sent against us…we were wrong.

[Interrogator]: How so?

[Prisoner]: You saw it…all those…bodies… People I knew, people that had been so full of hope before. We stood no chance, but did not know it at the time.

[Interrogator]: Tell me again, how did they die?

[Prisoner]: I killed them all. WE killed them all…we believed everyone was a traitor to the cause. Petty insults put us on edge. In our minds we saw everyone around us as an Imperial sympathiser and over time everyone killed everyone else. Violence tore us apart, I don’t know how they did it, but they turned us on one another…we slaughtered an entire world…we damned our entire world! [The prisoner here broke down ending the interview]


[Interrogator]: Tell me, Colonel, what was different about the central Fortress?

[Colonel Jafar]: For starters it was the old Arbites Fortress, before they captured it. What was different? Other than being secure? The psy-shield that had been erected over it which seems to have kept out whatever it was that caused the minds of the rest of the world to see everyone else as a traitor to their cause.

[Interrogator]: You are saying that the shield protected those inside?

[Colonel Jafar]: It seems that way.

[Interrogator]: Hmmm. It says here you were the first senior officer to enter the Fortress after the Angels took out the high command? Tell me, what was the most important thing you noticed after entry?

[Colonel Jafar]: Other than the slaughtered heretics? The writing scorched into the walls by what appeared to be plasma fire ‘Such is the fate of all Traitors’ in the command centre. That stood out to me quite vividly, particularly as the scenes of some of the largest numbers of Heretic dead were showing on the vid slates.

[Interrogator]: Was there anything else…unusual…?

[Colonel Jafar]: Only that the so-called ‘Liberator’ was never found, either as a prisoner or a dead body. Rumour had it he was a ruthless and calculating warrior – and leader. I was surprised we never located him, but we found his commanders and bodyguards, or what was left of them.

[Interrogator]: Thank you Colonel


[REDACTED] Notes: It appears that the traitors on Taurus Prime killed themselves due to mental trauma inflicted upon them. A possible cause seems to be the presence of a number of Librarians from the Angels of Caliban who were the first Imperial force on the scene. It seems the instigator of the rebellion disappeared, whether he died or was arrested by the Angels is unknown.

Extracts from [REDACTED] submitted to [REDACTED] on the Liberation of Taurus Prime M.33




The Festum Angelis, or The Feast of Angels, is a feast that happens once every Hundred years, the entire Chapter, or as many as can come, returns to the Glory of Caliban which, by this stage, has reached orbit around Prydein. For one month the Chapter renews their oaths of fealty and loyalty with those worlds under their dominion through a series of banquets. The Chapter also spends time in bonding with one another and they re-affirm their oaths of fealty to the Emperor and the Primarch as well as honour distant Caliban and Terra through reflection and meditation. It is a time of happiness, joy and celebration, but also one of mourning, reflection and dedication to the cause once more. Only twice has the Festum Angelis not gone ahead in Ten Thousand years, and both times have been considered as harbingers of doom. The most recent time was when Grand Master Bohemond cancelled the Festum Angelis in order to respond to the death of Elisha a mere fifty years ago. It has been widely considered a bad omen heading into the 42nd Millennium, though they intend to host one on the very start of the Millennium.


Trial of Night: Every member of the Chapter has completed the Trial of Night. To be inducted into the Chapter as an aspirant they must survive the night, naked, outside one of the Chapter-Keeps. Should they last the entire night and still be alive they are taken to become Initiates.




The taking of heraldry is an ancient practice all Astartes once raised into their Battle-Company participate in. Once they become a full Astartes they take their own design that will stay with them until their death, unless some momentous event causes them to change it. The taking of heraldry links the Chapter with those warriors who have come before and those who are yet to come. It links them back to the days when the Lion led the Legion in person, and to Caliban itself as well as a reminder that what once was may yet be again.


When the practice first started is not known, though Chronicler Gwalchavad’s research of the past history indicates that it was first adopted by the Veterans of Malachi after he was made Master of the First Company under Eliphas. This belief is reinforced by tradition, all Astartes are told that the practice dates to before the Fall and therefore is a link to lost Caliban.


As part of their reverence every Astartes adopts part of the heraldry that the Sergeant who trained them bears. Often this will be the same emblem they adopted from their own trainer. This practice keeps the legacy of their Mentor alive well after his death. For example it is known that the heraldry of Grand-master Bohemond 1V bears the White Cross of Scout Sergeant Ser Rafael, a mighty hero who died in M.34, and that this emblem is still borne today by newly initiated Astartes of the Fourth Company after their own sergeant, Ser Gideon, who was trained by Bohemond himself. This example may be the oldest currently around, but nevertheless; it is a pertinent reminder of the exploits of Rafael and every Astartes who has ever borne the White Cross.


Inside the Glory of Caliban there exists the Repostri Heraldis in which the Heraldry of every Angel is kept alongside a record of the Astartes who bore it and a list of their deeds and achievements. It is considered a great honour to be able to trace a piece of heraldry back in time which has accumulated many mighty deeds.


Bearing the Name


Initiates who survive the initial implantation process, emerging as true Initiates in the Chapter put aside their birth name and ties to their birth world. As part of this process they are allowed to choose a name associated with the Chapter. It is known that there are over three thousand names available to choose from, and each name has a history that the Initiate must learn. As with much of the traditions of the Angels of Caliban, the taking, and bearing, of a new name is key to ensuring that the recruit is tied, culturally, to the Chapter and knows nothing but the Chapter. As part of putting aside ones birth name so, too, do they put aside all ties of allegiance or support to their home. Like the adoption of Heraldry the importance of Bearing the Name is the respect for those who have come before and yet to come. The deeds accomplished should be matched by the warrior who currently bears the name to inspire those yet to bear the name.


It is pertinent to note that the numbering of those who bear a particular name, for example Elisha V, is particular only to the office of the Grand Master. This is purely to ensure that here is a differentiation between those who lead the Chapter, so Bohemond IV is merely the fourth Grand Master to bear the name Bohemond rather than being the Fourth Angel to bear the name.




Within the Reliquary of the Angels of Caliban the Chapter maintains a number of Relics that are borne into battle at different times.


Mandarb: The Great Sword Mandarb that was once wielded by Grand Master Eliphas and, in turn, has been borne by every Grand Master since. The Sword was forged upon Holy Terra, rumoured to have been crafted by the hands of the Emperor himself. The rumours may have some truth in them as the blade has never been broken and is of such quality that craftsmen from the times of the Great Crusade down to the present Age have marvelled at it.


Sacred Standards: There are three Sacred Standards belonging to the Angels of Caliban, however, unlike their primogenitors, the Angels of Caliban do not maintain each as an aspect of war but instead revere their first three Chapter Banners. While hardly ever borne into battle, whenever they are borne the situation is so vital that they will risk these banners. The first of these is the Standard of the Pride of Terra, the very first Chapter Banner, said to have been touched by the hand of the Emperor, its black banner proudly bears the markings of the XVIII Chapter of the I Legion. The second is the first banner forged after the Fall, the Standard of the Pride of Caliban serves as a tenuous link to the Dark Angels Chapter and Caliban and is revered as such. The final banner is the Standard of the Pride of Prydien which symbolises the link that the Chapter has forged in their new life after the Fall. Each banner represents the story of the Angels from the Emperor and Terra, through Caliban and the Primarch and down to the current status of the Chapter.


Chalice Memoria: This Chalice is the sacred cup of the Angels of Caliban, and is said to have been one of the Chalices commissioned by Lion el’Jonson to commemorate the final extermination of the Beasts of Caliban. Though most were destroyed during the Fall, this one had been granted to Eliphas on his arrival upon Caliban by el’Jonson himself. The Chalice is used in all important ceremonies by the Inner Circle and in the Festum Angelis.


Mortis Amulet: The ‘Amulet of the Dead’ worn by the Grand Master of the Chaplains once every hundred years during the Festus Angelis, in particular the Ceremonius Mortis. This ceremony honours the slain heroes of the Chapter in the time since the last Festus. The Chapter also honours their greatest heroes of all time including such figures as Sergeant Rafael, Grand Master Malachi and Grand Master Elisha.


Blade of Bohemond: An ancient weapon forged for Master Bohemond during the Great Crusade. It is an impressive two-handed weapon that can cleave asunder even the mightiest Terminator armour with ease. It has been wielded by every Master of the First Company since Bohemond.


Lion’s Breath: An ancient flamer that is rumoured to have been held in the possession of Jonson throughout the Crusade and Heresy as part of his weapon collection. It is said that it burns so hot that it can melt through even Carapace armour. The weapon is often granted to a brave warrior leading a boarding assault or an assault through a breach against the most dangerous of foes.


Vespasian’s Bane: Epistolary Elisha used this weapon to bring low the Chaos Lord Vespasian, who, in actuality, was the Fallen Librarian formerly known as Mendreas. It is said that the bolt of power unleashed by Elisha annihilated the soul of Mendreas thus freeing him from the clutches of treachery. Upon Elisha’s promotion to Grand Master of the Librarius, Vespasian’s Blade has often been utilised by subsequent Grand Masters and senior Epistolarys of the Chapter. The current Grand Master, Absalom, does not actually wield the weapon as his own.


Blades of Endras Lore: A pair of matched force weapons wielded by Grand Master Absalom. They are fashioned in the shape of two swords and date from late M.36 when they were taken from the Avenging Wolves during the Chapter’s assault upon the traitors. They are well forged weapons said to have been created upon Macragge at the hands of the Ultramarines. They were lost during the Battle of Calth only to be recovered by the first Chapter-Master of the Avenging Wolves who presented them to the first Master of that Chapter’s Librarius.


Axe of Abilech: First wielded by Abilech I when he was Grand Master in M.37, the Axe has been typically bestowed upon the best warrior who can wield it.


Notable Engagements


N.B. All engagements date from after the official Founding of the Chapter, for notable engagements dating prior check the Imperial Records on the Dark Angels Legion noting entries for the 18th Chapter/Order


Waaagh Ryuuk 678.M31: Astartes from the Angels of Calban Chapter spearhead the elimination of Ryuuk, an Ork warboss who sought to bring war to Segmentum Obscuras. In the aftermath of the Scouring Imperial authority is very weak and the Angel’s actions in crushing the Waaagh! brings much needed authority and support for the Imperium back.


Pacification of Tandras 987.M.31: The Fifth Company of the Angels of Caliban engaged in rebel forces who had taken over the world. They were led by an enigmatic figure known only as ‘The Prophet’. The capture of the figure by Imperial forces led the Fifth Company to realise this was one of the Fallen, During a botched rescue attempt of the Prophet the entire Imperial force holding him died bar the Angels who prevented its success. Interestingly all vid records of the episode were corrupted beyond repair and the Prophet himself was removed by the Angels. Despite this isolated incident it appears that the entire rebel elite forces had already been wiped out. For their excellent work in the pacification the Fifth Company was awarded laurels.


The Chartos Crusade 212.M.32: Early in the 32nd Millennium the Imperium ordered a crusade to be launched in order to reclaim lost worlds in the Chartos Sector, Segmentum Obscuras. Many of the worlds had been initially claimed by the Imperium during the Great Crusade but the expedition had abandoned it due to the Heresy. This was a campaign of reclamation and expansion into the remainder of the Sector accompanied by two companies of the Angels of Caliban. The crusade was a success and the entire Sector was swiftly recaptured and pacified. The Astartes of the Chapter had proved to be instrumental in holding down the liberated worlds as they built Keeps on the worlds they seized allowing the Imperial forces bases to strike from.


Taurus Prime 482.M.33: The world of Taurus Prime turned to Heresy abandoning the Emperor’s light. The Eighth Company of the Angels responded first, before the Imperial expedition caught up. By the time they arrived the entire world was liberated bar the central Fortress. In a combined assault the Angels captured the rebel commander and left behind a world pacified through the destruction of almost the entire rebel population.


The Defence of Radian Prime 341.M.34: Radian Prime was the name of the primary Hive on the Hive world called Newton. An industrial and scientific world, the forces of the predatory Ork race descended in force. The Tenth Company was passing through the region when they received the world’s distress calls. Knowing that the Imperial response would take longer than the world had time the Angels landed in force on the Primary Hive determined to defend the world. For the next two years the Company fought against the Ork forces holding them at bay. The Ork warboss refused to leave the world determined to slaughter the Astartes. The remnants of the Tenth were saved by the arrival of the rest of the Chapter as well as elements of the Dark Angels and Angels of Vengeance Chapters who scoured the planet clean of Orks.


Fall of Drychnath 652.M.34: Elements of the Chapter’s First, Second, Fourth and Sixth Companies led by GrandMaster Amos II engaged with heretic forces in the Drychnath system. Despite the best efforts of the Angels of Caliban they were unable to prevent the Heretical seizure of the system although they were instrumental in the evacuation of tens of thousands of Imperial citizens.


Battle of Ryas Hive 717.M.34: It was at the scene of Ryas Hive that Ser Rafael, a legend of the Chapter, finally fell. The Angels had engaged with the forces of Chaos led by Mendares, a mighty Daemon-Prince. During the climactic battle in which the Angels defended Ryas Hive Rafael fought Mendares in single combat. He was no match for the creature of darkness but, before he was cast down and slain, he slammed a melta bomb into the creature which banished him for some time. The Angels were then able to swiftly defeat the fractured enemy forces.


The Nova Terra Interregnum M.35: The Angels of Caliban were active in the greatest threat to the Imperium since the dark days of the Heresy. Driven by their belief in the treachery of the Ur-Council the Angels are frequently seen on the battlefields. Operating on reports gained, GrandMaster Malachi II visits the Rock and, for some reason, suggests the idea of a strike against Nova Terra itself by the Unforgiven. His suggestion is considered by the Dark Angels but they choose not to sanction such a strike in force instead it is rumoured they deploy elements of the Ravenwing. Following his return, the Angels are even more instrumental in bringing Imperial rule back to the systems along the borders and eventually take part in the destruction of the Ur-Council. One key engagement in this war is the Battle of Smythes Corner where the entire Flight of Angels gathers and annihilates an entire subsector fleet in the Smythe system.


Battle of Endras Lore 889.M.36: Endras Lore was the Homeworld of the Avenging Wolves, an Ultramarine successor chapter which fell to the lure of Chaos. The Wolves were understrength as a result of the civil war which tore them apart, but even so with their Fortress-Monastery they were a formidable force. Almost the entire Angels of Caliban, assisted by two companies of the Angels of Absolution descended upon their homeworld breaking them apart and capturing much of their remaining assets. The remnants of the Avenging Wolves who escaped the battle would finally be cornered by the Nights Watch Chapter almost two hundred years later and annihilated at the Battle of Tyrgan.


The Battle of Myxtragos Prime 598.M.37: During the dark times of The Occlusiad when the forces of the Blind King ravaged the North-West of the Imperium, the Angels of Caliban earned many honours for themselves. Their greatest honour was the Battle of Myxtragos Prime. It was here that the first major defeat for the Apostles was handed to them. During the battle the Apostles attempted to destroy the sun and it was only the sacrifice of the Strike Cruiser, Sword of Elisha, which prevented them from activating their weapon.


The Pacification of Hallias Tertius 057.M.38: Hallias Tertius has a history of electing their Governors every fifteen years. It was one of these elected officials which finally decided they would be better off without the Imperium and declared themselves independent. The Angels responded in force descending on the system spearheading the invasion force. During the six month campaign the Angels were in the forefront slaying the Governor and executing much of the planets upper classes as they captured the last city.


Jonthan’s Folly 981.M.38: Elements of the Chapter are ambushed at Jonthan’s Folly by forces of a Night Lords warband. Through the skills of Master Saul of the Third Company the Chapter defeats the ambushers and ensures that they do not escape with any slaves.


The Sirastus Campaign 015.M.39 – 201.M.39: The Third Company under the command of Company-Master Saul engaged with Eldar raiders during a campaign which lasted two hundred years. Through persistence, study and dedication the Angels finally managed to completely destroy the Eldar raiders and their fleet although Saul was cut down in the final moments by the Autarch. Their victory would end Eldar privations in the Sirastus Sector for the next two thousand years or so.


Destruction of the Angelus Fidelas M.39: The destruction of what was the Chapters third Battle-Barge. This disastrous event took with it the majority of two entire companies, a disaster that the Chapter spent much time rebuilding from. The Chapter captured a traitor Astartes, one who wielded two pistols. He was transferred from the surface to the Barge with much of the Fourth and Seventh Companies, leaving the Third Company to complete pacification. At some point shortly after the Barge was destroyed and, while most of the bodies were accounted for, the prisoner’s was never located.


Vortega IV M.40: Not much is known about what happened on Vortega IV bar that, in the moment of victory, much of the Imperial force was destroyed. Despite the loss of much of the Imperial forces victory was still attained. Records suggest that the destruction was caused by the movement of high profile prisoners, some of whom may have been renegade Astartes, to the command centre, prisoners which may have contained a deadly secret. It is believed that somehow they initiated the destruction of the Imperial forces, a speculation supported by the only Imperial force to survive, the Angels of Caliban, who avenged the deaths of their fellow Imperial forces. No prisoners are recorded to have survived.


The Macharian Crusade and Heresy M.41: Due to their proximity with the Western reaches of the Imperium the Angels are called upon to assist in parts of Macharius’ Crusade, but they do not play a major role. In the Heresy which follows his death they are part of the One Hundred Chapters which puts down the rebellion.


Abaddon’s Black Crusades: The Angels of Caliban have been involved in every single of the twelve so called ‘Black Crusades’ launched by Abaddon. At least one detachment of Astartes has fought against the Lost and the Damned as they attempt to defeat the Imperium. As the dawn of the 41st Millennium draws ever closer the Chapter is committed to thwarting the ancient enemy’s plans to launch yet another Black Crusade.


Tamaril II 567.M41: Two squads of the Angels of Caliban First Company are noted in the Tamaril system which had recently stopped paying tithes to the Imperium. An Imperial strike team is deployed to restore the System to the Imperial fold and impinges upon the Angels to assist. They comply, at least initially, but are reluctant to share in the battle-plans. During the assault the Angels launch their own strike upon the Arbites Precinct which is now hosting the Governor of the world. The Governor is seized and the Angels leave the system. Without their commander the rebellion falls apart but the Angels refusal to hand over their prisoner, reluctance to assist and early withdrawal is noted.


Illian 667.M41: The trail Cypher leads the Angels to the Illian system. There they discover a legacy of over a hundred years of raiding by Dark Eldar. During the ensuing engagement the Dark Eldar warband is crushed and their Archon slain ending their reign of terror. Cypher slips the Angels net, his purpose seemingly completed.


Defence of Onyx III 982.M.41: As the 41st Millenium draws to a close the Angels engage with heretical forces on Onyx III. Despite a successful defence of the world GrandMaster Elisha VII is cut down by a renegade who manages to escape the Angels. Company-Master Bohemond is selected to replace him.




The Geneseed of the Angels of Caliban is that of Lion el’Jonson and is perfect with no traces of mutation, just like the Dark Angels Chapter itself.


Battle Cry


“Mortis et Traditore!”


Champions of the Chapter


GrandMaster Elisha I “The Wise”: Elisha was the first Chapter-Master appointed to command the 18th Chapter. Raised in a noble house on hallowed Tellus his past is largely lost to the mists of time, with only his time in the Legion remembered. He was struck down by Orks during the last days of the Great Crusade and was interred in a Contemptor Dreadnought following the Chapter when it became the ‘Angels of Caliban’. There is no official recorded date for his death in any Imperial Records, and many merely list him as MIA. The truth is that he is still alive, though rarely seen, as he sleep for much of the time only waking in order to advise new GrandMasters in times of need.


GrandMaster Malachi I: Malachi was the first Calibanite to lead the Chapter following the internment of Elisha. He established the Chapter as the ‘Angels of Caliban’ following the re-organisation of the Imperium. His beliefs and attitudes were fundamental in shaping the Angels following the dismemberment of the Legion. For seven hundred years after the Heresy he led the Chapter until he was slain by the Night Lords Captain, Xavian.


GrandMaster Bohemond I: The immediate successor to Malachi, he was already an old Astartes by the time he became GrandMaster and had led the First Company for over seven hundred years. His leadership was short but he instilled in the Chapter a commitment to the doctrines laid down by Malachi and established Prydien as the Chapters primary recruitment world.


GrandMaster Bohemond IV: The current leader of the Chapter, Bohemond faces severe threats to the Chapter including the re-emergence of Raul, the traitor they have long waited for. He slew Bohemond’s mentor, Elisha VII, and Bohemond has vowed that he will bring the traitor to justice. The Chapter also faces grim prophecies and portents all pointing that Abaddon will launch yet another infernal attempt to break the Cadian Gate.


Company-Master Saul of the Third Company: Cut down in 867 M.39, Saul was a pragmatic hero of the Chapter. Renowned for his ability to accurately counter the actions of the enigmatic Eldar his treatises on the subject are used by the Officers of the Chapter and Imperial Guard to provide insight when faced with this foe. It is a tragic irony that he was cut down by an Eldar Autarch at the moment of his greatest victory over the Xenos foe.


Company-Master Jereboam of the Ninth Company: The Ninth Company recently suffered heavy losses including the loss of their Company-Master when facing down the traitor Raul and his followers. Jereboam at the time was a Sergeant of the First Company known to be a skilled warrior and consummate leader, as well as being one of the best Sergeants to have ever trained recruits. Bohemond pulled him out and appointed him as Company-Master of the Ninth to rebuild them as swiftly as possible so as to join him on his quest to end Raul. He has proved masterful at the current task raising the Company up to new heights.


Company-Master Tiberius of the First Company: Tiberius has a cold personality, even for a son of the Lion, and has few, if any, friends. He would not have been the first choice for Company-Master of the First for most GrandMasters. However, Bohemond saw in him a skilled warrior and implacable leader who was willing to lead his warriors into hell and be counted on to bring them back out.


GrandMaster of the Librarians Absolum One-Eye: As a young Librarian Absolum sought to develop his powers and delved too far into the warp. As he realised his mistake he pulled himself free but was not strong enough. He claims that he saw a bright light save him and carry him out, but light destroyed his left eye and he was informed this would be a permanent reminder of why he should never stray from the Emperor’s light. To this day no artificial or lab-grown eye can repair his damaged sight in the left eye. They always fail or wither and die, but his power has grown. Certain Astartes believe that he may have made a deal, but every test for purity has shown him to remain pure. He claims that the light was the soul of the Emperor saving him, whatever it really was none can doubt his loyalty or purity as well as the power his excursion granted him.


GrandMaster of the Chaplains Solomon: Out of all the Chaplains Solomon is the only one who has any respect for Absolum, although he refuses to ever test his friend for purity. Despite this he is resepcted by the entire Chaplaincy and Chapter for his ability to stir even the most flagging warrior to greater acts of bravery and dedication. He is also one of the most skilled warriors and it is widely known that, had he not become a Chaplain he would probably be the Chapter Champion by now.


Veteran-Sergeant Rafael: A hero of the Chapter often celebrated during the Festum Angelis and told to many a new recruit. During a period of two years behind enemy lines he, and his squad of Initiates, harassed Traitor forces on the planet of Esias III. He recruited and guided Imperial loyalists to engage in guerrilla warfare against the occupying Traitor forces forcing them to divert more and more resources to stamp out his forces. When Imperial forces recovered the world they discovered only himself and two Initiates left alive, both of whom were immediately raised to full Astartes and their names re-added to the roll of Serving Astartes. This was merely the start of his legend as he would go on to add to it through greater exploits until he was, so the legends say, finally cut down by a Daemon Prince which he killed by stabbing a melta bomb in its neck ending the Chaos organisation an allowing the Imperials to mop up. However much truth there is in these exploits is unknown, but it is telling that the white cross of Rafael is still in use on the heraldry of much of the Fourth Company.


Veteran-Sergeant Gideon: Trained by Bohemond IV, Gideon is a skilled trainer of Initiates. He has been offered the chance to move back in to the line but has refused stating that the best use of his talents is in developing the young ones of the Chapter.

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