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More musings on the Fanthology

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Man, I have to tell you guys and gals some stuff. I hope I've earned the right at this point to ramble on a little about something that's on my mind.


Firstly, I just want to tell everyone again how much I enjoy being a part of this community. I spent last week at a convention in Boston (The Email Design Conference put on by the good folks at Litmus if you're interested) and I was struck by something interesting. You see, the community there was very open, energized, and they all wanted to help each other succeed. They shared an interested in something that's nearly impossible for outsiders to find joy in or even fully understand, and they were all unappreciated outside their circle for the hard work they put in. Oftentimes, they find themselves trying to tackle very obscure issues, looking for ways to adapt and improve when nearly nobody will notice, and generally working their behinds off because they really love what they do. I'm not talking about the hobby community, but all the same things can be said for us. Am I right or am I right? 


I felt a sort of kindred spirit and spiritual familial link to these strangers from all over the US, Australia, Belgium, the UK, Italy, Israel, France, South America and Asia. You know what? It's just like these boards, too. 


I posted this in the Fanthology forum because the point was driven home again as I read through some of the initial peer review comments from one writer to another. They have been funny, poignant, astute and downright helpful. I've been quite impressed with the insights on offer, and I wanted to extend a heartfelt thanks to all involved. We're certainly not done yet, but I can say with clear eyes that we're on the right track. I'm ready for anything and I look forward to hopefully getting to actually speak with some of you if schedules and life circumstance allow. 


Cheers. Thanks. Danke. Domo. Merci. You freaking rock in any language. 

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