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Stepping Down ...

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Brother Argos

Brother Argos


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  • Faction: Salamanders

For the last 12 years I have been technical admin and paymaster for the B&C, however the last two years have seen a decline in my eyesight due to severe proliferative diabetic retinopathy. I have around 50% of my original eyesight remaining after two years and cataracts developing due to the damage done by my extensive eye operations. The summation of this is that I cannot easily see to paint figures or models as I once did and it has been painful to feel my modelling skills slip away as things got worse. This in turn has led to a decline in my involvement with the hobby in general.


As I am sure you can understand this has also had a personal and financial impact upon my welfare. Given this in the near future I will be stepping back as paymaster of the B&C, followed over the course of the next year by handing over the technical administration role.


This will mean the B&C needs to self fund, our current expenditure runs around $200-$250 a month, which I have been personally covering. We have successfully used donation drives to fund new hardware a number of times and I propose this could be used to cover the running costs of the B&C for the next year. Also something that needs to be made clear, is that T-Shirts, Dice and Bags do not raise enough money in the course of a year to cover a single months payments.


You will notice a donation button in the top left hand corner of the home page, if you wish the B&C to continue as it is then you will need to step up and donate to ensure that!


In the past, we have always risen to the challenges we have faced, replaced expensive hardware when needed due to your generosity, now the Bolter & Chainsword needs to stand on its own two feet and only you can make this happen.


I am sorry that I will be unable to continue to support the B&C as I have always done, this has been a hard decision for me .. but I think the right one.


- Brother Argos


TLDR;  Donate to keep the B&C Running NOW


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Brother Argos

Brother Argos stepped forward into the reflected light of the schematic. The Techmarine went unhooded. The left portion of his face was framed with a steel plate, the snarling image of a Salamander seared into it as an honour marking. Burn scars from the Brander-Priests wreathed his skin in whorls and bands. A Bionic eye gleamed coldly in contrast to the burning red of his own.

When he spoke, his voice was deep and metallic.

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battle captain corpus

battle captain corpus


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I for one would like to thank you Argos for the sheer scale of work, time and effort you have personally invested into the B&C.


I'm in the lucky position to count Argos as a close friend and I know how deeply and passionately the B&C runs within him and by extension through all of us.


We are a Brotherhood, united across a single planet through the Bolter and Chainsword. For many of us this is the sole way we can access our hobby, interact with likeminded people and gain enduring friendship.


We mustn't let ourselves down, so its not dig deep or we die, but it is show your support in anyway you can. Donations will make us and maintain us as the the greatest Warhammer 40,000 forum there is!


Don't rely on others though and assume "someone" will donate, be that someone, stand and be counted for your brothers!


Battle Captain Corpus

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Sincerely sorry to hear about your troubles, Brother Argos. Keep us posted on how it goes at your end of things.

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I'm very sorry to hear it. I do not have the honor of knowing the people who run the site beyond their screen names but the excellence of B&C is a testament to their hard work and character. I am one of those whose interaction with the hobby occurs largely through this website. It has been too long since I've made a donation and I'm ashamed to say that it took this reminder to make me think to donate today. I hope to be making the much more frequently in the future.

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I'm sorry to see you go, Brother Argos. B&C will not be the same without you. Rest assured that I will be making a regular donation.

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Sorry to see you step back Argos, your work on the forum has been inspirational to say the least given the community that has grown up around it.


On the subject of funding, quick bit of math $250 p/m = $3000 p/a so all it takes is 300 members donating $10 a year to keep things going. Given there's over 67,000 registered members, we should have no trouble matching that.


Step up brothers, the BnC needs YOU

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Xin Ceithan

Xin Ceithan


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  • Faction: The Obsidian Coil, XXth Legio
This is one of those times in which words are very very limited in conveying the admiration and respect I feel for the work and effort you put into the B&C as well as the respect I have for what must have been a truly difficult decision. Thank you.
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  • Location:United Kingdom

Thanks for everything you have done to create the BnC.   Its a great place and I am sorry to hear you are leaving but have nothing but thanks.  Best wishes for your future and I hope things improve.


Take care. 


edit - Have put some into the kitty,  hope it helps  :) 

Edited by irwit, 03 June 2014 - 11:03 AM.

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Master Avoghai

Master Avoghai


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  • Location:Paris, FR
Well that's bad news indeed... :(

I'll make a donation ASAP.

I think I could never thank you enough for your dedication.

This will make me hurry in the modeling tribute I wanted to make...

Thank you again!

Master Avoghai,

"Eat a beaver you'll save a tree"
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My Humble Tribute to Brother Argos thread





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My thanks for your work Argos over the years - beyond the call of duty time and time again.


Reclusiarch Krieg

Reclusiarch Krieg


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  • Location:The Phoenix City That Has Seen War
  • Faction: Black Templars

Very sad news. Thank you for all your hard work, dedication and very sorry to hear about your eyesight getting worse. I was aware of the problem, but hoped for the best in the last year or so since I first read about it.

Thanks again and do not be a stranger, Brother. We will keep her going, mate.




  • 22,838 posts
  • Location:Blighty
  • Faction: Hunter Legion

The B&C will always endure, it's now our job to show how much we appreciate what you've done by keeping it going as it always has - through donation or just keeping on making this the best place to be. I know we won't disappoint our illustrious Chapter Master :)

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Thank you Brother Argos for your work and dedication!






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  • Location:Portugal

Many thanks for all the work you've done on B&C, Argos.


Best of luck to you.

The awkward crotch-dragon knocks a few off, though.




My Hall of Grawry




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  • Faction: Black Legion 8th Grand Company

Salute to you brother, from one who follows the eightfold path. I'm not as active here as I'd like but it has been one of my favorite haunts for close to a decade? now. A good friend of mine is also losing his sight one cell at a time and I would not wish it on anyone, least of all to a person who enjoys painting and modelling.



-A crazy finn aka Neigorath


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  • Location:Sydney

Brother Argos you are a Legend, thank you sincerely for everything you have done for the community. The internet is a better place for your effort.


Never fear, me and the boys will keep things running here and hopefully your eyesight will inprove so hat you can keep enjoy the work and discussions here!


Best wishes!


"You must be mad, or you wouldn't have come here."








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  • Location:Germany, Hannover

My thanks aswell, I'm sure that B&C will prevail. 


Once again thank you so much for all your hard work. 






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  • Location:Byzantium, Segmentum Pacificus
  • Faction: Order of the Dauntless Spirit
I spend a lot of time on here and can honestly say hand on hearts, that I don't regret a moment of it. This is mainly down to the site's ethos and welcoming membership. The foundation you've laid is stronger than that of the Throne room of Terra.

Let us all ensure that it lasts as long happy.png
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Xavier Targhost

Xavier Targhost


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Take care brother Argos and hope it gets better for you mate! Thanks for all!




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  • Faction: Salamanders

I've said it before, a while back when your eyesight first started to effect you, but i'll say it again; Brother Argos your work in the hobby has been magnificent, and a personal source of inspiration for my own work.
That alone alone would make you a memorable person in the annals of B&C history.

However, just as in your hobby activities, when it came to the B&C you went above and beyond. Always going a step further. Keeping the forums ticking over.
Without your personal input, both through finances and commitment, we simply wouldn't be here.

It is with a heavy heart that we wish you a fond farewell. All I can say is that I hope you conitnue to visit the forums, if only as an observer.

Thank you. You will be truly missed.

On a funding note. Donations have been the lifeblood of the B&C many times in the past.
I certainly encourage people to donate what they can, when they can. I will certainly be doing so as soon as I've finished up this post

However, new sources of income are out there.
Has anyone in the Admin team considered a kickstarter/ indiegogo/ other crowd funding scheme?

Rewards would just essentially be things in the B&C store with other things thrown in, like artwork from notable members and such...
Just a thought

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Emperor be with you brother Argos. Thank you for all that you have given us on this great forum



If you want to see my minis, look me up on instagram under the name Manta_Man_Miniatures. Fantasy, 40k and historical minis :)





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chucked a few pennies in the kitty, this was my first 40k related website in the way back when, thanks for many years of service

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Captain Juan Juarez

Captain Juan Juarez


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Brother Argos, your tireless effort has given thousands of power-armour loving nerds around the world a place to call "home" on the internet; long have you been our Omnissiah and Emperor and for this you will always hold a place in our collective hearts.


On behalf of the magical InterWebz "we", we all wish you the very best in whatever you do and hope that the hobby is not lost from you forever - all hail Brother Argos, all hail the Omnissiah.

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Brother Argos I will pray for your wellbeing. To simply thank you would not convey how much your work and the work of the staff of B&C means to me personally, as it is the only interaction I have with the hobby.


I don't know if religious talk is allowed, but I'll risk it . Talk to God, realize he is with you and your loved ones. If you do this everything will be alright, no matter what happens.  

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I post nowhere near as often as I should, but I'll appear to say:

Thank you, Brother Argos, for all the hard work and effort you've put into this community. Best of luck to you good sir!

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