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Imperial Fists Tactics

Imperial Fists Legion

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Wait wait wait, you have a Spartan in the list already? Perfect.


Command squad just improves the quality of the terminators as lot as they get WS5 and can issue/ accept challenges - which with a 2+/3++/5+++ makes them funny to tank things like enemy paragon blade preators while your own one minces a squad. Plus Fearless from the banner (massive in 30k).


Lascannons with Tank hunter are very strong, but I'd say you need a bunker and medic to keep them healthy.


Stone Gauntlet will indeed make your TDA & Breachers T5 as long as there is at least 3 models in the squad and they are in base to base, OR if you charge you get Hammer of Wrath, which is great too - but always take charges with breachers. BUT it imposes a limitation of you can't have more elites and fast attack than you have troops choices, so you'd need to be a touch careful. Command squads are HQ so that's another point for them too :D

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Heresy WIP Thread: Talons

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I agree with everything Charlo has said.
I love my TDA SS Comd Sqd with all chain fists, supported by a tooled up praetor and Primus Medicae (all delivered a Spartan)

The only thing I'd add is that you need armoured ceramite and a flare shield on the Spartan - you've already invested a lot but those extra upgrades are worth every point!

You also don't need to be in base to base contact to get the T5 from SG but you do loose it on the turn you charge.
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