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Space Wolves: A Comprehensive History - Bigger than Ever!

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I've been spending the last week poring through all the new materials that have come out for the Space Wolves and working on adding them to the Comprehensive History article. Entire new sections have been added, more than a dozen new sources, scores of characters, new Fenrisian words, tribes, regions, political relations, tons of new battles, relics, ships and much more. The article now stands at a whopping two hundred and eighty seven pages, single spaced! A testament to the sheer depth of background material to our favorite chapter. So please dig in and enjoy!


Space Wolves: A Comprehensive History




++Homeworld: Fenris++

++Primarch: Leman Russ++

++Legion: VI++





he Space Wolves organization, doctrines, and history are very different from the majority of Space Marine chapters. This is one of the reasons the Space Wolves are such a unique force among the Adeptus Astartes and why they can be an enigma for new players. So here is my attempt to give some insight into the history, and organization of the Space Wolves, one of my favorite chapters plus a characterful and interesting organization within the forces of the Imperium.


Chapter Organization



he Codex Astartes is the holy tome of the Adeptus Astartes, laid down by the Primarch Roboute Guilliman in the dark days after the Siege of the Imperial Palace. While the vast majority of Space Marine Chapters follow the strictures of the Codex Astartes to a greater or lesser degree there are a few Chapters who do not follow it at all. The Space Wolves are one such chapter. In their organization, recruitment, markings, equipment and even many of their tactics, the Space Wolves function very differently from the doctrines laid down in the Codex Astartes.


Where the majority of Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes are organized into ten companies of roughly a hundred warriors each the Space Wolves instead retain the structure of the VI Legion from before the dark days of the Horus Heresy. Since the early days of the Great Crusade the Space Wolves have maintained thirteen Great Companies, each differing in size from somewhat smaller than a Codex Company to nearly twice the size of a Codex Company, depending on the reputation and accomplishments of each Wolf Lord. Though the Grand Annulus in the Fang retains the thirteen great carved slabs for each of the Great Companies the thirteenth stone stands blank, representing the Lost Companies of the Chapter and the 13th Company from the days of the Horus Heresy who vanished into the warp after the traitor legions. Unlike in Codex Chapters there is no scout company within the Space Wolves and no Battle or Reserve Companies, there is not even a Veteran company. Instead, the command structure and organization of each Company is more fluid. Each Company takes the name and iconography of the Wolf Lord chosen to lead it, along with his personal styles and tactics. In this way, every time a new Lord is chosen, the company is re-invented. Additionally the Great Companies are not constrained to a set size, the number of warriors in each company growing or diminishing with the fame and reputation of the Wolf Lord leading them. The largest Company in the Chapter currently is Logan Grimnar's Night Runners, followed closely by the Blackmane Great Company standing at nearly two hundred warriors strong, roughly twice the size of a Codex Company.

Vash113 compiled and wrote this article out of his love for the Sons of Russ, it is the longest Comprehensive History article to date and that alone is a testament to the legendary stature of the Space Wolves.


The Chapter is led by the Great Wolf, who is chosen from amongst the Wolf Lords and takes the iconography of Leman Russ, the rampant wolf howling at a single star, upon his appointment. As the Great Wolf is chosen from among the Wolf Lords each Wolf Lord is chosen from the ranks of each Company's Wolf Guard Veterans. The Great Company commanded by the Great Wolf becomes home to the Chapter specialists, such as the Iron Priests, Wolf Priests and Rune Priests. This means that the Company of the Great Wolf is changing just as much as the individual companies change with each new Wolf Lord that takes command. With the lack of a Scout Company or a Veteran Company the recruits and veterans of the Chapter are spread fluidly throughout the twelve Great Companies.


During the glory days of the Great Crusade the Thirteenth Company was composed composed of the Wolf Brothers, the Fenresian warriors of Russ too old to undergo the full transformation into post-human Astartes, but who still desired to join Russ in the Great Crusade. In time the Company came to include those battle-brothers who showed a manifestation of the Curse of the Wulfen. A ferocious fighting force, the Company saw a great deal of combat during the Crusade and the Heresy. As the heretics fled from their defeat at the First Siege of the Emperor’s Palace, Leman Russ dispatched the Thirteenth Company to hunt down the heretics, the entire company vanishing into the warp after the traitors, not to be seen again for ten thousand years. Since then, the Thirteenth Company has been a blank spot in the organization of the Space Wolves, representing all those Companies that have been lost or abandoned their oaths since the Horus Heresy. The Thirteenth Company itself has been encountered several times in the millennia since the Heresy, most recently during the 13th Black Crusade, even as the forces of chaos emerged from the Eye to assail the Imperium the 13th Company has followed, ever ready to deliver the Emperor's vengeance upon the traitors.


Great Companies


he twelve Great Companies of the Space Wolves were once known by Fenresian numerals, Onn, Twa, Tra and so forth, however in the centuries since the departure of Russ the Chapter has ceased the use of numbers and simply refers to each Great Company by the title of the current Wolf Lord, such as Thunderfist, Blackmane, Red Moon or Ironhelm. This fluidity of title and position of the Great Companies, combined with the variable numbers within each Company makes the actual size of the Chapter difficult to pin down, however it is likely safe to say the Space Wolves stand at roughly twice the size of a Codex Chapter at any given time. Additionally each Great Company makes use of the tactics and strategies favored by each individual Wolf Lord. No two Great Companies wage war in exactly the same way, while some tactics and methods are relatively universal amongst the Sons of Russ some are significantly different, such as the Great Companies of Engir Krakendoom and Erik Morkai. The following are the twelve Great Companies that make up the Space Wolves Chapter at present and the manner in which they prefere to fight.


Bran Redmaw's Great Company – The Bloodmaws

-The Great Company of Bran Redmaw often utilizes a hammer and anvil strategy. The furious assault of Bran's Company forcing an enemy to retreat into the grip of more Grey Hunters laying in wait behind them. Savage fighters all, the Redmaw Great Company will tear apart any foe unlucky enough to face them into shreds.


Engir Krakendoom's Great Company – The Seawolves

-A very fast and mobile Great Company, Engir Krakendoom generally prefers to deploy his company in transports, with Swiftclaws and Skyclaws acting as outriders to the main body of the Company. The Krakendoom Great Company also has a reputation for proficiency in ship-to-ship combat. It is usually the packs of Engir Krakendoom that are called upon to lead the way when the Space Wolf fleet goes to war.


Erik Morkai's Great Company – The Sons of Morkai

-Easily the most unusual Wolf Lord in methodology, Erik Morkai and his Great Company specialize in covert and stealth operations. None are more cunning or crafty than the warriors of Erik Morkai's Company. Morkai employs many Wolf Scouts who infiltrate enemy positions and lay the ground work for devastating ambushes and multiple pronged assaults or counter-offensives. Erik Morkai is even reputed to have stalked and ambushed the dreaded Dark Eldar. Surely any commander who can out maneuver the dreaded raiders of Commorragh is an opponent not to be taken lightly.


Gunnar Red Moon's Great Company – The Red Moons

-Gunnar Red Moon's Great Company exemplify the traits most common in the Space Wolves. Loud, raucous and straight forward. Wolf Lord Gunnar Redmoon favors the veteran Long Fangs, reasoning that the seasoned warriors make for the best companions on the battlefield and off, a traditional and completely Space Wolf approach to combat and revelry.


Logan Grimnar's Great Company – The Champions of Fenris

-Known as the Night Runners, the Company of the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar have both honor and responsibility without compare. Fanatically loyal to the Great Wolf and ever vying and competing for positions in the vaunted Wolf Guard, the Space Wolves of Grimnar's Great Company are ever trying to earn the favor of their lord.


Harald Deathwolf's Great Company – The Deathwolves

-Harald Deathwolf rides the mighty Thunderwolf Icetooth and his Great Company as a whole is accompanied by a veritable horde of Fenrisian Wolves and Thunderwolf Cavalry. In contrast to the seemingly feral composition of his Great Company Wolf Lord Harald Deathwolf is a trusted and respected lord of the Chapter, entrusted by the Great Wolf with missions of much import to the Chapter including tracking down and slaying the traitor Wolf Lord Svane Vulfbad.


Bjorn Stormwolf's Great Company – The Stormwolves

The Grand Annulus

-The Stormwolf Great Company are primarily employed as frontline assault troops, Lord Bjorn Stormwolf favoring anything that makes a lot of noise. As a result the Stormwolf Great Company employs many Vindicators, heavy weapons, bikes and other weapons and wargear that can cause a lot of destruction and havoc.


Egil Iron Wolf's Great Company – The Ironwolves

-The Iron Wolf Great Company goes to war as a rolling mass of Astartes armor, Egil Iron Wolf himself riding at the head of his Company's heavy armor in his own personalised Land Raider. Swift transports full of Space Wolves cut off escape and retreat while Egil leads a crushing hammer blow of armored might down upon the enemy. In his youth Egil Iron Wolf, then Egil Silverhand, showed promise at the forge and was tested by the Iron Priests as an aspirant to their order. However Egil was too unorthodox in his methods, too willing to try new methods, to experiment and innovate. This attitude conflicted with the traditional values of the Iron Priests and prevented Egil from joining their ranks. Instead he was taken into the Great Company of Osric Three-Fists. As Wolf Lord of the company Egil Iron Wolf recruits only battle-brothers who show some skill at the forge, this policy has led to the company possessing fewer warriors than any of the other Great Companies but this is counter-balanced by the greater number of armored vehicles the Ironwolves field. The Wolf Guard of the Ironwolves are known as the Iron Guard and stand as ever vigilant bodyguards of their Jarl.


Krom Dragongaze's Great Company – The Drakeslayers

-The Dragongaze Great Company is one where talent and valour are rewarded regardless of source and every opportunity for challenge and glory in battle is seized. Because of this attitude the Drakeslayers have a larger contingent of Wolf Guard than any other Great Company save that of Logan Grimnar.


Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company – The Blackmanes

-The Blackmane Great Company contains more Blood Claws than any other and at almost two hundred warriors strong, the Blackmane Great Company is second in size only to the Great Company of Logan Grimnar himself. Ragnar's Company excells at planetary assaults and his Company is often picked to spearhead an invasion or rapid counter-attack. The Blackmane Great Company's packs have become experts of a form of Drop Pod Assault called the "Claws of Russ."


Sven Bloodhowl's Great Company – The Firehowlers

-Fierce in appearance and nature, the marines of the Bloodhowl Great Company tattoo themselves with scenes of their accomplishments and Fenresian runes. Sven himself is covered from head to toe with tattoes depicting scenes from his personal Saga. It is said that Sven has gone so far as to tattoo his latest deeds upon the skins of his enemies for he has completely run out of space on himself. The Bloodhowl Company as a whole nurturs a virtual obsession with flames. The marines of the Company perform daring acts of fire-breathing and fire-swallowing at feasts and it is rumored that the vanguard forces of the Bloodhowl Company will breath flames upon their foes in battle. The Wolf Guard of the Bloodhowl Great Company are known as the Bloodguard and favor the use of astartes jump packs over the heavy and cumbersome Terminator Armor favored by the Wolf Guard of other Great Companies.


Kjarl Grimblood's Great Company – The Grimbloods

-The Grimblood Great Company are fierce competitors with the Bloodhowl Great Company and boasts no less than twelve Land Raider Redeemers along with many other flame weapons. Kjarl Grimblood is said to have extremely accurate foresight, seemingly reading future events in the flickering of flames. In addition the Grey Hunters of the Grimblood Great Company have a special rite where warriors who have slain a foe with flame will paint their faces with blood before each battle and become known as "Red Hunters."


Jorin Bloodhowl’s Great Company – The Wulfenkind

-The 13th stone of the Grand Annulus once featured the heraldry of Wolf Lord Jorin Bloodhowl, Jarl of the Wulfenkind. During the Great Crusade the most feral of the Space Wolves, those who openly bore the Mark of the Wulfen, invariably found their way into the ranks of the 13th Company, a brotherhood of savage but noble fighters. At the height of the fighting during the Scouring of Prospero the Thousands Sons fled through warp portals to a daemon world deep in the Eye of Terror, unwilling to let the traitors escape unmolested the 13th Company were ordered through the portals after the Sons of Magnus. Since that day the 13th Company has maintained that duty, hunting down the traitors wherever they try to hide. Unlike other companies that go missing or are destroyed the 13th Company has never been replaced or rebuilt, for it is not truly lost. Now the final spot on the Annulus is marked by a blank stone of dark red marble, a marker that stands for every band of wolves who have ever been lost to the warp, to treachery, or who have chosen to turn rogue over the long centuries of the chapter’s existence. One day, when the last of the traitors is run to ground, or when the final battle of the Wolf Time draws nigh, the 13th Company may return and take their place alongside their brothers once more. Since Jorin Bloodhowl now Wolf Lord has taken the sign of the Wulfen as their personal heraldry or company badge.


The Blackmane Great Company

-Exact strength as of the Stormclaw Strike Force deployment to Alaric Prime in 998.M41. The Blackmanes stood at exactly one hundred and eighty eight battle-brothers, making the company the largest in the chapter at the time after the Champions of Fenris. The Blackmane Great Company possessed a surprisingly large number of Blood Claws, Skyclaws, and Swiftclaws, at eighty-five strong nearly half the company is made up of the youngest of the Space Wolves packs, an unusual composition for a Great Company. The Blackmane Great Company specializes in planetary assaults; Drop Pod assaults in particular, and is often called on to serve as the spearhead of chapter assaults. To facilitate this specialty the Blackmane Great Company occasionally utilizes modified Thunderhawk Transporters who can carry and deploy Drop Pods in place of Rhinos or Land Raiders. This allows the company to rapidly recover or redeploy already landed Drop Pods and launch a secondary assault on additional targets or initiate surprise assaults from low altitude without giving an enemy the advance warning of the pods making atmospheric entry.


-Wolf Lord Ragnar Blackmane, the Young King

-Wolf Guard Battle Leader Olvec the Wise

-The Blackpelts, Ragnar’s Wolf Guard – Tor Wolfheart, Alrydd the Bard, Uller Greylock, Hrolf Longspear and Svengril the Younger

-Asgeir’s Allslayers – 10 Blood Claws

-Einar’s Glorywolves – 10 Blood Claws

-Merec’s Bane – 10 Blood Claws

-Hostor’s Spear – 10 Blood Claws

-Maegar’s Pack – 10 Blood Claws

-The Thunderfists – 10 Skyclaws

-Dreskor’s Skybolts – 10 Skyclaws

-The Twice-Proven – 10 Skyclaws

-Ornolf’s Giantslayers – 5 Swiftclaws

-Graegor’s Battleborn – 10 Grey Hunters

-Thierulf Bloodhanded’s Pack – 10 Grey Hunters

-Soergar’s Swordkin – 10 Grey Hunters

-Dolfen Wyrdbane’s Pack – 9 Grey Hunters

-Graehar Slyaxe’s Pack – 9 Grey Hunters

-Raegrec’s Blades – 8 Grey Hunters

-Drekka’s Nightblades – 10 Wolf Scouts

-Olovec’s Deadeyes – 10 Wolf Scouts

-Wyvald’s Wyrmblades – 6 Long Fangs

-Sunprowler’s Whitebeards – 6 Long Fangs

-Ashenbeard’s Wise Few – 5 Long Fangs

-Thorfinn Doomseeker – Lone Wolf

-Skolgrim of the Black Brow – Lone Wolf

-Korvoc of the Red Mist – Lone Wolf


The Great Company of Logan Grimnar

-Exact strength as of the Strike Force Stormclaw deployment to Alaric Prime in 998.M41. Now known as the Champions of Fenris and bearing the sigil of the Wolf that Stalks Between Stars the Great Company of Logan Grimnar was known as the Night Runner Great Company before his ascension to the position of Great Wolf. Battle-brothers of the Champions of Fenris may wear either the icon of the Wolf That Stalks Between Stars or the Night Runner, usually those who bear the latter have served with the Great Wolf since before his rise to Great Wolf though these battle-brothers are now few and far between. At exactly two hundred brothers strong the Champions of Fenris are the largest Great Company in the Chapter, followed closely by the Blackmane Great Company. The Champions of Fenris possess more Wolf Guard than any other Great Company and many of the Great Wolf’s elite guard, known as the Kingsguard, have the honor of wearing suits of Tactical Dreadnought armor and utilize a number of special formations that take advantage of the Terminator Armor and the deadly weapons the Wolf Guard have access too. The Shieldbrothers and Void Claws both specialize in close combat, the former wielding Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields and forming a bodyguard for Logan Grimnar with the Champion Arjac Rockfist at their head while the Void Claws are elite warriors wielding pairs of matched Wolf Claws.


-Great Wolf Logan Grimnar, High King of Fenris

-Wolf Guard Champion Arjac Rockfist, the Anvil of Fenris

-Wolf Guard Battle Leader Torfin Daggerfist

-Jorn’s Giant-killers – 5 Wolf Guard Terminators

-Gunnar’s Huscarls – 5 Wolf Guard Termnators

-Wulftongue’s Shieldbrothers – 5 Wolf Guard Terminators

-Ironfang’s Claws of Grimnar – 5 Wolf Guard Terminators

-Daggerfist’s Void Claws – 4 Wolf Guard Terminators

-Horgoth’s Allslayers – 10 Wolf Guard

-Shadowstalker’s Snowdevils – 10 Grey Hunters

-Tormund’s Icewalkers – 8 Grey Hunters

-Lenold’s Wulfborn – 10 Grey Hunters

-Wulfsons of Lorkir – 7 Grey Hunters

-Kjarl’s Slayers – 9 Grey Hunters

-Korvald’s Fangbrothers – 14 Blood Claws

-Jarn’s Unblooded – 15 Blood Claws

-Fjyr’s Stormbringers – 12 Blood Claws

-Alrik’s Reavers – 10 Blood Claws

-Skarnel’s Youngbloods – 12 Blood Claws

-Ulnar’s Skybrothers – 10 Skyclaws

-Orlof’s Thunderstorm – 5 Long Fangs

-Vorgard’s Longclaws – 5 Long Fangs

-Haakon’s Wyrmslayers – 5 Long Fangs

-Fenryd’s Felleyed – 4 Long Fangs

-Svenvar’s Blizzardwalkers – 5 Wolf Scouts

-The Frozen Shadow – 5 Wolf Scouts

-Norgir’s Trollkillers – 5 Wolf Scouts

-Jorund’s Farstriders – 8 Wolf Scouts

-The Grey Walker – Lone Wolf

-Jor Frostbeard – Lone Wolf

-Ashergor the Broken – Lone Wolf

-Wyrdfang the Wanderer – Lone Wolf

-Haargen Deathbane – Venerable Dreadnought

-Svendar Ironarm – Venerable Dreadnought


The Morkai Great Company

-Exact strength as of the Battle for Luetin Hive in 822.M41. Led by Wolf Lord Erik Morkai the Sons of Morkai Great Company has a highly unusual composition. A very large number of Wolf Scouts serve Jarl Morkai and half of his Wolf Guard choose to deploy in Carapace Armor rather than Power Armor and none of his company wear Terminator Armor. At 119 strong the Morkai Great Company is larger than a Codex company and includes a very large number of specialist formations and comparatively few line troops. This composition makes the Morkai Great Company an incredibly rapid formation with nearly half the company troops infiltration specialists able to lay in wait and ambush the enemy while the remaining force of the company is possessed with significant speed, with 20 Skyclaws, 10 Swiftclaws and 10 Thunderwolf Cavalry.


-Wolf Lord Erik Morkai

-The Blades of Morkai – 8 Wolf Guard

-Morkai’s Teeth – 60 Wolf Scouts

-Shields of Morkai – 10 Grey Hunters

-Stormbearers – 10 Skyclaws

-Thunderhands – 10 Skyclaws

-Winter’s Wrath – 10 Swiftclaws

-Jaws of the Maelstrom – 5 Thunderwolf Riders

-Wolfkin – 5 Thunderwolf Riders

-Hellfangs – 15 Fenrisian Wolves

-The Ice Claw – Drop Pod

-Hammer of Fenris – Thunderhawk Gunship


Lost Companies


irst and most legendary amongst the Lost Companies of the Space Wolves is the fabled 13th Company. During the dark days of the Horus Heresy the company vanished to a marine into the warp after the retreating traitor legions. Far beyond the eyes of the Imperium the 13th Great Company has hunted the traitors throughout the Eye of Terror for ten thousand years, only emerging at long last during the Despoiler's 13th Black Crusade, ever in pursuit of the oathbreakers. The 13th Company is not the only band of noble warriors counted as a 'Lost' Company by the Chapter. The empty thirteenth space on the Grand Annulus of the Space Wolves is reserved for all the 'Lost' Companies and there are many ways these companies come to be lost. The most obvious and disheartening is the damnation of becoming lost in the warp, the ships of the Great Company caught in a deadly Warp Storm or dragged to their doom by a predator of the empyrion, their bodies and souls trapped within the warp for all time. Their vessels sometimes surface ages after their dissapearance as ghost ships or as part of a dreaded Space Hulk, chilling reminders of the perils of Warp Travel.


The second way in which a Company becomes lost is by choice. This seems strange to some in the Imperium but to the Space Wolves it can be a matter of pragmatism. Sometimes a Great Company will find itself so far afield that to return to the Fang would take years, if not decades. Occasionally a warp storm might block any hope of return. In these cases some Lords choose to forgo any attempt at a return and simply soldier on, campaigning until the last Space Wolf falls. At other times a Wolf Lord may have a fundamental disagreement with the current Great Wolf, and rather than continue in his service, will opt to take those warriors and vessels loyal to him and leave to fight the enemies of the Emperor in whatever way he chooses fit until his warriors strength is expended.


The last and most insidious way a Company can become 'Lost' is to turn its back on Russ and the Emperor, becoming pirates, renegades and traitors. The worst cases are when a Lost Company wholly embraces the corruption of Chaos. No Chapter speaks easily about those of their number who have fallen to the grip of damnation but it happens to them all, only the secretive Grey Knights of the Ordo Malleus can claim to have never had a marine fall to chaos. Traitor warriors are hated and reviled by the rest of the Chapter and no sacrifice is too great to see these heretics destroyed and the honor of the Chapter restored.


Several notable examples stand out in recent chapter history. During the capture of the Wolf of Fenris the Red Corsairs managed to sway a number of the Space Wolves crew to their side, these Oathbreakers turned against their brothers and helped the chaos marines seize the ship. It is believed that these traitors have now formed the band of renegades known as Skyrar’s Dark Wolves. Whether this is the truth or not the chapter will nevertheless take any opportunity to hunt down these renegades and slay them in the name of the Allfather.


More recently a small pack of Grey Hunters from the Blackmane Great Company chose to go rogue, stealing the Ryza-pattern system-runner the Hlaupnir this pack of six battle-brothers sailed out on their own. These battle-brothers have chosen to hunt down leads on a secretive organization within the greater adeptas of the Imperium known only as the Fulcrum; a group they believe is conspiring to destroy the Space Wolves chapter. If they prove successful in hunting down and eliminating this threat they will no doubt be welcomed back to the Fang with open arms and sagas will be sung of their great victory, of their boldness and bravery. Should they fail they will die as Oathbreakers, their names stricken from the sagas of the chapter. Yet such a decision is not unusual, for the desire to be the outrider, to strike out on ones own has forever been strong amongst those who bear the Canis Helix. The ultimate gamble of not only life, but honor and legend is one that few Sons of Russ can resist.




ike many Chapters the Space Wolves recruit exclusively from the Chapter Homeworld, in the Space Wolves case this is the inhospitable Death World of Fenris. Every few seasons the Wolf Priests and Rune Priests of the Chapter journey out across the frozen wastes, lowland hills and turbulent seas of Fenris in search of worthy aspirants. Thunderhawk Gunships herald the coming of a Wolf Priest, blazing across the sky in search of mortal contests, individual duels to the death between man and monster in the remote wilds or vicious battles between warring tribes, it does not matter. All that matters is the will to fight to the death, no matter the odds. As such chosen aspirants are often mortally wounded, laid low by blade or claw and destined to breath their last save for the intervention of the Wolf Priests. For few wounds to mortal flesh are beyond the skill of the Wolf Priests and their thralls to repair, the condition of an aspirant at the time of choosing is thus far less important than the skill and courage the aspirant showed in combat. Because of this practice the tribes of Fenris refer to the Priests of the Sky Warriors as the Choosers of the Slain. Similarly the psyber-familiars often used by the Chapter's the Rune Priests bear the title Choosers of the Slain. To be chosen is a great honor for an aspirant, his family and his entire tribe, but to be chosen is merely the first step in a long journey to becoming a super-human Space Marine.


Once chosen the aspirants are taken to training camps such as Russvik, Grimnir and Valksberg. At these camps the aspirants learn and train, engaging in gruelling challenges of skill, endurance and cunning designed to weed out the unworthy. Where other chapters simply have aspirants fight until only the strongest stand, the Space Wolves set a more exacting standard. Skill in battle is important, but it is not the only thing that matters in becoming a Wolf of Fenris. The aspirants are forced to train as teams, working together as packs to succeed or fail together. These training packs must face the harshness of nature, the depredations of the wild monsters of Asaheim, and the exacting expectations of the training officers. Only those who have proven themselves worthy are at last brought into the Chapter as Blood Claws.


Taken by Thunderhawk to the Fang the aspirants travel deep into the ancestral fortress monastery of the Chapter to a mighty protal known as the Gate of Morkai. Passing through the gate is the next test each aspirant must pass, for not only do they have to master their own fear of the looming gateway enough to pass through, they also have to face the brutal scrutiny of the Chapter's Rune Priests. Even as an aspirant braves the chilling gateway the Rune Priests pry open the young boy's mind, delving deep into his darkest secrets and desires, searching for any flaw, any weakness that might damn the aspirant in the future. Temptations, offers of power and glory, of life eternal and pleasures beyond imagining bombard the aspirant, testing his resolve and courage. Should the aspirant pass he will awaken on a cold stone slab with his fellows, ready for the next test, should he fail he will never be seen again.


Next an aspirant drinks from the Cup of Wulfen, an ancient relic of the Chapter reputed to date back to the Great Crusade when Russ gathered the Legion's first recruits from Fenris and bade them drink from the cup. According to the legend, Wulfen, the first warrior to drink from the cup was prideful and unworthy. Upon drinking from the cup the warrior transformed into a feral beast of fang, fur and claw. Ever since aspirants that drink from the cup receive the first implant of their transformation into a post-human warrior of the Adeptus Astartes, the Canis Helix. Unique to the Space Wolves the Canis Helix is the source of the Chapter's greatest strengths and it's most damning weaknesses. The Canis Helix grants the Space Wolves enhanced senses of smell and hearing rivaling those of the deadly Fenresian Wolves, however the Canis Helix is also the source of the Curse of the Wulfen. Should a Space Wolf succumb to his more bestial nature he will transform into a slavering monster with elongated, razor-sharp claws, fangs and wild growths of hair across his body. Once the aspirant has drunk from the cup and received the Canis Helix he will fall into unconsciousness and is then placed in a medical sarcophagus wherein he undergoes the surgeries and implantations necessary to transform him into a Space Marine.


Once the aspirants emerge from the sarcophagi they are placed in isolation cells while they become accustomed to their new bodies. Initially the cells are locked for this isolation serves a second purpose. Those aspirants most succeptible to the Curse of the Wulfen are likely to deform into their more bestial state during this initial period of acclimatization. Those aspirants who devolve into feral beasts are removed from their cells, their ultimate fate unknown to their fellow aspirants. In time, as the remaining aspirants grow into their new bodies and the likelyhood of succumbing to the curse decrease, the cells are left unlocked and the aspirants are free to move around unattended. When all the aspirants have either been removed by the Wolf Priests or become tolerably familiar with their new forms they are gathered together to face their final challenge, the test of the Blooding.


In a test known as the Blooding aspirants are given nothing more than the hunting knives they were issued with at the training camps and are taken deep into the wilds of Fenris, tasked with returning to the Fang on their own. Should the aspirant survive exposure, starvation and the manifold predators native to Fenris long enough to make it back to the Fang they are accepted fully within the Chapter and become Blood Claws. Inevitably a number of aspirants fail to return, perishing in the wilds or perhaps, finally succumbing to the call of the Wulfen. 


Blood Claw packs are not like the Scouts of other Chapters. Fully armored in Astartes power armor and implanted with the Black Carapace, the 19th Implant of the transformation process, the Blood Claws are full Adeptus Astartes in body, if not yet possessed of all the skill. Other Chapters prefer to keep their recruits on the sidelines of battle, performing reconnaissance, forward observation and other support roles. Such caution is not for the Sons of Fenris. Blood Claws are typically unleashed into the heat of battle, given freedom to loose their youthful battle frenzy. Hot headed Fenresian youths as they are Blood Claws are prone to acts of reckless bravery bordering on the suicidal. In time, should he survive, a Blood Claw will eventually temper his hot-headedness with wisdom and patience and join the ranks of the Grey Hunters. Inevitably the attrition rate of Blood Claw packs is terrible, relatively few surviving long enough to become Grey Hunters.


After their initiation new Blood Claw packs remain at the Fang and further hone their skills until they have the opportunity to join one of the Chapter's Twelve Great Companies. Assignment to a Great Company is not the standard logistical affair of a Codex Chapter, rather the reputation of a Wolf Lord will determine how many fresh recruits flock to his banner more than the current fighting strength of his Company. At times the Great Wolf will assign fresh Blood Claws a challenge to determine which company they will join. Most often this challenge is to raid the lair of a Great Company and steal some particular item of worth, such as a war trophy.


The Packs of the Space Wolves


nstead of organizing into the Tactical, Assault and Devastator squads as the Codex Astartes dictates, the Space Wolves form their troops into Packs. Each pack will generally be made up of warriors who have fought together for some time and will work together just as a pack of wolves on the hunt. For the Space Wolves their senses of smell and hearing are just as important to them as their keen eyesight. Packs will work together to sniff and sound out their foes, hunting their prey like the wolves of Fenris. Space Wolves are even able to identify the locations and disposition of their comrades by smell, without having to rely on sight, communication or technology. The Space Wolves have four primary organizations of packs. Blood Claws, Grey Hunters, Long Fangs, and Wolf Guard. There are also Wolf Scouts, which are yet another oddity among the Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes.


From the moment a battle-brother is assigned to a Blood Claw pack he joins a brotherhood that will only end with death in battle. As a pack gains greater battle experience and begins to take casualties the pack will slowly erode in numbers while simultaneously rising first to Grey Hunters and eventually, should they live long enough, the pack will become a hardened squad of Long Fangs. Only through promotion to the Wolf Guard or assignment to the Wolf Scouts or one of the chapter’s priesthoods will a battle-brother voluntarily leave the brotherhood of his pack. Should all but a single member of a pack be slain and the survivor has not yet earned a place in the Wolf Guard the survivor will become a Lone Wolf, destined to seek out either death or glory in battle against the greatest of foes, to avenge his battle-brothers or die trying and should he survive earn a place within the ranks of the Wolf Guard. Recently however this standard progression has been suspended and it is now common for battle-brothers to be promoted from one pack to another on an individual rather than a group basis. The chapter has simply taken too many casualties and is too hard pressed in recent times to rely solely on the old way. Whether the chapter will resume the old practices once the situation in the Imperium stabilizes or will stick with the new system is yet to be determined.


Blood Claws

-Blood Claw packs are the initiates of the Space Wolves, the youngest members of the Chapter fresh from their transformation into Space Marines. Blood Claws have yet to fully contain their lust for battle and so are simply encouraged to let it out and get over their battle frenzy through the trials of combat. In time, those who survive will temper themselves and become Grey Hunters, blooded and experienced warriors of the Chapter. In battle Blood Claws are armed to fulfill their battle frenzy, given a variety of close combat weapons and armed with bolt pistols the Blood Claw packs are usually at the vanguard of any Space Wolf charge.



-A subset of Blood Claws, the Swiftclaws are called up from the ranks of the Blood Claws when the Chapter needs a swift, hard hitting assault force. The young and ambitious Blood Claws are well suited to this role. In addition to forming a lightning assault force, Swiftclaws will occasionally be tasked to track down and slay a particularly dangerous enemy.



-Skyclaws are another subset of the Blood Claws, formed from the most troublesome and headstrong members of the Blood Claw packs. Promotion to the Skyclaws is considered at best a dubious one. Russ was always content to fight with his feet firmly on the ground and no self respecting Space Wolf would fight any other way.


Grey Hunters

-The backbone of the chapter are the Grey Hunter packs. Grey Hunters are experienced marines who have gotten over their lust for battle and tempered their souls with age and wisdom. Grey Hunters are skilled combatants in close quarters fighting, whatever they lose in frenzy and bloodlust they make up for with skill and experience. Versatile in their combat roles Grey Hunters are traditionally armed with bolter, bolt pistol and chainsword, making them deadly opponents at any range.


Sky Hunters

-A specialized subset of Grey Hunters the Sky Hunters are those battle-brothers devoted to piloting and crewing the chapter gunships. Recruited from those who have already proven themselves in battle and learned to temper the hottest fires of their battle fury the Sky Hunters are skilled and tenacious pilots who mark themselves with a badge of outspread eagle’s wings, often marked upon a knee pad. Typically Sky Hunters bear cranial jacks to facilitate a direct interface with the controls of the chapter’s gunships.


Long Fangs

-Long Fangs are small packs of aged Space Wolves who have lived long enough for their canines to grow exceedingly long, hence their name. Long Fangs are armed with a variety of heavy weapons and led by a veteran pack leader who can carefully and expertly direct their firepower to the best effect.


Lone Wolves

-Over time as Space Wolf packs take cassualties and gain experience they pass through the ranks, eventually the last few survivors making it into the vaunted ranks of the Wolf Guard. However sometimes a pack will suffer particularly harsh cassualties leaving a lone survivor who has not yet earned a place in the Wolf Guard, or if he has, is too ashamed to accept it without exacting vengeance for his fallen comrades. These last standing Lone Wolves will take on an air of vengeance and doom, determined to regain the honor of their pack in combat or die trying. Those who succeed in their quests to seek out and slay dangerous or potent enemies and survive are accepted into the Wolf Guard, the rest have at least earned an honorable death in combat.


Wolf Guard

-Wolf Guard are the last variety of Space Wolves packs. The equivalent of veterans in other chapters, Wolf Guard form the bodyguard of their Wolf Lord. As suits their lofty position as veterans of the Chapter Wolf Guard have access to all manner of weapons and armor including suits of ancient Tactical Dreadnaught Armor. Wolf Guard perform a variety of roles within the Space Wolves chapter such as forming a bodyguard for their Wolf Lord and other officers and specialists, leading other packs into battle, or sometimes taking command of battles or even entire campaigns in place of the Wolf Lord.


Thunderwolf Cavalry

-Thunderwolf Cavalry units are a sub group of the Wolf Guard. Veterans of the Chapter able to capture and tame the mighty Thunderwolves native to Fenris are able to ride these mighty beasts into battle as mounts, similar to the Rough Riders of the Imperial Guard. By themselves Thunderwolves are deadly fighters capable of carving through entire formations of enemy troops and shrugging off all but the most severe of injuries. With a veteran Space Wolf mounted on their back, armed with the best weapons of the Chapter armory, the Thunderwolf Cavalry becomes something even more dangerous. The Thunderwolf Cavalry are perhaps the most unorthodox formation within the entire Chapter and according to official Imperial records they don't exist. The Space Wolves keep the Thunderwolf Cavalry as a closely guarded secret.


Wolf Scouts

-The majority of Space Wolves share the raucus, rowdy spirit of the Fenresian tribesmen, quick to anger and quicker to laugh. For some Space Wolves the Canis Helix leads to a more solitary, brooding existence. Such warriors may be destined for the ranks of the Wolf Scouts, should they survive to earn their place. Far from the raw recruits of other Astartes Chapters, Wolf Scouts are grizzled veterans who opt to go without their full suits of power armor. Deployed to gather information on battlefields before and during a campaign Wolf Scouts provide vital intelligence to their brethren as well as undertaking missions of sabotage, assassination and infiltration.


Officers and Specialists


Great Wolf

-The Chapter Master of the Space Wolves is known as the Great Wolf. While some Chapter Masters command the unswerving loyalty of their brethren the Great Wolf is generally considered to be a mere steward awaiting the return of Leman Russ, an attitude shared by a number of the second founding chapters. In addition to commanding one of the Chapter's twelve Great Comanies the Great Wolf leads the chapter in both war and diplomacy. Each Great Wolf is chosen from among the Wolf Lords, much as each Wolf Lord is chosen from amongst the Wolf Guard. If a consensus is not reached the favored candidates may choose to decide the outcome with ritual combat, the victor earning the right to assume the mantle of Great Wolf. The current Great Wolf is Logan Grimnar, an ancient and legendary warrior who has lead the Chapter for over eight centuries.


Wolf Lords

-The war leaders of the Great Companies, the Chapter includes eleven Wolf Lords, one for each Great Company save the company of the current Great Wolf. Much of the time the attrition rate for Wolf Lords is fairly significant due to the Space Wolves inclination towards close combat, however some Wolf Lords have seen their thousandth year pass. All Wolf Lords are experienced and skilled warriors who will have led warriors into battle thousands of times on hundreds of worlds and faced virtually every threat known to mankind. Youngest of the current Wolf Lords is Ragnar Blackmane who, despite his youth, is considered by many to be the likely successor to Logan Grimnar should the old wolf ever die.   


Iron Priests

-The Iron Priests are the chapter’s equivalent of Techmarines. Sent off for training at Mars the Iron Priests maintain the Chapter's equipment and are responsible for forging replacement wargear. Iron Priests are traditionally attached to the Great Wolf’s Company and assigned to other fighting forces on a situational basis. Iron Priests are also partly responsible for the transformation and initiation of new recruits. Young battle-brothers who show promise at the forge are put through the Test of the Iron Gauntlet and given various tasks of repair and forging to test them in a variety of ways. Should the aspirant pass these tests they will be sent to Mars to learn from the Adeptus Mechanicus and in time return as fully-fledged Iron Priests of the chapter.


Wolf Priests

-Wolf Priests are a unique officer class within the Adeptus Astartes. A mixture of Chaplain and Apothecary the Wolf Priests administer to the physical and mental well being of the Chapter’s warriors. It is also the sinister skull helmed Wolf Priests who choose the aspirants to the chapter from among the tribes of Fenris. Perhaps the most renowned and respected member of the Wolf Priests is Ulrik the Slayer, for not only is he a hero of the Chapter with many legends to his name he has also mentored many notable members of the Chapter over his centuries of service including the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar and Wolf Lord Ragnar Blackmane. Wolf Priests traditionally bear the symbol of the Great Company to which they are attached on their left shoulder pad and an icon of the Wolf Priesthood on the right. The exact nature of a Wolf Priest’s symbol can vary but most take the form of a white wolf’s head on a black field. Wolf Priests may also retain the markings of their old pack, often displayed on a knee pad, however the markings are changed to white on black.


Rune Priests

-The Space Wolves do not have Librarians as such, instead the Chapter maintains a number of Rune Priests, potent psykers who maintain a vigilant watch of the Chapter for signs of corruption or taint as well as giving guidance and foresight to the officers of the Chapter. One of the greatest responsibilities of the Rune Priests is the task of examining the minds of all aspirants to the Chapter for any sign of taint or treachery. Armed and equipped differently from traditional Librarians the Rune Priests of the Space Wolves do not wear Psychic Hoods and do not wield standard force weapons. Instead Rune Priests bear unique Runic Weapons that can take the form of swords, axes or staves. Rune Weapons function similar to Force Weapons but also bear inscribed runes of power from the native traditions of Fenris. Rune Weapons are capable of warding against dangerous psychic powers and act as conduits for the powers of the Rune Priests. Of course Rune Weapons are also dread weapons in close combat rightly feared by any foe unfortunate enough to come within range of a wrathful Rune Priest. Rune Priests typically bear personal pack markings in the black and yellow colors of the Wolf Guard.


Venerable Dreadnoughts

-The Dreadnoughts of the Space Wolves are ancient and wise warriors who spend a great deal of time in dreamless sleep beneath the fang, only awakened in times of dire need. The Venerable Dreadnoughts of the Space Wolves may sometimes even lead forces of wolves into battle in the absence of another capable war leader, or in deference to their ancient wisdom. Oldest of all the Venerable Dreadnoughts is Bjorn the Fell-Handed who served in the Wolf Guard of the Primarch Leman Russ during the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy. When Russ vanished Bjorn was named the first Great Wolf of the Chapter. Every thousand years or so Bjorn awakens to test the priests on the lore of the Chapter, ensuring that the knowledge and traditions of Fenris remain true.


Chapter Serfs


ike all Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes the Space Wolves maintain a sizable army of mortal support staff and specialists who keep the Chapter running. Generally referred to as Bondsmen the Space Wolves serfs crew the Chapter's warships, man the defences of the Fang, provide medicae staff, repair crews and all the various types of labor that allow the Chapter's warriors to travel and fight the Emperor's many foes.



-The Thralls make up the majority of the Chapter's serfs and include the many mono-tasked servitors used by the Iron Priests.  



-Grooms are a sub-set of the Chapter's Thralls.



-The Kaerls are the armed serfs charged with the defense of the Chapter's vessels and holdings.



-The Huskaerls are the field officers of the Kaerls.



-The senior officers of the Kaerls, each Rivenmaster commands a force of five hundred armed Kaerls.


Ship Masters

-The mortal commanders of the Space Wolves vessels are known as Ship Masters, charged with commanding the Chapter's warships in the absence of the Space Wolves themselves.



-The Astropaths in service to the Space Wolves are known as Star-speakers.



-Like all vessels the Space Wolves ships require Navigators to travel the tides of the warp. The Space Wolves have a long standing alliance with the Navigator House Belisarius to provide guides for the Chapter's ships. Twenty four Space Wolves are assigned to House Belisarius as guards and officers in exchange for the service of an equal number of House Belisarius' most skilled Navigators.

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Notable Chapter Artifacts


Anvil Shield

-The Anvil Shield is a large slab of obstinite lasted with adamantium wielded by Arjac Rockfist as much a weapon as a form of protection.


The Armor of Asvald Stormwrack

-This ancient suit of Tactical Dreadnought Armor is an artifact from the Dark Age of Technology and possesses a number of arcane mechanisms beneath its armored plates that are able to repair damage to the armor, whether it was caused by powered blade or bolt of plasma. This auto-repair function is a miracle of technology that grants the wearer unsurpassed protection in battle. Traditionally the armor is gifted by the previous owning Wolf Lord to a promising successor and from that bearer on to the next, in this way the armor has passed from one hero of the chapter to the next for thousands of years. The armor was given to Logan Grimnar by his Jarl Asvald Stormwrack and now Grimnar grants use of the armor to promising heroes of the Champions of Fenris.


The Armor of Russ

-Recovered during the Second Great Hunt from the Temple of Horus on Rudra the Space Wolves believe this to be none other than the battleplate of Leman Russ himself. Imperial scholars and historians doubt the veracity of this claim but none can deny the magnificent craftsmanship of the armor, the unmatched protection it affords the wearer or the aura of intense cold that surrounds it, a freezing aura the Armor of Russ was reputed to possess.


Axe Langnvast

-This mighty relic axe is borne by Wolf Lord Bran Redmaw. Large enough to be wielded either one or two handed Langnvast bears a rune carved double bearded axe head.  


The Axe of Morkai

-The Axe of Morkai is a legendary twin-headed axe wielded by Logan Grimnar. The axe is a trophy siezed by the Space Wolves from a Champion of chaos and re-forged into a mighty weapon of the Imperium.


Belts of Russ

-Each Great Company has in it’s armory a single Belt of Russ. The powerful girdles incorporate potent forcefields that protect the wearer from all but the most potent of enemy weapons. Forged by the master Iron Priest Stef Blacksoul after the disappearance of Russ the belts are important relics of the Chapter, symbols of office as much as items of wargear.


The Bite of Fenris

-This relic bolter is known as much for the ammunition it fires as for the magnificence and reliability of its craftsmanship. The Bite of Fenris fires one of two types of custom bolts manufactured by hand specifically for the breech of this weapon. The first is the Helwinter Bolt, an ice-blue shell that contains specialized heat-thief charges that, when they explode, can transform the most ferocious of enemies into enormous frozen statues that shatter at the slightest touch. The second bolt fired by the Bite of Fenris is the Flametide bolt, these rounds explode a fraction of a second before they impact, showering the target in a lethal burst of superheated shell fragments and vengeful flame.


Black Death – Banisvatr

-Reputed to be amonst the deadliest weapons ever forged by the Iron Priests of the chapter. The Black Death is a Frost Axe whose blade is black as the moonless nights of Fenris and it bears dire runes whose origins or purpose have long been lost. It is believed that any who wield this blade become whirlwinds of death, the runes carved into the ebon blade granting the wielder phenomenal speed and fury and several sagas recount the dread foes and countless enemies this weapon has slain.


Blacksnow Charm

-When an Ork Waaagh invaded the ice world of Geot the Space Wolves turned the tide, slaughtering the Orks in vast numbers and turning the snow black with the ash of thousands of burning greenskin war-machines. The Blacksnow Charm is said to contain several crystals of that black ice kept perpetually frozen as a reminder of a great victory against the greenskins.



-This mighty power axe belonged to Bjorn the One-Handed in the days following the Scouring of Prospero.


Claws of Andhrimnir

-Relic born by Long Fang Brother Skyhowler of the Redmaw Great Company.


Crozius Arcanum

-These power mauls are the staff of office for the Chapter's Wolf Priest just as they are for the Chaplains of other Chapters. The Crozius Arcanum incorporate potent disruptor field emitters that make these symbols of authority equally deadly in combat.



-This deadly power sword was wielded by Wolf Guard Sigrd Brakk during the First Battle for the Fang. Upon Brakk's death the blade was taken up by Blood Claw Kyr Aesval Helfist and upon his death was taken up by Blood Claw Ogrim Raegr Vrafsson Redpelt. Many centuries later the blade came into the possession of Wolf Lord Berek Thunderfist who then passed it on to Grey Hunter Ingvar Gyrfalkon. Dausvjer served Gyrfalkon well through his fifty seven year tenure with the Deathwatch. Wielded by a hundred hands Dausvjer has held many names throughout it's history including fjorsváfi, helsverd, blodstefna and doomhringir. Alongside it's reputation for ancient glory lay darker whispers, claims that the blade is wyrd touched.



-The short power sword wielded by Brother Aj Kvara. One edge of the blade bears notched serrations. Years of heavy use saw the weapon's blade tarnished by burns from it's power field. Djalik was formerly wielded by Grey Hunter Beorth who fell in battle against a Daemon Prince of the Plague God on Deneth Teros. Brother Kvara retrieved the blade and used it to slay the Daemon Prince at last.


The Fangs of Morkai

-This multi-bladed tool serves the Chapter's Wolf Priests in place of the normal Narthecium and Reductor favored by the Apothecaries of other Chapters.


Fangsword of the Ice Wolf – Svellbrandr

-When Leman Russ defeated the legendary Ice Wolf a single fang was left embedded in his leg. He ordered the fang forged into a mighty sword so that it might serve his sons in battle against the enemies of the Allfather. Dubbed Svellbrandr, the Fangsword of the Ice Wolf, this mighty blade has served the chapter well for nearly ten thousand years.


Fellclaw’s Teeth

-Like the pelt and skull of the mighty Thunderwolf Fellclaw the teeth of the beast have also been crafted into a mighty artifact of the chapter. This wolf tooth necklace is given as a token of the Great Wolf’s favor to members of his Great Company. To be granted such an honor is a rare privilege for heroes of the chapter and they will fight all the harder to prove themselves worthy of the gift.


Fenris-Pattern Wolf Helm

-This pattern of helmet is a unique product of the Space Wolves Iron Priests featuring the snarling visage of a Fenresian Wolf. In addition to the intimidating appearance of these helmets the snout also incorporates an atmospheric interchange system that enables the wearer to take in small amounts of air from the surrounding environment without compromising the environmental seals of the wearer's power armor. This allows Space Wolves to use their heightened senses of taste and smell while utilizing the protection and auto-senses of an astartes battle-helm.



-This fierce chainsword is one of the favored weapons of Wolf Lord Sven Bloodhowl. Marked with a long tongue of flame painted onto the casing this double-edged chainsword is the perfect complement to Frostclaw, the Wolf Lord’s other favored blade. Jarl Sven typically wields both axe and sword, pairing the weapons in a fierce dual-wielding style.


Fist of Demetrius

-This ancient and ornate power fist was believed to have been the Fist of Russ. For many centuries this artifact was kept in a temple complex on the world of Demetrius, one of the planets that had been lost to Imperial rule for thousands of years during the Great Schism. Ten years into the Macharius Crusade the Imperial forces tracked down rumors of an astartes artifact on Demetrius and launched an invasion to capture the world and reclaim the artifact. Some rumors persisted that the Lord Solar Macharius sought to gift the fist in exchange for the support of the Space Wolves chapter in his ongoing campaigns. Before any such deal could be struck the fist was stolen by Dark Eldar Raiders and taken to the world of Procrastes. The Night Runner Great Company under the command of Wolf Lord Logan Grimnar joined the personal Lion Guard Regiment of Macharius in reclaiming Procrastes, driving off the xenos raiders, and reclaiming the fist. Though the Imperial forces were successful in all three tasks the Fist of Demetrius was not, in fact, the Fist of Russ. According to Logan Grimnar the fist was ancient and undeniably a potent relic of the Imperium and the Space Wolves, but was not a weapon wielded by the Primarch Leman Russ. Logan Grimnar took possession of the artifact but its ultimate fate or current location is unknown.


Fist of Fenris

-This power fist features customized iconography on the back of the fist.


Fist of Russ

-This ancient relic of the Space Wolves chapter is reputed to have been one of the weapons wielded by Leman Russ himself. Following the disappearance of Russ the Fist of Russ was placed in the Temple of the Storm Wolves on the world of Pelius, where it laid for thousands of years until it was stolen in a lightning raid by unknown force of xenos. Since its theft many have searched for the Fist of Russ over thousands of years, though many leads have been tracked down, many enemies fought, and many ruins searched, the Fist has yet to be reclaimed.



-A potent relic of the Space Wolves wielded by Grimnar's Champion Arjac Rockfist. Foehammer is a rune inscribed Thunderhammer with an inbuilt teleportation device that returns the weapon to Arjac's hand should he throw it at a foe or far more rarely, lose it in combat.



-This relic bolter was the favored weapon of Grey Hunter Tanngjost Seven Fingers. An antiquated pattern likely found collecting dust in one of the many armories of the Fang brother Tanngjost carried the bolter for many years. Frejya’s casing is adorned with red and gold and was rune marked by Rune Priest Ulli Iceclaw.


Frost Blades

-Frost blades usually take the forms of chainswords or chainaxes. Ancient and masterfully artificed weapons made from the teeth of Ice Krakens Frost Blades are potent weapons unique to the Space Wolves, that can carve through the heaviest armor with ease. Some Frost weapons have blades of energised diamond giving the weapons the appearance of lethal shards of ice while others are crafted from giant fangs, black gems, rare alloys or stranger materials yet.



-This deadly Frost Axe is one of the favored weapons of Wolf Lord Sven Bloodhowl. Featuring a fearsome double-bearded blade and long, leather-wound haft this mighty axe stands as tall as an average man yet the weapon is so well balanced and Jarl Sven so strong that the Wolf Lord easily wields the blade in a single hand.


-A mighty relic of the Chapter Frostfang was crafted by Iron Priest Fergus Forgrim a famous craftsman of the Chapter. The chainblade teeth of this relic are fashioned from a rare metal whose secrets died with their crafter. This blade was gifted to Wolf Lord Ragnar Blackmane by the lord of the Bellisarius Navigator House during his service with the Wolf Blade.



-The origins of this relic weapon are long lost to history, at some point in the past Frostfury, or Frostmodr as it is known in the language of Fenris, was re-chambered to fire specialized helfrost warhead tipped bolt rounds. The secrets of how this was done have been lost and now Frostfury stands as a unique and powerful weapon in the chapter arsenal. Currently Frostfury serves heroes of the Champions of Fenris.



-This mighty Frost Axe is the favored weapon of Wolf Lord Harald Deathwolf. Carved from a single ice-blue crystal the blade is fearsomely sharp and deathly cold.


Glimmerfrost Crystals

-These precious crystals are unique to Fenris and only grow in once place, the caverns beneath Allfather Peak. The exact location of the caves is amongst the most closely guarded secrets of the chapter and the crystals themselves are beyond priceless. Without them the chapter’s Helfrost weapons could not be made. Chapter legend holds that the glimmerfrost crystals began to grow in the caves after the Emperor was reunited with his lost son and that the crystals are a physical manifestation of the Allfather’s power and a priceless gift to the chapter.  


 Grimfang's Claw

-This artificed bolter is a treasured relic of the Chapter.


Helfrost Weaponry

-The Iron Priests of the chapter have long mastered the construction of directed energy weapons that use the precious glimmerfrost crystals unique to Fenris as specialized focusing lenses. By altering the flow of energy through the glimmerfrost crystal the Helfrost weapons are able to fire focused or dispersed beams of freezing cold energy. Anything the helfrost beam touches is frozen solid and made extremely brittle, enemies are frozen in place and shattered by the lightest touch into thousands of shards of crystallized flesh.



-Revered blade of the Blademaster and Grey Hunter Váltyr Skullhewer. During the Battle for Ras Shakeh the sverdhjera engaged the chaos lord Thorslax the Blighted in close combat. Though he fought furiously he was slain and holdbítr was shattered. Váltyr became the first, and last, wielder of the rune blade holdbítr.


The Helm of Durfast

-This ancient helm was crafted for the legendary hero Durfast, Champion and Savior of Mordrak. The helm incorporates a temporal distort circuit and advanced guidance system allowing its wearer to detect enemies no matter how well hidden and guides his hand in slaying them.


The Hood of Gnyrll

-An ancient relic of the Chapter granting any Rune Priest who wears it greater control of their psychic powers.


Hrulf's Hood of Darkness

-An ancient device of xenos origin, when activated the hood shrouds its wearer in a cloak of darkness.



-This ancient bolt pistol has served the Chapter well.


Krakenbone Sword

-This mighty Frost Sword was first crafted by Logan Grimnar, the Kraken fang from which it was forged was taken from the Kraken’s Spur as a trophy by Logan Grimnar when he was still a mortal tribesmen. Though still razor sharp the weapon was reforged by Arjac Rockfist into a weapon fit for a Space Wolf and the weapon now serves as a powerful boon granted to heroes of the Champions of Fenris.



-This immense frost blade was wielded by Leman Russ during the Great Crusade and was the weapon Russ carried during the Night of the Wolf where the Primarch of the VI Legion attempted to punish Angron for his transgressions. Angron shattered Krakenmaw during his duel with Russ, even as Russ destroyed Angron's first axe, Widowmaker.


The Kraken's Egg

-In the Trophy Halls of the Fang stands a leathery ovoid mountain of flesh roughly fifty feet long. The exact origin of the Kraken's Egg is unknown but reputed to be from the storied days of the Great Crusade when Russ apparently caught a massive Kraken in the frigid oceans of Fenris. Whatever the truth of the tale this strange trophy stands as one of the most curious relics of the Chapter.


Leman Russ Exterminator

-Normally Space Marines do not have access to Leman Russ tanks, however in honor of their Primarch the Space Wolves maintain a small number of Leman Russ Exterminators.



-Relic Thunder Hammer crafted by Rune Priest Svasund the Golden in M38. Currently borne by Wolf Guard Battle Leader Skallagrim of the Blackbrow of the Redmaw Great Company.


The Magnir Runes

-These rune stones are all that remain of Rune Priest Magnir who served the Deathwatch of the Jericho Reach centuries ago. In life Magnir was possessed of an uncanny ability to predict the future and the fates of those around him. Fellow Rune Priests of the Chapter who use the stones he left behind gain increased insight into the paths of the future.


Mantle of the Ice Troll King

-Torn from the corpse of the greatest of the Ice Trolls who threatened the Tide Hounds tribe this hide now adorns the armor of Wolf Lord Harald Deathwolf. It is believed by the Fenrisians that this cloak protects its wearer from even the fiercest of flames, whether they are natural or born of warp sorcery.  


Morkai’s Claws

-These magnificent Wolf Claws have served the chapter since the days of the Great Crusade. An ancient Adept of Mars whose identity has been lost to history reputedly crafted these weapons in honor of Leman Russ and inspired by the story of his defeat of the two-headed wolf Morkai. The Morkai’s Claws are potent weapons capable of shredding the toughest of foes and those who wield them are filled with the wrath of Morkai, driven to shred their foes into bloody ruin.



-Sometimes referred to as Mjolnir, this massive Frost Blade was wielded by Leman Russ during the later days of the Great Crusade and the dire battles of the Horus Heresy. The teeth of this weapon were said to have been taken from the maw of the legendary Kraken Gormenjarl.


The Murderclaws

-These unique claws each bear three blades carved from a mysterious ice that never melts. Each claw bears the skull of a Thunderwolf worked into the back of each fist; the left skull possesses an advanced targeter system built into its right eye-socket. Wielded by the maddened beast known as Murderfang these claws have ended countless lives, either at the end of their blades or to the flame and bolts of their in-built weapons systems.



-Njal the Stormcaller saved Iron Priest Ulf Blackbrow's life during the battle of Rust WOrld. Blackbrow was not one to owe others favors and so the accomplished smith crafted a particularly sophisticated cyber-raven named Nightwing for Njal. Nightwing has since saved Njal's life many times and is ever swift to aid the legendary Rune Priest in combat.


The Pelt of Balewolf

-Though the pelts of wolves are common sights amongst the Sons of Russ there are those pelts that stand apart from the rest as rare and unique artifacts, surrounded by legends and possessed of mythical power. The Pelt of the Balewolf is one such artifact, made from the hide of one of the mighty Blackmaned wolves said to escape from the underworld of Morkai once every generation to sow death and terror amongst the tribes of Fenris. Drenched in the scent of the long-dead alpha predator the mere presence of this cloak cowers even the fiercest of beasts.


The Pelt of the Doppegangrel

-Lukas the Trickster is the only individual in the Space Wolves history who has managed to track and slay one of the legendary chameleonic Doppegangrel. Lukas wears the pelt as a trophy and uses it's innate abilities to assist him in battle, and probably mischief.


The Pelt of Fellclaw

-This dread Thunderwolf once carved a bloody path through the lower slopes of Asaheim until it was hunted down and slain by Logan Grimnar. Now the pelt of Fellclaw hangs as a cloak from Grimnar’s shoulders and the wolf’s head sits gilded in gold upon the back of his mighty suit of Terminator Armor.



-The blade of Grey Hunter Aj Kvara during the battle for Deneth Teros. Rothgeril was wrested from Kvara's grip by a Daemon Prince of the Plague God.


Runic Staffs

-Runic Staffs are mighty artifacts carried by Rune Priests that are imbued with the most powerful wards the Rune Priests can devise that protect the wielder from the psychic attacks of his enemies.


Runic Terminator Armor of Njal Stormcaller

-Njal alone has the skill to craft Runic Terminator armor and his suit is currently the only one of it's kind in the Chapter.



-Heavy Bolter borne by Grey Hunter Olgeir Heavy-hand of Járnhamar Pack.



-Thunder Hammer borne by Wolf Guard Pack Leader Gunnlaugur.


Slashing Fury

-A customized wolf-claw the Slashing Fury bears a stylized wolf head on the back of the gauntlet.


The Spear of Russ

-This spear was carried by Leman Russ himself during the Great Crusade. It was on the Spear of Russ that the first Wolf Lords swore their allegiance to Leman Russ and the Emperor and formed the first Great Companies. Despite the symbolic importance of the spear Leman Russ reputedly lost the weapon frequently and favored blades such as Krakenmaw over the spear in battle. One account tells how, after drinking a immense ammount of stormwine on Sirenia, Russ tried to throw the spear at the moon. It took four days of searching for Russ' warriors to recover the weapon. The spear was laid to rest in the Shrine of Garm, the last resting place of one of the Legions greatest warriors who died protecting the Primarch. Garm's ritually carved sarcophagus bore a likeness of the warrior on the upper surface which gripped the spear. A pilgrimage to the shrine was a common practice for the Space Wolves and many warriors who laid hands on the spear reported an enlightening experience, as though they were reaching out to the Primarch through the ages.


Staff of the Stormcaller

-The Runic Staff wielded by Njal Stormcaller, the Staff of the Stormcaller is a venerable weapon and relic of the Space Wolves.


Stalker-pattern Bolt Pistols

-Similar in design and function to the Stalker-pattern bolter these customized pistols are favored by the elite Wolf Scouts of the Chapter.



-This ancient relic of the chapter dates back to the Great Crusade and once carried the Primarch Leman Russ on the day he took command of the VI Legion. Stormrider is a chariot forged in the shape of a Fenrisian dragonship, held aloft by arcane s uspensor fields and directional jet engines. Stormrider has, since it’s forging, been pulled by a pair of THunderwolves. For the last five centuries Stormrider has been pulled by the THunderwolves Tyrnak and Fenrir. Logan Grimnar has adorned the hull of Stormrider with ornate panels depicting his victory over the Krakens of Fenris on one side and his defeat of the World Eaters Champion Akor Doomflayer on the other. Ceremonial shields depict further insignia of the Great Wolf and his deeds and sculpted Spirit Wolves are mounted on the back, protection against fell magics. Stormrider bears a powerful force field generator capable of deflecting all but the most powerful of attacks and ensuring that the rider can carve a path through the deadliest of battlefields virtually unscathed.


Sunwolf's Fang

-A deadly plasma pistol honored with the name Sunwolf's Fang, after the spirit wolf of Fenris.


Teeth of the Blizzard

-While deployed fighting back elements of Hive Fleet Behemoth a pack led by the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar became surrounded and cut off from reinforcements. Logan's Wolf Guard fought furiously to protect their lord and one, named Ralaff, leapt on the back of a Trygon and slit its throat with this Frost Blade. Though Ralaff died from injuries sustained in the battle reinforcements were able to fight their way to the Great Wolf's side thanks to his actions. This Frost Blade now resides with the Deathwatch of the Jericho Reach.


Torgarl's Plasma Blade

-Similar in function to the Foehammer born by Arjac this ancient blade incorporates a sophisticated homing device and teleport matrix capable of returning it to its users hand after being thrown. The blade itself incorporates a plasma generator in the handle capable of sheathing the knife in an intense plasma field able to penetrate even the thickest armor.



-After Bjorn’s internment within the confines of a Dreadnought Sarcophagus the chapter Iron Priests crafted this mighty claw for the former Great Wolf in honor of the dread claw he favored as a mortal. Adorned with gems and intricate scrollwork Trueclaw mounts an in-built Heavy Flamer.



-This heavily customized heavy bolter was the pride of Grey Hunter Saehrimnar Brokenaxe. The Widow was destroyed shortly after Saehrimnar’s death in Pack Aesor’s second clash with the Mek leading the greenskins from the destroyed hydroelectric dam on the slopes of Sacred Mountain on Alaric Prime.


Wolf Amulets

-These ornate amulets function identically to the Rosarius amulets used by the Chaplains of other Chapters, containing powerful force-field generators that protect the wearer from all but the most deadly attacks. Where the Rosarius is a physical representation of the ties between the Chaplains of the Adeptus Astartes and the Ecclesiarchy the Space Wolves do not share a similar unity of faith.


Wolf Helm of Russ

-The Wolf Helm of Russ is an ancient artifact of the Chapter said to have been worn by Russ himself. The Helm is awarded to a great company after a tournament of champions, the last winner was Ragnar Blackmane who then presented the Helm to the Wolf Priest Ranek as a sign of respect.


Wolf Skull Helms

-These stylized helms are worn by the Chapter's Wolf Priests rather than the human skull helmets more typical amongst the Chaplains of other Adeptus Astartes Chapters.


The Wulfen Stone

-One of the Chapter's most ancient and treasured relics, the Wulfen Stone was worked into a suit of armor by Iron Priest Fengri. Within the depths of the gem can be seen an image of the Wolf Within, the Canis-helix found within every Son of Russ.



-This master-crafted frost axe was forged by the greatest craftsmen of the Space Wolves, it’s blade was glazed with bonemeal ground from the talons of the legendary ice wyrm Witherwing, this coating makes the blade eternally razorsharp, an edge that can never dull or fade. This relic of the chapter is carried as the personal weapon of Wolf Lord Krom Dragongaze.


Homeworld- Fenris




“It is said that in the Time of Making, the Allfather cast the sphere of Fenris into the Sea of Stars, reckoning it to be no place fit for life. Fenris felt the cold of the dark and ran back to the warmth of the Wolf’s Eye. The heat of the eye proved too great, and Fenris fled into the outer dark once again. So it is that each Graet Year that Fenris races towards the sun in summer and fless again, plunging all into the cold embrace of winter.”

-The Telling of Haakon Yellow-Eye.



enris is the legendary deathworld and home of the Space Wolves. For most of a Fenresian Great Year, roughly two to four times the length of a Terran year, the world is locked in the frozen grip of winter that breaks for the Season of Fire where the tectonic instability of the planet causes the seas to boil, islands to sink and new landmasses to rise. It is rare indeed for an island to remain for more than a few years at a time. The constant shift and harsh conditions shape the people of Fenris into a hardy and strong breed. Tempered for battle in the constant war for survival against the elements, the monsters of the great seas, and competing tribes, and that is the way the Space Wolves like it. Instead of reforming the society of their homeworld as most Legions did, Leman Russ kept Fenris the same, kept the various sea going, island living tribes the same as they had always been, to keep them hardy and strong. As the tribes war the Space Wolves monitor their efforts, and every so often when two tribes wage war against each other, a wolf skull masked priest will appear on a fiery chariot in the sky to watch. Whenever the Wolf Priests of the Emperor’s warriors is watching, the tribes of fenris cease what they were doing and re-form their battle lines. If a tribe had been raiding an enemy in swift and merciless butchery, they will instantly cease and allow their foes to be armed. For only in true battle can the Emperor’s chosen see the warriors of Fenris at their best, and choose those worthy of ascent.


The seas of Fenris are home to creatures that seem to be straight from the legends and nightmares of the people of ancient Terra, yet they are very real to the inhabitants of Fenris. Enormous and deadly Krakens, sea Dragons that could swallow armored tanks whole and massive predatory sharks. Once an outsider has seen the fury and power of such creatures, one gains a new respect for the people of Fenris, who challenge such beasts with iron spears and axes, aboard simple longboats called Dragonships, that are much of the time barely a fraction of the size of the mighty sea wyrms that the people of Fenris hunt.


In opposition to the chaotic change of Fenris’ mighty seas, the massive continent known as Asaheim is home to the Space Wolves themselves. Asaheim is home to mighty Ice Trolls, Fenrisian Wolves and other monsters. The Aspirants and Space Wolves often test their skills against the various beasts populating the glaciers, ice plains, and mountains of the continent.


The Tribes and Regions of Fenris


enris is home to many different spread across the harsh surface of the planet, each group carving out a tenuous existence from the hostile environment of the Imperial death world. Some tribes take to the seas in great Dragonships while others hunt through mountain forests and still others live a nomadic existence trekking across great chains of glaciers. In their own ways each tribe has found a way to survive in one of the most hostile environments imaginable.


The Isle of the Iron Masters

-Home to the only tribe of Fenrisian natives whose technological capacity stands comparable to the ancient Terran iron age the inhabitants of the Isle of the Iron Masters are also unique in that they do not sail the seas, they do not hunt or raid, conquest is not in their nature. As laid down in the Ancient Pact of Leman Russ the Iron Masters are the sole source of metalwork to the Fenrisian natives. Every season vast fleets of Dragonships will risk the torturous and nearly suicidal voyage to the Isle of the Iron Masters on the slopes of Fire Mountain and in sight of the great cliffs of Asaheim. Once they arrive in the Iron Masters harbor they are met by belching metal ships powered by steam engines and armed with crude but functional weaponry. Though crude in the extreme compared to even the most humble of Imperial STC technology these ships and weapons are nevertheless more than powerful enough to deter even the most hot-headed Fenrisian raider from trying to steal the hordes of the Iron Masters without paying. Just as surprising to those Fenrisians who have never laid eyes on the isle before is the nature of the Iron Masters settlement, dressed stone caked in layers of soot and moss built up over many centuries and laid out in dense rows of habitats and forges. To the natives of Fenris’ volcanic islands the mere concept of such permanent structures built on one of the world’s turbulent islands is horrifying, for a quake could send the ancient structures tumbling down on the inhabitants at any moment. What the islanders do not initially realize is that the isle of the Iron Masters has been stable for many centuries and will be for many more, its people untroubled by the frequent earthquakes, floods and catastrophes commonly suffered by the sea faring islanders. Once the dragonships dock at the stone quays the wide-eyed tribesmen trade furs, salted meats and other goods for precious iron axe and spear blades, far superior weapons to the stone and bone the Fenrisian tribes are otherwise forced to use. Occasionally young aspirants like Arjac Rockfist will train with the Iron Makers or the Forge Thralls of the chapter who work in the Iron Hills, in the shadow of the Fang. To facilitate communication with the chapter an ancient vox-relay hub stands at the top of the Iron Masters harbor settlement.


The Mountain Tribes

-A small number of Fenrisian tribesmen make their homes in the lower slopes of the Asaheim mountain ranges and across lowland regions bordering the seas of Fenris. The many hostile beasts that make the Asaheim ranges their homes make these tribes and their settlements few in number by necessity and attrition. It is all too common for a band of Ice Trolls or a rampaging herd of Saenyeti to wipe a tribe from existence. Though many islanders look down on what they see as weaker tribes living in relative ease the life of the mountain tribes is no less frought with danger and though fewer in number members of the mountain tribes are occasionally taken by the Sky Warriors and brought to the Fang to become aspirants to the Space Wolves.


The Glacier Nomads

-Making their living on a chain of glaciers stretching across Fenris’ oceans the glacier nomads live a humble existence ever frought with danger. Because of this the glacier tribesmen are known to possess superior senses to any of the other tribes of Fenris, even once recruited into the Space Wolves battle-brothers drawn from the glacier nomads possess far sharper senses than even the heightened hearing and smell of their comrades. Because of these skills most warriors drawn from the glacier tribes invariably become members of Wolf Scout Packs, the better to utilize their heightened skills to the benefit of the chapter. One of the more well known glaciers is the Gautreksland glacier, a stretch of ice from which Brother Starkad was recruited to the chapter.


The Island Tribes

-Perhaps the most numerous of the many tribes of Fenris are the sea faring islanders. The great oceans of Fenris cover most of the planet’s surface and are dotted with thousands of volcanic islands which rise and fall with the changing of the seasons. Most of these islands do not last more than a few seasons before they are reclaimed by the churning seas and even when they do stand the islands suffer frequent and violent earthquakes and floods. As a result the Fenrisian islanders rarely build any structures of any permanence, most of their dwellings are crude bone huts covered in cured animal hide. Dragonships are crafted from the ribs and bones of Fenrisian sea beasts or occasionally from the sparse woodlands that occasionally grow on the longer lasting islands. Cured hide is stretched across the skeletal structure of these ships to form a watertight outer skin. Though humble the islanders dragonships are light, fast, and easy to build, allowing even the humblest of tribes to field them in their dozens. Though extremely dangerous the island tribes make a living from hunting the great beasts of Fenris’ seas, creatures that often greatly outweigh and outsize the largest of the dragonships. Yet to slay even one such beast is a rich bounty indeed, providing skin, scales, fat, meat and bones that can last a tribe for months. The hide is cured and turned into clothes, ship hulls and shelters while the meat is salted and preserved. Such hunts are necessary practice for with the turn of every season comes the chance that a tribe’s home island will be torn asunder and sink beneath the wave, sending the entire tribe out onto the seas in a mass exodus. The tribe must find a new home if they are to survive for no matter how skilled the sailors no tribe can survive on the seas alone for any length of time. Yet any new land is likely to be already inhabited or at the very least will be claimed by multiple tribes who will have to fight for dominance and ownership. It is during these clashes between tribes that the Wolf Priests will watch most attentively, ever ready to swoop in and lay claim to the most skilled or promising of the combatants, whether standing or fallen. Among the better known of the modern era Island Tribes are the Thunderfist, Grimskull, Iron Blood, Tide Hounds, Sea Devil and Ice Fang tribes, while one of the better known tribes during the Horus Heresy Era were the Ascommani. Whether the Ascommani tribe still exists in one form or another is unknown. 


The Fire Breather

-This mighty volcano is surrounded by a handful of hardy and stubborn tribes who risk the fickle wrath of the mountain. Without warning the Fire Breather will spew forth massive clouds of dense, toxic fumes that can wipe out entire tribes in a matter of minutes or the volcano will suddenly and unexpectedly erupt, blanketing the surrounding area in rivers of molten lava and clouds of pyroclastic ash. Only the extremely brave or very foolish would dare to live in the shadow of this dread mountain yet there are those who carve out a living on the slopes of the volcano. The tribes surrounding the Fire Breather practice the ritual tattooing of their warriors flesh to mark deeds of great import, bravery or skill. Wolf Lord Sven Bloodhowl was recruited from amongst the Fire Breather’s tribes and has brought some of his old tribal traditions, including the ritual marking of the skin and armor, into the chapter.


The Shark’s Reach Fjords

-This region of Fenris is home to a number of tribes who make a living around the hostile shallow waters and river crossings. These tribes are known for their fierce pride and deeply ingrained sense of honor. No tribesmen of the fjords will do to a brother what they will not do to themselves and any loss or injury they cause to another they inflict on themselves in return. This self destructive sense of honor is compounded by a fierce pride and need to respond to any perceived slight. This makes the tribesmen of the fjords fierce warriors but their pride is all too often their own undoing.


The Kraken’s Spur

-This rare island is home to one of the few sites of permament ruins on the surface of Fenris. When under the surface of the waves the site serves as a great graveyard for the deadly Kraken that stalk the oceans of Fenris. The largest kraken can grow to a length of many kilometers long and possess fangs ranging in size from a knife or spear blade to a sword in length. From time to time this great spur of rock will rise to the surface, pushed above the waves by the grinding tectonic movements of Fenris during the Season of Fire. The rise of the Kraken Spur is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the island tribes. Scattered across the spur are the bones of countless Kraken, deposited over thousands of years beneath the waves. The bones and fangs of these Kraken remains can be used to craft priceless weapons and tools, ship hulls that are lighter and far sturdier than any others and weapons that are sharper and harder than the crude bone and iron blades typical to the island tribes. If that were not enough to make the Kraken’s Spur a prize of inordinate value to the island tribes the spur is also the site of an ancient stone ruin known as the Temple of Morkai. Who built this temple, when they built it, or why, are mysterious to the Fenrisians and even to the Space Wolves. What is important to the tribes is that the ruins are home to vast treasures left behind in ages past.


Thunder Mountain

-An ancient site honored by the Thunderfist tribe from which Ragnar Blackmane was recruited. Sited on a relatively stable spur of rock this towering peak was mounted with a ring of great rune stones, some of which appeared truly ancient, the stone worn by the ages and marked by dirt and moss. How long this ritual site stood, or whether it still stands, are unknown.


The Valley of the Burning Stones

-This strange and hostile valley was once home to a deviant mountain tribe entirely composed of rogue psykers known as the Vulture Clan. Discovering this den of evil the Wolf Priests of the chapter descended in strength and exterminated the clan nearly to the last, gathering up and burning the bodies to leave no trace that they had ever existed, the only ones spared were five boys young enough to potentially become aspirants to the chapter. Despite their deviant heritage psykers are nevertheless rare and priceless assets to the chapter. These five were tested, of which three were found to be too far corrupted and were left in the wastes to die of exposure. The fourth died during his proving but one survived and was ultimately recruited to the chapter. This sole survivor of the Vulture Clan would come to be known as Rune Priest Ulli Iceclaw, specialist assigned to the Blackmane Great Company during the Battle of Alaric Prime. The Valley of the Burning Stones was an ominous place at the best of times, a deep rift in the mountains of Asaheim where the light of the sun only reached for an hour each day. The far end of the valley was marked by massive peaks of blackened rock and guarded by cairns and watchtowers, the hills scattered with the skulls of the Vulture Clan’s enemies. The clan itself had sheltered in huts made of whale bone and sheathed in the flayed hides of their enemies. The valley earned its name from the ritual sacrifices made by the Vulture Clan. Sacrificial victims would be chained to the rocks above the settlement and ritually burned as offerings to pagan gods.


The Cavern Cities

-The first settlers to arrive on Fenris before the Age of Strife found the surface too inhospitable to properly colonize. Instead the colony ships were salvaged and the colonists built expansive cave cities deep beneath the Asaheim mountain range. For many years the settlers sheltered beneath the rock, kept safe as the realm of mankind was sundered in the Age of Catastrophe. Though these cities were safe from the predators and elements of Fenris they were ultimately abandoned. Only contradictory legends and rumors now remain to explain why these great shelters were forsaken in favor of living on the surface. Some legends tell that some malevolent force was present in the rock that led to mutation and chaos worship, while other stories tell of the unleashing of ancient and forbidden weaponry that made the cities unsafe to inhabit. Ultimately Leman Russ forbade any Fenrisians from establishing permanent dwellings within the great cave systems or the ruins of these great subterranean cities. Unfortunately there will always be those who defy such edicts, for whome the appeal of the forbidden outweighs the danger. Those who have defied the orders of Russ and chosen to dwell in the caves have over time devolved into foul creatures known as Nightgangers, horrible monsters with misshapen limbs, pale and diseased skin and massive milky orbs for eyes. Any Fenrisian tribesman with any sense avoides the cave systems of the Asaheim range lest they be dragged into the dark by twisted claws and devoured by the tainted mutants of the deeps.


The Temple of Tzeentch

-For centuries, maybe even millennia, a dread temple devoted to the worship of Tzeentch had been hidden beneath the mountains of Fenris, deep beneath the surface of the world in the depths of one of the ancient cave cities built by the first settlers of Fenris. The devolved and mutated denizens of this horrible place, the Nightgangers, had over many years built an enormous temple and devoted themselves to the worship of chaos in the aspect of the Lord of Change. That such a place could have existed for so long in the very shadow of the Fang was a truly horrific discovery for the Space Wolves when a pack of newly inducted Blood Claws that included the young Ragnar Blackmane stumbled upon the temple. So dire was this discovery that the chapter’s commanders chose to awaken the greatest of the Ancients, Bjorn the Fell-Handed, to lead the response force to the caverns and destroy the temple. Ultimately the temple was destroyed and the forces of the Thousand Sons driven from the place but whether any more such sites exist beneath other great caverns is uncertain and the chapter must remain ever vigilant lest other such sites of insidious worship be revealed.


The Tombs of Ancient Kings

-Scattered across Fenris are the remnants of ancient Tombs, barrows and cairns where the ancient lords of Fenris are buried. Kings, Queens, Princes and Nobles of the tribes were interred in ancient times in stone crypts marked with runes retelling the history and deed of the individuals contained within. It is from these crypts that the Fenrisian tribesmen take their language and the Sky Warriors the runic script central to the practices of the Rune Priests.


The Sky Warrior Training Camps

-Located in the lowlands of the Asaheim continent are a series of remote training camps where potential aspirants to the chapter undergo a series of intensive trials to prove themselves worthy to join the chapter. Russvik, Grimnir, Valksberg, and other sites like them, are where the young tribesmen chosen by the Wolf Priests are brought to begin their training. For months the aspirants endure extreme hardships and training that tests them to their very limits both mentally and physically. The young tribesmen are forced to put aside the greatest differences of their old tribal identities and learn to work and fight together in groups that will in time become the packs with which they will most likely serve for the rest of their lives. Should an aspirant survive this training he will be taken to the Fang to face the Trials of Morkai and should he pass those he will then begin the implantation process and go through the Blooding that will transform him from a scrawny youth dragged from the ice into a posthuman killing machine of the Adeptus Astartes.


The Fenris System


enris is a system of three worlds Midgardia, Fenris and Frostheim, all of which share a long elliptical orbit of the system’s one small star, the Wolf’s Eye. Frostheim has one small moon, Svellgard and Fenris itself has a single moon known as Valdrmani, or the Wolf Moon. Like all home systems of the Adeptus Astartes the Fenris System boasts significant static defenses including orbital weapons platforms, minefields and two Ramilies-clas Star Forts. Only three times in the past ten thousand years has the Fenris system faced invasion by a force with the strength to potentially succeed. The first was in 742.M32 by the Thousand Sons, the second during the Plague of Unbelief by the forces of the Apostate Cardinal Bucharis and the third time in 933.M41 in what would come to be known as the Battle for Midgardia.



-Not a direct vassal of the Space Wolves the world of Midgardia nevertheless benefits greatly from the presence of the Sons of Fenris so close at hand and has only suffered one major xenos attack in the last ten thousand years. The entire surface of Midgardia is a toxic nightmare inimical to life and dense with massive gnarle trees. Nearly the entire population lives in great underground cities suspended from the great forest roots above while a vast sea of boiling lava churns away below. The only surface structures are vast defense stations and fortress gates that protect the access routes underground. The largest and most important of these installations is the Emperor’s Judgement, a vast Nova Cannon battery built around the same time as the defenses of the Fang. Featuring three enormous gun barrels and powered by geothermal reactors the Emperor’s Judgement is a mighty weapon capable of annihilating any ship that dares draw into orbit without authorization. Underground the pale and scrawny people of Midgardia make a living gathering viscious red strands of pulp from the great roots that are then shipped off-world for use in manufacturing a variety of medecines. Life on Midgardia is dangerous and uncertain, whole cities can break from the crust to plunge into the lava below or sudden and unexpected eruptions can melta away cities in seconds. Midgardia tithes regiments to the Imperial Guard and has a sizable standing garrison. 


The Natives of Fenris


t is said Fenris breeds cold souls. As a deathworld Fenris is considered by most within the Imperium as a veritable hell, virtually every living thing on the planet is a predator or capable of fighting predators in its own right, nothing weak survives on Fenris for long. The few invaders to have set foot on Fenris have learned the hard way that there are more ways to die on Fenris than can easily be counted. As such the people of Fenris live short, brutal lives where survival is a constant struggle. The majority of Fenris' population live a largely nomadic existence on the many hundreds of islands dotting the seas. During the Season of Fire most islands sink beneath the waves even as new ones rise up, forcing the tribes to remain almost constantly on the move, taking to the waves each year to find a new place to live. Inevitably the tribes engage in warfare over the ever limited number of habitable islands and much coveted resources.


A smaller portion of the native population lives in the lowlands of the Asaheim continent, the only permanent landmass on the planet. Most island tribesmen view the lowlanders as soft but this is far from the truth. The many predators native to Asaheim ensure that life in the lowlands is in many ways just as dangerous. Though their numbers are fewer the lowlanders are still chosen by the Space Wolves Wolf Priests from time to time to become aspirants to the Chapter.


A very small portion of the populace lives on the isles of the Iron Masters beneath the Fire Mountain. Alone amongst the natives of Fenris the Iron Masters possess crude technologies, metal ships, stone buildings and furnaces of molten metal. As part of an Ancient Pact the Iron Masters remain secluded amongst themselves, trading only occasionally with those islanders brave enough to make the journey to their islands. Food, furs and other materials are traded to the Iron Masters in exchange for crude metal tools and weapons much valued by the islanders. Virtually the only stable landmasses in the great oceans of Fenris the isles of the Iron Masters house a small communications post for the Space Wolves.


The Culture of Fenris


he culture of Fenris is considered crude, brutal and barbaric by many within the Imperium. Yet for all its savagery the people of Fenris are loyal and fierce, the perfect recruits for a Space Marine Chapter and their culture has influenced every aspect of the Space Wolves organization and belief since the founding of the Legion during the Great Crusade.


The basic social structure of Fenris is the tribe which is led by a Jarl. The warriors of each tribe are known as Wolfbrothers or Shieldbrothers. The history of each tribe is recorded in oral songs and poems by a Skjald. Every male of a tribe is taught to fight, to hunt for food and supplies, and to defend the tribe against its enemies. The women are no less fierce and hardy as Fenris suffers no weakness. In the spring various tribes meet at gatherings known as moots to trade and exchange stories and news. Technology is crude, iron weapons and tools are rare and highly valuable. The island tribes rely on their vessels of bone and hide known as dragonships, and every settlement, no matter how small will feature a longhouse or hall where the Jarl holds court.


To the natives of Fenris the Emperor is known as the All-Father, the father of Russ and protector of mankind. Runic totems and talismans ward away the evil spirits of Ghorghe, Sla Nahesh and Horus. The peaks of Asaheim are known as the Wall of the Gods and the Space Wolves are myths and legends who appear amongst the tribes to take the honored slain.


The Beasts of Fenris


Blackmane Wolves

-Reputably the largest sub-species of Fenrisian Wolves, the mighty Blackmanes can grow to be as large as a Rhino APC.



-Though dangerous like most things on Fenris these relatively small fish are consumed in vast quantities by the larger predators of Fenris’ oceans during the Season of Fire.



-Mammal native to Fenris, its horns are much sought after for their use as drinking horns and armor ornamentations.


Fenrisian Wolves

-Among the most infamous of Fenris' native creatures, the Fenrisian Wolves are legendary for their ferocity and keen intelligence.



-Great Seal-Mother.


Giant Elk

-Similar to beasts that once roamed across the surface of distant Terra these creatures are far larger and more fearsome than their extinct cousines.


Great Bears

-Massive bears are a common danger in the mountains of Asaheim.


Great Ice Wyrms

-These mighty beasts dwell only in the highest caves of the Asaheim peaks and come down only rarely to hunt for prey. Huge and savage the prospect of killing such a beast is a dire challenge for a Sky Warrior, a near impossible feat of legend for a warrior of the tribes.



-One of the few avian species capable of surviving on Fenris. Grey in color and swift in the hunt the Gyrfalkon, like almost every species on Fenris, is a skilled predator.



-Predator bird native to Fenris.



-Poisonous serpents native to Fenris.



-Sea creatures native to Fenris.



-Massive sea beast native to Fenris.


Ice Fiend

-One of the many predators to stalk the great ice fields of Asaheim, Ice Fiends stand twice the height of a Space Marine and have acidic blood.



-Tough, nasty and hard to kill, Ice-Trolls are weak only to fire and heal rapidly, making them fearsome beasts indeed.



-A rare breed of beast native to the mountains of Fenris. Extremely hardy the Konungur have twisted horns, rear legs the width of a man's waist, fused rib cages, spiked spinal ridges and hooves and no less than four lungs to breath the thin air of the Fenrisian mountains.



-Denizens of Fenris' mighty oceans, some believe the Fenrisian Kraken to be a Tyranid Bio-form abandoned on Fenris many thousands of years ago.



-Predator beasts native to Fenris. Hunted in ritual combat.



-These aquatic creatures native to Fenris’ seas are consumed in their masses by the larger oceanic predators during the Season of Fire.



-Fenris is home to many large beasts, one such example are the shaggy Mastodons that prowl the ice of the Asaheim mountain ranges.



-Voracious predatory sea creatures native to Fenris, capable of devouring a man down to his bones in seconds.



-Part bison, part elk mammals native to Fenris. The Saenyeti are massive and agressive beasts with immense horns that act as sonic sensors.



-Sea serpents native to the oceans of Fenris.



-Prey animal native to Fenris.



-A small and agile prey beast native to the islands of Fenris.



-A sub-species of the Fenrisian Wolf the Thunderwolves are massive beasts, so large and strong they can be used as mounts by fully armored Space Marines.


Legendary Beasts of Fenris


hile the wolves of Fenrisian myths hold an important place in the beliefs of the tribes and the chapter the death world of Fenris is also home to many other dread creatures, many of which have accrued legends and myths of their own.


The Iron-Scale Kraken

-This mighty beast was said to have been amongst the greatest and deadliest of its kind. Too tough to slay on the open ocean it is said that Russ dragged the creature out of the oceans and onto dry land where he could more easily slay it.


The Beast of the Black Fjord

-A terrifying monster inhabiting a dark river of Fenris this dread beast is said to have been lured out of it’s lair by Hef Shattertusk.


The Thunderwolf Fellclaw

-This mighty predator once terrorized the lowlands of Asaheim, leading the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar to personally hunt down and slay the beast. After a brutal fight Grimnar slew Fellclaw but was then forced to take shelter in a nearby cave because of an approarching blizzard. Within Grimnar discovered a pair of cubs that must have belonged to Fellclaw. Rather than leave them Grimnar adopted the pups and raised them as his own battle companions. Now the teeth of Fellclaw serve as a mighty token of Grimnar’s faith spread amongst his company while the wolf’s pelt adorns his back and it’s skull sits over his shoulders.


The Ice Wyrm Witherwing

-One of the most dreaded of the great drakes inhabiting the highest peaks of the Asaheim range the beast known as Witherwing was finally hunted down and slain after some effort, it’s talons were crushed down and worked into an enamel that would coat the Frost Axe dubbed Wyrmclaw.


The Ice Troll King

-The greatest of the ice trolls that threatened the Tide Hounds tribe. This mighty beast was slain by Wolf Lord Harald Deathwolf and now it’s hide adorns his back as a cloak.


The Fang – Fortress of Wolves


he Fang is the Fortress Monastary of the Space Wolves. Each Great Company keeps a headquarters in the Fang, and the Fang is where new recruits are transformed into Blood Claws. The Fang is also home to many of the facilities of the Chapter including the majority of the most sacred places to the Chapter, ancient artifacts and mighty forges. The Fang also happens to be the single tallest mountain in the Imperium, one of the greatest fortresses of mankind. The Fang is so tall that its highest observation room is actually situated above Fenris’ atmosphere. Considered the mightiest bastion of the Imperium outside of Terra there are few enemies indeed who can challenge the Fang.


The Fang is encased in immensely thick armor, with powerful defense lasers as ancient as the Space Wolves themselves and powered by long lost technology. Void shields superior to that found on even the most magnificent of Imperial warships protects the fang and the mountain is so vast that its upper reaches actually form docks for space craft used by the Chapter. Wards and sigils of aversion fill the Fang in their thousands, preventing chaos sorcerers or psykers from infiltrating the Space Wolves fortress with their powers, even attempting to use warp-spawned sorcery within the Fang is difficult and dangerous for the forces of chaos. The Fang, despite it’s immense power, has nearly fallen several times in its history, but despite the desperate hours the Fang has encountered in its long and glorious history the Citadel of Wolves still stands testament to the power of the Space Wolves, the Adeptus Astartes, and the Imperium.



-The uppermost region of the Fang, the Valgard includes the Docking platforms, Void Shield Array and Fleshmaker Laboratories.



-Below the Valgard the Jarlheim is home to the Space Wolves themselves. In the upper reach of the Jarlheim is the Chamber of the Annulus and the lower boundary of the Jarlheim is the Fangthane.


The Hold

-The majority of the Fang's interior space is taken up by the Hold proper.


The Hammerhold

-Beneath the Hold is the Hammerhold, the region of the Fang given over to the Iron Priests and the various industrial workings of the Chapter.


The Underfang

-The very lowest region of the Fang, the Underfang is home to the geothermal reactors that provide the Fang with power and the very lowest vaults carved out by the Space Wolves.


The Fangthane

-A massive chamber separating the Hold proper from the Jarlheim, the Fangthane is one of the most vital defensive points in the Fang, any invader must pass through the Fangthane to reach the upper levels. Great graven symbols of the Great Companies of old are carved into the walls of the Fangthane. One entering the Fangthane from the west ascends the Stair of Ogvai.


Borek's Seal

-The second most critical defensive point in the Fang, Borek's Seal is the only route between the Hold and the under chambers of the Hammerhold and the Underfang.


Chamber of the Annulus

-Marking the upper limits of the Jarlheim the Chamber of the Annulus is where the Chapter gathers for war councils and ceremonies.



-Located within the Hammerhold the Chapter's forges provide the majority of the arms and armor used by the Chapter.


Halls of the Revered Fallen

-Deep within the underlevels of the Fang are the Halls of the Revered Fallen, where the Chapter's Dreadnoughts are interred; kept in deep stasis sleep between periods of war. It is believed that as many as a hundred revered Ancients dwell within the vaults.


Geothermal Reactors

-Located deep in the Underfang the Fang's Geothermal Reactors provide all the power the Fang needs to operate its many systems.


Sunrising Gate

-One of two mighty gates leading into the Fang. As its name suggests the Sunrising Gate faces the rising sun.


Bloodfire Gate

-One of two mighty gates leading into the Fang. Where the Sunrising gate faces the sunrise the Bloodfire Gate faces the sunset over Fenris.


Fleshmaker Laboratorium

-Located in the very upper reaches of the Fang the Fleshmaker Laboratorium is where the Chapter's initiates are transformed into Space Marines and the wounded are tended by the Wolf Priests.


Chamber of the Watch

-In the upper levels of the Fang is located the Chamber of the Watch, the tactical operations center from which the garrisoning Great Company can oversee the defense of the Fang.


The Shrine of Harek Ironhelm

-Situated on the site of the Great Wolf's duel with Magnus the Red on the flank of the Fang the Tomb of Harek Ironhelm serves as a Shrine to his unwavering devotion and also his blindness and is a site of pilgrimage for the Sons of Russ.


Tomb of the Drekkar

-High up in the Jarlheim stands a remote chamber, far from the largely inhabited halls. Large enough to house fifty warriors this remote hall features ancient carvings and houses the skeletal remains of a drekkar, a longship of the Fenresian tribes. Who hauled it there and why is lost to the mists of time. The chamber came back into use when it was rediscovered by Wolf Guard Gunnlaugur and since then has been used as the staging chamber for Járnhamar Pack.


Arjac's Forge

-Past the central forges and complexes of the Hammerhold lies a small, unornamented chamber containing a furnace, anvil, racks of tools, a bucket of water, a bin of smelted ingots and nothing more. This unremarkable forge is the personal domain of Arjac Rockfist. Such an indulgence is rare within the Fang but as with many things Arjac stands apart. Drawn from the forges by his skill at arms and duty to the Great Wolf this small forge is the once concession to Arjac's peerless skill as a craftsman. Less than a single weapon leaves Arjac's forge each year for the final blessings of the Iron Priests, but those that do leave are flawless works of master craftsmanship. Many more works fail to pass Arjac's strict standards and are melted down to become raw ingots once more. 


Docking Platforms

-Far up near the very peak of the Fang are located the Docking Platforms where the Chapter's many aircraft can take off and land. Reaching just beyond Fenris' atmosphere the Fang's docking platforms can even service the Chapter's warships.


Void Shield Array

-The upper reaches of the Fang feature Void Shield Array's of incredible strength. Drawing power from the Geothermal Reactors beneath the Fang the Void Shield Array is capable of repelling the firepower of entire fleets, making it virtually possible for an enemy to attack the Fang from orbit with any hope of success.


Defensive Batteries

-The Fang's mighty flanks bristle with massive defensive batteries capable of throwing shells, torpedoes and energy beams at anything foolish enough to come within range.


The Forge Hills

-Situated on the lower slopes of the Fang near to the great cliffs that drop down to the battering ocean surf is the Forge Hills. A great stretch of foundries, smiths, anvils and workshops where the chapter Iron Priests and Thralls work under the open elements, harnessing the harsh nature of Fenris into weapons of adamantium and titansteel.


The Heart Forge

-Mightiest of the forges found in the Forge Hills is the Heart Forge. An ancient anvil upon which some of the greatest weapons and relics of the chapter have been forged, it was here that Arjac Rockfist worked to restore the Axe Morkai before the Kraken Spawn attacked the Forge hills.


Peaks of the Asaheim Mountains


he great mountain chain known as Asaheim by the tribesemen of Fenris is crowned by seven great peaks. The largest and greatest of which is the Fang, whose uppermost peak breaks free of Fenris' atmosphere. The other six peaks ring Fenris on all sides and are familiar hunting grounds and landmarks for the Space Wolves.



-The northernmost of Asaheim's great peaks.



-Situated to the south-west  of Ammagrimgul.



-The peak of Krakgard was planed off by the early Space Wolves to serve as a site for funeral ceremonies, where the bodies of fallen Space Wolves can either be interred or burned as the case might be. Krakgard stands to the south-west of Broddja.



-Located to the north-east of the Fang.


The Fang

-Cituated roughly towards the center of the peaks of Asaheim the Fang is undoubtably the greatest of them and home to the Space Wolves themselves.



-Tror lies to the south-east of the Fang.



-Asfryk stands almost directly south and slightly west of the Fang.


Allfather Peak

-One of the most legendary peaks of the Asaheim mountain range is Allfather Peak. It is believed by some in the chapter that the cryo-pod of the infant Leman Russ crashed into the mountain and buried itself deep beneath the mountain within a system of hidden caverns. Chapter legend holds that the glimmerfrost crystals first began to grow in the caves beneath Allfather Peak after the Emperor was reunited with the Wolf King, a physical manifestation of the Allfather’s might and power and an eternal gift to the chapter.


The Language of Fenris


he Space Wolves retain the use of the tribal languages of Fenris in two forms; battle-cant, and hearth-cant. Battle-cant is a crude, direct form of the Fenrisian tongue used by the Space Wolves in combat as a coded form of communication. Hearth-cant is the Fenrisian tongue the Wolves speak among themselves when not in battle. Some common Fenrisian words are:


Adjarr – Blood.


Aesir - Gods or spirits.


Aett - Clan hold, hearth, den, the familiar name of the Fang among the Space Wolves.


Annelsa – Foreboding.


Anzviti – Gunship.


Athame – Sacrificial blade used during a sending feast.


Banisvatr – Black Death.


Bloodgeld – A death price or the price of vengeance for a death.


Domra – Doom.


Drakk – Drake.


Drekkar - Wooden ship used by the tribesmen of Fenris.


Eldurstjorm – Possibly elder storm.


Fara tíl Hel, svikari! - Go to hell, traitor!


Fekke – A fenrisian curse.


Fengr – The wolf within.


Fenrys Faerir Mord – Battle-cry.


Fenrys Hjolda! - Fenris endures/persists/survives/resists!


Fomadurhamar – Foehammer.


Fja Vo - Go now.


Fjolnir – the Nightjar, a mark of the hunt bestowed by the gothi of a tribe.


Frostmodr – Frostfury.


Geld – Price.


Gelt – Loot or salvage.


Gmorl – Fate.


Gothi - Shaman, Fenrisian title for Rune Priests.


Grooms - Serfs.


Hálfvit - Halfwit.


Hata – Fenrisian rune.


Heidur Rus! - Battle cry.


Hel – Fenresian underworld.


Hersir - A veteran, core soldier of the Fenrisian Clans.


Hiljah kah uhtganjen mev tarvahettan – Greet the end with courage.


Hjá – Exclamation of triumph and greeting.


Hjarz – The Ice-rune.


Hjolda - Hail.


Hnefttafl - Boardgame used by the Space Wolves during the Great Crusade.


Huskaerls - Officers of the Chapter's armed serfs.


Huscarl - Chieftan's bodyguard, similar title to Wolf Guard.


Jarl - Chief, stands in as a title for a Wolf Lord. High Wolf and Packmaster are other alternate titles.


Jova - Beast/threat/monster/carnifex.


Juvjk - Hearth cant or casual language of the Fang.


Juvykka – Native language of the Fenresian tribes.


Kaerls - Armed serfs.


Lanx - Drinking bowl.


Maleficarum - Bad spirits or daemons.


Mijagge Kovness An – May I enter.


Mjod - Mead.


Ojor Hjold – Oath of acceptance.


Ojor va Russ! Leman Russ! - Glory to Russ! Leman Russ!


Ragnarok – Ending.


Rhozan – Rune to ward against Maleficarum.


Rjalka - Maw.


Russvangam – Fenrisian battle-cry.


The Rout - Informal title of the Space Wolves.


Sálskjoldur – Soul-ward.


Sammekull – Summons.


Sava gudt, hell'ten – A benediction for a hero to rest in peace.


Seax - Knife.


Sfar – Rune to ward against Maleficarum.


Sforja – Fenresian rune.


Skemmdarvargur – Word of power used in the summoning of the Jaws of the World Wolf.


Skjald - Storyteller, keeper of the sagas.


Skjoldtar - Heavy, armor-piercing solid shot weapons favored by the Chapter's armed serfs.


Sklja Odda - How many?


Skira Vordrotta - Translated roughly as System Kill, the term means total war, total annihilation.


Skíthof – Curse.


Skítja – Curse.


Skitnah - Dirty, foul, tainted.


Skulbrotsjór – Skullhewer.


Stormurstjórn – Stormcaller.


Svellbrandr – Fangsword of the Ice Wolf.


Sverdhjera – Blademaster


Thralls - Serfs.


Trysk – Ice.


Turza – Fenresian rune of destruction.


Vaerangi – Wolf Guard.


Valdelnagh – A misunderstanding.


Volda Hamarrki - The World Spine Mountains.


Vlka – Warband of a tribe.


Vlka Fenryka - Formal title of the Space Wolves.


Wargeld – Loot taken from battle or conquest.


Wurgen - War cant or battle language of Fenris.


Wyrd - An individual's fate.


Zhaz – Rune to ward against Maleficarum.


Onn - One.


Twa - Two.


Tra - Three.


For - Four.


Fyf - Five.


Sesc - Six.


Sepp - Seven.


For-twa - Eight.


Tra-tra - Nine.


Dekk - Ten.

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The Chapter Fleet


he Space Wolves maintain one of the largest fleets amongst all chapters of the Adeptus Astartes, with two Ramilies-class Star Forts, eight battle-barges, thirty plus strike cruisers, twenty plus Hunter-class Destroyer Squadrons and twenty plus Gladius and Nova-class Frigate Squadrons. Fifteen of the largest and most powerful of these vessels are known as the Great Ships, one for each Great Company and three in reserve. Each of the fifteen ships is unique unto itself, the fleet including many different classes and configurations of vessels. Two of the Chapters ships are massive warships akin to Imperial Navy capitol ships. The Iron Wolf is the ship of Egil Ironwolf which he claimed in combat when his Company’s own ship was badly damaged. Slightly larger the Pride of Fenris is the flagship of the Chapter fleet and personal vessel of the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar. While the total numbers of the chapter fleet are impressive in reality many of the chapter’s ships lack the distinctive hammerhead prow of purpose-built Adeptus Astartes vessels. Rather many of the chapter’s ships are vessels of all makes and sizes captured and repurposed over the long centuries of the chapter’s service. From Frigates to Heavy Cruisers the chapter’s Strike Cruisers contain a myriad of classes of vessel all refit and rearmed by the chapter Iron Priests to serve as Strike Cruisers. On the smaller end of these repurposed ships would be the Heimdall, the personal transport of Njal Stormcaller and originally a Gladius-class Frigate. The Heimdall was refitted with five hangar bays and a dorsal mounted Bombardment Cannon transforming the light fleet escort into a ship-of-the-line roughly comparable in speed and firepower to an Astartes Strike Crusier. On the larger end of what might constitute a Strike Cruiser in the chapter fleet would be the Fist of Russ, an Imperial Navy Heavy Cruiser taken by the Space Wolves from renegades and repurposed into the Great Ship of the Thunderfist Great Company.


Sheer size is not the only thing that makes the Space Wolves chapter fleet stand out amongst the battle fleets of the Adeptus Astartes. Just as the Space Wolves themselves favor combat up-close and personal on the ground so do the chapter’s Wolf Lords and Shipmasters prefer to slug it out at extremely close range in the void, closing to practically point-blank range to strafe an enemy with devastating broadsides or launch and receive brutal boarding attacks. While the chapter and its Skaerls are extremely proficient at such close-range void combat it certainly does see the chapter’s vessels receive a notably greater level of damage than the norm, even for an astartes fleet. The Space Wolves give little thought to such considerations however, for if a ship is crippled or lost in such aggressive combat the wolves will simply take another, preferably the enemy’s. Perhaps most impressive though is the speed that the Space Wolf fleet can manage, helmed by the chapter’s Rune Priests the Space Wolves fleet has on occasion shown the ability to bludgeon a path through the warp far faster than would normally be possible. This allowed the Scramaseax and it’s attendant fleet to journey a shocking distance in a matter of hours to arrive in orbit over Fenris mere moments after the Inquisition and Red Hunters fleet launched their orbital assault on the Fang at the conclusion of the Months of Shame. Even more daring is the chapter’s willingness to break the veil between the materium and the warp dangerously close to planetary bodies and gravitational fields, a move that most fleet commanders would deem insanely reckless. Such bravado has at times led to the disasterous loss of vessels but just as often sees the wolves drive straight into the heart of a stunned enemy utterly unprepared for the sudden and devastating arrival of an enemy in their midst. 


Like many Chapters the Space Wolves primarily use Thunderhawk Gunships and Thunderhawk Transporters as their primary gunships, dropships and attack craft. Some Stormbirds likely remain in the Space Wolves arsenal and a variant craft known as Dropfalcons saw service during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy but it is unknown whether any remain in service to this day. Caestus Assault Rams, Storm Eagle and Fire Raptor Gunships are also seen in varied numbers within the chapter fleet along with a variety of other transports, gunships and attack craft captured or acquired by the Space Wolves. Unique to the chapter are the Stormwolf and Stormfang gunships. Developed from existing STC fragments and bearing a resemblance to the design of the Caestus Assault Ram the Stormwolf and Stormfang Gunships use a unique hull design featuring twin jet thrusters mounted on either side of a stern cited cockpit, omni-directional maneuvering thrusters and rows of repulsor plates situated beneath the transport compartment. The Stormwolf features rear mounted twin-linked Helfrost Canons and has a transport capacity similar to a Land Raider Crusader while the Stormfang sacrifices transport capacity for a forward mounted Helfrost Destructor, a massive energy weapon capable of carving apart the heaviest of armor or flash-freezing whole squads of enemy troops.


The Space Wolves utilize a variant of the Imperial Navy Cobra-Class Destroyers known as Hlaupa-Class escorts. The Hlaupa-class is heavily armed and capable of docking with the upper peak of the Fang. In addition to the Chapter gunships the Fang itself is defended by Skarr gunships, small four man attack craft crewed by Skaerls and armed with twin-linked heavy bolters mounted beneath the wings.


Notable Chapter Vessels


Battle-Barge The Hrafnkel

-Flagship of the Space Wolves Legion during the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy. A mighty warship the Hrafnkel was lost to the Chapter millennia ago.


Battle-Barge Russvangum

-The Flagship of Wolf Lord Harek Ironhelm. The Russvangum dates back to before the Horus Heresy and was built using designs and technology now long lost to the Imperium. Only the Hrafnkel was larger or boasted more firepower, even Strike Cruisers are dwarfed by the massive warship.


Battle-Barge Skraemar

-The only Great Ship left behind to defend the Fang with less than a dozen escort craft when the left of the Chapter Fleet departed for the Gangava system in M32. The Skraemar was an old and seasoned vessel that had fought through the great scouring in the days after the Horus Heresy and had earned a hundred and more great honors since. The vessel broke the blockade of Pielos V, outfoxed a squadron of Chaos warships for two weeks in the Aemnon Belt and destroyed the Eldar Corsair flagship the Or-Iladril. The Strike Cruiser fought its last battle in the space above Fenris against the invading fleet of the Thousand Sons, reaping a heavy tally of traitor warships before at last falling apart under the fire of the traitor Legion's flagship the Herumon.


Battle-Barge Scramaseax

-Battle-Barge of the Space Wolves and flagship of Logan Grimnar during the 1st War for Armageddon. The Scramaseax suffered significant damage at the hands of the treacherous Inquisition multiple times in the months after the defeat of Angron. Dating back to the Great Crusade the Scramaseax was a mighty relic of the Imperium lost to the Chapter sometime after the 1st War for Armageddon.


Battle-Barge Gylfarheim

-Battle-Barge of the Space Wolves, the Gylfarheim arrived to reinforce the Chapter's fleet at Armageddon, forcing the Inquisition to call off their attack of the Imperial Troop Transports.


Battle-Barge Pride of Fenris

-Flagship of the Space Wolves fleet. The Pride of Fenris is the warship of Logan Grimnar's Great Company, a mighty Battleship and the largest of the Great Ships in the Chapter Fleet.


Battle-Barge Iron Wolf

-Second largest ship of the Chapter fleet and former Battleship of the Imperial Navy, under the command of Egil Ironwolf. Captured from heretics the Imperial Navy has repeatedly requested the vessel's return and repeatedly been refused, causing tension between the Chapter and the Navy.


Battle-Barge Defender of Russ

-Battle-Barge serving the Chapter during the 13th Black Crusade.


Battle- Barge Wolf Spirit

-Battle-Barge in service with the 13th Company during the Horus Heresy.


Battle-Barge Iron Wolf

-Battle-Barge in service to the 13th Company during the later days of the Great Crusade.


Battle-Barge Fenrysavar

-One of the larger VI Legion vessels present at the Battle of Alaxxes. The Fenrysavar escaped into the nebula with the majority of the fleet but suffered grievous damage in the process.


Battle-Barge Spear of Russ

-Vessel currently serving the chapter fleet as of M41.


Battle-Barge Herald of Morkai

-Vessel currently serving the chapter fleet as of M41.


Battle-Barge Allfather’s Honour

-Vessel currently serving the chapter fleet as of M41.


Strike Cruiser Shadow of Fenris

-The flagship of the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar during the Scouring of Gnosis Secundus.


Strike Cruiser Seawolf

-Vessel currently serving the chapter fleet as of M41.


Strike Cruiser Wolfborn

-Vessel currently serving the chapter fleet as of M41.


Strike Cruiser Ironpelt

-The great ship of Wolf Lord Krom Dragongaze during the Sanctus Reach Campaign.


Strike Cruiser Nidhoggur

-Strike Cruiser in service to the Space Wolves during the Great Crusade.


Strike Cruiser Gotthammar

-Strike Cruiser in service to the 4th Great Company in M32, on long patrol chasing Magnus the Red. The Gotthammar caught nothing but shadows until it encountered the Thousand Sons in the Gangava system.


Strike Cruiser Hunter of Fiends

-Strike Cruiser serving the Blackmane Great Company.


Strike Cruiser Fist of Russ

-Ship formerly commanded by Berek Thunderfist. The Fist of Russ was a retrofitted Heavy Cruiser captured from renegades and repurposed to serve the chapter as a Strike Cruiser. The Fist of Russ served as the Great Ship of the Thunderfist Great Company for some time before sustained damage forced it to remain behind at the Fang while the Great Companies went to war. Necessity drove the Fist of Russ back into service before it was fully repaired and saw the ship destroyed during the Charys Campaign.


Strike Cruiser Holmgang

-Ship serving the Thunderfist Great Company during the Charys Campaign.


Strike Cruiser Stormwolf

-Strike Cruiser in service to Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Strike Cruiser Stormblade

-Strike Cruiser in service to the 13th Company during the later days of the Great Crusade.


Strike Cruiser Wolf of Fenris

-Strike Cruiser of the Chapter captured in the Parenxes system by the Red Corsairs.


Strike Cruiser Kraken

-Part of the Space Wolves fleet during the Battle of Alaric Prime. The Kraken was destroyed during the fighting but managed to hold on long enough to empty its decks of fighting forces, deploying every last Drop Pod and gunship to the planet surface.


Strike Cruiser Magnir’s Revenge

-The Magnir’s Revenge was attacked and crippled by the ork freebooters of Kaptin Badrukk shortly before the Battle of Alaric Prime. Badrukk had been attacking chapter holdings for months seeking to rile the Space Wolves up and lure the chapter to Alaric Prime. The Magnir’s Revenge was struck with traktor mines that dragged the ship’s escorts into the Strike Cruiser, mangling and warping the vessels, causing extensive damage, and crippling the fleet in a single fell strike.


Void Wolf

-Flagship of the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar during the Battle of Midgardia.



-Former Great Ship of Wolf Lord Osric Three-Fists, destroyed in the Battle of the Maelstrom’s Maw in 781.M41.



-This vessel of the chapter fleet was lost to the warp with all hands some nine thousand years ago. Unknown to the chapter the ghost ship became the heart of a Space Hulk, slowly accruing hundreds of other ghost ships compacted against its hull along with vast quantities of rock, ice and mutated flesh. The resulting Space Hulk became known as the Festerax, a debased form of the name of the vessel at the hulk’s heart. Shortly before the 13th Black Crusade struck the Cadian Gate the Festerax was run down and destroyed by a force of Space Wolves led by Njal Stormcaller.



-Starship serving the VI Legion during the Horus Heresy.



-One of the Chapter's ships lost above the world of Jytor.


Gate of Garm

-Space Wolves vessel participating in the fleet battle over Fenris after the 1st War for Armageddon.



-Great Ship of the Space Wolves Chapter during the battle over Fenris that followed the 1st War for Armageddon.


Sky's Hammer

-Great Ship of the Space Wolves Chapter during the battle over Fenris that followed the 1st War for Armageddon.



-Unknown class vessel of the Chapter fleet.



-Vessel of the VI Legion fleet destroyed in the Battle of Alaxxes.



-Vessel of the VI Legion fleet destroyed in the Battle of Alaxxes.


Frigate Heimdall

-The personal transport of High Rune Priest Njal Stormcaller. The Heimdall brought Njal and his Grey Hunter packs to Ras Shakeh to reinforce the embattled Járnhamar Pack. Though technically a member of the GLadius-class of Frigates the Heimdall is in truth considerably larger than most examples of the class, with bigger engines and thicker armor the Heimdall is a truly tough and fast vessel, a sleek dagger in the void, as befits the vessel of Njal. If these enhancements weren’t enough the ship possesses five launch bays and is mounted with a forward lance array and dorsal Bombardment Cannon making the Heimdall a rough equivalent for a Strike Cruiser, if somewhat smaller than a typical vessel of that class. In addition to its complement of cargo shuttles, two Thunderhawk Gunships and twelve Caestus Assault Rams the Heimdall possesses a system-runner berthed within its hangar bays. Larger than any gunship but still vastly smaller than most warp-capable craft a system-runner is far faster in the void than the Heimdall or even a Thunderhawk and, if needed, can swiftly deploy a handful of wolves anwhere within a planetary system in a matter of hours.


Frigate Runefyre

-Gladius-Class Frigate of the Space Wolves, destroyed in the months following the 1st War for Armageddon by the Inquisition.


Outrider Frigate Fylskiare

-This vessel participated in the Scouring of Prospero and the Battle of Alaxxes.


Frigate Helrider

-This vessel participated in the Scouring of Prospero and the Battle of Alaxxes.


Frigate Blood Eagle

-Rapid strike Frigate of the Space Wolves that inserted the Scout Teams onto the Forge World of Cambion.


Frigate Sleikre

-Frigate in service to the Space Wolves during the Thousand Sons invasion in M32. Destroyed by the invading chaos fleet.


Frigate Ogmar

-Frigate in service to the Space Wolves during the Thousand Sons invasion in M32. Destroyed by the invading chaos fleet.


Frigate Undrider

-Blackwing-class Frigate, likely named after the legendary Wolf Scout Haakon Gylfasson Blackwing and the design influenced by his legendary ship the Nauro. The Blackwing-class is small for a frigate with larger engines and smaller guns with a bridge that sits lower than usual for an Imperial design. The Undrider was assigned to transport Grey Hunter Pack Járnhamar to Ras Shakeh and was destroyed in combat with a plagueship.


Destroyer Frostborn

-Hunter-Class Destroyer of the Space Wolves, dispatched to bring warning of the invasion of Armageddon to the Grey Knights. Overrun by the forces of Chaos in the warp and found drifting in the Valdasca Caul. Bound for the Jopal and Ruis systems when Inquisitor Annika departed service with the wolves, two regions bordering the Tisra system in which the world of Armageddon resides. More than twenty Space Wolves were aboard the vessel including Rune Priest Angriff Blightbreaker, only one survived to deliver the ship's warning.


Destroyer Veregelt

-Hunter-Class Destroyer of the Space Wolves, the Veregelt was dispatched to bring warning of Armageddon's invasion to the Grey Knights alongside the Frostborn. Though both warships were overrun by the forces of chaos the Veregelt succeeded in emerging from the warp in the void above Titan, broadcasting its warning on a repeated vox loop before crashing into the surface of Titan. None of the crew survived, either dying to the enemy, the crash or were corrupted and slain by the Sons of Titan.


Courier Waning Crescent

-Zeta-class Courier ship assigned to the Watch-pack of Faffnr Bludbroder.


System-Runner Yvekk

-An old but functional system-runner in service to the Chapter. Captained by a kaerl named Rurik the Yvekk transported Grey Hunter Gyrfalkon on the last leg of his journey back to Fenris.


System-Runner Hlaupnir

-Laid down on Ryza the system-runner is a small ship, ninety meters long with a crew complement of just a few score. What the system-runner sacrifices in size and firepower it makes up for in sheer speed. Nothing can match the system-runner for sheer velocity, even void-capable gunships and interceptors are outpaced by these ships. Rare in the extreme very few Ryza-pattern system-runners remain, making the Hlaupnir a prized possession of the Space Wolves fleet.


The Nauro

-A vessel of indeterminate classification, too small to be a frigate, but far too large to be a landing craft or gunship. A third of the vessel's length is taken up by plasma drives and its build is sleek and dark, making it a fast, agile and stealthy warship much favored by the Chapter's Wolf Scouts. The Nauro operates with a small crew of five hundred serfs.


Star Fort Gormenjarl

-One of two Ramilies-class Star Forts serving as part of the Fenris system defense fleet.


Star Fort Mjalnar

-One of two Ramilies-class Star Forts serving as part of the Fenris system defense fleet.


Defense Platform Rieke Og

-Orbital defense platform protecting Fenris during the Thousands Sons assault in M32. Destroyed in action against the traitor legion.


Political Relations and Holdings


he Space Wolves are a controversial Chapter within the sordid world of Imperial politics. Logan Grimnar is completely unafraid to defend his Chapters autonomy and will wage war even against other Imperial institutions if he feels it is just. The Ecclessiarchy and Inquisition have both attempted to force the Sons of Russ into compliance with a spectacular lack of success. This quarlesome and fiercely independant attitude has surrounded the Space Wolves with numerous enemies but has also earned the Chapter many stalwart allies and supporters. The legendary reputation and widespread respect of Great Wolf Logan Grimnar led to his position as the foremost Imperial commander during Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade. Standing alongside Ursurkar E. Creed of Cadia the grizzled and venerable Great Wolf led the Imperium's vast armies against the forces of chaos, hurling the Black Legion and their allies back into the Eye of Terror.


The Shrine of Garm


ne of the chapter’s most sacred sites the Shrine of Garm, located on the planet of Garm, is built around the sarcophagus of Garm. A mighty hero of the chapter during the Great Crusade brother Garm gave his life to save the life of his lord Leman Russ. In gratitude for Garm’s sacrifice the Primarch built a sarcophagus of astounding detail to recount Garm’s deeds and house his remains for all time. Upon the lid of the sarcophagus Russ placed his spear. The Spear of Russ is a legendary relic of the chapter, a weapon on which countless oaths have been sworn and whose worth to the chapter and the Imperium is beyond counting. For thousands of years the Shrine of Garm was a place of ritual pilgrimage for countless Space Wolves and was garrisoned by a small detachment of Astartes and Skaerls. When Ragnar Blackmane was still a Blood Claw in the Thunderfist Great Company a force of Thousand Sons attacked the shrine and stole the Spear of Russ. Outraged the Space Wolves went in force to end the emerging rebellion on Garm and reclaim the spear. At the height of the fighting Ragnar cast the Spear of Russ into the emerging image of the Eye of Magnus through a warp portal summoned beneath one of Garm’s manufactory cities. Though this act succeeded in closing the portal and winning the battle the Spear of Russ was lost and Ragnar was exiled to the Wolf Blade as punishment. In time the Space Wolves uncovered a plot by the Thousand Sons to use the spear to bring about the downfall of the chapter and a strike force containing Ragnar and two of his Wolf Blade Companions struck at the ritual site. Though it cost the lives of many young Blood Claws and one of the Wolf Blades the Thousand Sons were defeated and the Spear of Russ was reclaimed. Once more the spear sits safely atop the sarcophagus of Garm and serves as an eternal reminder of duty, honor and sacrifice. 


The Temple of the Storm Wolves


ocated on the world of Pelius the Temple of the Storm Wolves was once the resting place of the Fist of Russ, a legendary artifact of the Space Wolves chapter said to have been wielded by Leman Russ himself. The Fist of Russ was stolen thousands of years ago during a xenos raid. Since then many have searched for the fist, including the Lord Solar Macharius, but none have yet succeeded in locating or reclaiming the artifact. Of the Temple of the Storm Wolves itself little is known, it is unclear if the temple even still stands or is still garrisoned by the chapter now that its greatest relic has been lost.


The Wolf Blade and House Belisarius


he Space Wolves maintain a firm alliance with the Navigator House Bellisarius that predates the foundation of the Imperium. House Bellisarius provides the Space Wolves with 24 of their best Navigators in exchange for 24 Space Wolves known as the Wolf Blade, to serve as a bodyguard for House Bellisarius’ leadership. Assignment to the Wolf Blade is generally considered an exile of sorts, individuals whose quirks prevent them from properly integrating with the pack structure of the Chapter will most likely find themselves seconded to the Wolf Blade indefinitely. However a significant number of Space Wolf heroes and leaders have at one time or another been part of the Wolf Blade. Since House Bellisarius is an ancient and powerful Navigator house they maintain their headquarters on Terra, homeworld of mankind and seat of the Imperium's vast beurocracies. As such service in the Wolf Blade provides promising Space Wolves with invaluable experience into the politics of the Imperium. Some of the current heroes of the Chapter that have served in the Wolf Blade include Wolf Lord Ragnar Blackmane and the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar.


The Watch Packs


ven as the VI Legion brought sanction to Prospero a handful of packs were speeding through the warp on the Imperium’s fastest ships, their assigned task to link up with the remaining sixteen Legions and take up position as bodyguards, and potential executioners, of the remaining sixteen Primarchs. By the time these packs were assigned however most of the traitors had already chosen to side with Horus. Those packs who linked up with traitor legions almost certainly met a grim end. The pack that linked up with Alpharius managed to kill the first officer who presented himself as the Primarch but did not last much longer and were run down and slain. The Pack that linked up with Sanguinius was lost during the chaos of the Battle for Signus Prime. The Pack that joined up with Roboute Guilliman wound up crossing blades with the Primarch Konrad Kurze and shed blood to protect Guilliman’s adoptive mother. Ultimately the fate of many of these watch packs remains unknown, their duty was a thankless one but it shows the unquestioned loyalty of the VI Legion and the esteem in which the Legion was held that they were given such a dire task in the first place.


Outsiders and Remembrancers


t best the Remembrancers were a barely indulged nuisance by many Legions during the Great Crusade, at worst the Legiones Astartes were openly hostile to their presence. The Space Wolves were among the latter camp. The Sons of Fenris strictly opposed the use of any form of recording during the Great Crusade, preferring the oral traditions of Fenris to more formal records. The Skjalds of each Company memorizing the Sagas of each warrior for retelling during feasts and ceremonies. As the millennia wore on the Space Wolves have taken to using archives, data-crystals and other recording medium to ensure the knowledge and wisdom of the Chapter is passed on and Bjorn the Fell-handed tests the knowledge of the Rune Priests every millennium. A notable exception to the Space Wolves aversion to outsiders was an Imperial Conservator named Kasper Hawser, also known as Ahmad Ibn Rustah. Hawser was given unique and virtually unheard of access to the Fang and the Space Wolves themselves during the latter days of the Great Crusade and the beginning of the Horus Heresy, witnessing some of the final battles of the Crusade alongside the warriors of Tra Company and present during the Scouring of Prospero. Hawser was ultimately revealed to have been tainted by the powers of chaos for many decades, acting as an infiltrator to the Space Wolves. Despite his loyalty to the Emperor the Space Wolves put Hawser in frozen stasis for his own and their protection. His current status is unknown.


In the 41st Millennium it is not unheard of for visitors to be permitted entry to the Fang, even rarely an Inquisitor who has earned the Chapter's trust. However such visitors and honored guests are few, and their access limited, as is commonly the case with the more insular Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes.


The Priests of Demetrius


nknown to the Space Wolves the world of Demetrius had become home to a radical worship of Leman Russ. The Priests of Demetrius used arcane technology to transform mortal men into lumbering beasts, with hugely oversized muscles, thick growths of white fur, and lupine snouts filled with razor-sharp fangs. The priests and their guards fought fiercely against the Imperial Guard forces of the Macharius Crusade, particularly in the protection of an artifact known as the Fist of Demetrius, an ancient power fist the Lord Solar believed to be the Fist of Russ. The artifact was not in fact a weapon of the Primarch but was an ancient relic of the Space Wolves chapter. The priests of Demetrius claimed the fist had been left in their care by Leman Russ himself during the Great Crusade, and this may have been nothing short of the truth, it would certainly explain the fierce devotion the locals showed to the Space Wolves and the artifact, even if the astartes had not set foot on the planet in many thousands of years.


The Lord Solar Macharius


o one man since the Emperor himself walked among men has reclaimed more worlds in the name of the Emperor than the Lord Solar Macharius, Warmaster of the Imperium, the Lord High Commander of the Macharius Crusade, the Lord of Emperor’s Glory and commander of the Lion Guard. More than a decade into his crusade the Lord Solar Macharius found himself undermined at every turn by the questions of doubters who worried that the Lord Solar was gaining too much power and by disgruntled officials who disliked the Warmaster changing rules established for thousands of years. The Administratum and the Munitorum grew increasingly opposed to Macharius demanding ever greater levels of efficiency, speed and coordination from them, they disliked the Warmaster cutting through red-tape, circumventing procedure and demanding immediate action. The Imperium’s bureaucracy was accustomed to moving at its own pace, following exacting and convoluted procedures and demanding outlandish rituals of conduct, none of which suited the needs of Macharius’ ever growing war machine. To continue his crusade without interference the Warmaster would need powerful allies both politically and militarily, what he needed were the Adeptus Astartes. Though many chapters had involved themselves in the actions of the Crusade already they had done so on their own terms, arriving and departing at will and disdaining any form of coordination with the forces of the Lord Solar. Macharius needed a real alliance with a chapter and the most convenient chapter available was the Space Wolves. The Lord Solar approached the Great Wolf Ulrik Grimfang through the chapter’s alliance with the Navigator House Bellisarius and sought to cement the alliance by gifting Ulrik with an artifact he believed was the Fist of Russ. Ultimately such bribery was unnecessary, the scope of Macharius’ ambitions and expanding campaigns appealed to Ulrik Grimfang greatly, the promise of thousands of battles across hundreds of worlds through dozens of campaigns was something that the Space Wolves simply could not turn down. The Space Wolves first action in conjunction with the forces of Macharius was the Cleansing of Procrastes, the then Wolf Lord Logan Grimnar led his Great Company to fight alongside Macharius’ Lion Guard against the Dark Eldar raiders infesting the remote backwater world of Procrastes.


The Inquisition and the Grey Knights


elations between the Space Wolves and the Inquisition have ever been cool at best, the autonomous nature of a Space Marine Chapter being not well suited to friendship with the secretive and scrutinous nature of the Inquisition. Yet in 444.M41 the relations between the two boiled over into outright conflict in the aftermath of the 1st War for Armageddon. Having fought furiously and shed much blood in the defense of the people of Armageddon the Space Wolves were unsurprisingly furious when the Inquisition, led by Inquisitor Lord Kysnaros decided to sterilize the Hive World's populace and herd them into work camps to labor until death. The conflict between the Space Wolves and the Inquisition came to be known as the Months of Shame amongst the Grey Knights and led to the deaths of countless millions of Imperial citizens and the destruction of thousands of outposts and installations across scores of systems. Yet despite the vast cost in life the Inquisition failed to prevent the escape of Armageddon's survivors, for every ship, for every regiment silenced others slipped through their fingers, shielded and dispersed by the relentless Sons of Russ. In the end Lord Kysnaros was slain, his flagship destroyed, more than a hundred Grey Knights were slaughtered, the warships of the Red Hunters boarded and it took the intervention of the Bjorn the Fell-Handed to end the hostilities. Since driving the Inquisition and their allies from the space around Fenris the Space Wolves stand as the only Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes not aligned with the Inquisition to know of the existence of the Grey Knights. The Chapter also has a standing policy of firing upon any Inquisition vessel entering the Fenris system without permission. Doubtless there are many within the Ordos who would dearly love to see the Chapter brought to heel but whether the Grey Knights hold any grudges with the Space Wolves for their losses is unknown. It is likely that Logan Grimnar stands as the only Chapter Master to have slain a Grand Master of the Grey Knights.


The Knight World of Alaric Prime


n the aftermath of the Battle for Alaric Prime the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar knew the Ordo Malleus would come seeking to purge all witnesses to the daemonic incursion atop Scrap Peak, perhaps the Inquisition would even go so far as to annihilate the very world the Imperium had fought so hard to defend. Grimnar knew well the dangers of the warp and daemonkind but just like on Armageddon he would not allow the Inquisition to sacrifice the very people he and his battle-brothers had fought to protect. To protect the Knight World the Great Wolf declared Alaric Prime wargelt of the Space Wolves chapter, placing the planet under the chapter’s protection. To enforce this decree Grimnar left a permanent detachment of three chapter vessels and made sure the planet’s defenses wre prepared to blast any Inquisition vessel that tried to enter orbit without permission from the sky. Sure enough in the months that followed a vessel of the Ordo Malleus, loaded with cyclonic warheads and veiled from detection by all but the most sophisticated sensors an Inquisition vessel prepared to enter orbit and enact Exterminatus on the Knight World. The Space Wolf fleet intercepted and drove the ship from orbit, sending it fleeing back to Bakka. Despite this victory it is certain that the matter is far from settled and the fate of the redeployed Cadian survivors is still uncertain, most of them will surely perish at the hands of the Ordo Malleus purge teams but for now at least Alaric Prime still stands.




he Gene-seed of the Space Wolves contains the flaw known as the Curse of the Wulfen. This genetic heritage of Leman Russ gives the Space Wolves continuously growing canines, heightened senses of smell and hearing, but also a terrible curse. For those battle brothers that cannot contain the beast within them, they transform into monstrous werewolf creatures, half man, and half wolf. For this reason the gene-seed of the Space Wolves is never used in the creation of new Chapters and no known successor chapters remain in existence.


The Wolf Brothers and Successor Chapters


he only known successor Chapter of the Space Wolves. Upon their founding the Wolf Brothers were given fully half of the Space Wolves fleet, armories, and Priests. The Wolf Brothers were led by Beor Arjac Grimmaesson made Kaeriol the Chapter's homeworld. Though far from Fenris the world of Kaeriol was a planet of ice and fire much like the Space Wolves homeworld. Genetic instability led to the disbanding of the Chapter two hundred years before the 1st Battle of the Fang, less than eight hundred years after the Chapter was founded. Some of the Wolf Brother's known Great Companies were the Adgr, Gramm and Beor Great Companies.


Originally the Wolf Brothers were to be one of many, an entire line of successors numerous and strong enough to encircle the Eye of Terror and bottle up the forces of chaos for all time. The wolf-within put an end to that vision, the source of the Space Wolves strength also serving to make the Space Wolves gene-seed too unstable to copy. The Wolf Brothers fell quickly to genetic instability and were scattered to the points of the compass. Any attempt to splice new growth from the gene-seed of Russ would be doomed to the same fate, preventing the creation of any further successor chapters. The Wolf Brothers now exist only as source of hidden shame for the Sons of Russ. In M32 High Wolf Priest Hraldir Wyrmblade attempted to solve this problem with the Tempering project, the threat of which was enough for Magnus the Red to launch his attack on Fenris and destroy the project utterly. No known attempts have been made to recreate Hraldir Wyrmblade's work.


Little is known of the final fate of the surviving Wolf Brothers. An entire Great Company of horribly twisted and mutated Wolf Brothers was encountered on Gangava in M32 when the Thousand Sons laid a trap for the Space Wolves. Harek Ironhelm and his warriors slew each and every one of the twisted Wolf Brothers.


The Canis-Helix


nique among the Adeptus Astartes the Space Wolves gene-seed includes a genetic strain known as the Canis-Helix. Little is known of the origin or function of this genetic material other than it is an original part of Leman Russ' genetic material from the Emperor's Primarch Project and has existed within the Space Wolves gene-seed since the Legion's first founding on distant Terra. During their initiation into the Chapter, recruits first receive the Canis-helix from a drinking cup, beginning their physical transformation into Space Marines.




"I recognize my failing and will be sure to correct it."

-Penitent oath uttered by Space Wolf Battle-Brothers after an officer points out a mistake or failing.


he Space Wolves are brought up believing in mystic legends and sagas of star striding wolves, horrendous monsters and mighty heroes. Mistrustful of technology and sorcery the people of Fenris are a brutal but noble people and this bearing is brought to the Chapter by the recruits. Central to their belief system is Leman Russ and the Emperor, known to the Space Wolves as the Allfather, whom they see as the greatest pinnacles of mankind and heroes to inspire valor and honor.


The Space Wolves beliefs are generally regarded with distaste if not outright hostility by the Ecclessiarchy, and seen as backwards, barbarian and superstitious by many others. The Sons of Russ make no excuse for their ways however and have come to blows and at times outright warfare with the Ecclessiarchy and others over their beliefs and ways of life.



”Hjold! The sea is set against us, for

It is the sea, and the darkness is set about us,

For it is the darkness, but

We will row on, brothers, backs breaking into each stroke,

We will row on because no other

Life or comfort awaits us.

Fja vo! Survive! The sea and the dark are our context!

We will, before eternity, out-row all storms.”

-From the Seafarer, Fenresian Eddas.



Space Wolves refer to their own souls as threads, when a Space Wolf dies it is said his thread was severed. In the past slain Space Wolves were generally burned in a pyre, rather than buried in a crypt. Following the death of a particularly important, high ranking or respected member of the Chapter a sending away feast is held in his honor. Before the feast the company Skjald learns stories about the deceased of variable length and nature from every member of the Company and retells these tales during a period of ritual feasting with lengthy rest periods between each tale. The sending feast lasts for an indeterminate amount of time, however long is necessary to tell all of the Skjald's memorized stories and as such can last for days or even weeks. During the feast the feasting chamber is sealed and none may enter or leave until the conclusion of the feast. After the death of Heoroth Longfang Tra Company held a feast where 432 separate tales were told. In more modern times the Space Wolves dead are interred or burned on the flattened peak of mount Krakgard, or laid to rest in other locations of significance, such as the Tomb of Garm where the Spear of Russ is held, or the Tomb of Harek Ironhelm on the flank of the Fang.





Known as the Eye of Aversion, this symbol is used by the Space Wolves to ward away evil and sorcery. In battle it is carved into a wall, support or whatever is at hand to mark an area of great danger or heavy enemy opposition. When the danger has been removed or eliminated the mark is struck out to show the area is clear.


Fenrys Hjolda

-Known as Rout-Masks, these leather and bone masks were worn by the Space Wolves and their serfs during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy but had largely gone out of use by the First Battle of the Fang in M32. The masks were intended to scare away Maleficarum.


Primordial Annihilator

-The term used by the Space Wolves to refer to the powers of chaos.


The Runes

-The Space Wolves Rune Priests use a form of divination known as the Casting of the Runes to tell the future and advice the Chapter's Wolf Lords and Great Wolf on decisions of great importance.


Adjarr - Blood

Fengr - The wolf within.

Gmorl – Fate


Hjarz – Ice-rune.

Ragnarok – Ending

Rhozan – Rune to ward against Maleficarum.

Sfar – Rune to ward against Maleficarum.

Trysk - Ice


Zhaz – Rune to ward against Maleficarum.


The Beast-hunts

-During particularly savage winters a Wolf Lord may choose to take his warriors into the wilderness on a beast-hunt. Unarmed the warriors must hunt the beasts of Fenris with only their wits and skills to aid them and are not allowed to return to the Fang without the carcass of a beast as proof of their deeds. The first to return is usually the Wolf Lord, who takes his place at the head of a feast table. The last to return, dubbed the Tail, serves his battle-brothers red meat and blood laced ale rather than participating in the feast. The ignominy of this position tends to result in a brawl before long.


The Great Hunts

-Occasionally the Great Wolf or Rune Priests will see a vision of the lost Primarch, and declare a new Great Hunt. While none of the Great Hunts have resulted in the discovery of Russ each has accomplished some significant feat. The 2nd Great Hunt saw the recovery of Russ’ armor from the Temple of Horus on the world of Rudra situated near the dreaded Eye of Terror. The 4th Great Hunt lead to the uncovering of the Corellian Conspiracy, which had been close to taking over the Administratum in a bloody coup for power, while the 9th Great Hunt saw the destruction of the Genestealer infestations in the Gehenna systems. Every time a Great Hunt is called it seems that the lost primarch has a task in mind for his sons.


The Wolves of Fenrisian Myth


The Blackmane

-The Blackmane is the deadliest of all Fenrisian Wolves.


The Bloodied Hunter

-The Bloodied Hunter is the wolf of the hunt, a feral killer that rejoices in nothing greater than the tracking and killing of prey beneath a full moon.


The Dark Wolf

-Virtually alone amongst all the wolves of Fenris the Dark Wolf never howls, never growls, silent as the deep cold of the underverse. In Fenrisiam mythology the Dark Wolf stalks the deepest shadows and follows the spirits of the dead, shepherding them into the cold tombs where they are to wait until the final battle of the Wolf Time. Rune Priests often envision the Dark Wolf stalking their threads, ever watching their wyrd for the time when death will take them.


Drekan the Thunderwolf

-The Thunderwolf exemplifies strength and raw power over subtlety or guile.


The Fire Breather

-The Fire Breather is a wolf who dwells in one of the largest volcanoes on Fenris and who spews his wrath into the heavens when angered.


The Fire Wolf

-The Fire Wolf heralds the coming of the Season of Fire, when the snows melt and the lands rage, islands sink and new ones rise, it is the coming of the Fire Wolf that heralds either glory or doom to the people of Fenris.


Freki and Geri the Twin Wolves

-Freki and Geri were the Wolf companions of Leman Russ. These Wolves represent what can be achieved through brotherhood and teamwork, for the strength of a pack is greater than the sum of its parts and together can defeat foes no single Wolf would ever be able to tackle.


Haegr the Mountain Wolf

-Haegr the Mountan teaches the Wolves to endure the harshest of elements without complaint for it is those very same things that forged the Space Wolves into the warriors they are. Haegr endures all and when faced with the worst of environments it is to Haegr that the Space Wolves look to for example.


The Ice Wolf

-In Fenrisian legend the Ice Wolf was one of the fiercest of Morkai’s dread lieutenants. After the defeat of Morkai the Ice Wolf attacked Leman Russ and struck him dire blows but was defeated and its corpse was cast into the Eye of the Wolf, the sun around which Fenris orbits. At the end of the struggle the only remnant of the Ice Wolf left was a single fang embedded in the leg of Leman Russ. The slightest touch of the fang could chill the blood of a mortal man but against the fearsome constitution of the Primarch it was barely an irritant. Russ had the fang forged into a mighty blade for his sons and Svellbrandr serves the chapter to this day.


The Iron Wolf

-The Iron Wolf is the spirit of the Forge and the Iron Priests, this wolf teaches the Sons of Russ the value of craftsmanship and the forge.


Lakkan, the Runed Wolf

-Lakkan is the totem of the Rune Priests and teaches the mysteries of Runes to those who seek them.


Lokyar, The Lone Wolf

-The Lone Wolf is the aspect of all Wolf Scouts, this wolf teaches that sometimes Wolves must fight and live alone.



-Morkai is the twin-headed guardian of the Fenrisian underworld. In Fenrisian mythology Morkai was the ruler of the wolves, when Leman Russ came to Fenris he fought Morkai and his many lieutenants, casting Morkai down to the underworld to stand as it’s guardian and slaying all of the two-headed wolf’s generals who dared face him.


Ranek, the Hidden Wolf

-Ranek is the Wolf who stalks the shadows, and teaches the young Wolves the virtues of stealth and hunting, that the fang from the dark is sometimes doubly as wounding as any other.


The Sea Wolf

-The Sea Wolf is a beast of the deadly Fenrisian oceans, the totem of all those who sail and do battle on the waves.


The Stalker Between Stars

-This Wolf was the totem of Leman Russ and is still the icon born by every Great Wolf. The Stalker Between the Stars teaches the Sons of Russ that wherever they walk no matter how distant they bring the glory of Fenris with them.


The Sun Wolf

-The Sun Wolf is the Fenrisian Wolf who makes his lair in the heart of Fenris' sun and arises each day to shine his harsh light on the world.


Thengir the Wolf King

-Thengir represents Fenris and the Fang, the domain of the Space Wolves, the crowning jewel of the Sons of Russ as it towers over the harsh yet majestic domains of Fenris.


Torvald the Far-Sighted

-Torvald is the Wolf whose eyes see all and miss nothing. This Wolf's teachings instruct young Space Wolves to use their eyes and heads before their blades, for sometimes it is in observation and looking ahead that victory is achieved.


The Wolf of the Red Moon

-The Wolf of the Red Moon is a terrible stalker of the seven hells of Fenris, a skeletal apparition that claims the bodies of the fallen unworthy of entrance into the halls of Morkai.


The Wulfen

-The Wulfen is the cursed 13th Wolf of Fenrisian lore. Bestial in nature it is this Wolf that the Space Wolves must ever guard themselves against less their feral natures overcome them and lead them into madness.




The battle-cries of the Space Wolves vary from company to company and commonly the Sons of Russ favor a blood curdling howl unleashed when they charge into battle. An ancient and common battle-cry used by the Chapter is the cry of "Fenrys hjolda!"


Company Markings


he Space Wolves have no Chapter symbol, instead the markings of each company take on the symbol chosen by each Wolf Lord and as such are constantly changing. The symbols will usually be significant from the sagas of Fenris and usually include some form of wolf iconography. The markings for squads have to do with their type and are also varied from squad to squad and company to company. Some traditional colors however are red and yellow for Blood Claws, red and black for Grey Hunters, white and black for Long Fangs, and black and yellow for Wolf Guard.


History of the Space Wolves



The Wolf King Leman Russ


he sagas relating to Leman Russ are known to the galaxy largely due to the efforts of one Gnauril the Elder, a contemporary of Fenrisian King Thengir. The sagas tell how one of the infant Primarchs came to rest on a distant world from Terra known as Fenris. Given the harsh climate it is unlikely that any lesser man would not have survived, but Leman Russ was a Primarch, and no lesser man. According to the Sagas Leman Russ was taken in and raised by a Fenrisian she-wolf. Russ’ companion wolves Freki and Geri are believed by many to be his original pack brothers, raised at about the same time as Russ himself. Russ even attested at times to his “lupine parentage," which can perhaps attest to some of the traditions and unique organizational aspects of the Space Wolves themselves.


However the real tale of Leman Russ begins with Gnauril’s saga “The Ascension of the Wolf-King" which tells the tale of when Russ first met the nobility of Fenris. The tale tells that one fateful Hellwinter, when the young Primarch went with his pack to raid a nearby human settlement. The young primarch smashed through the village, breaking into the store house to steal great slabs of salted meat and fighting with immense ferocity against the villagers to allow his pack to escape with their spoils. The villagers were astounded by what they had seen and petitioned their king, Thengir of Russ. The King sent a hunting party within the week armed with the best weapons he could muster, razor sharp blades and drake-poison tipped arrows.


The hunters tracked down and slew many of Russ’ pack, including the venerable she-wolf herself. Russ was found defending the body of his pack Alpha against the hunters, even pin cushioned with poisoned arrows. Despite his insane constitution Russ succumbed to the sheer quantity of potent poison and was subdued and gagged. Bound and gagged Russ was brought before the King. That evening the wolf-man was brought before King Thengir and told to grovel for his life. Instead Russ raised himself to his full height and let out a roar that was so loud and lasted for so long that many had to leave the Kings hall rather than hear any more of it. Then Russ spat a huge gobbet of blood and poison straight at the King, un-cowed and with golden eyes shining with pride.


After that night Russ was taken into the personal care of the king and was taught to fight and fish, and very quickly to speak. Russ showed a great aptitude with weaponry and indeed anything he did. Before long Russ even bested the Kings champion in a contest of battle axes. It was then that the King deemed Russ worthy to receive a name, and so Leman Russ was born.


The next years of Leman Russ’ life are mostly hearsay and legends, some of the legends tell of Russ tearing up Oaks with his bare hands, others of wrestling a Fenrisian Mammoth single handed and roasting it whole, and of sending armies of King Thengir’s enemies fleeing without sustaining a scratch. Whatever is really true, the fact is that Russ’ fame spread far and wide and when Thengir died, there was no question as to the succession. King Leman Russ took the throne.


The remainder of the saga has never been written, but kept alive through oral tradition within the Space Wolves and every member of the chapter knows the tale by heart. On every Allwinters eve the Rune Priests tell the tale of Russ. It was during one such feast that Inquisitor Chalfont snuck a vox-recorder to the feast and at the table of Great Wolf Cormack Wolftongue, a record of the tale was made.


In short time Russ was hailed as King of Fenris, his armies unbeatable and his wisdom unquestionable none could best the Wolf-King. Within Russ’ kingdom men and wolf lived in truce and his court was attended by both the fiercest warlords and the fairest maidens. With his deeds spreading to legends it was not too long before Terra came to call on the King of Fenris. So it was shortly after Russ became King that the Emperor came to Fenris. Cloaked in disguise, both physical and psychic the Emperor came to Russ as a cowled and bent wanderer, appearing in the great hall of Leman Russ his aura of power shrouded. The great wolves slunk away at the Emperor’s approach however and he walked up to the throne where Russ slouched leisurely, feasting on the roast leg of a boar and with a flagon of fine mead in hand. Freki and Geri lounging at his feet and a pool of blood around his throne. Having recently returned from a hunt Russ was not pleased to have his feast interrupted and the feast hall silenced at his growl. Freki stood at his master’s sound but Geri did not, noticing that the stranger met their master’s gaze unflinchingly.


It was then that the stranger gave Russ his challenge. Russ would decide the contest, and if the stranger won he would sit at the right hand of Russ during the feast. Russ proclaimed that if he won, the stranger had to serve him for a year. Grimly the stranger agreed. The first competition Russ decided would be an eating one. With great quantities of roast meet brought forth on brass shields Russ and the stranger set to eating. The Stranger ate a great deal indeed, consuming more than any of Russ’ warriors, but when the stranger looked at Russ he saw that the Primarch was finished with his third Auroch already, not a scrap of meet left on the scattered bones. Bowing his head to Russ the stranger accepted defeat. But Russ was enjoying his sport. So Russ called for a drinking match, but before the contest could be concluded the entire feast had been drunk dry. It was then that the wanderer had a gleam of anger come to his eyes. Calling Russ a drunkard and glutton, at which the entire court went silent. Russ drew his great sword and stepped onto the feast table with a growl to issue the consequences of his last challenge.


At the challenge the wanderer threw off his disguise to reveal his golden form, clad in baroque armor the Emperor drew forth a shimmering blade. Russ roared and charged, clashing with the wanderer in a titanic clash of arms. The Emperor’s golden armor reflected the glow of a thousand torches, and Russ’ skin glistened with sweat and blood, his matted hair flying wild as he charged with fury and passion. Russ fought with speed and precision, countered by the liquid grace of the wanderer. The tempered fury and skill of Russ, learned from a lifetime of living by his skill and wits proved without a doubt to be one of the Emperor’s lost sons, displaying a martial skill beyond that of any mortal. Finally convinced the Emperor brought his Power Fist in a glittering ark to connect squarely with Russ’ face, sending the Primarch straight into unconsciousness. Nevertheless within the hour Russ was back on his feet, his head cleared. Bloody and with broken fang, Russ smiled and swore fealty to the Emperor.


Within weeks Russ had learned all he needed too and was proclaimed fit to lead his legion in the Great Crusade across the stars. The Emperor introduced Russ to his legion and quickly Russ settled into the role of leading the Space Wolves. Soon the Legion’s marines became as sons to Russ.


Leman Russ was gifted a magnificent suit of armor thrice blessed by the Emperor, and his sword was replaced by the magnificent Frost Blade Mjalnar, forged from the teeth of the mighty Ice Kraken Gormenjarl. The blade was said to be able to split the mountains of Fenris in twain.


Russ joined the Great Crusade enthusiastically, throwing himself and his legion into the forefront of every battle, striding at the fore of his warriors slaying all before him and his presence heralded by the howling of his pack.


Not all was well with the Great Crusade however. Tension between the Legions was ever present, sometimes resulting in more than a little hostility. One such conflict occurred between the Space Wolves and the Dark Angels, but particularly between Leman Russ and Lion El’Johnson.


On the world of Dulan, a traitor commander named Durath insulted Leman Russ, calling him the Emperor’s lap dog. Enraged Russ vowed to take the head of Durath for his insult to the Space Wolves honor. Russ demanded that the Dark Angels who were also participating in the engagement stand down and allow the Space Wolves to destroy the traitor. However Lion El’Johnson had reconnoitered the fortress of the traitor extensively and had already formed a complex and precise attack plan. Loath to let Russ spoil his plans Johnson attacked at dawn and slew the traitor Durath in full view of the Space Wolves embattled below the fortress battlements. Furious Russ confronted Johnson after the battle and punched him, beginning a wrestling match that lasted several days, before Russ realized how ironic and foolish the fighting was and stopped to let out a raucous laugh. Not amused Johnson sucker punched Russ, knocking him unconscious and swept away. By the time Russ awoke the Dark Angels were long gone. Since then the Dark Angels and the Space Wolves have fought duels of honor over the long standing feud.


Another event of rivalry between the Space Wolves and the Dark Angels occurred while both legions were on their way to Terra after hearing the news of the Horus Heresy the Space Wolf and Dark Angels fleets encountered the world of Kalidus Secundus. The traitors had captured the orbital defense station and had proceeded bombarding the loyalists on the planet below. Russ wanted to assault the orbital while Johnson argued they should proceed to Terra. Arguing and fighting over the subject after interrogating a fleeing survivor named Tarus, they only ceased their combat when a marine named Hrothgar blew off Tarus’ head and revealed him to be a daemon.


Famous Quotations from Russ:


“Do not underestimate the Squats. They survived for millenia cut off from the Imperium and assailled from all sides. Their determination and resillience is an Example to all.”

-Leman Russ, Meditations on Imperial Command, Book XVI


“Only in the Space Marines of the Legiones Astartes are courage and expertise perfectly blended. In other troops they are present in varying degrees and proportions, and many scholars have debated their reltaive merits.


For my own part, I come down on the side of courage. For courage can sometimes make a virtue of inexperience. I myself have commanded Imperial Guard troops whose probitor units have achieved great things, because their courage was infinite and because they were too inexperienced to realise that their goal was impossible.”

-Leman Russ, De Natura Belli, Book XIV


“There are those who undervalue the Penal Battalions. But they should consider this: should a man who has wronged the Emperor be allowed to wrong him further? For each man executed is a man who can no longer serve, and to fail in service to the emperor is the greatest of sins.”

-Leman Russ, Meditations on Imperial Command, Book XXI


“Listen closely Brothers, for my life’s breath is all but spent. There shall come a time far from now when our Chapter itself is dying, even as I am now dying and our foes shall gahter to destroy us. Then my children, I shall list’n for your call from whatever realms of death hold me and come I shall no matter what laws of life and death forbid. At the end I will be there. For the Final battle. For the Wolftime."

-Leman Russ.


Horus Heresy


he Horus Heresy saw the Galaxy drenched in blood and war, as Horus and no less than nine of the Space Marine Legions descended into treachery. As the galaxy was thrown into chaos the Space Wolves were however not involved in many of the terrible fighting at Terra. Nevertheless the Space Wolves were heavily involved in the foundations of the Heresy, when they forged their ageless feud with the Thousand Sons Space Marine Legion.


Texts and accounts recovered both from the libraries of Prospero and the histories of the Space Wolves have been pieced together to provide accounts of what followed.


As the Horus Heresy ripened Magnus the Red, Primarch of the Thousand Sons, sent a psychic message to the Emperor warning him of Horus’ betrayal. However in so doing Magnus revealed the extent of his pursuit of sorcery, affirming Russ’ deepest suspicions about the cyclopean Primarch. At Russ’ insistence the Emperor agreed that Magnus must be brought to account for his betrayals. Gathering his entire legion Leman Russ traveled across the stars to bring down the Thousand Sons. His suspicions further affirmed by half-truths and lies spun by Horus, Russ swept down on Prospero with the weight of his entire Legion. Bombarding the planet mercilessly and tearing a bloody swath across the planet to the very citadel of the Thousand Sons. Prospero had been a paradise of a world, ice and ivory towers scraping the sky, vast man made lakes and reflecting pools, and magnificent libraries and places of learning. Nevertheless Russ felt it was simply a veneer of civilization over a tainted heart. The Space Wolves assaulted Prospero without mercy and the fighting against the Thousand Sons was fierce indeed, lasting many days at the cost of thousands of lives.


No matter how wise the Thousand Sons were, or how potent their sorcery was, they could not stand against the sheer fury of the Space Wolves on the field of war. At the center of the Space Wolves battlelines was the 13th Great Company lead by Jorin Bloodfang. The 13th Company was comprised of those battle brothers who manifested the curse of the wulfen, transformed into half wolf beasts in the heat of combat. Against such fury and bestial ferocity the Thousand Sons could not hold, eventually a massive hole was torn in the lines of the Thousand Sons and slowly but surely the warriors of Prospero were culled, cut down by the Space Wolves sheer fury.


The loss of every single Space Marine of the Thousand Sons is recorded in Prospero’s Lament, which while certainly suspect, is the only account of Magnus’ terrible bargain. Watching his legion torn apart by the bestial Wolves, Magnus roared to the heavens for salvation and help came. Magnus’ body was warped by insane power, and ten fingered hands shot from the soil of Prospero to defend it’s fortresses, the screams of Magnus drove hundreds of Space Wolves insane and still they fought on, their fury and willpower alone driving them on.


It was then that Magnus charged forth and laid into the Space Wolves, his horrific gaze petrifying anything it fell on, turning even the stoutest Long Fangs to dust, unstoppable the Giant crashed through the Space Wolves. Leman Russ disengaged from the swirling melee and lifted a Thousand Sons marine bodily and threw him into the face of Magnus. Temporarily blinded by the attack Russ smashed into Magnus. Somehow the giant did not fall and instead delivered a crushing blow to Russ’ chest, sending splinters of Ceramite into his heart. Nevertheless Russ grabbed Magnus’ arm as it drew back for another punch and kicked the Primarch in the eye. Howling in pain Magnus stumbled back and Russ took advantage of his opponent’s weakness to lift Magnus from the ground and break Magnus’ back over his knee. Seeing their Primarch broken the Thousand Sons turned and fled but as Russ prepared to execute Magnus with Mjalnar, Magnus gasped a word of power and vanished into the ground.


The reports on how the Thousand Sons escaped Prospero are many and varied. What is certain is that the Thousand Sons were not destroyed, as they continue to plague the Imperium to this day. Magnus himself even managed to survive somehow and even managed to save a great deal of the Thousand Sons learning and knowledge. However the Thousand Sons escaped, the 13th Company, the Wulfen-kind, pursued them. To this day the fate of the 13th Company is not known. However rumors from the 13th Black Crusade and some few eye witness reports indicate that strange half wolf marines bearing the colors and iconography of the Space Wolves have been seen appearing on various battlefields to tear into the forces of chaos before disappearing once more.


In honor of the lost 13th Company however the Space Wolves keep one stone blank in the Grand Annulus, the circle of stones depicting the Chapters Great Companies, and the 13th Company has never been replaced.




ollowing the Horus Heresy the Imperium set out to quell the uprisings and restore itself. The Space Wolves continued to wage the Emperor’s Wars. But at one particular “Feast of the Emperor’s Ascension" in honor of the day the Emperor defeated Horus and ascended to the Golden Throne, Leman Russ quieted the great hall to speak, but then froze. In horror the Space Wolves watched as their lord fell to his knees and called his closest companions and advisors to him, all save the youngest, Bjorn. Giving his closest companions his instructions Russ turned and left the hall with his bodyguard in tow, leaving only Bjorn behind. For seven years the Space Wolves waited for their lord to return, but when he finally did not, Bjorn was elected Great Wolf and led the Chapter on the first Great Hunt. The Great Companies dispersed among the stars searching for their lord and Bjorn took his search to the Eye of Terror itself. There Bjorn was mortally wounded and entombed in a Dreadnaught as the Space Wolves returned. Over the various Great Hunts many glorious victories have been won, each hunt beginning when Russ speaks into the mind of a Rune Priest, granting his sons his wisdom from time to time and sending them on new Great Hunts. None have succeeded in their final goal, but Russ has assured his sons with his final words that he will return to them for the final battle, for the wolf time.

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"Are we going to scrap about it now. Argue which Legion is the toughest?"
"The answer always is, the Wolves of Fenris," Torgadon put in. "Because they're clinically insane."
-1st Captain Sigismund of the Imperial Fists and Captain of the Luna Wolves 2nd Company.

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Famous Battles


"We are the wolf that stalks the stars in the sky.

And swallow the stars-fire.

We hide amongst the night when light is gone.

The light is within us.

We run the ruin of fire in the darkness.

Foes burn in our passing."

-Space Wolf Litany.


The Night of the Wolf

-Despite orders to the contrary Angron ordered reverse-engineered copies of his own Butcher's Nails to be implanted into the skulls of his Legion. The Nails drove the World Eaters to acts of unimaginable violence and bloodshed, where the XII Legion had once been known for their loyalty and brotherhood the renamed Eaters of Worlds became known for savagery unleashed. Whole worlds burned even after surrendering, entire populations slaughter to slake the blood lust of the World Eaters. Allies suffered as well, either through being ordered into the fight and then abandoned, suffering excessive losses where little blood need have been shed, or were set upon by the World Eaters themselves. As a flood of disconcerting reports reached Leman Russ he chose to confront Angron and put an end to the excesses of the XII Legion. The Emperor himself had ordered the implantation of the Nails to cease, and the butchery to end, and Leman Russ would see his father's orders obeyed. On the massacred world of Ghenna, outside the ruined city of Malkoya, the two Legions faced off. Angron would not submit to Russ and the two clashed in armed conflict. Each Legion claims the other fired first, whatever the truth of the matter the result was two Legions locked in bitter combat. Imperial Archives refer to the event as the Ghenna Scouring, pointedly omitting the moment when two Legions took up arms against each other. Both the Space Wolves and World Eaters claimed victory, though both secretly wondered if they had really lost. With Russ unable to bring Angron to heel the Emperor seemingly decided to let the matter drop for the time being, leaving the World Eaters to continue their wayward doctrines largely unhindered.


The Second Kobalt War

-Towards the end of the Great Crusade Dekk Company saw an extended tour of service fighting in the Second Kobalt War. The campaign was the last Dekk Company participated in before being rotated back to the Fang for garrison duty.


The Thayelsa Campaign

-During the Great Crusade the Eldar Craftworld of Thayelsa earned the ire of Dekk Company. Despite the technology, skills and arrogance of the Eldar the wrath of Dekk Company saw the entire craftworld destroyed, teaching the Eldar to be wary of inciting the wrath of the Space Wolves.


The Campaign Against the Olamic Quietude

-The Olamic Quietude were a far-flung colony of humanity who adapted to Old Night by replacing their physical bodies with robotic replacements and giving up their individuality in favor of linking their minds into a collective social network. Though this clearly aided the Quietude in surviving Old Night it also robbed them of their humanity. All attempts to bring the Quietude to compliance with the Imperium peacefully failed, the Quietude violently slaughtering, torturing and experimenting on the Imperial envoys. Turning to drastic measures the Space Wolves of Tra Company were called in to bring the Quietude to compliance. Much to the ire of the Adeptus Mechanicus the Space Wolves destroyed an orbital dry-dock of the Quietude, a dry-dock that happened to house a nearly completed vessel housing a complete copy of all of the Quietude's collected knowledge and wisdom but which the Space Wolves misinterpreted as a weapon. The Wolves of Fenris dropped the dock out of orbit to crack open the Quietude's fastnesses and open the way for the ground assault. Where other Imperial forces would have taken months and great losses to bring the Quietude to compliance the Space Wolves achieved their goal with remarkable speed and efficiency but also an extreme level of collateral damage. 


The Thardia Campaign

-After the Council of Nikaea concluded the VI Legion forces that had attended embarked on a twenty-six week journey to the Thardia system, ostensibly to conduct a campaign of compliance there. In truth the Space Wolves Legion was rallying to four separate locations in preparation for a campaign against Prospero and the Thousand Sons if the Sons of Magnus did not abide by the Emperor's Decree at Nikaea. The six companies gathered together at Thardia formed Taskforce Gaeta.


The Scouring of Prospero

-When Magnus broke the Emperor's Decree and revealed his continued use of Sorcery the ultimate sanction was finally authorized, the Space Wolves were set loose on the Thousand Sons homeworld of Prospero. Already renown as amongst the most vicious and devastating of the Legiones Astartes the Space Wolves were further strengthened with sizable contingents from the Sisters of Silence and the Adeptus Custodes to counter the Thousand Sons warp sorcery. If that were not enough the Wolf Lords of the Legion threw wide the doors of their armories, bringing forth all the mightiest relics and weapons of the Legion. More than a score of capitol ships and countless escorts tore into the Prospero system, smashing their way through the scattered system defense fleet, capturing or killing everything in their path before launching a massed assault on the capitol city of Tizca. The battle that followed was amongst the most ferocious and merciless of the Heresy, the sorcerous might of the Thousand Sons matched against the peerless ferocity and tenacity of the Space Wolves. As the Space Wolves forced the Sons of Magnus back to their final bastion the two Primarchs engaged in personal combat. Magnus and Russ crossed blades and though the incredible power of Magnus was capable of destroying whole armies of mortals the result of the contest was never in doubt, Russ lifted Magnus over his head and broke his brother's back over his knee. Defeated and desperate Magnus called out to the powers of the warp, instantly transporting himself and his surviving Thousand Sons to a world deep in the Eye of Terror. Back on Prospero the Space Wolves completed the purge of Prospero before withdrawing, leaving behind nothing but shattered, burned out ruins where once the most glorious repository of knowledge in the Imperium had stood. Determined to hunt the Thousand Sons down to the last Russ dispatched the 13th Company after the Sons of Magnus, a hunt the 13th has continued for 10,000 years.


The Battle for Signus Prime

-After the betrayal of Magnus a small contingent of Space Wolves was dispatched to every Legion to watch the remaining Primarchs for signs of corruption or treachery, a measure that was too little and came too late as fate would have it. Under the command of Captain Helik Redknife a small contingent of Space Wolves joined up with Sanguinius the IX Legion, the Blood Angels, just prior to the Signus Campaign. Redknife and his warriors fought alongside the Blood Angels as they battled the foul forces of chaos corrupting the Signus system, but it was not the forces of the traitors that murdered Redknife and his command, it was the crazed berserkers of Captain Amit's Flesh Tearers. At the height of the Battle for Signus Prime many Blood Angels were lost to the Red Thirst including Captain Amit and his already nearly feral battle-brothers known amongst the IX Legion as the FLesh Tearers. Not realizing Redknife and his men were allies Amit and his warriors tore the Space Wolves apart, a treachery that was subsequently hidden by the Blood Angels senior commanders, hidden even from Sanguinius himself. Redknife and his battle-brothers were simply reported killed in action.


The Ambush at the Residency of Macragge

-Assigned to watch Roboute Guilliman the Watch-pack of Faffnr Bludbroder remained in the Residency of Macragge, the official home of the Primarch of the Ultramarines, while the battle-brothers of the Dark Angels, the Ultramarines and the Shattered Legions chased Konrad Kurze through the Fortress of Hera. When the Night Haunter gave his chasers the slip and struck at the Residency he did not realize any defenders would be left. The Primarch of the Night Lords attacked Guilliman’s adoptive mother, intending to strike a dire blow to the Ultramarines morale. Instead he found the Watch-pack waiting. While Kurze played with his prey the Watch-pack moved into position and without warning launched their attack. The private office of Guilliman was trashed by bolter fire and blades as all ten of the Space Wolves threw themselves at Kurze. One by one they were thrown aside or smashed to the ground yet they kept clambering back up and throwing themselves at the Primarch. Where many hardened veterans of the I and XIII Legions had been cut down with contemptuous ease the VI Legion warriors not only managed to survive but draw blood before the half-mad Primarch Vulkan intervened and smashed Kurze out through the window. Of the ten Space Wolves who crossed blades with Kurze only one perished, brother Shockeye Ffyn was thrown from the window and crushed many storeys below.


The Betrayal at Pelago

-The Watch-pack of Torbjorn of Fror met up with the Alpha Legion fleet in the Golan System, in orbit over the 5th planet from the sun, an ocean world known as Pelago. Torbjorn’s eight strong pack met with an individual claiming to be Alpharius and intended to begin their assigned duty only to face the bolters of traitors. Though most of the pack were slain in the ensuing fight Torbjorn managed to slay the warrior claiming to be Alpharius, capture an enemy gunship and escape. However before the pack could find safe harbor a pair of Alpha Legion saboteurs who had hidden aboard the Stormbird struck, forcing the gunship to crash-land on the ocean world. Two of the remaining Space Wolves died in the crash but Wolf Guard Champion Torbjorn was dragged from the wreck by a group of locals. A gunship flying the colors of the Space Wolves found Torbjorn but the ship was really a vessel of the Alpha Legion. Before Torbjorn could draw his blade he was gunned down by the traitors along with most of the locals. With that act of treachery the war for the Golan system began.


The Battle of Alaxxes

-Weeks after the Scouring of Prospero the VI Legion fleet regrouped in the Alaxxes system, performing emergency repairs, counting the dead and reorganizing. The sudden appearance of a massive XX Legion fleet disrupted the slow process of licking wounds and forced the Space Wolves to deploy immediately. The VI Legion held back until the Alpha Legion opened fire and then the Sons of Russ launched a savage counter-attack. Spearheaded by the VI Legion Flagship, the Hrafnkel, the Space Wolves tore into the XX Legion with all the savage fury they were known for but it was not enough. The VI Legion had suffered in the battle against the Thousand Sons where as the XX Legion fleet was fresh and fully supplied as well as possessing notably superior numbers. Inevitably the Space Wolves had to order a retreat into the gaseous nebula at the system’s outer reaches, using the interference to cloak their ships from the Alpha Legion sensors and give themselves breathing room to properly regroup and reassess the situation. The closest loyalist force were the White Scars situated in the nearby Chondax system but unbeknownst to the Space Wolves the Alpha Legion had deployed not one but two suspiciously large fleets, the second of which was acting as a silent blockade of the White Scars muster.


The Ambush at Yarant

-The situation in Alaxxes came to a sudden conclusion in the Ambush at Yarant. Leman Russ had received a message from Jaghatai Khan informing him that the Khan had chosen to follow Dorn's orders, thus leaving the Space Wolves to deal with their traitorous brethren alone. Rather than rage at the situation the Space Wolves drew blades with a renewed sense of purpose and struck back at the traitors. The sudden arrival of an unexpected ally turned the table on the Alpha Legion and the loyalists were able to drive the traitors from the system. 


The Fall of the Kalida Secundus Fortress

-During the dark days of the Horus Heresy those loyalists still able made all haste to Terra in the desperate desire to join the Emperor in battle against the arch-traitor before it was too late. The fleets of the first and sixth Legions linked up during their voyage to Terra and joined forces. The alliance was an uneasy one however for Russ and Johnson had feuded in the past and even in such dire circumstances still disagreed on how to prosecute their journey. Johnson wanted to make best speed for Terra but Russ argued for the fleets to stop and aid those Imperial systems through which they passed, for what would be the good of saving the Emperor if he had no Imperium left to rule. One of the planets the two fleets stopped to defend was Kalidus. Johnson believed the diversion was a waste of time while Russ wanted to destroy Kalida Secundus, an armored moon fortress controlled by the enemy that was bombarding the loyalists on the surface of Kalidus. Fuel was added to the fire of the two Primarch's debate in the form of Tarus, a survivor from the orbital bastion who claimed the crew were possessed by daemons. For a full day the two Primarchs debated until their heated argument errupted in a contest of arms. Each Primarch drew the blood of the other before the duel was stopped by Iron Priest Hrothgar who revealed Tarus to be a mind-control daemon in the guise of a man. Agreeing the duel was a draw the two Legions launched an assault on the orbital fortress, carving their way through the mutated hordes of the crew to the fortress reactor. There Russ personally planted demolition charges before the Legions withdrew and obliterated the fortress. On Kalidus the terrified loyalists saw a second sun birthed in orbit, but as the bombardments ceased they realized their salvation and gave thanks to the Emperor. The Dark Angels and Space Wolves continued on their journey to Terra.


The Pirates of Lemora

-During the first and sixth Legions joint voyage to Terra the loyalists encountered a fleet of reavers in the Lemora system. The outbreak of the Horus Heresy and the disruption of Imperial rule gave opportunists and pirates an opportunity to pillage and raid with impunity, until they came up against the combined might of the Dark Angels and the Space Wolves. The fleet leader, Ghoran the Navigator, was defeated in personal combat by Leman Russ, rather than slay the brigand Russ spared his life in exchange for his renewed oaths of loyalty to the Emperor. In the battles that followed Ghoran showed great bravery in battle against the traitors and his grandson would later repay his family's debt with the utmost honor.



Death of the Tyrant Mashashi

-In the region known as the Shield Worlds the joint fleet of the first and sixth Legions defeated the Tyrant of Mashashi and his army of ten million blood thirsty men. The Tyrant himself fell to a blow from Russ' axe, though before he perished, the chaos sorcerer and seer laughingly told Johnson and Russ of the Warmaster's planned assault on Terra. Mashashi told the loyalists that the Emperor would die, slain by the hand of his favored son Horus. The Tyrant possessed an ancient seeing crystal, looking into it Johnson and Russ saw the traitor fleets heading to Terra, five full Legions sworn to Horus descending on the Throne world aided by hordes of cultists, daemons and unnumbered twisted horrors. They saw a scene to bring horror even to the war heardened hearts of the Primarchs, a scene of utter chaos where the Emperor and Horus fought to the death and the broken body of their brother Sanguinius lay at the combatant's feet. The two Primarchs debated their course of action, for these visions could be a ploy by the enemy to lead them into a trap, however the consequences of inaction outweighed the risks. Russ and Johnson chose to use the seeing crystal to aid their journey through the warp to Terra. 


The Fall of Varskjøld

-Very few know the story of Varskjøld or how he fell, yet it is a tale of bravery and sacrifice to equal any of the greatest sagas sung in the halls of the Fang. Like a number of legionaries during the galaxy burning war of the Horus Heresy Brother Varskjøld renounced all oaths to his Legion and Primarch to join Malcador the Sigilite’s band of errant knights led by Captain Nathaniel Garro, formerly of the Death Guard. Varskjøld did not survive to reach Terra and join the Sigilite however; the Imperial Fists Frigate Xanthus aboard which Varskjøld was being transported was intercepted and shot down by the traitor Death Guard over the forested moon of Algonquis. Not content merely to consign the Imperial Fists and the lone Knight Errant to a slow death the commander of the Death Guard vessel dispatched Chaplain Morgax Murnau and a squad of Destroyers known as the Graven to ensure there were no survivors. The Imperial Fists Captain perished in the crash landing leaving command of the small astartes detachment in the hands of Varskjøld. The Sons of Dorn rapidly barricaded and sealed up the crashed derelict and even managed to bring one of the ship killing plasma-cannons online. Three of the Destroyers fell to the loyalists guns before their corrupted Chaplain led them in a brutal assault on the Xanthus. Three more Destroyers perished in the brutal close quarters fighting before at last coming to the final bastion of the loyalists on the sunken gunnery deck. Without the numbers to rush the defenders Sergeant Gorphon rolled two canisters of the dreaded chemical agent Phosphex into the gunnery deck, expecting the defenders to counter-attack rather than perish to the slow burning mist of toxic fumes. Instead the defenders held position, forcing the determined Chaplain Morgax to lead his warriors into the phosphex and ensure there were no survivors. Deep into the gunnery deck the Death Guard found Varskjøld, crawling slowly across the deck, his face slowly being eaten away and his lungs turning to mush. The sons of Mortarion should have killed him then but in their arrogance held their blades. Varskjøld transmitted his last order to the Imperial Fists Sergeant who overloaded one of the plasma batteries. Freshly holed the sinking frigate was quickly flooded by the stinking quagmire Algonquis had become, consigning the Death Guard to a watery grave. Before he was cut down at last by Chaplain Morgax the dying Brother Varskjøld blew the brains of Sergeant Gorphon out of his skull, a last act of defiance in the face of death. Varskjøld may not have lived to reach Terra but he could be contented at least that he went to the Allfather’s side with more slain foes to his name than fallen allies.


The Battle of Gryth

-During the dark days of the Horus Heresy the VI Legion fought many dire battles against the forces of the traitors. Whether the enemy the legion fought were mortals, posthumans, twisted machines or vile killers of warp flesh the enemies were without number and the battles too many to count. One such battle was fought on Gryth, a daemon world of Nurgle covered in miasmic plague plains. It was here that the pack of Bjorn the Fell-Handed was slain by a Bloodthirster of Khorn. Following this loss Bjorn became a Lone Wolf, a maddened slayer who hunted down his foe with an unquenchable thirst for vengeance for years before finally cornering his prey during the Battle of Velbayne and exacting his pack’s bloodgeld from the creature’s hide.


The Battle of Velbayne

-Years after the battle for Gryth the entire VI Legion brought battle to the daemonic hordes of chaos on Velbayne. In the midst of this apocalyptic battle the Lone Wolf Bjorn the Fell-Handed drove through the fighting with singular purpose, his target the Bloodthirster who had killed his pack many years ago on the world of Gryth. Though mighty the daemon stood no chance against the hardened killing machine Bjorn had become and its doom was all but assured. Bjorn fought his way to the creature and then climbed up its back beore throttling it to death with his wolf claw clamped around the daemon’s throat. With this victory Bjorn’s time as a Lone Wolf ended and he rejoined the brotherhood of the legion with his honor restored.


The Voyage to Terra

-Never before or since has such a long or dangerous journey through the warp been attempted as that made by the combined fleets of the Dark Angels and Space Wolves. The warp was a tempest of storms that hampered the fleets at every turn, threw them of course, and tore ships apart. Daemons beset the vessels and many brave souls perished, driven mad, starved or torn apart by predators from the warp. For weeks the ships braved the storms and attacks, at the last the fleet was led by Russ himself, at the helm of the Winter Wolf, after the ship's navigator went mad from prolonged exposure to the warp. Despite all their efforts, the fleets arrived too late, for while only weeks had passed for them, many months had come and gone in real space.


The Battle for Terra

-The fleets of the first and sixth Legions emerged in the Sol system in the midst of the final battle, Horus lay dead and the Emperor mortally wounded, the last gambit of the arch-traitor had failed but the fighting was not yet over. The Dark Angels and Space Wolves ships raced for orbit and tore into the traitor fleets. Russ and his warriors descended to the surface around the shattered Imperial palace. With his wolves and bodyguards at his back Leman Russ shot and carved his way through the disintegrating lines of the traitors into the heart of the palace. As his bodyguards fell one by one Russ pushed on heedless until he reached the Emperor's great throne room. With no more traitors to slay and the Golden Throne stood empty Russ at last fell to his knees and cried out in despair even as the horns of victory sounded. For the Emperor had fallen and the victory was hollow. As Russ knelt on the marble floor of the Emperor's throne room the air crackled with the distortion of a teleport field, in a crack of light and displaced air the Imperial Fists Primarch, Rogal Dorn, appeared bearing the wounded body of the Emperor. Behind Dorn stood warriors of his Legion carrying the broken body of Sanguinius, fallen Primarch of the Blood Angels. Russ left the hall to be alone with his thoughts.


Later Johnson sought out his brother and found him standing beneath the Monument to the Victory at Durath. The two argued bitterly, for Johnson accused Russ of slowing them down at Kalida Secundus, if not for that delay they might have arrived in time. Russ refused to be drawn into a fight and told Johnson to go away then he lay down to sleep beneath the monument. The Emperor came to Russ in his dreams and told him that now was the time when the loyalists would be tested, that the Emperor's true sons must strive to hold the Imperium together and the feud between Russ and Johnson must finally be settled. When he awoke Russ found Johnson standing over him armed for combat and demanding they continue their duel that was aborted on Kalidus. Russ refused for now was not the time for the loyalists to tear themselves apart in petty disputes. Enraged Johnson would not back down but rather than fight Russ simply bared his chest to his brother. Johnson struck for Russ' hearts but at the last moment pulled his blow up short, piercing his brother's primary heart but not his secondary. When Russ at last awoke from his injury he found Dorn and Johnson standing over his bed, Johnson knelt down and begged his brother's forgiveness and Russ gave it. With bonds of brotherhood reaffirmed the Primarchs struck out from Terra with the remaining loyalists, driving the traitors to the Eye of Terror.


The First Great Hunt

-In 211.M31, almost two hundred years after the Emperor’s internment within the Golden Throne, during the 197th Feast of the Emperor’s Ascension the Primarch Leman Russ rose from his seat and summoned his Wolf Guard. Without a word of explanation Russ and his chosen warriors departed the Fang and vanished into the Eye of Terror. The only member of the Primarch’s Wolf Guard left behind was Bjorn the Fell-Handed, the youngest of Russ’ chosen. For seven years Bjorn and his brethren waited for Russ to return. In 218.M31, after Russ had failed to appear for the seventh year in a row the chapter elected Bjorn the Fell-Handed as the first Great Wolf. Bjorn declared that the chapter would take to the stars and look for their liege; all twelve Great Companies boarded their vessels and set sail in different directions. Bjorn chose to take his Great Company into the Eye of Terror through the Cadian Gate, following in the footsteps of Russ. After years of fighting all manner of enemies and searching across the known galaxy the companies were recalled and the hunt ended in failure.


The Proxima Rebellion

-In 934.M31 the Great Wolf Bjorn the Fell-Handed led a raid to free battle-brothers of the chapter held prisoner in the chaos held Dreadsun Fortress. Though the raid was successful Bjorn suffers grievous injuries. His battle-brothers dragged Bjorn from the battlefield and the chapter Wolf Priests did their best to preserve his life but the Great Wolf’s injuries were too great. To save him the Wolf Priests interred Bjorn in the life-support sarcophagus of a Dreadnought. When Bjorn recovered enough to think properly he came to the conclusion that he could not fulfill his duties as Great Wolf in his new form and abdicated his position. The chapter elected a new Great Wolf and Bjorn took his place in the deep vaults of the Fang with the chapter Ancients.


The Second Great Hunt

-Though the second Great Hunt, like the first hunt before it, fails to locate Leman Russ the Space Wolves discover a relic suit of battleplate bearing the livery of the VI Legion and the Primarch within the Temple of Horus on Rudra, a world on the fringes of the Eye of Terror. How the armor got there or why the Sons of Horus were coveting it were unknown but the Space Wolves believed the armor to be none other than the warplate of Leman Russ himself, a clear sign that he had indeed gone to the Eye of Terror though why he would have parted with his armor the brothers of the chapter could not fathom. The armor was taken and returned to the Fang where it still serves to this day as the aegis of the chapter’s greatest heroes.


First Battle for the Fang

-In the year 742.M32 Magnus the Red and the Thousand Sons launched a series of devastating raids in the regions around Fenris. Great Wolf Harek Ironhelm rallied the Space Wolves in retaliation to hunt down the raiders. Yet Ironhelm met with no success as he chased the elusive raiders, until he became obsessed. Taunted in visions by Magnus himself Harek began to search worlds around the Eye of Terror until he found the planet of Gangava, what he believed to be the Thousand Sons secret base. Launching a full scale attack Harek committed his entire force. This however was a ruse, for while Gangava was held by allied chaos forces, the Thousand Sons fleet took orbit over Fenris itself and launched an all out attack. With the Fang held by a skeleton force of thralls and marines, the hour was desperate indeed. Awakening Bjorn the Fell-Handed from his slumber to take charge of the defense, Bjorn instructed the Scout Sergeant Haakon Blackwing to take a squad and get word to Lord Harek. Succeeding in their task while Bjorn lead the Space Wolves into the innermost fortifications of the fang, Haakon rushed to Gangava to bring the Great Wolf news of the attack, and for forty days and forty nights the Space Wolves held against the Thousand Sons, despite all odds. Overcome with rage at his own folly, Harek rushed back to Fenris and met Magnus in battle on the slopes of the Fang. While Harek was a magnificent warrior, he was no match for Magnus and fell in battle, but not before delivering punishing wounds to the Primarch. Forced to withdraw before the frenzy of the Space Wolves the Thousand Sons fled the field. It is said that Bjorn carried Harek to the upper slopes of the Fang for burial personally, and his tomb is a pilgrimage spot for Rune Priests undergoing their initiation. Where they learn from Harek himself the dangers of trusting Chaos granted visions.


The Fourth Great Hunt

-The Fourth Great Hunt saw the Space Wolves uncover a plot to overthrow the Administratum. Known as the Corellian Conspiracy a corrupt and power hungry group within the wider Imperial beurocracy sought to sieze control of the Imperium’s organizational branch, the Administratum, in a swift and bloody coup. The Space Wolves discovered the nature of the plot and foiled it, hunting down and slaying those responsible and preventing the disruption to the governance of the Imperium.


The Defense of Mordrak

-One of the battles recounted in the Saga of Wolf Lord Durfast tells of how he led his warriors in the defense of Mordrak, a long dead world that was once home to a formidable race of techno-savants. Durfast defeated the Ork Waaagh that had threatened the world and in doing so discovered a wealth of hidden archaeotech, ancient technological marvels whose secrets of creation the Imperium had lost long ago. The discovery of these artifacts was a huge victory for the Imperium and a legendary accomplishment for Durfast and the Chapter. One of the recovered artifacts, a temporal precognitive device, was fashioned into Durfast’s wolf-head helmet. Known as the Helm of Durfast this battle helm grants the wearer a momentary vision of the past, present and future, enabling him to anticipate an opponent’s movements with preternatural skill.


The Ninth Great Hunt

-During the Ninth Great Hunt in 671.M34 the Space Wolves discovered a massive infestation of genestealers in the worlds of the Gehenna System. In a brutally thorough campaign the Space Wolves purged the Gehenna system of the vile xenos taint.


Second Battle for the Fang

-During the Age of Apostasy, 310-334.M36, Apostate Cardinal Bucharis of Gathalamore launched an invasion of Fenris on his way to Terra. For 3 years Bucharis laid siege to the Fang after the Space Wolves fleet waged furious battles against the Imperial Navy forces of Bucharis, some of the Space Wolves ships break through, such as the Cruiser the Claw of Russ. However the fighting saw millions of Fenrisians fall to the invaders as the people of Fenris, the Space Wolves and even the Fenrisian Wolves of the wild waged war against their attackers. Despite numerous efforts to break the siege the Space Wolves could not break through, until returning from a 5 year expedition to the Eye of Terror, Kyrl Grimblood and his Great Company smashed through Bucharis fleet and then launched a devastating assault on the rear of Bucharis' siege forces, killing thousands and sending many fleeing into the wilds of Fenris to die horribly at the unforgiving hands of the planet. With Kyrl's efforts weakening the invaders, the Space Wolves launched a break out and broke through their attackers, routing them. Bucharis was forced to flee and while his defeat at the hands of the Space Wolves did not end him, others fought against the Plague of Unbelief and Bucharis and eventually defeated him. Yet it is due to the efforts of Kyrl Grimblood that the ambitions of Bucharis were brought to a turning point and the 2nd Battle for the Fang was won.


The Thirteenth Great Hunt

-The Thirteenth Great Hunt, like all those before it, failed to locate the Primarch Leman Russ but the hunt did lead to confrontation with the chaos space marine warband known as the Lost. In the fighting that ensued the Lost were wiped out to a man, ending a dire threat to the Imperium.


The Battle of Blood Falls

-In 357.M41 the young Grey Hunter Logan Grimnar earned a place within the Wolf Guard of Asvald Stormwrack during the Battle of Blood Falls against the chaos space marine renegades of the Bloody Crescent warband. The fighting across the broken surface of Hesperia was furious and bloody, at the height of the fighting Wolf Lord Asvald Stormwrack fell beneath the dead weight of a wrecked Helbrute, helpless against the blades of the foe. Of all the warriors of the Great Company only Logan Grimnar reached the side of his lord, holding back the chaos marines single-handed. In recognition of Logan’s skill and bravery Jarl Asvald promoted him to his Wolf Guard.


The Macharian Crusade

-The Wolf Lord Logan Grimnar led a task force of Space Wolves to fight alongside the Lord Solar Macharius during the Macharian Crusade from 392-399.M41.


The Cleansing of Procrastes

-More than a decade into the Macharius Crusade the Lord Solar sought an alliance with the Space Wolves chapter. Macharius needed powerful allies both politically and militarily to continue expanding his Crusade. Already Macharius had recaptured more worlds for the Imperium than anyone since the Emperor walked among men and he now sought to step up the pace of his campaigns and conquests to a height undreamed of since the end of the Great Crusasde. Allies amongst the Adeptus Astartes would be a potent symbol for the Crusade and help ensure the continued support of the Administratum and the Munitorum, both of whom had begun to question, oppose and undermine Macharius. Macharius approached the Space Wolves through the chapter’s alliance with the Navigator House Bellisarius and sought to gain favor with the sons of Russ by presenting the chapter with a gift, the Fist of Russ. Unfortunately for Macharius an unexpected run-in with Dark Eldar raiders saw the relic the Lord Solar believed to be the Fist of Russ stolen. The Night Runner Great Company under the command of Wolf Lord Logan Grimnar was tasked with joining Macharius in a mission to the Procrastes system to drive the Dark Eldar raiders from the world and recapture the Fist of Demetrius, the artifact Macharius believed to be the Fist of Russ. The xenos incursion was centered around a mountain valley containing a series of ruined temples. Macharius quickly formed up his Lion Guard and assaulted the valley from the ground while the Space Wolves launched an assault from orbit, driving the Dark Eldar into the tunnels beneath the temples. In the days that followed the Lion Guard and Space Wolves clashed with the Dark Eldar repeatedly, the xenos launching attacks from the tunnels below the temples and from the surrounding mountains. The battles between human and xenos reached a fever pitch when a webway portal deep beneath the ruins finally opened. The Dark Eldar sought an ancient artifact locked within a webway vault accessible only through the ruins. Macharius and a company of his Lion Guard, along with Logan Grimnar, entered the webway portal and chased down the last surviving Dark Eldar and the Archon who led them. Though the fighting was fierce and many of the guardsmen died the Archon and his bodyguards were slain, the artifact returned to dormancy and the Fist of Demetrius was reclaimed. Upon inspecting the artifact Logan Grimnar announced that it was not the Fist of Russ, though ancient and valuable it was not a weapon of the Primarch.


The War for the Cyclopean Rift

-For ten long years the Great Company of Asvald Stormwrack fought against the pale-skinned orks of the Cyclopean Rift on Zylor IX. In the last days of the war the ork Warboss Dakfang met Wolf Lord Asvald Stormwrack in single-combat on the bridge-mazes beneath Zylor Primus. Both warlords strike mortal wounds on their opponents and together they tumble from the bridges to their deaths. Logan Grimnar is elected the new Wolf Lord of the Company and takes the badge of the Night Runner as the company’s new heraldry.


The Battle of Xor

-The Great Wolf Sigvald Grimhammer is slain by a Dark Eldar Succubus during the Battle of Xor. Wolf Priest Ulrik the Slayer nominates Logan Grimnar for the position of Great Wolf and he is elected unanimously despite many of his fellow Wolf Lords having centuries of seniority over the Jarl of the Night Runners.


1st War for Armageddon

-In 444.M41 the Space Hulk known as the Devourer of Stars entered orbit around the manufactory dense world of Armageddon and began disgorging an unstoppable tide of daemons, cultists and Chaos Space Marines fo the World Eaters Traitor Legion. At the head of his mighty host was the Daemon-Primarch Angron and the twelve Greater Daemons of Khorn known as the Cruor Praetoria. The invading forces were unstoppable, sweeping across the northern continent of Armageddon Prime with impunity, within a matter of weeks the Hives of Volcanus, Death Mire and Tempestora had fallen and it seemed the world was doomed to drown in oceans of blood. The Space Wolves had heard the cry from Armageddon before its Astropaths were silenced and a force led by the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar rushed to join the battle. The fury of the Space Wolves guns destroyed the Devourer of Stars but it was immediately clear to the Great Wolf that the ground forces would not be so easily beaten, to slay the Daemon-Primarch the Wolves would need to call on a secretive force of warriors specialized in fighting the daemon, the Grey Knights.


Only Chapter Masters of the Adeptus Astartes were permitted to know of the Grey Knight's existence but in the hour of Armageddon's need the Great Wolf cast aside his vows of secrecy and dispatched two of the Chapter's ships to bring word to Titan of the invasion and bring the Grey Knights to the battle. The Veregelt and the Frostborn raced through the warp's tides bound for the distant Sol system, hounded by the daemons of the archenemy. Both ships were overwhelmed, the Frostborn emerging stranded and dead in the Valdasca Caul. The Veregelt managed to emerge from the warp in the void above Titan, screaming the Great Wolf's message on the vox in an automated loop before crashing to the surface of Saturn's moon. None of the crew survived the journey and only a single survivor was found aboard the Frostborn. Despite the losses the Space Wolves message was recieved. A hundred and nine Grey Knights under the command of Brother Captain Aurellian arrived in orbit over Armageddon mere days latter, prepared to enter the fray. Logan Grimnar did not want to reveal the defenders greatest weapon too early however and ordered the Grey Knights to bide their time.


Two days later the final battle for Armageddon began with the defenders arrayed along the bank of the River Styx that separated Armageddon Secundus from the equitorial jungles. The forces of the Blood God emerged from the jungle to find that they faced not the disordered remnants of Armageddon's shattered forces but a massive army pulled together by the inspiring presence and leadership of the Great Wolf and with more than a Great Company of Space Wolves facing them. Undaunted the chaos forces threw themselves into battle, drawn from the riverbank as the Imperial defenders withdrew to pre-prepared defensive lines until at last Angron and his bodyguards joined the fray. In an instant more than a hundred Grey Knight Terminators teleported to the surface of Armageddon, totally surrounding the Daemon-Primarch. In the battle that followed all but thirteen of the Grey Knights were slain but the Daemon-Primarch fell to the blade of Captain Aurellian and the forces of the Blood God were defeated after more than eight hours of furious fighting. The war was over but the worst was yet to begin. During the fighting at the River Styx the veteran warrior Ulric earned the rare and unusual accolade of a nod of appreciation from the daemon Primarch Angron in recognition of his battle-fury and skill. In honor of his service in avenging his slain lord Ulric was offered the chance to become the new Wolf Lord of his company but instead chose to take up the mantle of the Wolf Priest. Elsewhere on the battlefield the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar faced the World Eaters Champion Akor Doomflayer in single combat. Logan defeated the chaos champion and took Akor’s tainted battle axe as his own. The corrupted blade was melted down and reforged into the mighty Axe Morkai, a dread weapon that seems to constantly struggle against its new shape.


The Months of Shame

-With the defeat of the Daemon-Primarch Angron the 1st War for Armageddon should have gone down in history as a mighty achievement, the result of mortal men and women achieving the impossible, displaying unimaginable courage in battle against the most dreadful enemy the Imperium has ever known. Instead the aftermath of the 1st War for Armageddon was a lesson in betrayal and murder on a massive scale. Despite the Hives of Helsreach and Infernus having had no knowledge of the war, having never seen the enemy or any of the Inquisition's secret daemon-hunters the Inquisitors overseeing the purge declared the entire populace would be sterilized and consigned to isolated work camps for the rest of their miserable lives. Even the Guard Regiments that had participated in the purge of the enemy, more than a million soldiers loyal to the Throne of Terra, would be butchered in cold blood rather than allow a single witness to leave Armageddon alive. Unsurprisingly the Space Wolves would have none of this. With less than a hundred Space Marines remaining from the Chapter's initial forces the Wolves of Fenris lacked the strength on the ground to oppose the hundreds of thousands of Inquisitorial Storm Troopers that arrived to round up the populace. Nevertheless they made themselves a nuissance to the operation at every opportunity. Entire convoys of civilians dissappeared and no ammount of orbital surveillance could reveal where the Space Wolves had hidden them.


The confrontation between the Sons of Fenris and the Inquisition escalated when the Imperial Guard Troopships prepared to leave orbit for the next warzones. The first ship to leave was trailed to the system jump point and destroyed by the Grey Knights. Knowing how far the Inquisition would take it the Space Wolves refused to risk another vessel departing alone. Instead under the guise of ochestrating the departure the Great Wolf organized the Troopships to depart as one with the Space Wolves as escort. Under the command of Inquisitor Lord Ghesmei Kysnaros the Inquisition and Grey Knight vessels opened fire on the Troopships as they attempted to depart. The Space Wolves would not allow the murder of loyal Imperial citizens however and the larger fleet of Chapter vessels interposed themselves between the troopships and the Inquisition's guns, deflecting the punishing salvoes of fire on their vessels own shields. Before the Inquisition's guns could tell on the Space Wolves fleet however the Battle-Barge Gylfarheim arrived with its escorts, forcing the Inquisition fleet to stand down. The troopships scattered into the warp, desperate to be away from the system.


Inquisitor Lord Kysnaros would not be defeated so easily however, in the months that followed the Inquisition and Grey Knight vessels tracked the fleeing troopships. Every world they visited was exterminated, every outpost and listening station they passed was obliterated. More than ten billion loyal Imperial subjects were slaughtered by the Emperor's own Inquisition for the crime of overhearing the wrong vox transmission or witnessing the wrong ships passing. The Inquisition's efforts to purge all knowledge of the 1st War for Armageddon continuously met the interference of the Space Wolves. Grey Knight's vessels would emerge from the warp to find an overwhelming fleet of Fenresian ships defending their target, or a blockade of ships cordoning off a system. The Space Wolves scuttled troopships, dispersing the troopers and crew across dozens of random systems. Slowly, week by week, month by month the survivors of Armageddon slipped through the Inquisitions fingers. Never once in all those long months did the Space Wolves allow themselves to be drawn into battle, suffering under the Inquisition's guns but never returning fire.


Eight months after the end of the 1st War for Armageddon the Inquisition called for an armistice to discuss peace terms with the Space Wolves in a remote system. Arriving under a flag of truce the Battle-Barge Scramaseax and its four escorts came under immediate fire from the Inquisition's fleet. Fifteen ships opened fire on the unprepared Space Wolves vessels, destroying all four escorts and nearly crippling the Scramaseax before Inquisitor Lord Kysnaros demanded the Wolves surrender. To the surprise of the Grey Knights and the Inquisition the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar agreed to meet for terms. A lone Thunderhawk docked in the hangar of the Battle-Barge the Fire of Dawn, aboard was the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar and three of his remaining Wolf Guard. In mockery of the first meeting between the Inquisition and the Space Wolves during the 1st War for Armageddon the Grey Knights and Inquisition stood to attention in ranks as the Space Wolves strode up to meet them. Dropping the head of his axe to the deck and leaning on the haft the Great Wolf declared the Grey Knights and the Inquisition oathbreakers, worthy of nothing but a swift death. Expecting a surrender Inquisitor Lord Kysnaros was unsure how to answer these charges, repeatedly attempting to talk the Great Wolf and the Chapter into surrendering. Instead Logan asked who gave the order to fire on the Scramaseax. Arrogantly Grand Master Joros admitted to the order, his hands resting on his Nemesis Flachions in preparation for combat. For all of the Grey Knight's psychic mastery, training and wargear, for all the Grand Masters centuries of combat and service he never saw the axe coming, before anyone realized it Logan's axe swept up and arround, cleaving into Joros' neck and chest, the Grand Master was dead before his armored bulk crashed to the deck. The Great Wolf and his Wolf Guard prepared to teleport back to the Scramaseax, but the Grey Knights had prepared for such an action, working in concert the Sons of Titan grabbed onto the Wolves with their psychic power and pulled back, keeping them in place. Thinking swiftly Logan and his Wolf Guard fired once intot he onrushing Grey Knights and four bodies crashed to the deck. Four Justicars each slain by a single bolt-round to the neck lay in spreading pools of their own blood. The psychic backlash of four of the Grey Knight's psychic nodes broke their concentration, shattering their psychic communion. With a flash the Wolves were gone and the Scramaseax limped from the system.


From that moment on the Space Wolves no longer afforded the Inquisition's treacheries. Every vessel emerging from the warp to meet a waiting fleet of Space Wolves vessels was immediately fired upon. Many Grey Knight vessels limped back to the armada in defeat, many never returned at all. The Battle-Barge the Glaive of Janus, ancient flagship of the 1st Brotherhood was destroyed, fifty of the Chapter's greatest knight's slain with it. The situation was increasingly slipping from the Inquisition's fingers. Finally Inquisitor Lord Kysnaros called an end to the purge, it had failed, too many had escaped too far to be followed and silenced. Yet the Inquisition demanded the Space Wolves submit to their authority, to that end Kysnaros called the entire Red Hunters Chapter to join the Inquisitorial Armada and the fleet made all speed to Fenris, determined to either bring the Wolves to surrender or wipe their homeworld from the face of the galaxy.


Arriving in orbit the Inquisitorial armada found only a single badly damaged Strike Cruiser docked at the Fang, leaving the armada to move into firing position without opposition. Inquisitor Lord Kysnaros demanded the surrender of the wolves yet again and was told he could meet with one who would speak for the Chapter. Inquisitor Lord Kysnaros, Inquisitor Annika Jarlsdottr, Brother Hyperion and Brother Malchadiel of the Grey Knights landed on one of the upper docking platforms of the Fang to meet with the Wolves reprsentative. From the lift emerged the mighty form of Bjorn the Fell-Handed, his mere presence causing all four of the Inquisition's representatives to drop to their knees. No sooner had Lord Kysnaros attempted to begin negotiation when word arrived that the Space Wolf fleet had emerged from the warp in its entirety and was bearing down on the Inquisition fleet with all speed. Returning to orbit Lord Kysnaros was in time to witness the Space Wolves teleporting aboard the bridge of the Battleship Corel's Hope. Grimnar beheaded the Inquisitor Lord with a single swipe as the Space Wolves entire fleet launched bording torpedoes, laying into the Inquisition vessels with a furious vengeance. The fighting only came to a halt when Bjorn himself teleported aboard the crippled Corel's Hope and ordered the two sides to stand down. In the days that followed the Inquisition forces limped from the Fenris system. There would be no mind-scrubbing the Space Wolves, no secrets to be kept, the Sons of Russ would not permit it and henseforth no Inquisition vessel could enter the Fenris system without facing annihilation. Though the Wolves had doggedly held to their honor and cast the Inquisition from their homeworld the Chapter and its fleet had both suffered grave losses and the secretive, nefarious agents of the Inquisition would likely stop at nothing to gain vengeance against the Chapter who had thwarted them. All told the Months of Shame lasted from 444.M41 to 451.M41.


The Palacia Heresy

-In 499.M41 the legend of Logan Grimnar reaches new heights when he brought an end to the Palacia Heresy. For years the planet had been embroiled in genocidal war as multiple Astra Millitarum regiments bickered over who were loyalists and who were traitors. Under Grimnar’s leadership the true loyalists rally and many cities thought embroiled in heresy were revealed to have remained true to the Imperium. In short order the chaos and conflict are brought to an end and word quickly spreads not only of Grimnar’s peerless leadership but also of his fair and just treatment of the citizens of Palacia.


The Purging of the Well of Darkness

-In 539.M41 the Space Hulk the Well of Darkness drifted into the outer limits of the Fenris system. Great Wolf Logan Grimnar leads his Terminator Armored Wolf Guard into the dark depths of the hulk and purges the xenos monsters stalking the ship’s labyrinthine depths. At one point during the fighting the deck beneath Grimnar gives out, sending the Great Wolf plunging down multiple decks and leaving the lord of the chapter hopelessly cut-off from his Wolf Guard. Despite the odds against him Logan Grimnar fights his way back to his company several days later and sees the purge to completion.


The Battle of Rygan II

-Brother Ranulf was formerly a warrior of the Iron Blood tribe, the same tribe from which Logan Grimnar hailed. He was raised on stories of the legendary sea-raider Logan and when Ranulf met the Wolf Lord in person it was like seeing a figure of legend standing before him. From that day forward Ranulf fought to prove himself in Grimnar’s eyes and earn a place at the Great Wolf’s side. During the Battle of Rygan II the Grey Hunter Ranulf was thought lost in the maze-city and likely slain by the Dark Eldar raiders against which the company fought. Only many months later was it discovered that the missing Grey Hunters had actually been captured and taken to the gladiatorial pits of Commorragh, the dark city of the fallen Eldar pirates. In a virtually unheard of feat of skill and courage Ranulf escaped the fighting pits and returned to the chapter. For this legendary feat Ranulf earned a place in Grimnar’s Wolf Guard and also earned his deed name Ironfang after the metal replacement forged to replace a fang he lost in the arenas of Commorragh.


The Slaying of the Well of Souls

-During the War of the Wolf in 612.M41 the first major obstacle the Space Wolves faced was the Styx-class Heavy Cruiser the Well of Souls. Without any heavy capitol ships of their own the Space Wolves couldn’t match the heavy cruiser in open void combat so Grimnar led a stealth insertion via drifting boarding torpedoes. Only when the torpedoes closed to extreme close range did their engines fire and propel them through the last screen of close defense guns to deliver their payloads of deadly Space Wolves into the heart of the chaos ship. Though the fighting onboard was viscious the Champions of Fenris were able to achieve their objectives, detonating the broadside battery magazine and starting a chain-reaction that tore the ship apart. Of all the heroic deeds achieved on board the chaos ship however the greatest is perhaps the duel fought between the chaos Lord Voidheart, one of the Great Despoiler’s chief lieutenants, and Wolf Guard Battle Leader Ranulf Ironfang. Though Voidheart escaped before the wolves could finish him and carved away Ranulf’s left eye the stern Wolf Guard managed to cleave Voidheart’s sword-arm from his body at the shoulder.


The Battle of Lumerius

-Following the destruction of the Well of Souls the Champions of Fenris launched an assault on the ice-locked wreck of the Wolf Brother’s ship on Lumerius. While diversionary forces struck at the defenders above the ice Grimnar led a force under the waves to strike from below. Fighting their way into the wreck Grimnar and his Wolf Guard managed to reach the arch-traitor Fabius Bile before he had located the dormant Wolf Brother. Leaping from above Grimnar sought to engage Bile in combat but was struck low by a blow from Fabius’ mysterious and pain-inducing rod, before the former Emperor’s Children Apothecary could strike a fatal blow against the Great Wolf the company Champion Arjac intervened, driving the traitor back. Rather than face enemies that could potentially defeat him Fabius keyed a personal transportation beacon and vanished in a flare of warp-light. The remaining traitors didn’t last long against the Space Wolves wrath and with the chaos forces purged the Space Wolves were able to find the lost Wolf Brother in a matter of minutes, locating the scent of a fellow wolf easily amidst the dust and chill of the stasis vault. Unfortunately the Wolf Brother was already lost to the Curse of the Wulfen so Logan Grimnar chose to keep him in stasis and returned the pod to the Fang for safe-keeping.


The Purging of the Starkrusha

-In 739.M41 the flagship of Waaagh Godstompa tore from the warp in a nebula of green ectoplasm close to the fleet of Wolf Lord Finn Goresson. The Space Wolves divert immediately to engage the orks. Though outnumbered and vastly outgunned the Space Wolf fleet achieves early success against the ork support fleet, crippling or destroying multiple vessels including ramming the Ork superkrooza Longtoof amidships and splitting the vessel in half. With the support fleet crippled the Space Wolves Strike Cruiser faced the guns of the Starkrusha. Realizing that his fleet would never be able to destroy the ork flagship in a conventional void battle Wolf Lord Goresson orders his cruiser to ram the Starkrusha. The Strike Cruiser smashes into the side of the Starkrusha, its prow ramming into one of the ork flagship’s vast hangar bays. From the prow of the Strike Cruiser charge the Space Wolves of Goresson’s Great Company. The conflict that ensues lasts for nearly six months as the wolves fight their way from chamber to chamber, deck to deck, slaughtering every ork they find. In the end Jarl Finn Goresson returns to his cruiser with the severed head of Warboss Godstompa hanging from his belt.


The War of the Giants

-In 741.M41 Inquisitor Bastalek Grim breaks the laws of Fenris when he records the sagas recounted during the Great Feast of Gerrod Redbeard with eidetic implants. The Inquisitor records the sagas in a treatise titled “The War of the Giants.” This act of further estranges the Space Wolves from the Inquisition.


The Vara III Heresy

-In 741.M41 Logan Grimnar sought to break the deadlock of the Vara III rebellion. Planetary governor Tor Rex was accused of heresy and was locked in combat with Imperial commander Keel. Rather than immediately taking the fight to the rebels the Great Wolf called for a peace council during which commander Keel attacked Governor Tor Rex. In short order Grimnar detected the stench of chaos on commander Keel and discovered that Governor Tor Rex was the real loyalist and Keel was a chaos traitor in service to the dark gods of the warp. Grimnar and the Champions of Fenris purged the traitors from the Astra Militarum forces and restored the rightful rule of the Imperial Governor in the space of a few bloody weeks of fighting.


The Battle of Moonfang Pass

-In 777.M41 the Great Company of Gunnar Red Moon suffers grevious casualties fighting the orks of Waaagh Eadbusta. The battle is turned in the Space Wolves favor only through the efforts of the company Long Fangs, who manage to hold the orks at Moonfang Pass for three days until reinforcements arrive to break the stalemate and crush the orks.


The Prophecy of the Curseborn

-In 780.M41 the Prophecy of the Curseborn foretells the discovery of the Dreadnought Murderfang some one hundred and eighty years later.


The Scouring of Gnosis Secundus

-In 787.M41 an Eldar warhost from the Saim-Hann Craftworld attacked the human colonies in the Gnosis system. For months the Eldar ships blockaded Gnosis Prime, preventing food from Gnosis Secundus from reaching the starving hive cities. Before long the few survivors of the hives were forced to flee into the wastes where the Eldar fell on them without mercy. Logan Grimnar led a rapid-response force to halt the incursion but an unexpected warp storm delayed the Space Wolves arrival for a year, by the time the Great Wolf and his warriors emerged from the warp Gnosis Prime was already a massive graveyard and Gnosis Secundus was reduced to a single warbling cry for aid. Without pause Grimnar smashed through the Eldar ships and launched a relief mission to the last standing foothold of Imperial rule on Gnosis Secundus, Imperial Strongpoint 513. Unknown to the wolves the strongpoint had fallen long ago and the distress signal was bait to lead them into a trap. As soon as the Champions of Fenris made planetfall at the strongpoint the Eldar launched a surprise attack, ultra-rapid Jetbike and hover tank formations assaulting the Space Wolves from all sides. Quickly realizing the strongpoint was an untenable defensive position the Great Wolf ordered his warriors into the tangle briar fields surrounding the strongpoint and called for Dreadnought reinforcements. Yet this decision simply led the wolves into yet another trap, the Eldar had pre-prepared the tangle with dense webs of monofilament webs that caught and cut the Sons of Fenris and left them vulnerable to the Eldar attack, even the mighty Dreadnoughts could not easily tear their way through. Beset on all fronts and immobile the Space Wolves seemed doomed until the Great Wolf readdressed the circumstances of the battle. In orbit the Space Wolves fleet launched airbursting incendiary bombardments all across the briar battlefield, waves of searing flames burning the tangle to a charred crisp and melting the monofilament wires. Within moments the Eldar warhost was decimated and the Space Wolves were freed of their entanglement. The Eldar were forced to retreat with heavy casualties within moments.


Unwilling to let the xenos scum escape unmolested Grimnar located the Eldar main encampment in the northern peaks of Gnosis Secundus. Knowing the arrogance of the Eldar would keep them in the fight when they could easily flee if they believed an easy victory was at hand Grimnar launched an unsubtle frontal attack on the encampment. Just as Grimnar knew they would the Eldar counter-attacked and fell right into the Great Wolf’s trap. Drop pods carrying the company Dreadnoughts slammed into the earth between the Eldar host and their webway portal, catching the xenos between the hammer of the Champions of Fenris and the anvil of the chapter ancients. Though the Eldar commander Autarch Zephyrblade escaped he did so humbled by the cunning of the Sons of Fenris and leaving behind the corpses of scores of his Craftworld’s best troops.


The Battle of the Maelstrom’s Maw

-The Great Company of Osric Three-Fists is ambushed while circling the Maelstrom on a Great Hunt by a significantly larger chaos fleet. The chaos flagship the Storm of Hate disables Osric’s vessel, the Voidfang, with a single broadside. With moments to act before their vessel came apart around them the Space Wolves donned helmets and leapt from their ship, boosting through the void to cut their way into the chaos flagship. Wolf Lord Osric and a mere thirty of his warriors survive the firestorm filling the void between the two ships. Undaunted by the losses the wolves cut their way in and storm through the ship to the bridge, slaying the chaos champions and taking control of the vessel. Lord Osric turns the Storm of Hate’s own guns on the chaos fleet and in so doing wins a stunning victory for the Imperium.


The Slaying of Ur-Bolg

-In 818.M41 Brother Throth Half-Head hunts down the father of giants, Ur-Bolg, a creature that had been causing havoc throughout the armored fjords of Asaheim. Though Ur-Bolg is a mountainous monster Throth Half-Head uses cunning to defeat the giant, blinding him with a plasma blade Throth sends the giant stumbling into the ocean and a watery grave. This victory earns Throth a place in the sagas of Fenris for all time.


The Scrapspire Incursion

-In 830.M41 the Space Wolves launched a mission to recover an STC artifact from the wreck of the Mechanicus vessel the Eternal Iron which had crash-landed on the Ork-held world known as Scrapspire. The planet had become a dumping ground for the sector and was covered virtually pole to pole in oceans of scrap metal. The Space Wolves, led by the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar, fought their way into the city of Warboss Krugfist where they finally managed to gain access to the warboss’ treasure vaults and recover the STC. During the height of the fighting the Great Wolf cut the Power Klaw from the arm of Krugfist and returned it to the Fang as a trophy of his victory.


The Daemonbane War

-In 853.M41 the Space Wolves of Sven Bloodhowl’s Great Company are battling the forces of chaos on the daemon-infested world of Yaogeddon when, to their surprise, the Khornate and Slaaneshi chaos forces turn against each other. The radical Inquisitor Lord Querrian manipulated the conflict between the factions of chaos. The astonished Space Wolves stand down while the chaos forces nearly annihilate each other. When the dust settles Bran and Querrian join forces to mop up the few survivors. A few days later puritan Inquisitors of the Ordo Malleus arrive on Yaegeddon demanding the execution of Querrian for heresy. Bran intervenes, engaging the Ordo Malleus forces long enough for Querrian to escape before withdrawing.


The Battle of Rygar

-The Warriors of Leif Snowfang’s Great Company brought battle against the orks of Rokbad Necksnapper. The fighting was fierce and bloody, at the height of the fighting Jarl Leif was slain by a lucky blow from Rokbad. The loss of their lord threw the Snowfang Great Company into disarray and turned the tables in the ork’s favor. It was the leadership of Harald Thunderson that rallied the company and led them to victory over the orks. Rokbad Necksnapper was slain and his tribe slaughtered. In the aftermath of the battle Harald Thunderson was elected the company’s new Wolf Lord and took the name Deathwolf and the icon of the Thunderwolf as the new company heraldry.


First Cleansing of Beltrasse

-When the Imperial planet of Beltrasse became overrun with chaos cultists the Imperium's response was swift and brutal. A joint force of Space Wolves and Exorcists brought the Emperor's wrath to the traitors. For weeks the Space Wolves slaughtered their way through Majohah while polluted flood-waters dragged the city beneath the waves. The Exorcists mission was more straightforward, Captain Hrondir led his men straight to the heart of the city to the Great Cathedra of Majohah. For three days the Exorcists, and those Space Wolves close enough to join in, laid siege to the Great Cathedra. When at last a breach was made Captain Hrondir insisted on entering the edifice with only his chosen Exorcists. The Space Wolves assented and continued slaughtering the heretics. As the battle reached it's crescendo the skies boiled and unnatural sights and sounds drifted from the heart of the city and then were gone. The Exorcists departed, the city stopped sinking, and within days the Space Wolves had finished slaughtering the last of the heretics. Though Majohah was cleansed the city remained half sunk, in ruins and filled with the half-rotted and floating corpses of the heretics.


The Relief of Mantus

-In 766.M41 the Waaagh! Ugnubz Manstomper of the Blood Axes swept into the Gothic Sector and invaded the binary worlds of Alegia and Mantus. Orbiting each other the two worlds produced lasguns for the forces of the Imperial Guard. Despite strong PDF forces and several regiments of Imperial Guard well into their training the Governor of Mantus decided to call for Imperial reinforcement, three weeks later the Redmaw Great Company arrived. In that time the less well defended world of Alegia had already fallen to the Orks and the defenders of Mantus had been forced into pockets of last resistance nearing defeat.


Wolf Lord Bran Redmaw chose to deploy his forces into the thick of the fiercest fighting taking place north of Mantus'largest space port. Scores of Drop Pods rained down onto the Ork horde that was currently embattled with more than fifteen thousand Guardsmen fighting their last, desperate stand. Working around from their drop zone to the western flank of the Orks the Space Wolves of Redmaw's Great Company attacked with little more than chainswords, bolters and their teeth.


After fourteen hours of fighting the Space Wolves reached the Imperial Guard lines. During the fighting the Ork Warboss fell to the blade of Wolf Lord Bran Redmaw himself. After the battle the Imperium sent in massive forces of Imperial Guard to mop-up any remaining Ork forces.  


The Achilus Crusade

-The Jericho Reach, a sector of space in the Calixis Sector had been severed from contact with the Imperium for over a thousand years when an ancient warp-gate opened no earlier than 397.M41. The discovery of the warp gate only came to the attention of the wider Imperium in 755.M41 when the Navigator of the frigate Spear of Tarsus sensed an area of unusual calm during a routine warp transit. On the eve of the Feast of the Emperor's Ascension in 777.M41 the Achilus Crusade was launched, a massive host of millions of Imperial Guard, thousands of Sororitas and elements from over a dozen Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes tore through the warp gate and into the long lost Jericho Reach. The Great Company of Gunnar Red Moon was operating along the eastern fringe at the time and chose to dispatch a contingent of warriors to join the Crusade effort. For three years the Space Wolves participated in many major conflicts of the Crusade before a chaos incursion in the Calixis Sector necessitated the withdrawal of Gunnar Red Moon's warriors. However the Space Wolves feel honor bound to support the Crusade and as a result small forces and individual squads have participated in a number of campaigns and battles across the Jericho Reach in the years since. Rumors of the presence of a Lost Company in the reach centuries earlier led Logan Grimnar to dispatch an investigatory mission that, while it could not find any trace of the Lost Company, resulted in a continued Space Wolf presence with the forces of the crusade for some time. A number of Space Wolves have also joined the Deathwatch of Watch Fortress Erioch to further battle the forces of xenos assailing the Jericho Reach.


The Hunt on Bathrath

-During the Achilus Crusade a force of Space Wolves participated in the battle to reclaim Bathrath from the Tau. During the fighting the Space Wolves encountered massive and agressive fen beasts in the swamps of Bathrath and organized a beast hunt. In the spirit of comradery the Sons of Fenris invited the Deathwatch to participate in the hunt to foster better relations with the militant arm of the Ordo Xenos.


The Siege of Hethgard

-Established as a Fortress World early in the Achilus Crusade the world of Hethgard stood firm for thirty years before coming under assault by sizable elements from Hive Fleet Dagon. Elements from the Space Wolves and Storm Wardens fought alongside the Imperial Guard defenders to hold back tides of millions of Tyranid bio-engineered killing machines.


The Massacres of K'ras'n'dar

-In 801.M41 the Greater Daemon of Khorn known as K'ras'n'dar emerged on the fourth planet in one of the few populated systems between the Halo Stars and the western end of the Segmentum Pacificus. The Grey Knight's purged the Daemon while the Space Wolves of Bran Redmaw's Great Company slaughtered their way through the Khornate cultists. The Inquisition sealed all records of the campaign but the account of Redmaw is held in the Company's Saga. By the time the fighting ended in 849.M41 more than a billion Guardsmen were lost to the chaos forces. 


The Battle for Luetin Hive

-In 822.M41, aided by a pre-emptive sabotage infiltration by Mandrakes, a force of Dark Eldar of the Kabal of the Shattered Hand led by Archon Vranak fell upon the ill prepared defenders of Luetin Hive, intent on taking as many captives as possible for the flesh markets of Commorragh. The attack probably would have been successful and virtually unopposed had not the Space Wolves of Erik Morkai's Great Company been prepared to intercept the xenos raiders. The Space Wolves fell upon the xenos from above, dropping onto speeding gunships and transports to rend and tear, shoot and kill. As each craft was cleansed of xenos life the wolves planted melta and krak charges to blow the craft from the sky, leaping to the next craft, and the next after that. The attack nearly stalled when the personal transport of Archon Vranak intervened, protected by powerful energy fields and armed with devastating weaponry the craft carved a bloody swath through the Space Wolf packs until concentrated Heavy Bolter fire stripped the protective field, allowing Jarl Erik Morkai to leap aboard. Alongside a pair of his Wolf Guard the Jarl carved into the Incubi protecting the Archon before confronting the xenos warlord herself. Finally roused from her pose of reclined indifference Vranak took up arms against the wolves. Wolf Guards Ivar and Agmund fell to the dread killer's blade and even the mighty prowess of Wolf Lord Erik Morkai himself could not penetrate the Archon's bladework. Instead Morkai directed his wrath on the transport, tearing it from the sky. Just before impact Morkai leapt clear and onto another speeding xenos vessel, leaving the Archon to smash into the shell of the Hive at terminal velocity. No ammount of skill with a blade could protect the Archon from the force of the impact. With their leader dead the xenos were easy pickings for the wolves.


The Oathsworn

-In 833.M41 Wolf Lord Krom Dragongaze saves the life of a Knight of House Hawkshroud. The Knight becomes Oathsworn to Krom, bound by honor to repay the debt of his life to the Jarl of the Space Wolves.


The Defense of Lucid Prime

-During the tumultuous battles of the Eclipse Wars in 837.M41 a joint force of Space Wolves, Angels Vindicant and Flesh Tearers fight in the defense of the Shrine World of Lucid Prime against an invasion force of Chaos Space Marines and their cultist and daemon allies. The chaos forces are driven back thanks in large part to the fearless and furious attack of the Flesh Tearers Assault Squads. However even after the chaos forces have retreated the Flesh Tearers continue their rampage, carving a bloody swath through the people of Lucid Prime. Furious the Space Wolves demand that Chapter Master Seth immediately halt his warriors however Seth claims his marines are cleansing whose citizens tainted by the presence of chaos. Not accepting this answer the Space Wolves intervene and a brutal fight ensues between the two chapters with significant losses on both sides. This event comes to be known as Honour’s End.


The Ambush at Hel’s Ridge

-In 848.M41 the Great Company of Bran Redmaw is surrounded by a vast horde of Tyranid bio-constructs on Hel’s Ridge after their Astra Militarum allies were cut off and slaughtered to the last man. Hugely outnumbered the Space Wolves fight a desperate last stand. The wolves salvation comes in the form of reinforcements from a dozen Stormfang Gunships. The gunships clear the skies and open a path for Wolf Lord Redmaw and his Blood Claws to launch a brutal counter-attack that drives back the Tyranid Ground forces and allows the Space Wolves to break out of their encirclement.

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The Perillian Anomaly

-In 877.M41 a USM-class anomaly emerges from the Warpgate of Sloth. The Space Wolves of Engir Krakendoom’s Great Company are close enough to respond and encounter a vast monster, twelve kilometers long, twisted warp-flesh bristling with abominable weapons and filled with twisted killers. Imperial xenobiologists manage to identify the creature as a warp-twisted Void Whale that must have been drawn into the warp in some past aeon only to emerge now as a vast monster. As the Space Wolves watched the creature drifted ever closer to the stronghold of Perillia. Unable to destroy the creature from the outside the wolves board the creature with drill-tipped torpedoes and carve their way through the interior organs, carving through vast hordes of twisted horrors spilling from the void-whale’s frond-forests and gill-chasms. Eventually the Space Wolves reach the creature’s circulatory system and plant thermal charges. With barely seconds to spare the company manages to reach their entry-points and escape before the monster is consumed by internal explosions. The twisted remains of the monstrosity form the Perillian Gas Belt.


The Murdermake Crusade

-Little is known of the event known as the Murdermake Crusade that began in 880.M41.


The Blooding of the Ecclesiarchy

-In 886.M41 a quorum of Ecclesiarchy agents approach Fenris demanding an inspection of the chapter on the charges of the worship of pagan gods. Logan Grimnar refuses the Ecclesiarchy permission to approach and when the church cruiser attempts to dock with the Fang it is shot from the sky, forcing the rest of the Ecclesiarchy fleet to retreat. Despite this setback the Ecclesiarchy fails to learn its lesson and returns in force a year later with a sizable fleet and three orders of the Adepta Sororitas. For three weeks the Ecclesiarchy attempts to invade Fenris before finally deciding to cut their losses and retreat, after two failures the church at last decides to let sleeping dogs lie and departs the system.


The Slaying of the Ice Trolls

-In 892.M41 a massive migration of Ice Trolls threatened the Tide Hounds, the Fenresian tribe from which Wolf Lord Harald Deathwolf hailed. Though the tribesmen fought a spirited defense the Trolls were too viscous and too many. Enraged at the threat to his former people Harald returned to the surface of Fenris without sanction and rallied the Tide Hounds in a renewed counter-attack against the Ice Trolls. With the berserk rage of Deathwolf at the forefront the Ice Troll migration was halted and driven back, to this day Harald still wears the hide of the largest troll he slew as a trophy.


The Artemis Uprising

-For the first time in many years the Space Wolves and Dark Angels chapters join forces in 894.M41 to suppress an uprising in the Artemis System. After the conflict has ended the two chapters meet for the ritual duel reenacting the contest fought between the Primarchs Leman Russ and Lion El’Johnson during the Horus Heresy. During the duel Wolf Guard Champion Ranulf the Strong inadvertently kills the Dark Angels Company Champion Balthasar Xaphan. Outraged the Dark Angels attack and in the ensuing combat blood is shed on both sides and relations between the two chapters worsens still further.


The Betalis III Campaign

-In 894.M41 the world of Betalis III came under assault from a massive for of Eldar comprised of elements from the newly rediscovered Mymeara Craftworld, Alaitoc Craftworld and multiple bands of Eldar Corsairs and Pirates including the Sky Raiders, the Sunblitz Brotherhood and the Void Dragons. The Imperial Guard fought valiantly to hold back the Eldar attackers and managed to turn the table son the swift and deadly xenos several times over the course of the battle. Even so the Guard could never hope to hold back such a large force of Eldar on their own, all they needed was to buy time until reinforcements arrived. Those reinforcements came in the form of the Space Wolves Redmaw Great Company at the head of a massive Imperial Navy battlefleet that had come to quash the xenos threat to the system once and for all. While the Navy dueled with the Corsair fleets the Space Wolves smashed their way straight through to Betalis III, breaking their silence only once to transmit the following directly to Inquisitor Lord Danzk's command chimera on the surface: "We fight for the All-father, Inquisitor. Do not cross our path." With that message delivered the Space Wolves landed on the surface in strength, taking the fight to the Eldar within the narrow confines of the Tormus Delta. Though the Eldar fought fiercely the Space Wolves swept through the delta annihilating everything in their path. The arrival of the Imperial Navy and the Space Wolves turned the tide against the Eldar definitively. Even as the Navy destroyed or drove off the Eldar warships with sheer numbers in orbit the Wolves and Guard forces crushed the Eldar on the ground and the Titans of the Legio Gryphonicus forced the Eldar Titans to retreat, destroying several of the smaller variants.


Though the achievements of the Redmaw Company, its Swiftclaw packs in particular, were many the most important achievement of the Battle for Betalis III was a personal one fought for the body and soul of Wolf Lord Bran Redmaw. Long touched by the Mark of the Wulfen Bran fought to master the wolf within him on the ice of Betalis III or lose himself forever to the Curse of the Wulfen. In the end the strength of the Wolf Lord prevailed and he overcame the wolf within himself.


The Campaign comprised a number of individual battles. The void conflict is known as the Battle of the Karina Nebula. On the ground the Wolves and Guard fought two largely seperate engagements known as the Battle for the Alacian Plains and the Battle of the Tormus Delta. 


The Battle of the Athelaq Sector

-In 895.M41 the orks of Waaagh Grimtusk Bloodboila is set to carve a path of ruin across the entire Athelaq sector. The Great Company of Egil Iron Wolf stands against them but it is only through the intervention of an Eldar Warhost that the orks are halted and after weeks of fighting Warlord Grimtusk is slain. Yet the conflict resumes in force when a meeting between Wolf Lord Egil and Autarch Elenduil turns sour over a mistranslated phrase and what was the ritual return of the bodies of slain Space Wolves turns into an all out battle between the Eldar Striking Scorpions and the Wolf Guard of the Iron Wolves. The resulting conflict escalates into total war between all three factions, embroiling the sector in even more savage conflict than before.


The Battle for Montberg Spaceport

-In 897.M41 while resupplying at Thressiax the Great Company of Bran Redmaw witnesses the assault of Hive Fleet Colossus on the civilized world. Imperial Command issues orders for the vastly outnumbered Astra Militarum forces to withdraw prior to the extermination of Thressiax from orbit. Bran objects to this order fiercely and against the orders of Imperial Command dispatches twenty Grey Hunters to the Montberg Spaceport to hold open the lines of evacuation long enough for the civilians to escape. With a mere handful of days before the Tyranids reached them the Grey Hunters trained a mixed force of PDF and civilians into an effective militia. Despite the odds stacked against them the Grey Hunters and their trained militia hold out long enough for the evacuation to be completed before withdrawing themselves. Imperial Command demands the six surviving Grey Hunters be punished for disobeying orders; instead Bran Redmaw promotes all six to his Wolf Guard on the spot in honor of their accomplishment.


The Thirtieth Great Hunt

-In 900.M41 the Space Wolves embark on the Thirtieth Great Hunt since the disappearance of Leman Russ. Though many battles are fought no trace of the Primarch is found and the hunt eventually ends in yet another failure.


The Loss of Svengar the Red

-During a Great Hunt in 912.M41 in search of the Primarch the Great Company of Svengar the Red sails through a wyrmhole to find their ships transported well beyond the rim of the galaxy, beyond the Ghost Stars. Unsure of his location Svengar decides to press on. As the months roll on the company is on the verge of turning back when they discover a dark planet just visible in the distance. When the company arrives they find a paradise far removed from the war and conflict of the greater galaxy. Slowly the Space Wolves relax and begin to celebrate with the locals, it is only when Svengar makes a pass at one of the local women that he discovers they are not human at all. Though the Great Company fights valiantly they are outnumbered and slain to the last.


The Battle for Midgardia

-In 933.M41 a fleet of Necron Tomb Ships carved their way through the Fenris system seemingly headed directly for Fenris and the Fang. The Space Wolves and the defenses of the entire system geared up for all-out war but at the last moment the Necron fleet turned and struck Midgardia instead. Though well defended compared to many Imperial worlds against the might of the Necron the mortal defenders of Midgardia stood no chance. Teleported packs of Flayed Ones infiltrated into the depths of Midgardia’s primary defense weapon, the Nova Cannon battery dubbed the Emperor’s Judgement. With the incredible firepower of the three linked Nova Cannons the defenders could do little against the massive Tomb Ships in orbit and with a single shot the flagship of Trazyn the Infinite’s fleet obliterated a ten mile stretch of the defense implacements. Quickly slaughtering the remaining defenders Trazyn led a portion of his forces below ground. The Space Wolves were quick to respond to this threat, redeploying from the Fang and taking every available ship into battle against the Necrons, even so the Great Wolf knew that against the formidable Tomb Ships the fleet at his disposal would not last long, the key to victory lay in the Emperor’s Judgement weapon battery. Teleporting to the surface the Champions of Fenris stormed the battery seeking to restore power and get it firing. Though ambushed by Wraiths and Flayed Ones and though Grimnar was hunted by Death Marks the Space Wolves would not be stopped and before long the great guns were firing, driving the Tomb Ships out of orbit. Cut-off from reinforcements the Necron forces stalled and was slowly driven back by the furious might of the Space Wolves.


While Grimnar fought to secure the Emperor’s Judgement his war council of Njal Stormcaller and Ulrik the Slayer determined that the Necron attack was a cover for a very specific mission whose goal lay below ground. Njal used a Gate of Infinity to transport Ulrik and a force of Space Wolves to the underground mountain of Infernus Peak where Trazyn and his guard were waiting. Though they struck hard the Space Wolves were outmatched and when the C’Tan shard of Nyadra’zatha, the Burning One, rose from the lava ocean and struck at the Space Wolves both Ulrik and Njal realized they could not win, reopening the Gate of Infinity the surviving Space Wolves retreated back to the surface. Regrouping with Grimnar the Space Wolves struck for the Star Crypt, the massive pyramid serving as the command center for the remaining Necron troops on the surface. Cutting their way through the slowly reanimating legions of fallen metal killers the wolves entered the Pyramid to find Trazyn at the very top rebuilding xenos machinery into a teleportation beacon. Grimnar and his warriors fought with skill and valor but could not reach Trazyn in time to stop him from finishing the beacon and vanishing with a crack. Having escaped back to his flagship with his prize safely locked away in a Tessaract Labyrinth the Necron Lord led his fleet back out of the system, his losses planetside barely a footnote to the remarkable feat of recovering and shackling a C’Tan shard for his collection. Though the wolves drove the Necrons from Midgardia and purged all that remained on the surface the victory was a hollow one. Since that day Grimnar has hunted the xenos lord though to date has been unable to bring the eccentric collector him to battle. 


The Abomination of Cyriax

-In 954.M41 the Hive Necros becomes the victim of a terrible monster stalking the underhive. After months of slaughter the creature slays a member of the hive aristocracy, finally resulting in a plea for aid. Logan Grimnar dispatches a detachment of Thunderwolf Cavalry to hunt down the beast. Myths of giant slayers riding metal-clad wolf-daemons soon begin to spread across the planet.


The Wolf’s Eye Blinks

-In 959.M41 a warp anomaly results in the first solar eclipse to ever occur on Fenris, obscuring the light of the Wolf’s Eye. To the Fenrisians this event is an omen of dire times ahead.


The Discovery of Murderfang

-In 960.M41, as foretold in the Curseborn Prophecy the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar discovers the Dreadnought known only as Murderfang rampaging across the hell world of Omnicide, ripping its way through a warband of chaos space marines. The identity of the warrior bound within the Dreadnought Sarcophagus has been lost, his name stricken from the sagas for his terrible deeds. Lost to the Curse of the Wulfen this savage warrior was placed in glacial stasis by ancient helfrost technology after a fierce struggle and returned to the Fang, there to wait in the vaults with the rest of the chapter ancients until dire circumstances necessitate his revival and deployment into the heart of the most savage of battlefields.


Thorgir and the Bladed Dragon

-While passing the feudal world of Isoulde in 963.M41 the Thunderhawk Wyrmsbane receives a distress call from the High Magister. The gunship diverts and quickly locates the source of the distress call, a monstrous bio-terror savaging the keeps of Isoulde. The Space Wolves immediately launch an attack but do not anticipate the deadly gouts of fire the beast can hurl into the air. The Wyrmsbane is blinded by a scouring blast across the front of the gunship and crashes in a horrible tangle of twisted ceramite and adamantium. Only Brother Thorgir Redhand survives the crash. Pulling himself from the wreckage Thorgir tracks down the beast and attacks it from beneath, smashing its slimy underside with repeated blows from his Thunder Hammer. Enraged the beast follows Thorgir into the great stone cathedral known as Loftspire. The beast smashes through the walls, weakening the structure, which Thorgir then collapses with a mighty blow to the central support pillar of the building. With agonizing slowness the spires of the Cathedral collapse, piercing the neck of the beast and slaying it in a single stroke. Thorgir is buried under thousands of tons of rock but survives and is dug out by the thankful locals.


The Battle for Garm

-Early in the career of Ragnar Blackmane all but one Company of the Space Wolves departed for the world of Garm. The reason, because foul chaos cults rose to threaten the very stability of the ancient Forge World and worse, the Spear of Russ was stolen form its resting place in the Tomb of Garm. The Space Wolves reacted immediately and the full scale counter attack smashed through the traitor fleet and smashed aside all resistance. Alongside the Imperial Guard and a Titan Legion the Space Wolves sought to hunt down and slay the leader of the Cult uprisings and recover the Spear of Russ. Berek Thunderfists Great Company was the first to reach the ritual chamber where the Thousand Sons were using the Spear of Russ as the focus for a powerful portal spell, hoping to bring forth their Legion and their Primarch Magnus the Red into the material realm. The Space Wolves fought with valor but were in danger of being overrun. Sven and Ragnar, young Blood Claws at the time engaged the foul Sorcerer Madox but failed to bring him down. Sven was badly inured but Ragnar proceeded to the center of the Ritual and by luck and bold bravery managed to get past the protective barrier around the spell. With Magnus himself trying to get through the wavering portal Ragnar took up the Spear of Russ and threw it into the cyclopean eye of Magnus. This act became both legendary and infamous, for Ragnar had in one action wounded a Daemon Primarch, and lost one of the Chapter's most revered artifacts. Nevertheless the chaos cults broke apart with their leaders banished and Garm was soon restored to Imperial order.


The Battle for Hyades

-During Ragnar's service to the Wolf Blade he and his comrades found themselves defending the world of Hyades from no less than the deveous Dark Angels. Driven against each other by the foul plots of the Thousand Sons the Dark Angels and Berek Thunderfist's Great Company waged war through the capitol city of Lethe and in orbit over the world. The two sides only joined forces when the greater threat of a Chaos fleet forced them to co-operate and even then they did not do so at first. Berek's warship the Fist of Russ fought against overwhelming odds and managed to cripple or destroy several of the Chaos ships on its own. Just as the Space Wolves thought their hour had come the Dark Angels rejoined the fray, hitting the Chaos forces from the rear. While the two chapter's mutual distrust had not been healed in any way by this action the two Chapters did manage to fight off the chaos scum, though the "friendly fire" indicent of Hyades would return to trouble the Space Wolves again in the not too distant future.


The Battle for Charys

-On the world of Charys the Thousand Sons infernal ploting came to a climax, threatening to drown the entire Space Wolves chapter in mad blood lust. However Ragnar Blackmane, Torin the Wanderer and Haeger the Brute alongside a warband of the legendary 13th Company managed to infiltrate the mirror shadow world the Thousand Sons had created and disrupt the Chaos Ritual at its most vulnerable hour. Haeger gave his life to smash his way to the top of the dais where the Sorcerer Madox was performing his vile rituals and pull the Spear of Russ from his grasp. This act allowed the Navigator Gabriella to free the spirit of the Wolf Lord Berek Thunderfist and also broke the Chaos Ritual, freeing the Space Wolves from the overpowered urges of the Wulfen within them. Charys suffered badly during the battle and many heroes fell that day including the entire Imperial Guard Command, but the Imperium was nevertheless victorious and the Thousand Sons were defeated yet again. Better still Ragnar Blackmane recovered the Spear of Russ and returned it to its rightful resting place on Garm.


The Hunt on the Moon of Gallimius

-In 913.M41 Wolf Lord Harald Deathwolf was tasked by the Great Wolf to hunt down and slay the traitorous Wolf Lord Svane Vulfbad, who had become disillusioned with the Imperium and fallen to Chaos. Deathwolf tracked Vulfbad and his warriors to the storm-shrouded moon of Gallimius in the Cliedes system. The storms forced Deathwolf to hunt down the traitor by scent alone, leading a small band of Wolf Scouts to the peak where Vulfbad was attempting to summon a horde of daemonic allies. In the battle that followed Vulfbad was struck down by Deathwolf just as the dueling warriors were struck by a bolt of lightning. When the dust settled all that remained of Vulfbad was his Frost Axe, a shard of which now replaces the fang lost to Harald's Thunderwolf in the attack, earning the Wolf Lord's mount the name Icetooth.


The Cleansing of the Vulture Clan

-Hidden for centuries in a deep valley within the mountains of Fenris was a tribe of degenerate rogue psykers known as the Vulture Clan. For generations the clan had conducted heathen rituals, worshipped chaos gods and made blood sacrifices to the warp. Upon discovering the existence of this tainted mountain tribe a strike force of Wolf Priests led by Ulrik the Slayer and Vortigan Breakbone attacked the Valley of the Burning Stones and exterminated the tribe nearly to the last. Only five young boys were initially spared, for they were young enough to potentially serve as aspirants to the chapter, and though drawn from a tainted source psykers are nevertheless a precious enough resource to warrant consideration. Three were immediately found to be tainted beyond salvation and were left in the wilderness to die. A fourth perished during his Blooding. The fifth was executed by a bolt pistol shot to the chest by Vortigan Breakbone and taken to the Fang for dissection. Miraculously however the youth somehow managed to cling to life and awoke in one of the Fang’s crematoriums. The boy’s endurance impressed the venerable Wolf Priest Ulrik the Slayer and he stayed any further execution, allowing the boy to argue for his salvation, upon learning more about the youth Ulrik chose to send him to the Apothecarion to be patched up and then on to become an Aspirant to the chapter. Years later the young boy would grow to become Rune Priest Ulli Iceclaw, a mighty warrior of the chapter and a fearsome battle-psyker.


The Battle of Phalakan

-On the rock-strewn fields of Phalakan the Space Wolves fought against a host of Eldar xenos. The xenos were fast and deadly and few Space Wolves survived the battle but survive they did, the Eldar did not. The fighting was incredibly fierce and relentless, at first Rune Priest Ulli Iceclaw, then an apprentice under Rune Priest Torgrim Splitbeard, rune-marked his brother’s bolters. When the bolters ran out of ammunition he rune-marked the wolves blades, when those dulled or ran out of fuel he rune-marked rocks and the wolves used them to bludgeon the xenos into the dirt. Brother Tanngjost Seven Fingers earned wicked scars to Eldar weapons during the battle and Saehrimnar Brokenaxe earned his deed-name when his axe broke and he took up a discarded Heavy Bolter, gunning down the fleet xenos scum when they refused to fight him face to face.


The Hollow Worlds Campaign

-Shortly before the onset of the Pandorax Campaign in 960.M41 a combined task force of Inquisition agents and elements of the Space Wolves fought a series of underground tunnel fighting campaigns across the Hollow Worlds system.


The War of Infamy

-In 962.M41 the Space Wolves launched a punitive attack on the Tau as vengeance for the xenos attack on the battleship Pretorius Rex. Taking advantage of a localized warp anomaly that allowed the Fenresian fleet to cross the entire sector in a matter of hours rather than days the wolves fell on the Tau fleet even as it attempted to refuel and repair from their raid. Though the battle was a costly one the Sons of Fenris did not relent until every last xenos was hunted down and slain, sending a clear message to the Tau of the consequences of crossing the Imperium of Man.


The Battle for Fellcore Moon

-In 963.M41 elements of the Space Wolves and Iron Hands joined forces during the Battle for Fellcore Moon. However criticism of Wolf Lord Ragnar Blackmane’s impetuousness by Iron Captain Telavech led the two chapters to come to blows.


Kvariam Alpha Campaign

-When the ever expanding Tau Empire began to mine the seabed of Kvariam Alpha it took the Imperium over a decade to detect their underwater facilities. With the Imperial Guard unable to deploy under the ocean to attack the xenos the Space Wolves are called for help. In 966.M41 Gunnar Red Moon's Great Company responds and after establishing a beach-head on what little landmass Kvariam Alpha did have, Wolf Lord Gunnar drove a strike force of Land Raiders into the ocean. Despite coming under attack by specialised Tau battlesuits and submersible vessels the Space Wolves succeed in collapsing the Tau domes and forcing the survivors to withdraw.


The Splinter Shattered

-A chance emergence from the warp in 972.M41 in the great expanse of the void between systems saw the Champions of Fenris stumble upon a splinter-fleet of Tyranid. Though at their current speed the fleet would not encounter a habitable system for many centuries the Space Wolves refuse to leave this enemy unmolested and launch an immediate assault. In the brutal fighting that follows the Champions of Fenris board the Hive Ship at the heart of the fleet, cut their way through to its heart and planet an unstable Vortex mine before withdrawing. Just as the Space Wolves clear the Hive Ship it is torn apart from within. The remaining Tyranid ships flounder in confusion and are easily mopped up by the Space Wolf fleet.


Battle for Parenxes

-In 981.M41 an Astartes fleet including elements from several Space Marine Chapters attempts to lay an ambush for Huron Blackheart's Red Corsairs renegades in the Parenxes system. The Tyrant of Badab learns of the ambush ahead of time and lays a trap for the Space Marines instead. Attacking from two quarters Blackheart forces the Astartes forces to break out from a two pronged assault of Red Corsairs ships. Most make it but two are forced towards the systems sun instead. Knowing that the Astartes would rather scuttle their ships than let them be captured Blackheart powers down his flagship, a former Astral Claws Battle-Barge leaving an illusory gap in the enclosing fleet. Seeing the opportunity both Astartes Strike Cruisers make for the gap. A Flame Hawks vessel is too badly damaged in the attempt for Huron's renegades to repair so is let go, but the Wolf of Fenris suffers far lighter damage apart from a crippling blow to its engines. With his target chosen Blackheart launches a series of well coordinated boarding assaults, starting with the enginarium. Despite a counter-assault from the ship's Iron Priest the engine bays are captured by the Red Corsairs forces. Next Huron launched several fresh assaults amidships and towards the bridge, holding off Space Wolf reinforcements and striking at the bridge. Breaking into the command deck with a phase field generator Huron duels the ship's commander Gnyrll Bluetooth and defeats him, ripping out his fangs as a trophy. With the bridge and engines firmly under Red Corsair control Huron's Battle-Barge powers up and begins launching additional boarding parties giving the renegades overwhelming numerical superiority. Led by a Wolf Priest the port gunnery decks fight a furious but ultimately futile battles while the starboard gunnery decks appear to hold firm temporarily before traitors in the Space Wolves midst turn on their brothers and swear oaths of fealty to Huron Blackheart. For this act Huron grants command of the Wolf of Fenris to the traitor Space Wolves. The Space Wolves Strike Cruiser is Huron's greatest prize to date.


The Vengeance of Blackmane

-In 983.M41 Wolf Guard Champion Ragnar Blackmane hunts down and slays the chaos champion Ghorox Bloodfist, the vile traitor who had slain Ragnar’s liege Berek Thunderfist.


The Gravespite Massacre

-After slaying Ghorox Bloodfist, the slayer of his former Jarl, Ragnar Blackmane uncovers an alliance between the renegade and the Word Bearers traitor legion. Ragnar and a hand-picked strike force hunt down and slaughter the Word Bearers in an event that would come to be known as the Gravespite Massacre. In recognition of his deeds Ragnar is elected the company’s new Wolf Lord and becomes the youngest battle-brother ever to attain the rank.


The Battle of Vhaloth IV

-In 988.M41, while hunting down Trazyn the Infinite to avenge the losses in the Battle of Midgardia, the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar intervenes in the Battle of Vhaloth IV. Riding atop his relic chariot Stormrider the Great Wolf leads the charge that breaks the Necron phalanxes of Imotekh the Stormlord and drives the xenos from the planet. The victory is a hollow one however for no trace of Trazyn is found.


The Battle for Haegral V

-One of the most notable accomplishments of the Dragongaze Great Company, Wolf Lord Krom Dragongaze led his warriors to a mighty victory over the hated Iron Warriors traitor legion, freeing Haegral V of the traitorous taint and returning it to the fold of the Imperium.


The Capture of the Prometheus Rising

-Another of the greatest victories in the saga of Krom Dragongaze is the capture of the space hulk the Prometheus Rising. During the Balros Incursion the Space Wolves of the Dragongaze Great Company boarded the space hulk, fighting through the cramped and deadly conditions to cleanse the hulk of taint and take it as a prize for the Imperium.


The Cleansing of Icensus

-On the tundras of Icensus the Great Company of Harald Deathwolf did battle with a horde of greenskins. Despite being led by one of the rare and dangerous Wierdboys the Orks were no match for Harald, his axe taking the head from the Ork psyker even as he tried to cast a hex on the Wolf Lord. The Space Wolves did not rest until every Ork was hunted down and slaughtered.


The Cleansing of Comania

-A century after Harald Deathwolf's rise to the position of Wolf Lord the Imperial planet of Comania fell silent, prompting the Space Wolves to respond in force. Harald Deathwolf and Canis Wolfborn journeyed to Comania where auguries by the Company Rune Priests revealed the world had fallen to a virulent techno-corruption. Widespread toxic swamps made Drop Pod insertion impractical so Harald and Canis made planet fall by Thunderhawk. Once on the surface Harald came under attack by a massive daemon engine who managed to damage the Wolf Lord's Thunderhawk but the combined might of the Wolf Lord and the Feral Knight overcame the monstrosity. The daemon engine's death triggered a full scale conflict between the daemonic hordes of Comania and the Deathwolf Great Company. Though the battle cost the lives of fully a third of Harald's warriors the Space Wolves succeeded in cleansing Comania of the chaos taint, slaying the Daemonsmith leading the chaos hordes and bringing down his forges with concentrated Demolisher Cannon fire.


The Cleansing of the Cathedrals of Ak-Hirbat

-Wolf Lord Harald Deathwolf earned the eternal hatred of the Thousand Sons Sorcerer Lord mordant Hex when he foiled Hex’s schemes in the Cathedrals of Ak-Hirbat. Whatever dire sorcery the traitor lord had intended to inact, whatever defilement or debased ritual he had planned were dashed by the intervention of the Space Wolves. This act of interference would lead Mordant Hex to hound the Deathwolf Great Company for years, constantly working to undermine the Space Wolves, aid their enemies or engineer their downfall.


The Slaying of Khaeghris Xhakt

-In 989 the Wolf Scouts of Erik Morkai’s Great Company finally track down the Dark Eldar Haemonculus Khaeghris Xhakt. Three hundred and fifty years previously the haemonculus captured and tortured a group of aspirants to the chapter and ever since has been hunted by Ulrik the Slayer, the Wolf Priest eager to avenge the aspirants. Xhakt is betrayed by an ambitious underling and left to face the fury of the Space Wolves alone. Ulrik the Slayer soon returns to the Fang and mounts Xhakt’s head on a spike in the Trophy Hall.


The Jackalwolf Falls

-In 990.M41 the infamous Blood Claw Lukas the Trickster goes one prank too far when he plants a swarm of microscopic bloodlice inside the Terminator armor of Wolf Lord Bjorn Stormwolf. Enraged the Wolf Lord tracks down Lukas and smashes the Blood Claw into unconsciousness. Lukas’ salvation comes in the form of Wolf Lord Ragnar Blackmane who intercedes on the Blood Claw’s behalf and claims him for the Blackmane Great Company. Whether the Wolf Lord will live to regret saving the Blood Claw is yet to be seen.


The Hunt for Mordant Hex

-In the last years of the 41st Millennium the Thousand Sons Sorcerer Lord Mordant Hex made yet another attempt to destroy the Deathwolf Great Company. Mordant Hex lured the Space Wolves to the orbital station above Issajur by enchanting a message into the severed heads of a number of the station’s crew and sending them into the Fenris system aboard a drifting derelict. Even though he realized immediately that the message was a trap Harald Deathwolf led his company to Issajur anyway, no scheme of the Thousand Sons would prevent him from tracking down and slaying his nemesis. Shortly after boarding the station the Space Wolves discovered that most of the Thousand Sons Rubric Marines on board wre illusions and the few who were really there were evacuating. As soon as the Thousand Sons cleared the station psychic explosions tore the station apart and pulled it into Issajur’s atmosphere. Despite this turn of events the Space Wolves escaped the station and then chased the Thousand Sons to the palnet’s surface where the rubble of the station had been replaced by an enormous warp portal. As daemons spilled forth the company split, one force went with Canis Wolfborn to halt the daemonic incursion while the second followed Deathwolf in chasing down Mordant Hex. Despite the Space Wolves best efforts Hex escaped, though his followers did not. With his quarry vanished into the warp Deathwolf returned to the landing site to find the detachment led by Canis had been forced back to the crash-site and were being assailed by a Lord of Change. Deathwolf led the charge and personally slew the Lord of Change. Despite the loss of their commander the daemons were still receiving a constant stream of reinforcements and would eventually overcome the Space Wolves. However Harald Deathwolf was cunning and ordered his company Rune Priest, Hallfrid, to summon forth a storm and cast the Thousand Sons wrecked assault craft into the portal. The impact collapsed the warp portal and effectively ended the daemonic incursion on Issajur.


The Cleansing of the Sorrows of the Just

-When the Space Hulk the Sorrows of the Just entered the Lophrax Sector the Space Wolves were close enough to dispatch Kill-Team Eldurstjorm to cleanse the hulk before the Lophrax Mechanicus would reach it. Led by Pack Leader Gunnlaugur the five Wolf Guard Terminators entered the hulk and quickly encountered the Genestealers infesting the darkened corridors. A swarm of xenos attacked the Terminators and tried to lure them down a deep shaft where they could be overwhelmed from all directions. Pack Leader Gunnlaugur reckognized the tactic and smashed through the walls of the corridor the pack was currently moving along and discovered a horde of xenos waiting in ambush, led by the Broodlord itself. While his four pack-mates fought the xenos in groups of two Gunnlaugur struck for the Broodlord. Though brutally fast, strong and tough the Broodlord was outmatched by Gunnlaugur’s greater skill, tenacity and warrior instincts. The Broodlord fell to Gunnlaugur’s Thunder Hammer and the xenos were left leaderless and disorganized, easy prey for the pack.


The Shadrac Bloodgeld

-When the Ice World of Shadrac fell to the encroaching Tyranid swarms in 998.M41 only a handful of the Slavok Imperial Guardsmen who fought to defend the planet survived the initial loss. Stranded on an inhospitable ball of rock and ice a platoon of Xth Slavok found themselves the remnant of the Imperium on a world overrun with deadly xenos, or so they thought. For more than thirty days the guardsmen eked out an existence by rationing their diminishing supplies and avoiding the xenos whenever possible. Seemingly alone and increasingly hopeless the guardsmen found their salvation in a pack of Space Wolves who remained at large on the planet, striking at the xenos wherever possible before withdrawing to do so again somewhere else. Initially the Space Wolves of Skold Greypelt's command avoided direct contact with the guardsmen though they saved the isolated troopers twice. Finally during a conflict with a Carnifex biomorph the guardsmen used their last rocket launcher to aid the wolves in slaying the beast. After forty five days of privation, starvation, chill and combat the guardsmen were brought to the Space Wolf camp on a remote glacial shelf. There the wolves held a funeral feast for one of their number who was not yet dead but soon would be, the great fires they lit and the shared blood they threw onto the fire drew in the Tyranids like moths to a flame. Skold's wolves and the surviving Slavok guardsmen fought a furious last stand against the Tyranids before extracting via a lone Thunderhawk Gunship at the last possible moment. Twelve guardsmen and nine Space Wolves perished in the fight. Brother Trygvas, who had been wounded in the fight with the Carnifex, stayed behind to draw in the Tyranid swarm before detonating a massive explosive device in the cairn built during his funeral feast. The explosion vaporized the entire Tyranid swarm the survivors had engaged, denying the xenos valuable biomass and leaving them with a parting sting from the Imperium. Though they had escaped the doomed world of Shadrac the Imperial fleet was long gone. To escape the system the Space Wolves and Guardsmen extracted a battered but serviceable destroyer from the mangled mass of a space hulk. Though greenskins infested the hulk the guardsmen and astartes were able to hold them back long enough to activate the ship's engines and detonate charges along the mangled flank of the ship to blast it clear of the hulk. With a warp capable vessel the survivors of Shadrac were finally able to escape the doomed system for good.


3rd War for Armageddon

-In 998.M41 the ravaged world of Armageddon comes under attack by the legendary Ork Warlord Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka for a second time, beginning the 3rd War for Armageddon. The Space Wolves answer the call to arms, dispatching five full Great Companies. In particular the renegade Acheron Hive has drawn the attention of the Space Wolves. Logan Grimnar himself leads a strike force to depose the heretic von Strab and his corrupted Armageddon Aristocracy.


The Attack on Port Mourning

-Months before the Battle of Alaric Prime ork freebooters under the command of Kaptin Badrukk launched a campaign of harassment against the Space Wolves, with the intention of luring the chapter to Alaric Prime. Badrukk had been contracted to do this by Mogrok the Mangler who viewed the Space Wolves as the most worthy opponents to face in battle he could imagine and with Alaric Prime as a ripe and ready battleground Mogrok wanted a worthy opponent to get into a good scrap with. Port Mourning was a relatively minor deepspace repair and supply station located to the galactic north of the Sanctus Reach the outpost of Port Mourning was attacked while a badly damaged Space Wolf frigate was being serviced. The orks struck with overwhelming numbers, overcoming the port defenses within short order. A single astropathic message, desperately pleading for aid, was all that managed to reach the Fang, in the background of the message could be heard the name Badrukk repeated endlessly from every vox speaker on the station. This would mark only the first of a series of attacks and bitter losses the chapter would suffer to the orks in the months that followed, protectorate worlds would be burned and lone ships and patrols ambushed.


“Every Ork knows that if you want a really good scrap, you go pick a fight with a Space Marine. Yet, much as a connoisseur of fine wines can appreciate the best vintage in his cellar, so the smarter Orks know that some of the super-humies are far more fun to fight than others. After all, getting blown to bits hundreds of yards from the front lines by a squad of Ultramarines just lacks a certain something.


As far as Mogrok was concerned, the best fighting was to be had against the Space Wolves. This was for the simple yet compelling reason that, of all the Adeptus Astartes, Space Wolves are the most like Orks. After all, ‘da wolf boyz’ love nothing more than a good scrap. They love a good choppa, enjoy a drink or three, and have a healthy appreciation for wearing teeth and bits of dead things (they’re magic – just ask the Weirdboyz). That such behavior might serve a higher purpose or be interwoven with a certain feral nobility was neither here nor there to Mogrok – da wolf boyz were the Space Marines he wanted to fight and no one else would do!”

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"Are we going to scrap about it now. Argue which Legion is the toughest?"
"The answer always is, the Wolves of Fenris," Torgadon put in. "Because they're clinically insane."
-1st Captain Sigismund of the Imperial Fists and Captain of the Luna Wolves 2nd Company.

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The Ambush of the Magnir’s Revenge

-Unknown to the Space Wolves when the orks began their antagonistic raids on the chapter the ork Kaptin Badrukk had been given an ancient archaeotech device known to the orks as Da Weirdbox. This device allowed the orks to detect and plot incoming warp signatures and even force select targets to drop out of the tides of the Empyrean. Da Weirdbox would be put to good use in the ambush of the Magnir’s Revenge. While traveling through the warp the Strike Cruiser Magnir’s Revenge and its escorts detected strange warp anomalies ahead and emerged from the warp into a ring of guns. Vastly outnumbered by ork ships the Space Wolf fleet pulled together and prepared to defend themselves, they could not have known that this action played right into Badrukk’s dirty claws and was part of his plan all along. Mek-built grabba mines had been laid in preparation for the Space Wolves arrival and had latched onto the hull of the Strike Cruiser the moment it emerged from the warp. When the mines triggered they projected a massively powerful traktor field around the Strike Cruiser, pulling its escorts into the mighty ship one after the other, crushing the vessels together into an enormous agglomeration of twisted hulls, shattered metal, venting gas and billowing flame. In one fell swoop the entire Space Wolf fleet had been rendered nearly helpless, its weapons silenced, defenses neutralized, and maneuverability eliminated. Hordes of orks descended on the drifting wrecks and stormed aboard. They were met by the guns and blades of the Space Wolves. Under the command of Wolf Guard Battle Leader Kai Blackpelt the wolves fought with bitter determination, bleeding the orks for every meter they gained. Yet it was not enough, the orks were too many, the Space Wolves too few. Kai Blackpelt was himself shot down by Badrukk while fighting in one of the Magnir’s Revenge’s embarkation bays. When reinforcements from the chapter arrived they found the mangled ships floating dead in space, aboard were nothing but thousands of corpses, yet on the bridge the chapter found something that enraged enven the coolest of heads. Battle Leader Kai Blackpelt had been left barely alive, crippled and mutilated, bolter to the command throne of the Magnir’s Revenge’s bridge. Above the flayed body of Kai was a screen showing a looped image of Kaptin Badrukk beckoning tauntingly. This was to be the last insult the chapter would abide; a hunt was to begin that could only end with the head of Kaptin Badrukk mounted on a spike. The trail was clear, it led to Alaric Prime.


“Even a Grot knows that the king of da wolf boyz is the biggest and baddest Space Marine there ever was. He’s bigger than a deff dread, with a head like a gnasher squig but… hairier. He’s got six arms and they’re all made of guns and choppas and stuff, and if you shoot him he don’t care because he’s too tough. His voice is so loud he can shout at the sky and make it fall down, and if he gives you a wallop then bits of you fly everywhere like when Grogruk ate that stikkbomb for a dare. Even Gork and Mork think he’s pretty hard, and if Mogrok doesn’t get him then I reckon one of them’ll have a go next”

-Nozbrog, Ork Boy, on Logan Grimnar


The Battle of Alaric Prime

-In 998.M41 following the destruction of the Magnir’s Revenge the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar organizes Strike Force Stormclaw, composed of three full Great Companies, the Champions of Fenris, the Blackmanes and the Drakeslayers. All told nearly half a codex chapter worth of Space Wolves launch a counter-assault on the orks besieging the Sacred Mountain.


The Assault on the Dam

-While the main strength of the Blackmane and Grimnar Great Companies launched a furious counter-assault on the lower slopes of Sacred Mountain a single pack of Grey Hunters from the Blackmanes was assigned a different mission. Organized into strike force Stormfall the battle-brothers of Pack Aesor, bolstered by the presence of Rune Priest Ulli Iceclaw, were tasked with assaulting the upper slopes of Sacred Mountain and destroying a hyrdo-electric dam far up the mountai’s flanks. The dam had been captured by the orks and put to use powering a sprawling workshop that was producing tanks, walkers and aircraft at a fearsome rate. Should the dam remain in operation a ramshackle army of ork war machines would be able to roll down the slopes and attack the Imperial forces from behind, such an event had to be prevented at all cost. Initially the attack went well, the pack deploying via Thunderhawk, infiltrating the dam and placing their charges. Yet even as the pack was preparing to withdraw the leader of the ork forces emerged from the shattered dam. The Ork Mek was larger than any normal Warboss, with skin so dark from age it was nearly black. Yet the most horrifying revelation was that this ork possessed phenomenal psychic strength, a well of rage and hatred greater than anything the Rune Priest Ulli Iceclaw had ever seen. Alone this ork drove back the pack, slaying brother Saehrimnar and destroying the Thunderhawk Gunship Skjaldi’s Lament, stranding the pack on the mountain. With no other option than retreat the pack made for the upper slopes, hoping to outpace their rapidly closing pursuers.


The Last Stand of Stormfall

-Driven back from their attack on the hyrdo-electric dam Strike Force Stormfall fought a second skirmish with the ork Mek halfway up the slope towards the summit from a small bunker shelter built by the Alarican nobles in the distant past. Another battle-brother was lost and the pack was driven further up the mountain. Pack Aesor fought a third skirmish near the summit, using the bombs of a crashed fighta-bomba to bring an avalanche down on the pursuing orks. Yet even that was not enough to deter pursuit. Shielded by a massive force dome nearly a third of the pursuing army survived and the pack was driven at last into the forbidden chambers at the very summit of Sacred Mountain. Using the entrance as a choke-point the pack fought to the bitter end. Ultimately only brother Ulli survived, even Pack Leader Aesor Dragon’s Head fell while fighting the ork Mek one last time. The loss of brother Aesor was a bitter blow to the chapter for his promise seemed unlimited and in time he could have risen to the rank of Wolf Lord or even become the chapter’s next Great Wolf. Despite Pack Aesor’s skill and courage the battle would have been lost had not their fallen Thunderhawk managed to transmit one final distress signal before its machine-spirit perished, summoning reinforcements from the Blackmane Great Company led by the Young King himself. With the Mek fallen in the very duel that ended Aesor the greenskins were left leaderless and confused, allowing the freshly arrived Space Wolves to slaughter them wholesale, destroying the remnants of the ork army and ensuring the security of the Imperial rear lines around Sacred Mountain.


The Fall of Fortress 26

-The Drakeslayers were assigned by the Great Wolf to Strike Force Stormclaw in 998.M41. While deploying his company in support of the Champions of Fenris and the Blackmanes the Thunderhawk transporting Krom Dragongaze detected a distress signal coming from Blistered Isle, located some fifty miles due south of Sacred Isle. The local Cadian Garrison stationed at Fortress 26 was desperately calling for aide, they were under attack by Orks and these greenskins were led by none other than Grukk Face-Rippa. Instantly recognizing a chance to snatch glory from the ignominy of his role as reinforcement Krom ordered his own Thunderhawk to break from the deployment and make best speed for Blistered Isle. As the Vengeful Howl roared in towards the Cadian fortress Wolf Lord Krom could see the defense faltering, Killa Kans smashed down the fortress walls while mobs of gretchin and Nobz stormed the enclosed buildings weathering a hail of lasgun fire. Before the Thunderhawk could come in for a landing however it was struck by an ork mekgun, a deadly and esoteric weapon that grabbed the gunship in an unstable force field in an attempt to literally drag the transport from the sky. Iron Priest Alvard managed to pull away from the weapon though he left a large chunk of the gunship behind in doing so. Alvard managed to wrestle the gunship to the east over the Hollow Hills and crash-landed in the acid bogs. The Space Wolves battle to save Fortress 26 had ended before it even began. Furious at this ill-turn of fate Krom took his Blood Claws and Wolf Guard and quick marched west, intent on reaching the fortress, he left his Grey Hunters behind to guard Alvard while he worked to repair the gunship.


The Battle in the Acid-Bogs

-Hours after Wolf Lord Krom Dragongaze and the bulk of his warriors departed the crash-site of the Vengeful Howl the mists of the acid-bog were lit by the green-lightning flash of an ork tellyporta. From out of the fog came a howling mass of gretchin, pathetic though they were they soaked up everything the Grey Hunters of Pack Hengist Ironaxe could throw at them. Even as the tide of gretchin drained the Grey Hunters ammunition another flash lit the mists and Warboss Grukk and his Skull-Boyz appeared. Within moments half of the Grey Hunters had been cut down by the massive and deadly nobz and Grukk was tearing at the hide of the gunship to reach the Iron Priest within. Furious and ashamed Pack Leader Hengist ordered his remaining brothers to retreat. The surviving Grey Hunters carved their way through the encircling orks and struck west after the Wolf Lord, leaving their dead and wounded behind.


The Assault on Fortress 26

-By the time the Space Wolves at last reached the remains of Fortress 26 the morning after the Vengeful H owl was shot down the Cadians had been slaughtered and the bulk of Grukk’s warband had departed. Those who remained were mostly grots and Killa Kans intent on stripping anything and everything they could from the blasted ruins. While Krom and his Wolf Guard closed on the fortress the Blood Claws cicled around and engaged the Mek Guns that had brought down the Vengeful Howl. By the time the rest of the orks realized what was happening they were set upon from two directions, caught between the rampaging fury of the Blood Claws and the unstoppable might of the Wolf Guard. The outcome of the battle was never in doubt. In a matter of minutes the orks were butchered to the loss of a single Blood Claw. However Grukk had not been present at the fortress, denying Krom the satisfaction of slaying his quarry. To compound matters for the worse shortly after the battle concluded the surviving Grey Hunters of Pack Hengist arrived and reported the loss of the crash-site. Krom flew into a rage and would have throttled Hengist had not two of his Wolf Guard restrained him. Outraged Krom beat the location of Gofftown from one of the few surviving Orks and then immediately struck out with his surviving wolves.


The Battle of Gofftown

-Two day safter the attack on the Thunderhawk crash-site in the acid-bogs the remaining wolves smashed their way into Gofftown and set about the slaughter of every greenskin in sight. Grukk had known the wolves would come and prepared as best he could, as the Blood Claws slaughtered their way through Grukk’s horde of gretchin and Hengist’s Grey Hunters dueled with a squadron of Killa Kans the elite of both armies crashed together. Wolf Guard and Nobz carved into each other with furious abandon, both groups armed and armored with the very best weapons their respective species could provide. In the midst of the savage melee between Nob and Terminator the two leaders faced each other, Grukk and Krom traded mighty blows, both drawing blood from the other. Before Krom could land a telling blow however he was struck from his feet by a savage headbut from Grukk. Knocked senseless by the impact Krom lay defenseless and would have been slain then and there had not the surviving wolves drawn around him in a protective cordon, driving the orks back temporarily from their prostrate lord. Before Grukk and his ladz could redouble their attack a lightning bolt from the building storm overhead struck Grukk’s tellyporta and drove it into overload. In disbelief Grukk and his warband watched as the tellyporta pad and the nearby wolves vanished in a flash of green lightning. By pure chance, or perhaps fate, the wolves were transported across the surface of Alaric Prime to within vox range of the front lines while Grukk was left stranded on Blistered Isle. Yet if the wolves thought Grukk would remain away from the fighting for long they were mistaken for already the Warboss had hit on the idea to salvage the wolves Thunderhawk and use it to return him to his Waaagh and a reckoning with his traitorous Big Mek.


The Saviors of Sacred Mountain

-As the dust cleared from the massive meteor impact against the north-eastern slope of Sacred Mountain the embattled defenders seemed hopelessly outmatched, their defenses breached, their forces bled nearly dry and the orks ready to surge in and finish them off. Yet even as all seemed dark and hopeless the sky was torn asunder once more as dozens of Drop Pods in the pale grey of the Space Wolves plunged through the atmosphere. The Blackmanes and the Champions of Fenris, the two largest and most renowned of the Space Wolves Great Companies, had arrived in force to purge the orks from Alaric Prime. In their hundreds the Space Wolves tore into the roks with furious abandon, driving the greenskins back and rallying the defenders. All around Sacred Mountain desperate last stands became resurgent counter-assaults as the Space Wolves linked up with scattered Imperial forces. At the main bridge into Fortress Alaric the Shadowsword Steel Cyclops was pulled back onto solid ground before it could slide off the edge of the damaged bridge and the ork Mega Nobz that had besieged the super-heavy were slaughtered and cast back. On all fronts the orks are thrown back in disarray. To the north the Cadian 1653rd and 1651st alongside elements of the Space Wolves and Knights of House Velemestrin drove the orks back beyond the Great Rift. To the east Ragnar Blackmane and the Freeblade known as the Scorched Knight lead the Imperium’s scattered forces in pushing the orks from the fortresses of Mordred’s Ridge and destroy numerous xenos super-heavy vehicles and walkers. To the south House Degallio joined up with the Space Wolves and Gerantius to drive the orks past the Baratian Prisonfort and all the way to the Boiling River. In the west the Cadian 1652nd and elements of the Space Wolves, House Degallio and House Brahmica recaptured Hallengarth and destroyed three Gargant class xenos walkers. On every front scattered and disorganized Imperial forces were gathered up and reforged into an effective fighting force while the Space Wolves and Knightly Houses turn the tide against the xenos invaders.


The Battle of Mordred’s Ridge

-The last gasp of Grukk Face-Rippa’s attempt to reclaim his Waaagh was during the vicious fighting around Mordred’s Ridge. Initially the Space Wolves and their Cadian and Knight allies were able to drive the orks from the ridge in short order but when Mogrok regrouped his forces and counter-attacked the Imperium was thrown onto the defensive yet again. The defenders might have held on well enough had not the ork salvaged Space Wolves Thunderhawk the Vengeful Howl arrived and bombarded the defenses before deploying Grukk and his Skull Nobz directly into the fight. Within short order Grukk had obliterated the face of the boss commanding the assaulting orks and led the nearby greenskins in a fresh assault personally. All who tried to stand before Grukk fell, wolves, guardsmen and even the mighty forms of the Imperial Knights. Yet despite all of this Grukk was not really in command of the renewed assault and when Mogrok fell elsewhere in the fighting the ork forces collapsed once more and Grukk had to be dragged from the battlefield by his few surviving Nobz. Though the Imperial forces tried to stop them the orks managed to extract to their captured Thunderhawk and escape into orbit. The embattled fleet above ignored the minor contact and by the time they realized the importance of the looted gunship’s escape it was far too late to catch it. The Imperium has not heard the last of Grukk Face-Rippa.


The Siege of Fortress 47

-One of the most hotly contested battlefields during the invasion of Alaric Prime was Fortress 47. The Imperial Guard had managed to hold out against all odds even as the orks pressed on against Fortress Alaric and with the arrival of the pace Wolves the counter-attacking Imperial forces were able to quickly relieve the beleaguered defenders. Yet the sudden reversal of the ork retreat and renewed assault under the command of Mogrok forced the Cadians and Space Wolves to man the defenses once more. From the moment the ork assault began until it broke up following the death of Mogrok at the hands of Ragnar Blackmane the defenders fought furiously against an overwhelming tide of ork armor and infantry. The fall of Mogrok however spelled defeat for the attacking orks, leaderless and without coordination the ork offensive stalled and fell apart, allowing the Imperium to drive the xenos back.


Ragnar’s Folly

-As the orks renewed their offensive the greenskins were bolstered by a massive air armada led by Skyboss Wingnutz. When the xenos aircraft dove in to attack the reeling Imperial troops could do little but duck and hope. One blitza-bomba dropped a massive explosive right into the heart of the Imperial forces to the east, the blast throwing Wolf Lord Ragnar Blackmane from his feet. A few feet difference in where the bomb landed and the saga of the Young King would have ended then and there. As it was the loss to the Imperium’s forces was no less significant for the bomb had struck the Scorched Knight directly on its chassis and blown the cockpit apart. The Young King has ever been known for his furious battle rages, where sense and tactics become subsumed by the sheer bloody-minded desire to wreak dire vengeance on the foe. Such a rage consumed Ragnar in that moment as he watched a respected ally slain in such an ill-fated manner. With a howling roar Ragnar broke from the Imperial lines and smashed into the enemy with furious abandon. Without orders Ragnar’s Blood Clas followed, disregarding sense and tactics to follow their lord into glorious combat. The few Grey Hunters of the Blackmane Great Company nearby held their positions and fought on though even they knew that their Wolf Lord and his young warriors were likely charging to their deaths. Even as the Great Wolf roared into the vox for Ragnar to return to his position the young Wolf Lord cut and shot his way deep into the ork hordes, his target was none other than the distant figure of Mogrok the Mangler, standing atop his command vehicle and directing the ork onslaught in person, confident that his nearly numberless hordes would protect him from any attacker. Against all odds Ragnar succeeded in cutting his way to the ork warlord and within seconds had cut the head from Mogrok’s body. With one fell stroke the mangler’s ambitions had been put to a sudden end and the ork offensive began to stall and lose cohesion. Yet such a victory would not come without cost for Ragnar and his surviving Blood Claws were hopelessly cut-off from their allies and embattled on all sides by a seemingly endless tide of furious ork attackers.


The Great Wolf Strikes

-Refusing to leave Ragnar to suffer the consequences of his foolish assault Grimnar dispatched a pair of Stormwolf gunships loaded with Wolf Guard Terminators to reinforce the embattled Wolf Lord while the Great Wolf himself sallied forth from acred Mountain astride Stormrider and at the head of a mighty column of Space Wolves armor. Though the cost was high the Wolf Guard managed to cut their way to Ragnar and reinforce his surviving warriors while Grimnar smashed a bloody path through the ork horde to rescue both the Wolf Lord and his remaining Wolf Guard reinforcements. By the time Grimnar reached the Young King the ork forces had been thoroughly broken and were falling back in their tens of thousands, streaming away from the resurgent Imperial defenders and making for distant strongholds and allies. If Ragnar thought the Great Wolf would congratulate him on slaying the enemy warlord however he was to be sorely mistaken, no sooner did the two meet than Grimnar struck Ragnar to the ground and admonished him for his foolishness and his disobedience. Both Ragnar and Krom had defied the Great Wolf’s orders to the cost of the chapter and the Great Wolf was keen to see both put back in their place. Ragnar’s foolhardy assault had seen massive casualties amongst the supporting imperial forces and many fallen battle-brothers but had succeeded in beheading the ork host. In short order the massive aerial battle overhead disintegrated as the surviving ork aircraft broke and fled, similarly in orbit the majority of the freebooter fleet that had just moments before been savaging the Imperial fleet and reveling in its vast numerical superiority broke and fled the system. On the ground the ork forces collapse was no less spectacular and sudden, entire hosts turning tail and fleeing where moments before they had been on the verge of victory. Even the return of Grukk Face-Rippa could not rally the orks and the unconscious Goff warboss was dragged from the field by his Nobz. The orks were broken, again, and it was now time to go back on the offensive, again.


The Mek Hunt

-Having quickly realized that the real danger of the orks invading Alaric Prime was the massive number of Meks present in the host the Space Wolves determined that these engineers would be priority targets from that point on. If the orks were to be truly defeated the Meks had to die before they could build fresh armies of deadly war machines. All across Sacred Isle small hunting parties of Space Wolves struck out, tracking the orks back to their strongholds, workshops and lairs and striking mercilessly, all while supported by steadily advancing forces of Cadian tanks and artillery and the surviving Household detachments of Alarican Knights. One by one warbands of orks were hunted down and slaughtered; every mek that could be found was cut down, their workshops destroyed and their machines scrapped. Yet the Imperial forces did not realize that on Scrap Peak the greatest Mek on Alaric Prime was being reforged. Mogrok’s severed head had been taken from the field and was even then being stapled to the body of an unfortunate goff nob donor. When Wolf Scouts finally tracked the orks to Scrap Peak they discovered a stronghold greater than any other the hunting parties had encountered and knew immediately that a swift and sudden assault would be needed to put an end to this threat before the greenskins could rally once more and go back on the offensive.


The Battle of Scrap Peak

-Realizing the danger presented by the fortress of Scrap Peak the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar gathered together all available forces and prepared an immediate assault. The Imperial forces were spread out far and wide hunting down scattered bands of Orks, to gather a large enough force to properly attack the fortress would take too long but a delay was unsconscionable; the orks could not be allowed to regroup. For a day and a night Grimnar gathered as many troops as he could, gunships ferrying Space Wolf packs and strike forces from across the island to a sheltered valley south of the inactive volcano on which Scrap Peak sat. Krom Dragongaze and his surviving warriors were at last allowed to return to active service and every available battle-brother of the Blackmane and Grimnar Great Companies were gathered as well. The Space Wolves would lead the assault with Knights and Cadian forces arriving as reinforcements as quickly as they could. The Imperium would just have to hope that the gathered forces would manage to keep the orks occupied until additional forces could arrive and drive the attack home. Initially the Space Wolves fury combined with the fearsome firepower of the Imperial Knights smashed open the fortress of Scrap Peak and sent its defenders reeling back in shock and alarm. The greenskins threw everything they had at their attackers, esoteric artillery, massive war machines and innumerable hordes of infantry assailing the Imperium’s forces from every direction yet the Sons of Russ and the Nobles of Alaric Prime would not be stayed and meter by bloody meter they cut and shot their way deeper into the xenos stronghold. Realizing his last chance to salvage the fight on Alaric Prime was gone the repaired Mogrok initiated his plan of last resort, the launch of an entire battery of vortex missiles that had long been concealed beneath the surface of the volcano and were forgotten by the people of Alaric Prime. Yet the launch was premature, the ork Meks had not finished preparing their own targeting and guidance systems. No sooner had the missiles taken to the air than two collided and detonated. The resulting confluence of vortex energies tore a hole in reality and opened a warp portal from which spilled a massive host of the Blood God’s daemons. Mildly disappointed at the missiles failure to destroy the humies Mogrok and Badrukk teleported from the surface to a ship hidden in orbit and fled the system. To the outrage of the Imperium both Grukk and Mogrok would likely continue to threaten the realms of mankind for years to come. Yet the immediate concern of the Imperium’s forces was the army of daemons charging forth and glutting themselves in the blood of the remaining greenskins. The consequences of the battle to follow could not be higher, the very soul of Alaric Prime was now held in the balance.


The Eater of Skulls

-The sudden emergence of a host of daemons completely changed the stakes for the battle of Scrap Peak and put the Imperium on the defensive. Logan Grimnar called hastily for all available reinforcements to rush to the peak as fast as possible while initially holding his own forces back from the emerging portal. The Imperials watched and hoped the orks and daemons would weaken each other but very quickly it became apparent that the greenskins were vastly overmatched. A small band of Goff Nobz held the brazen bridge that had emerged from the warp portal for several daring moments before a charge of Bloodcrushers smashed them aside and allowed the twisted horde of warp abominations to storm into Scrap Peak and massacre the greenskins. Within a handful of minutes the vast army of orks within the fortress was reduced to steaming piles of flesh and bone, their blood turned into veritable rivers streaming down the inner face of the dormant volcano. As the daemons stormed towards the Imperial troops the Space Wolves launched a counter-attack, spearheaded by Krom Dragongaze, Ragnar Blackmane and Logan Grimnar the wolves of Fenris tore into the daemons and sent them reeling, driving a spearpoint aimed straight at the brazen bridge. Astride Stormrider and flanked by the remaining four Imperial Knights assisting his forces Logan Grimnar carved into the enemy and stormed to the head of the bridge. Krom Dragongaze turned and organized a rear-guard, ensuring that the daemons streaming around the flanks and rear of the embattled Space Wolves would be held back for a few crucial minutes. Even as the Imperial Knights formed a line of adamantium and steel across the bridge a mighty form tore its way from the gate, a massive Khornate Lord of Skulls known as the Eater of Skulls roared forth from the portal and unleashed a hellish barrage from its multiple weapons systems. Once of the House Degallio Knights was struck down in the barrage. The White Warden and Gerantius were dragged away from the bridge by a seething tide of lesser daemons. Alone the last son of House Degallio tried to stand against the Lord of Skulls but was swatted aside as though he were nothing more significant than a fly. Through bitter tears Lord Neru Degallio fought on, the last surviving member of his line and house. Every second that passed more Space Wolves fell to the guns of the Eater of Skulls or the blades of the daemons, the tide had to be turned and turned now. Logan Grimnar charged the Eater of Skulls, aboard Stormrider he jinked around the lumbering blows of the super-heavy warmachine and carved deep lines in its metal hide. Speed alone was not enough, a backhand blow sent Stormrider spilling onto its side and tossed Grimnar from his perch. Grimnar rose and crossed blades with the mighty axe of the Lord of Skulls but against such fearsome strength he was thrown down in just three blows. Lying prone and helpless Grimnar was seconds away from being carved apart by the daemon’s axe when a fleet figure tackled him from the path of the falling axe. Rising quickly Ragnar Blackmane and Logan Grimnar stood against the Lord of Skulls, ready to face their doom.


Suddenly a barrage of shells smashed into the Lord of Skulls, blowing chunks from its armor, shattering its weapons and driving it back towards the portal. The Wolf Lords turned and saw a line of Leman Russ battle-tanks cresting the rim of Scrap Peak and driving down towards the gate. Though the scene that met the guardsmen was enough to destroy the sanity of lesser men the Cadians drove on regardless, sending shell after shell streaming into the daemon hordes and raining countless blows against the Lord of Skulls leading them. Following behind the lighter tanks the command Baneblade the Gatekeeper sent a shell from its main gun steaking straight into the faceplate of the Lord of Skulls, annihilating the daemon machine’s head and blowing away a large section of its upper chest. The machine slumped and began to blow apart from internal explosions. With a cheer the Imperials pushed on only to see, to their horror, a new enemy emerge from the shattered remains of the Lord of Skulls, the real Eater of Skulls, Bloodthirster of Khorne. The Eater of Skulls had been bound within the iron frame of the daemon engine and now that his prison was shattered the daemon tore free with a roar of frenzied delight. Rising into the air on tattered bat wings the Bloodthirster spotted the two Wolf Lords and its maw split in a wide grin. The Eater of Skulls was determined to return the head of Logan Grimnar to his master’s throne. One on one the daemon might have been a match even for the venerable might and skill of the Great Wolf of the Space Wolves, but a duel would not be forthcoming. As the daemon dived towards the Wolf Lords it was intercepted by Ragnar Blackmane. Distracted the Bloodthirster sent blow after blow at the agile figure but each cut only air as the fleet Wolf Lord bent, twisted and ducked around each blow. Yet even Ragnar’s phenomenal reflexes could not save him from every strike, a backhand blow sent him sprawling to the ground. With his frustratingly fast foe now laid out and helpless the daemon leapt into the air, intending to bring its axe down in a meteoric strike against the prone Wolf Lord. The blow would never connect, for at the height of its jump the Bloodthirster met the downsweeping Axe Morkai. Logan Grimnar had launched himself into the air, once more astride Stormrider, and passed directly behind the rising Greater Daemon, axe at the ready. In its frustration the daemon had forgotten about the Great Wolf and failed to keep track of him, a mistake it would not live to repeat, at least not in this lifetime. The Axe Morkai carved the daemon’s head from its shoulders, sending the corpse tumbling into the dirt. With the fall of the Bloodthirster the warp gate lost its focus and quickly unraveled, collapsing upon itself and taking the daemon horde with it. One moment the Cadians, the Space Wolves, and the Imperial Knights were fighting for their lives, the next their foes had dissolved into smoke and mist, vanishing as suddenly as they had arrived. In the aftermath of the battle the Imperial forces were able to rally and complete the extermination of the surviving greenskins, Alaric Prime was saved, though both Grukk and Mogrok had fled and several of Alaric’s ancient knightly houses had been lost. To ensure the Inquisition would not purge the surviving Alaricans because of the daemonic incursion of Scrap Peak the Space Wolves claimed Alaric Prime as wargelt of the chapter, placing the planet under the chapter’s protection and stationing three warships in orbit. Sure enough an Ordo Malleus ship primed with cyclonic torpedoes arrived in the months that followed and was driven off by the Space Wolves ships. Despite this victory the Inquisition is most certainly not finished with Alaric Prime just yet. On a final note of curiosity in the aftermath of the battle of Scrap Peak the Forgotten Knight Gerantius returned to his lair beneath Sacred Mountain. At the entrance to the mountain Gerantius met the form of Logan Grimnar emerging from the shadowed depths. The two heroes of the Imperium stopped facing each other and Gerantius bent down to put its faceplate closer to the Great Wolf as though the two were conversing, even though in the history of Alaric Prime the Forgotten Knight had spoken to no one. What the two said to each other, if indeed they did speak, remains a mystery. 


The Purging of Ras Shakeh

-Shortly after the first siege of Hjec Aleja failed the forces of chaos were routed by the sudden arrival of Ecclessiarchy forces under the command of Cardinal Delvaux and a strike force of Space Wolves led by none other than the legendary Njal Stormcaller. With the plague hulk Festerax already long departed and depleted Imperial forces vastly reinforced the battle for Ras Shakeh was suddenly and completely reversed. In a matter of days the remaining plague cultists, zombies and traitor marines were hunted down and slain, their corpses burned and all sign of taint scoured away. Ahead of the kill-teams went several reclamation forces under the command of Confessor Klaive, their mission to recover records and evidence and secret them away aboard the Vindicatus before prying eyes could discover them.


The Slaying of the Festerax

-Following information gathered from augur stations around Ras Shakeh the Space Wolves determined the principal target of the Festerax, the plague hulk that had brought contagion to Ras Shakeh, was the system of Kefa Primaris. A Hive-World home to trillions of Imperial citizens, multiple regiments of Imperial Guard, significant forge capability and located at the crossroads of several prominent warp-routes the world was a critical source of men and material for the warzones throughout the region, including the Cadian Gate. While many other worlds were threatened by plague hulks the greatest of them, the Festerax, was bound for Kefa Primaris, should the world fall the sector would be doomed. Seventeen times the Imperial Navy had clashed with the Festerax, each time the hulk had escaped with relatively minor damage while the same could not be said for the vessels that tried to oppose it. Nothing the forces of the Imperium possessed could event dent the hulk; the only option with any chance of success was a nigh suicidal boarding assault. With some difficulty Njal Stormcaller managed to gain Cardinal Delvaux’s aid in launching the boarding assault, with the condition that should the hulk gain orbit over Kefa Primaris the Cardinal would conduct Exterminatus, burning the world and denying the enemy their prize. Reluctantly Njal agreed and the operation was launched. The Heimdall and the Ecclessiarchy Heavy Cruiser the Vindicatus managed to strip the hulk of its escorts and burn a small gap in its void shields, just large enough for the wolves twelve Caestus Assault Rams to strike home. One ram was destroyed in the assault, another sent veering off-course, the remaining ten struck the target and delivered their payload of hardened warriors. For hours the Space Wolves carved their way through the hulk, every step paid for in sweat and blood. Mighty heroes like the Wolf Guard Shield-bearer Álfar the Cold and Grey Hunter Pack Leaders Hauki Long-axe, Kjarl Bloodhame and Steinn Fellblade were slain. Despite the losses the Space Wolves managed to cut their way through to the great plasma drives at the heart of the hulk and plant nearly a dozen melta charges. With less than an hour on the timers the wolves raced for the surviving Caestus Rams. Only ten warriors managed to escape the hulk out of a force numbering nearly forty.


During the escape Njal Stormcaller diverted to investigate the disappearance of Grey Hunter Baldr Fjolnir, who had been captured earlier in the assault. Unknown to the rest of the wolves the Chaos Sorcerer known as the Mycelite had captured Baldr and imprisoned him on the command throne of the vessel at the heart of the plague hulk, a vessel named the Frostaxe. Nine thousand years before the Frostaxe had been lost in the warp and for aeons had collected a profusion of wrecks, rock and ice on its hull until it had become the twisted Space Hulk known as the Festerax. The Mycelite intended to use Baldr to command the spirits of the Frostaxe’s crew and direct the will of the Space Hulk more directly than the sorcerer ever could. With Baldr’s help Njal was able to defeat the sorcerer and teleport to the safety of the Heimdall’s bridge. Though victorious the wolves achievement was marred by the awakened psychic potential of Baldr, necessitating his execution, as well as the betrayal of Cardinal Delvaux and the dire battle to bring him to account for his actions. Though Cardinal Delvaux was slain and the Vindicatus taken the system-runner Hlaupnir was commandeered by the warriors of Járnhamar Pack, who were unwilling to let Baldr be executed and also wished to run down an unsanctioned lead on what the pack believed was a conspiracy against the chapter by forces within the Imperium known as the Fulcrum.


The Oathbreaker’s Reward

-When, during the assault on the Festerax, Cardinal Delvaux revealed his treachery and drove the Vindicatus towards Kefa Primaris with the intention of performing Exterminatus he became an Oathbreaker and drew the ire of his Fenrisian allies. Jorundur and Ingvar, with the help of one of the Wounded Heart Battle Sisters on the bridge of the Vindicatus, managed to board the Heavy Cruiser and fight their way to the bridge. During the battle to take the bridge the Penitent Engine into which the Order of the Wounded Heart’s former Canoness Preceptor de Chatelaine had been interred turned on the Cardinal and literally shredded both the Oathbreaker and his throne into torn scraps of flesh and metal. Such an act of sheer willpower should not have been possible, to resist the neural-pain amplifiers and implanted cortical control mechanisms should have been impossible for an unaugmented mortal, yet that was exactly what de Chatelaine did. Somehow the former Canoness was able to take control of the machine into which she was imprisoned, defy her cyber-implanted orders and turn the fearsome weapon against her tormentor. Without that act of defiance and bravery the Cardinal may well have survived the attack and consigned trillions to their deaths and with them doom an entire sub-sector to ruin, all in an attempt to salvage his unraveling carreer with the church.


The Battle of the Kraken Spawn

-Early in the year 999.M41 the long dormant Kraken's Egg, a trophy of the Chapter long housed within the Trophy Hall of the Fang, finally split open and disgorged a veritable horde of slithering, tentacled monstrosities into the halls of the Aett. The first to be alerted to the threat were the Fenresian Wolves of Harald Deathwolf's Great Company, whose keen senses detected the acrid stench of the Kraken spawn. Such were the wolves howls that Deathwolf chose to investigate the disturbance personally, gathering together what battle-brothers he encountered on his way to the Trophy Hall, including Canis Wolfborn. Together the wolves and marines entered the slime-covered Trophy Hall and cleansed it of the foul Kraken Spawn. The fighting was fierce and though the Space Wolves emerged victorious and the Fang was cleansed, all who participated in the battle bore the circular scars of the spawn's tentacles. 


The 13th Black Crusade

-As Abaddon spilled forth from the Eye of Terror the Space Wolves me the challenge. Logan Grimnar and the Space Wolves were among first to arrive in the Cadian system to stem the tide of filth. The entire chapter of the Space Wolves arrived to support the Cadians. Grimnar dispatched the Great Companies across the sector to put their skills to best use and took his own Company to Cadia itself, at the height of the space battles raging around the planet Grimnar descended to the planet to bolster the defenders against the inevitable chaos attack. As Grimnar was among the oldest and wisest Space Marine commander in the Imperium and with a stalwart reputation he was elected overall command of the Imperial defenders, particularly the various Space Marine Chapters arriving to fight the despoiler and his forces. Some chapters such as the Dark Angels and the Relictors refused to follow Grimnars orders but the majority of Chapters followed the Old Wolf into battle. Logan Grimnar decided that the efforts of the defenders should be focused on the Cadian, Belis Corona and Agrippana Sub-sectors, and with over 30 chapters either already embattled or en-route the 13th Black Crusade is to date one of the largest and most desperate engagements in Imperial history since the Horus Heresy itself, and at the forefront was Logan Grimnar and the Great Companies of the Space Wolves.


Volturna Campaign

-Following the 3rd War for Armageddon warbands of Orks terrorized and ransacked the surrounding systems. One such system was Volturna. Warboss Skargutz the Render led his warband in a series of successfull raids throughout the system, siezing loot and plunder and then moving on before the Imperial Navy could arrive. Finally the system Governor grew desperate and called on the Space Wolves for aid. Carefully watching and waiting the Space Wolves infiltrated Scout teams to the world of Cambion when the Warboss launched a raid against it. For a month the scouts watched the Ork forces and placed locator beacons in preparation for the Space Wolves fleet to arrive and lay waste to the Orks. All went to plan until the orbital drop and bombardment commensed, all of a sudden powerfull jamming signals blocked out the locator beacons and locked up Imperial communications. The Space Wolf drop forces were left isolated and under immediate attack. The fighting was desperate and furious, each Space Wolf fighting like a hero of ancient sagas but at last the primary drop point was overwhelmed, nearly every Space Marine there killed. Only the mighty Wolf Priest Rothgar survived despite grevious injuries. Wolf Lord Heldane Ironhammer was slain during the fighting and his body carried back to the hidden base of Warboss Skargutz.


A Pack of Blood Claws led by Kjarl and a Scout pack led by Wolf Guard Pack Leader Skaflock Sightblinder infiltrated the Warboss' base and slew him and a Dark Eldar mercenary who had provided the Orks with their jamming technology. Effectively ending the rampage of Waaagh Skargutz.


Second Cleansing of Beltrasse

-Some three hundred years after the First Cleansing of Beltrasse the Tau attempted to conquer the planet form the Imperium. The Lacusian Guard and the Space Wolves responded, bringing battle to the Tau. Unknown to the Space Wolves at the time, Inquisitor Montiyf and his apprentice, Interrogator Pranix, had come to Beltrasse as well, though with a very different objective. For centuries the Inquisition had watched Beltrasse, suspecting the events of the first cleansing had not been quite as tidy as they had appeared though investigations turned up little and the tomb of Hrondir had been lost for more than a century. When the Tau invasion inadvertently revealed the catacombs where Hrondir was interred the Ordo Malleus responded immediately. During the fighting Grey Hunter Pack Anvindr fell into the catacombs while fleeing a Tau gunship and became trapped by a cave-in alongside the Inquisitor and several hundred civilians who had sought a place to hide. While in the catacombs the Space Wolves discovered the reason for the Inquisition's presence and fought alongside Montiyf and Pranix to release the daemon long bound to Hrondir's desiccated flesh and finally banish it back to the warp. Before departing the tomb Anvindr removed the ancient suit of Terminator Armor worn by Hrondir and swore to return it to the Exorcists.


The Mission to Gath Rimmon

-The Space Wolves embarked on a mission to the remote world of Gath Rimmon to escort a senior Mechanicus Logis named Charis. Unknown to the Space Wolves Charis had secreted a Dark Eldar artifact known as the Ayex Commorragh, The Heart of Agony. Hounded by the Eldar the Mechanicus could not properly study the artifact. To keep it from the relentless Eldar hunters Charis built a secret vault on the world of Gath Rimmon to store the artifact while he researched it. The Space Wolves were not greatly amused to lose Battle-Brothers to the Eldar hunters so the Mechanicus could use a heretical xenos device. Rune Priest Kolja Ravenblade destroyed the device and Wolf Guard Baldr Svelok slew Charis. Brother Svelok was the only survivor of the mission.  


The Battle for Deneth Teros

-On the Imperial world of Deneth Teros the Space Wolves fought against an incursion of renegades and traitor marines in service to the plague god. The pack of Brother Aj Kvara was all but wiped out during the battle by a dread Daemon Prince. Though every one of his brothers fell fighting the traitors Kvara was able to finally slay the wounded Daemon Prince and survived his injuries. Angered by the loss of his pack Aj Kvara took the oath of the Lone Wolf and embarked on a twenty year journey for vengeance.


The Lyses Beast Hunt

-Distress signals from the oceanic agri-world of Lyses drew the attention of Lone Wolf Aj Kvara who had fought endlessly for twenty years to avenge the deaths of his battle-brothers. Lyses had seen little attention for over a thousand years until an unknown threat began destroying the hug harvesters that scooped the nutrient rich algae blooms from the endless ocean. Kvara recognized the presence of a dangerous beast immediately and set out across the waves to find and slay it. Kvara ran down the beast as it attacked the hub harvester Alecto XI, where he discovered the threat was a monstrous Tyranid bio-form similar to the Krakens native to Fenris. The beast released hordes of gaunt organisms onto the hub harvesters it attacked who cleansed the floating stations of all life before the creature tore the installations apart. Though Kvara nearly perished in battle with the xenos organisms he succeeded in slaying both the gaunts and the sea creature, his nearly dead body was recovered by the Imperial commanders of Lyses. Kvara recovered from his injuries after several months comatose, his campaign for redemption and vengeance finally concluded.


The Battle for Skorbad

-The Death Guard Traitor Legion renegades known as the Scions of Pestilence brought death and damnation to Skorbad and might have overcome the Imperial Guard defenders had not the Space Wolves arrived to hunt down and eradicate the traitors. One of the packs deployed were the Thunderwolf Riders of Pack Skeln, accomplished hunters and warriors the pack made quick work of all the renegades they came across, however during the height of the fighting one of the pack members, Hagnin, succumbed to the Curse of the Wulfen. Hagnin slew and devoured his mount, and slew one of his brothers and his mount. The three remaining pack members tracked their fallen brethren but before they could capture or kill him they encountered one last remaining member of the Scions of Pestilence who they discovered was possessed by a daemon. Skeln was the sole surviving member of the pack with his sanity intact after the fight but he was determined to hunt down his brother and avenge the deaths of his comrades. Skeln swore the oaths of the Lone Wolf and hunted Hagnin deep into the ice wastes of Skorbad. Ultimately however Skeln did not succeed in slaying his brother, instead Skeln himself succumbed to the call of the Wulfen and the two joined together to defeat a monstrous serpent from beneath the ice. Hagnin and Skeln formed their own pack in the frozen wastes of Skorbad where they remained at large for a number of years until an encounter with an investigating Inquisitor who chose to back away and leave them to their territory, their ultimate fate is unknown.


The Disaster on Voidsoul

-During the 13th Black Crusade in 999.M41 a regiment of Cadian volunteers dubbing themselves Creed's Blade sought to bring battle and retribution to the daemon world they named Voidsoul. E678 as it is known to the Ordo Malleus proved far more hazardous than the Cadians could have imagined in their darkest nightmares. What was to be a battle proved almost immediately to be a disaster, a slaughter, a massacre. Only a handful of landers made it to the surface intact, most were torn apart by the howling blood red storms constantly sweeping across the skies of Voidsoul. Those unfortunate few who made it to the surface lasted little longer than their comrades, ripped apart by the blades and hellish talons of a horde of horrors spawned from the raw stuff of madness. The slaughter would have been complete were it not for the intervention of the 13th Company. Emerging seemingly from thin air the long lost warriors of Russ carved into the daemons with all the savagery and visciousness that the monsters had shown while slaughtering the Cadians. Not only were the wolves undaunted by the horrors before them, they could hurt them as well, and the daemons howled in pain and terror as they faced a foe who was more than their equal. Those few who survived the slaughter stumbled to whatever drop-ships still functioned and made their escape. Upon returning to the Imperium the survivors were rounded up and taken to the ironclad moon fortress of Lord Inquisitor Torquemada Coteaz, for interrogation and destruction. Before the survivors could be destroyed however the 13th Company struck. The mighty Inquisitorial fortress thought impregnable proved utterly vulnerable to the wolves, who breached the citadel with lightning speed, taking the Cadian survivors and withdrawing before any resistance could be mounted. Whether the 13th Company was unwilling to see innocents harmed in such a manner or simply sought to prevent knowledge of their existence from reaching the Inquisition is unknown. All Coteaz could do was bluster in impotent fury and frustration as his mighty fortress was so easily violated and his prisoners taken.


The Fall of Elixir

-In 999.M41 the unforgiving Wolf Lord Dvorjac banished Lukas the Trickster to the ork-infested Agri-world of Elixir. Once rich in iron the Orks have sinced mined the planet dry and used the raw materials to forge a vast horde of metal monstrosities, Deff Dreads, Stompas and Gargants of all shapes and sizes ruled by the ork genius Megamek. Examining the available data on Elixir the cunning Blood Claw Lukas discovers the world’s temperate climate was actually the result of an ancient STC Climatrope housed in a complex now serving as Megamek’s headquarters. Lukas and his Blood Claws undertake a daring jump-pack assault on the complex and manage to disable the Climatrope with bundles of krak grenades. Over the weeks that follow a devastating winter descends on Elixir, freezing the ork hordes in their tracks and turning the greenskin warmachines into rusted piles of scrap. Wolf Lord Dvorjac leads his Great Company to Elixir to clean up the remaining orks, the wolves finding the frigid conditions much to their liking while the few remaining orks are too frozen to offer much resistance.


The Assault on Wilderness Outpost Delta

-During the 13th Black Crusade two packs of Grey Hunters under the command of Wolf Priest Thokar were dispatched to capture an enemy fortification known as Wilderness Outpost Delta. Aerial recon had determined the outpost to be in the process of being hardened by the Iron Warriors traitor legion. Upon making planetfall the Space Wolves quickly discovered that the outpost had already been overrun and it's defenders not only slain but used as bait to lure in five Chosen Terminators who had also been cut down. More troubling was evidence that the lost 13th Company had perpetrated the assault. Before Thokar could report his findings the outpost came under assault by Iron Warriors reinforcements. Outnumbered and outgunned Thokar's wolves might have been defeated had not the 13th Company intervened once more. A Warsmith of the Iron Warriors and his warband were slain before the 13th Company withdrew as quickly and mysteriously as it had arrived. Wolf Priest Thokar hid the discovery from allied Imperial forces.


The Purging of the Messenger of Woe

-The Blackmane Great Company was tasked with purging the Space Hulk the Messenger of Woe. Six squads of Wolf Guard Terminators led by Rune Priest Soren stormed the hulk and fought their way from chamber to chamber, cleansing the hulk of scores of ravening Genestealers. Ultimately the Space Wolves were successful in hunting down and slaying every last xenos and claiming the hulk and it’s priceless salvage for the Imperium.


The Battle of Moreal’s Great Flat

-The Great Wolf Logan Grimnar dispatched a quarter of the Chapter to Moreal to oppose the forces of chaos, mortal traitors bolstered by daemonic legions drawn from the warp by blood. Among the strike force dispatched to Moreal stood Bjorn the Fell-Handed. It was at the height of the fighting, as the outcome seemed to teeter in the balance, that Bjorn came. Launched from orbit in his immense drop pod the mighty ancient came like a comet of vengeance, a spear of retribution thrown by the arm of Russ himself. Crashing to earth in the midst of the bitterest fighting Bjorn charged out and crushed all that stood before him, including the dread commander of the enemy, a mighty Bloodthirster of Khorn. Yet fate and time can be cruel indeed, for this dread beast was none-other than the foul creature who had slain Bjorn’s pack-mates during the Horus Heresy, the creature that had driven Bjorn to the path of the Lone Wolf and who had finally fallen only after many years of vengeful hunting. Even as Bjorn carved apart the daemon it laughed and challenged Bjorn to repeat the names he had screamed at the daemon the last time they had fought. Bjorn did so, speaking the names of Alvi, Brynjolf, Eirik, Gunnald Shieldbearer and Hiorvard but the last name, the name of Hiorvard’s twin, the ancient Bjorn could not remember, time had robbed him of his memory and thus a measure of his vengeance, his honor, his very identity. Try as he might the name of Hrani would not come to him. The daemon howled in glee for it remembered and gloated as much to Bjorn even as the ancient carved him apart, cutting and burning until nothing was left. Long after the daemon was dead and the battle over Bjorn kept burning, and none of the Space Wolves would dare tell him to stop.

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"Are we going to scrap about it now. Argue which Legion is the toughest?"
"The answer always is, the Wolves of Fenris," Torgadon put in. "Because they're clinically insane."
-1st Captain Sigismund of the Imperial Fists and Captain of the Luna Wolves 2nd Company.

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Famous Characters of the Space Wolves


"Fenris breeds heroes like a bar breeds drunks - loud, proud and spoiling for a fight."

-Grand Master Belial of the Dark Angels.


Ancient Bjorn the Fell Handed

- The most renowned of the Chapters dreadnaughts is Bjorn the Fell Handed, the first Great Wolf of the chapter following Leman Russ’ disappearance, Bjorn fought during the Horus Heresy and the Great Crusade. Every one thousand years Bjorn awakes from his dreamless slumbers beneath the fang to test the Rune Priests of the chapter in their knowledge of the Old Sagas to make sure the Chapter History has been kept alive and accurate. Bjorn has also defended the fang in many a desperate hour, particularly against the ancient rivals of the Chapter, the Thousand Sons.


Great Wolf Harek Eireik Eireiksson Ironhelm

-Great Wolf of the Chapter leading up to the First Battle of the Fang in M32. Great Wolf Harek Ironhelm was possessed of a near obsession with hunting down Magnus the Red, the result of a long term psychic assault on the Great Wolf by the foul Thousand Sons. When the Thousand Sons were located in the Gangava system the Great Wolf immediately led eleven of the twelve Great Companies there. On Gangava the Space Wolves assaulted a reconstructed mockery of Tizca built by the Sons of Magnus. When the Wolves realized the trap and received word from Fenris the Great Wolf led his forces back to the Fang with all due haste. Rather than take the time to land in a gunship the Great Wolf took a Drop Pod straight onto the slopes of the Fang, engaging the manifested Daemon-Primarch alongside Bjorn the Fell-handed. Though the battle cost Harek Ironhelm his life the Daemon-Primarch Magnus was defeated, his corporeal form disintigrating under the punishment of Wolf Lord Greyloc, Bjorn and finally the weapons of the Great Wolf himself. The site of Harek's death on the slopes of the Fang became the site of a shrine dedicated to the unwavering devotion of the Great Wolf, and also a reminder of his blindness.


Here the thread is severed

of Harek Eireik Eireiksson,

called Ironhelm by jarls,

and his debts reckoned


On the World Spine

the Father of Mountains


The humbled god comes

hands stretched open

one eye, fire-ringed


And let it be said, brothers

let this be recorded


The betrayer of old

cripple-son of the Allfather

extends his arm

his gaze Helwinter-cold


And Ironhelm

master of the Wolves of Fenris

with fangs bared

laughs like sunrise


Great Wolf Arvek Hren Kjarlskar

-Wears a massive suit of terminator armor bedecked the pelt of a large Fenrisian wolf. Jarl of the 4th Great Company in M32, Kjarlskar was tasked with hunting down the vile traitor Primarch Magnus the Red. When the Thousand Sons were discovered and the Space Wolves brought war to them the 4th Great Company remained in the void as reserves, patrolling the system, as such it was the 4th that discovered the arrival and subsequent destruction of the Nauro and recovered the badly mauled body of Wolf Scout Haakon Blackwing. Receiving the news of the Thousand Sons invasion of Fenris the Gotthammar rushed back to Gangava and Kjarlskar made planet fall himself, fighting his way into the central pyramid to bring word to the Great Wolf Ironhelm himself. Without delay the wolves destroyed Gangava from orbit and rushed back to Fenris where Ironhelm confronted the wounded Daemon-Primarch Magnus himself and was slain in the effort. With the death of the Great Wolf the Wolf Lords chose Kjarlskar to succeed him and so the Wolf Lord of the 4th rose to the position of Great Wolf and took on the task of rebuilding the Chapter and the Fang.


Great Wolf Fenrik Grimheart

-Great Wolf Grimheart led the Space Wolves to Victory in the Battle of Balinor, one of the Chapter's most renowned battles of the 38th Millenium.


Great Wolf Gerrod Redbeard

-It was during a Great Feast of Gerrod Redbeard that Inquisitor Bastalek Grim used an eidetic memory coil to record the Sagas recounted during the feast and later publish them in the infamous work he called "the War of the Giants."


Great Wolf Anakron Silvermane

-Former commander of the Space Wolves chapter. Brother Anakron met his final stand took nearly four centuries ago on the world of Melkior where his command post came under a surprise assault by an Eldar Warhost. Logan Grimnar and Wolf Guard Pack Leader Hakon both participated in the battle.


Great Wolf Ulrik Grimfang

-Great Wolf of the Space Wolves during the Macharius Crusade. Ulrik Grimfang was approached through the chapter’s connections to the Navigator House Bellisarius to form an alliance with the Lord Solar Macharius and lend military and political support to his ongoing Crusade. Macharius potentially wanted to cement such an alliance by gifting an artifact he believed to be the Fist of Russ to the chapter. Ultimately the relic was not the Fist of Russ; even so elements of the Space Wolves chapter did participate in the following campaigns of the Crusade. Ultimately all the wolves of Fenris needed was the promise of worthy combat to join forces with Macharius, backroom bargains or mighty gifts were not necessary.


Great Wolf Sigvald Grimhammer

-The direct predecessor to Logan Grimnar the Great Wolf Sigvald Grimhammer met his end to the blades of a Dark Eldar Succubus on Xor.


Great Wolf Logan Grimnar

- The current Great Wolf of the Space Wolves, Logan Grimnar has commanded the Chapter for more than eight centuries and been at the forefront of many of the Imperiums greatest wars in recent history. An implacable and independent defender of mankind Grimnar is truly a legend of the Imperium. Logan Grimnar caries the potent Frost Blade the Axe of Morkai, a weapon he tore from the grip of a chaos champion and had re-forged into a mighty double headed axe.


Wolf Lord Erik Morkai

-A master of stealth and shadow warfare Erik Morkai is a grim figure in the Chapter, stern of nature and extremely dangerous. Erik Morkai has even managed to hunt the Dark Eldar, a race dedicated to living in the shadows and using the "lesser" races as little more than prey. An individual cunning enough to get the drop on the Dark Eldar is a truly lethal foe. Jarl Morkai habitually wears an ancient and massive bear pelt and wields a plasma pistol and chain axe customized to split apart into two separate weapons for duel wielding.


Wolf Lord Gunnar Red Moon

-A large and raucous individual, Gunnar Red Moon is a lesson in contradictions. His chosen symbol is one of death, vengeance and doom yet the man exemplifies anything but such a grim aspect.


Wolf Lord Harald Deathwolf

-Unusual among Wolf Lords Harald Deathwolf rides the Thunderwolf Icetooth. Acute of senses and feral of nature Harald Deathwolf and his warriors are almost always accompanied by the Space Wolves feral companions.


Upon the Red Moon of Gallimius did the Deathwolf hunt

At Mount Icetooth he duelled his once-brother

Svane Vulfbad

He who had turned from the Allfather's grace

The glangour of their duel rivalled the rage of the storm

Long they fought, but when lightning struck them

Only the Deathwolf remained on high

He took up the splinters of the traitor's frost axe

And forged them into the jaw of his wolf.


Down from Asaheim they came

The Ice Trolls, gorging on the hot flesh of man

Deathwolf felt the plight of his kin

He smote the beasts in a single night


When the Kraken's Egg hatched

The beasts of the Sea of Stars spilled out

Harald's Wolves smelt their evil in the air

In the Halls of Russ battle was joined.


In the tundra of Icensus

Deathwolf did spy foul Orks

The green-skinned wyrd

Cast a hex upon Harald,

But before the Ork could

Summon its fell powers

Deathwolf lopped off its head.

And set about the rest

For two days he fought,

Only halting his blade when

there was no Ork left to smote.


Through the acid swamps of Comania the Deathwolf stalked

His quarry the Eater of Souls

He caught the beast up by its snapping claw

And cast it into the fires of his star-ship

The Daemonsmith, whose hammer had fashioned the beast,

Sent his metal monsters to seek revenge

To no avail. The Great Company's teeth sunk deep

And tore out the planet's rotting metal heart


Wolf Lord Bjorn Stormwolf

-Subtlety is not something Bjorn stormwolf is even aware of, he is a loud and spectacular individual far more keen on making one heck of a display than anything. Dismissing the stealth tactics of Erik Morkai as "whelp-work" Lord Stormwolf is barely contained by his ornate suit of Terminator Armor and has been known to rudely interrupt Imperial dignitarries whenever they begin to bore him, which given Imperial dignitarries must be fairly often.


Wolf Lord Egil Iron Wolf

-Egil Iron Wolf exemplifies his name, a brutish looking man composed of more bionics and metal than of flesh. Egil rides to battle at the head of the Space Wolves armored might.


Wolf Lord Krom Dragongaze

-Wolf Lord Krom Dragongaze is renowned for his fierce countenance and penetrating stare, his force of will alone proving utterly petrifying to lesser mortals, hence his reputation as the “Fierce-eye.” Krom is a highly competetive individual who takes every oportunity to test himself against his fellow Wolf Lords in any contest and is not one to suffer fools. In many ways Krom is the iconic Fenresian hero, leading from the front, surrounded by hand-picked elite, roaring his fury at the top of his lungs, wild orange hair waving, spittle flying and axe spinning. Krom surrounds himself with the most promising warriors he can find and rewards promise and accomplishment wherever he sees it, as a result the Wolf Guard of Krom Dragongaze’s Great Company are more numerous and renowned than all but the Great Wolf’s own guard.


Wolf Lord Sven Bloodhowl

-Of all the Wolf Lords of the chapter Sven Bloodhowl has held on to the reckless abandon and wild recklessness of the Blood Claws. Not for Sven the cold and measured mien of the Grey Hunter, or the patience of the Long Fang. Jarl Sven still takes to the field wearing an astartes Jump Pack, wielding a pair of deadly weapons, the Frost Axe Frostclaw, and the chainsword Firefang. Surrounded by his hand-picked Wolf Guard known as the Bloodguard the Wolf Lord can ever be seen at the leading edge of his forces, driving into the enemy in a whirlwind of blades and fury. Sven Bloodhowl was recruited from the tribes who dwell in the shadow of a mighty volcano known as the Fire Breather. The whims of the great mountain seem ever fickle, as likely to spew clouds of noxious gas that can wipe out entire tribes as to erupt with roaring fury, blanketing the region in rivers of molten lava and pyroclastic ash. It takes a particularly hardy and stubborn people to call such a dangerous region home. No sooner had Sven been inducted into the chapter than he requested the honor of serving with the Skyclaws. Unique amongst the Wolf Lords of the chapter Sven Bloodhowl practices the marking of his deeds with tattoos and inscriptions on his flesh and armor respectively. This practice was common amongst the tribes from which Sven was recruited but rare amongst the warriors of the chapter. However as Sven rose through the ranks and earned ever greater glory and renown the warriors of his company began to follow his lead. Now the majority of warriors in the FIrehowlers are marked with complex tattoos and their wargear bears intricate inscriptions.


Wolf Lord Bran Redmaw

-Known as the Curs'd Lord, Wulfen-kin and the Bloodied Hunter. Bran Redmaw has long been touched by the Mark of the Wulfen, a sign that the Wolf Lord is succumbing to the Curse of the Wulfen. Should he finally succumb to the call of the wolf within the Wolf Lord would devolve into a slavering beast, living only to rend and tear its foes apart with fang and claw. Lord Bran bears a relic known as the Axe Langnvast.  


Wolf Lord Engir Krakendoom

-An aristocrat from a line of chieftan warlords who reign over the southern isles of Fenris. The people of the southern isles are dark of skin and ill of temperment as well as being expert seafarers and explorers. Engir earned the name Krakendoom when early in his life before he rose to the ranks of the Space Wolves he was pulled into the sea by a Kraken. Despite the certain doom of such a fate Engir emerged amongst the floating corpse of his foe claiming to have literally throttled the beast.


Wolf Lord Kjarl Grimblood

-Wolf Lord Kjarl Grimblood is a fierce rival of Sven Bloodhowl. The Firehowlers and Grimbloods are competitive in the extreme, some believe the preference of both Great Companies for furious assaults and flamer weaponry. There are whispers amongst the chapter that Kjarl Grimblood bears a gift of the Fire Wolf that is his heraldry, that he can read the future in the fires of war.


Wolf Lord Ragnar Blackmane

- The youngest Wolf Lord in the history of the Space Wolves, Ragnar Blackmane has made a legend for himself among a Chapter of legends. Specializing in rapid strikes Ragnar Blackmane and his company has been at the front of many a campaign by the Space Wolves, leading the chapter’s forces at the vanguard. Armed a the ancient and potent Frost Blade. Ragnar became the object of a great deal of controversy early in his career. Having slain one of the venerable black Fenrisian Wolves in his days as an Initiate Ragnar achieved what many considered impossible. Later when the Spear of Russ was stolen on Garm Ragnar used the spear to wound Magnus the red and send him back to the warp. Losing the spear in such a way however was seen as an outrage by more than a few of the Space Wolves and Ragnar was exiled to the Wolf Blade, the Space Wolves seconded to the Navigator House Belisarius. However Ragnar managed to recover the Spear of Russ and return it to its ancient resting place. The episode however meant that Ragnar passed directly from Blood Claw to Wolf Guard without ever having gone through the rites of the Grey Hunters.


Wolf Lord Gunnar Gunnhilt

-Lord of Onn Company during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy, known informally as Lord Gunn.


Wolf Lord Gedrath Gedrathsa

-Former Lord of Tra Company during the Great Crusade.


Wolf Lord Ogvai Ogvai Helmschrot

-Wolf Lord of Tra Company during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.


Wolf Lord Amlodhi Skarssen Skarssensson

-Wolf Lord of Fyf Company during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.


Wolf Lord Vaer Greyloc White Wolf

-Jarl of the 12th Great Company. Not known for his camaraderie, Wolf Lord Greyloc is a lean, agile hunter. Pale of skin and white of hair with eyes the color of steel Greyloc is often likened to a ghost. Unusually for a Space Wolf Greyloc bears a Fenrisian axe from his time as a mortal tribesman named Frengir. Though the Wolf Priests frown on such a practice, and the blade is iron and far too soft for a Space Marine to wield, the Wolf Lord has kept the blade pristine over the long years. During the Battle of the Fang Wolf Lord Greyloc chose to wear a mighty suit of Terminator armor and wield a pair of Wolf Claws. The prowess and majesty of Wolf Lord Greyloc during the 1st Battle of the Fang were worthy of many Sagas, the White Wolf leading the defense at the Sunrising gate, fighting tirelessly to hold the enemy back in the defense of Borek's Seal and finally fighting free an confronting Magnus the Red in the upper reaches of the Fang. Greyloc, Sturmhjart and the 12th Company's two surviving Wolf Guard fought peerlessly against the fallen Primarch, wounding the mighty being greviously before they were all finally felled. Greyloc was the last to fall before Ironhelm himself arrived to contest Magnus, cast down and his hearts torn out by the foul traitor.


Wolf Lord Borek Salvrgrim

-Jarl of the 2nd Great Company in M32.


Wolf Lord Morskarl

-Jarl of the 3rd Great Company in M32. Wears an archaic heresy-era face mask.


Wolf Lord Egial Vraksson

-Jarl of the 5th Great Company in M32.


Wolf Lord Rjak

-Jarl of the 6th Great Company in M32.


Wolf Lord Rekki Oirreisson

-Jarl of the 7th Great Company in M32.


Wolf Lord Gunnlaug

-Jarl of the 8th Great Company in M32.


Wolf Lord Hoskuld

-Jarl of the 9th Great Company in M32.


Wolf Lord Thorlakk

-Jarl of the 10th Great Company in M32.


Wolf Lord Ulfar

-Jarl of the 11th Great Company in M32.


Wolf Lord Oja Arkenjaw

-Jarl of the 12th Great Company before Vaer Greyloc.


Wolf Lord Garm

-One of the first and greatest of the Wolf Lords who rose to fight alongside Leman Russ during the Great Crusade. Garm fell in battle on the world that carries his name to defend the Space Wolves Primarch and was honored with a shrine-tomb on the planet. The Spear of Russ was entrusted to the Shrine of Garm's Skull and worked into the ornate sarcophagus of Garm himself. It is said that the shrine still carries a measure of the Primarch's power and many who make the pilgrimage to the shrine leave changed. The shrine has a permanent garrison of Space Wolves to protect it from looters and invaders.


Wolf Lord Leif Snowfang

-Former commander of Harald Thunderson who would later rise to become Wolf Lord Harald Deathwolf. Leif Snowfang was slain in combat with the Ork Warboss Rokbad Necksnapper on Rygar.


Wolf Lord Berek Thunderfist

-Wolf Lord of the Great Company to which Ragnar Blackmane was originally assigned and served as a teacher and as inspiration for the young Blood Claw at the time, Berek was a legendary warrior within the Chapter, named after his bionic hand and power fist.


Wolf Lord Sigrid Trollbane

-The principle rival of the popular Berek Thunderfist, Sigrid was a more devious political animal and tactician and did little to hide his desire to attain the rank of Great Wolf.


Wolf Lord Kyrl Grimblood

-A Wolf Lord in the Space Wolves during the Time of Apostasy, when the Imperium was set to crumble, beset by all sides and from within as numerous dictators, heretics, and traitors subverted control and sought to usurp control of the Imperium. As Goge Vandire swept the Imperium into anarchy other despots rose as well. One such heretic was the rogue Cardinal Bucharis of Gathalamore. Bucharis brought entire systems of the Imperium into complete anarchy, bringing about a time known as the Plague of Unbelief. Bucharis lead massive armies in a crusade towards Terra, perhaps in an attempt to sieze the reigns of the Imperium from Vandire himself. However Bucharis had to pass through Fenris first. So the despot laid siege to the Fang for fully three years, as the Space Wolves, the people of Fenris and even the monsters of the wild waged guirilla wars against the invaders. Millions died but the defenders did not give up. Till finally the Great Company of Kyrl Grimblood that had been on a mission into the Eye of Terror for five years returned. Launching an attack on the rear of Bucharis’ lines Kyrl slew thousands of Bucharis’ soldiers and scattered more into the wilds, where the cold and the wolves and monsters of Fenris tracked them down and slew them. With Kyrl’s attack weakening their enemies the Space Wovles launched a break out and smashed through their attackers. While Bucharis was not finished, his efforts were greatly set back by the actions of Kyrl Grimblood and he would be eventually brought down.  


Wolf Lord Stormforge

-The Stormforge Great Company was one of the four spearhead Companies participating in the attack on the captured Shrine of Garm's Skull.


Wolf Lord Hef Icenheart

-Wolf Lord during the Age of Apostasy.


Wolf Lord Finn Goresson

-Famed for his stubborn and ferocious attitude, Wolf Lord Finn Goresson was responsible for victories like the purging of the Space Hulk Starkrusha, a battle that was as insane as it was successfull. The former Jarl of Wolf Lord Sven Bloodhowl. Lord Finn fell in battle fighting the traitors of the Death Guard. Jarl Finn Goresson fought savagely and was victorious but in the final moments of battle he found himself throttling a daemon of Nurgle to death with his bare hands. Such close contact led to the Wolf Lord contracting many foul contagions that overcame even his fearsome immune system and the ministrations of the chapter’s Wolf Priests. After many days of bitter struggle within the Wolf Lord’s body the contagion won out and Goresson perished. Sven Bloodhowl was chosen from amongst Finn’s Wolf Guard to succeed him as Wolf Lord of the company.


Wolf Lord Osric Three-Fists

-Osric was as famed for his bad looks as he was his victories in battle, he also had the distinction to lead a Great Hunt, which was ambushed by a massive chaos fleet as the hunt neared it's end. Osric's ship the Voidfang was crippled by the Chaos flagship the Storm of Hate. Despite the severe disadvantage, Osric led his warriors out the Voidfang's airlocks and leapt at the chaos flagship. Despite barely thirty warriors making it to the hull of the chaos ship the Space Wolves succeeded in hammering their way inside, slaughtering a path to the bridge and turning the chaos warships guns against the rest of the chaos fleet. This act of unbelievable and insane bravado secured victory from certain defeat and is the epitome of the Space Wolves tenacity and determination in the face of extreme odds. Osric Three-fists took in the young Egil Silverhand when the Iron Priests would not take him, helping to mould the forge-adept into the company’s next Wolf Lord.


Wolf Lord Haken Ironchewer

-Slain during the 1st War for Armageddon.


Wolf Lord Svengar the Red

-Wolf Lord Svengar and his Company were lost after sailing into a worm hole attempting to locate the Primarch Leman Russ. Instead the Company wound up at the far terminus of the galaxy beyond even the Ghoul Stars. Drawn in by a strange planetoid the Company eventually realised the inhabitants weren't human despite their appearances and despite fighting fiercely were lost.


Wolf Lord Thorgir Redhand

-Famous for his defeat of the Bladed Dragon that had plagued the keeps of the Feudal World Isoulde. Despite his Thunderhawk being shot down, Thorgir survived and though he could not harm the monstrous beast he drew it into a massive cathedral and brought the building down on the both of them. Thorgir survived, the dragon did not.


Wolf Lord Asvald Stormwrack

-The former commander of the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar. It was in the Great Company of Asvald Stormwrack that Grimnar rose through the ranks to eventually take command of the entire chapter. Asvald met his end fighting the Ork Warboss Dakfang on Zylor IX.


Wolf Lord Gnyrll Bluetooth

-Commander of the Strike Cruiser the Wolf of Fenris, Wolf Lord Gnyrll Bluetooth fought Huron Blackheart in hand to hand combat on the bridge of the Strike Cruiser, unfortunately Gnyrll was no match for the chaos warlord and was torn apart by Huron's power claws and the Wolf of Fenris became one of Huron Blackheart's greatest prizes.


Wolf Lord Amlodhi Skarssen Skarssinsson

-Wolf Lord of the Space Wolves during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy, Amlodhi Skarssen participated in the Scouring of Prospero.


Wolf Lord Dvorjac

-Lord of Lukas the Trickster at one point, Dvorjac was the one who exiled Lukas to the Elixir system where the self styled "Megamek" was building a Waagh. Unfortunately for Dvorjac that decision resulted in one of Lukas' greatest triumphs.


Wolf Lord Svane Vulfbad

-Svane Vulfbad fell from the Emperor's grace after becoming disillusioned with the Imperium. On the moon of Gallimius a strike force led by Harald Deathwolf tracked down Vulfbad and slew him, putting an end to his daemonic summoning ritual before it could be completed.


Wolf Lord Hrothgar Ironblade

-Wolf Lord Ironblade captured the Mars-Class Battlecruiser the Resolute, a warship that had formerly served in the Battlefleet Obscuras but had joined the Arch-Heretic Vortigern during the Alphalus Insurrection of the late 39th Millennium. With his great ship lost Lord Ironblade took control of the Resolute during the Battle of Sestus Proxima and returned it to the service of the Imperium under the new name the Fist of Russ. Despite the objections of the Imperial Navy the Space Wolves retained the vessel and it continued to serve the Great Company up through the command of Berek Thunderfist.


Wolf Lord Haldane Ironhammer

-Lord of the Ironhammer Great Company, Lord Haldane was slain during the Cambion Campaign in the first drop pod assault. His body was taken from the field as a trophy for the Ork Warlord Skargutz but was eventually cleansed by the few survivors of the battle and his death avenged.


Wolf Lord Gunnarrsson

-Wolf Lord of the 13th Company during the Horus Heresy.


Wolf Lord Haakon Stormbrow

-A renowned hero of the Chapter.


Wolf Lord Alarik Nightrunner

-A renowned hero of the Chapter.


Wolf Lord Skallagrim the Red

-A renowned hero of the Chapter.


Wolf Lord Volunda

-A renowned hero of the Chapter who participated in the Return to Kalidus.


Wolf Lord Keurl Ironfang

-The legendary Wolf Lord who commanded the assault on the infamous Space Hulk the Messenger of Woe.


Wolf Lord Jotun Bearclaw

-A renowned hero of the Chapter.


Wolf Lord Buliwyf Stormaxe

-A renowned hero of the Chapter.


Wolf Lord Inferno

-A renowned hero of the Chapter.


Wolf Lord Greylock

-A renowned hero of the Chapter.


Wolf Lord Lucan

-Led a five year Crusade into the region known as the Wheel of Fire.


Wolf Lord Kruger

-Former Lord of legendary Wolf Priest Ulrik the Slayer. Kruger fought the World Eaters alongside Logan Grimnar during the 1st War for Armageddon but fell to the traitor Astartes. His death was avenged by Ulrik.


Wolf Lord Grimhildr Skanefeld

-The Great Company of Grimhildr Skanefeld fought alongside the Salamanders Chapter during the Kykaor Campaign against the hated Ork xenos. During the campaign the fighting stirred an ancient Kraken who had slumbered beneath the ice for untold centuries. The kraken burst forth from the ice to ravage the Astartes, taking up a Battle-Brother of the Salamanders named Hrydor and would have certainly slain him had not Grimhildr thrown his Rune axe and severed the tentacle with which the beast held the Salamander. Together the two Chapters defeated the beast and completed the Campaign but it was an action that would forever stand out in the memories of all those who took part in it. 


Wolf Lord Sven Ironhand

-In 815.M41 Lord Ironhand led his Great Company into exile in the Eastern Fringe, forswearing his oaths. The Great Wolf Logan Grimnar declared Ironhand renegade and ordered a new Company be formed to replace the Ironhand Great Company. Sven Ironhand is only one of many Wolf Lords that have led their Companies away from the Fang and become 'Lost' but he is noted as the most recent to have done so.


Wolf Lord Durfast, Savior of Mordrak

-A legendary Wolf Lord of the Chapter, Durfast gained his reputation on the ancient world of Mordrak. A dead world that once supported an extremely advanced alien civilization, when discovered by exploratory fleets, armed expeditions were immediately launched, and a force of Space Wolves was set to defend them. However the planet lay in heavily Ork infested space and it was not long before the green skins descended on the world, drawn to combat like a shark to blood. With many important sites to defend the Space Wolves were stretched thin and it was in this deadly combat that Wolf Guard Durfast excelled beyond expectations. Durfast even led the remainder of Hurgarl’s Great Company deep into an ancient facility, recovering a great deal of valuable technology and escaping before the facility destroyed itself. Later going on to lead his Great Company in many exploits, and to this day one of the artifacts he recovered remains in the Fang. Known as the Helm of Durfast, the helm allows the wearer to see a short distance into the past and future, granting an immense advantage in combat.


Wolf Lord Engir

-Jarl Engir commanded the pack of brother Aj Kvara during the Battle for Deneth Teros.


High Wolf Priest Thar Ariak Hraldir Wyrmblade

-Bearer of the Wyrmblade. Veteran of more than five hundred years service to the Chapter. Wolf Priest Hraldir was responsible for selecting and transforming Great Wolf Ironhelm from a feral Fenrisian Tribesman into a Space Wolf. Hraldir spent several lifetimes of men working on a project he dubbed the Tempering. Since the failure of the Wolf Brothers it became obvious that the Curse of the Wulfen, the genetic instability of the seed of Russ would prevent any further successors and would forever stigmatize the Wolves of Russ in the eyes of the greater Imperium. Thus Hraldir determined to eradicate the Curse of the Wulfen from the seed of Russ while retaining the Space Wolves strengths, to stabilize the Chapter's gene-seed and allow hundreds of Successors to be founded. The High Wolf Priest envisioned the Space Wolves and their progeny carving an empire the size of Ultramar within the Imperium and surrounding the Eye of Terror, preventing the traitors from ever leaving it again. His research was coming to fruition when the Thousand Sons launched their attack on the Fang, for Magnus had seen the potential future that Hraldir's work might bear and was himself determined to thwart it and bring great harm to the Space Wolves in the process. Even as Hraldir rushed to the Fleshmaker laboratories to salvage his work the traitor Primarch set about destroying it utterly. When the Wolf Priest arrived he confronted the Primarch in his grief and rage, fighting with a ferocity he had not wielded since his youth but it was not nearly enough and he was cut down by the fell power of Magnus.


High Wolf Priest Ulrik the Slayer

-A legendary Wolf Priest within the chapter and mentor to Ragnar Blackmane and Logan Grimnar, Ulrik turned down a chance at leadership in the Chapter to become a Wolf Priest and has been a powerful and stoic figure in the chapter for centuries. However it was as a warrior in Wolf Lord Kruger’s Great Company fighting on Armageddon against the forces of the World Eaters that Ulrik first made a name for himself. During the fighting Kruger was cut down, possessed of a mad desire for revenge Ulrik threw himself at the World Eaters, slaying three of the terrible Khorne Berserkers in close combat defending his fallen Lord and earning the unusual accolade of a salute from Angron, Primarch of the World Eaters himself, as a sign of respect for martial prowess. Ulrik refused to take the place of Wolf Lord Kruger and has since then gone on to win even greater fame within the chapter as a Wolf Priest. Ulrik wears the legendary Wolf Helm of Russ, given to him by Ragnar Blackmane in a sign of respect to the old Wolf Priest.


Wolf Priest Ulstvan Morkaison

-A venerable member of the Wolf Priesthood, brother Ulstvan wears a suit of Tactical Dreadnought Armor and fights alongside the Champions of Fenris.


Wolf Priest Jathrac Leatherhand

-Brother Jathrac encountered Venerable Radamarr of the Iron Hands. Believing the Dreadnought past saving Jathrac attempted to recover his progenoid glands only to discover no trace of flesh remained within the Dreadnought Sarcophagus. The damaged but still deadly Dreadnought slew Jathrac to preserve the secret.


Wolf Priest Najat Threader

-Wolf Priest attached to Tra Company during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.


Wolf Priest Hrald

-Attached to the Thunderfist Great Company back when Grey Hunter Gyrfalkon was a young Blood Claw.


Wolf Priest Sigurd

-A young Wolf Priest, Sigurd fought alongside Ragnar during his time in the Wolf Blade and would later fight alongside him as a Wolf Lord of his own Company. While initially at loggerheads Sigurd learned to value Ragnar's abilities as a warrior and a leader and is now amongst the Wolf Lord's most trusted officers.


Wolf Priest Rothgar

-Terminator Armored Wolf Priest of Haldane Ironhammer's Great Company, the sole survivor of the battle for the primary drop pod landing zone. Only a single Blood Claw Pack whose Drop Pod landed far off course survived largely intact, Wolf Priest Rothgar himself only survived in the face of severe injury.


Wolf Priest Voltar the Bloody

-Mighty hero of the Chapter.


Wolf Priest Vortigan Breakbone

-One of the Wolf Priests who participated in the cleansing of the Vulture Clan, at the time brother Vortigan was one of the chapter’s senior Wolf Priests and often presided over feasts in the Great Hall of the Fang.


Wolf Priest Taal

-Wolf Priest Taal participated in the Battle of Granica.


Wolf Priest Alric Spiritwolf

-A renowned hero of the Chapter.


Wolf Priest Ansgar Heroth

-A renowned hero of the Chapter.


Wolf Priest Thokar

-An ancient member of the chapter Wolf Priest Thokar led the attack on Wilderness Outpost Delta during the 13th Black Crusade. During the fighting Thokar encountered a fellow Wolf Priest from the lost 13th Company when a warband from the lost company appeared to aid their brethren in battle against the Iron Warriors.


High Rune Priest Odain Sturmhjart

-Bearing the Rune Staff of his calling Sturmhjart was the greatest of the Chapter's Rune Priests in M32 when the Thousand Sons launched their invasion of Fenris. Ordered to remain behind on Fenris and watch over Wyrmblade's Tempering. When the Thousand Sons arrived to defile the Fang the venerable Rune Priest was distraught with his failure to foresee the attack and kindled that grief and shame into a cold fury that proved the bane of the Thousand Sons through every step of the battle. At last when Magnus manifested within the Fang itself Sturmhjart joined Wolf Lord Greyloc, his two remaining Wolf Guard and Bjorn in breaking free of Borek's Seal and rushing to oppose the Daemon-Primarch who was carving his way through the upper levels of the Fang. Catching up to the traitor in the Fleshmaker laboratories Sturmhjart and the others were in time to witness Wyrmblade's death.


High Rune Priest Njal Stormcaller

-The Saga of Njal Stormcaller begins on the raging world seas of Fenris. Njal’s tribe lost their lands to the seas during the trials of Fire and Water. As his tribe sailed across the oceans they finally found new lands freshly risen from the turbulent seas and waged a great sea battle against other would be claimers. During the battle Njal jumped across ships to slaughter entire decks of men, until at last as the battle ended Njal lay exhausted, and pierced by a spear. His efforts were noticed however and his life was saved by the Space Wolves. As he fought battles on distant worlds as a young member of the Chapter Njal’s powers began to manifest and he was brought into the fold of the Rune Priesthood. There he learned under the ancient Rune Priest Heimdall. Learning quickly Njal became a skald to the Rune Priest and fought at his side many times. It was during one particular battle where Heimdall fell to a Bloodthirster that Njal earned his name, defeating the Bloodthirster and calling up a raging storm that broke the enemy, he was given the name Stormcaller. Later in Njal’s life he saved the life of a legendary Iron Priest Ulf Blackbrow. Blackbrow was a proud warrior and to repay his dept he fashioned a psyber raven to guard Njal and protect his life.


”Through screams of gale and moans of wind,

His voice did cut across the skies;

And calling lightning to his side,

He loosed his fearsome hurricane.


His foes were torn by wrathful gales,

The tempest fierce o’erwhelmed them all,

Their bones were frozen, shattered, broken,

Their last breaths stolen by the storm.”

-Excerpt from the Saga of the Stormcaller.


Rune Priest Lauf Cloudbreaker

-One of only six Rune Priests to remain in the Fang alongside High Rune Priest Sturmhjart when the Great Wolf Ironhelm led nearly the entire Chapter to the Gangava system to hunt down the Thousand Sons in M32. Cloudbreaker fought alongside the High Wolf Priest Wyrmblade in the defense of the Fangthane and stood against the terrible power of Magnus the Red but was literally blasted into scraps of flesh and blood by the traitor Primarch.


Rune Priest Angriff Blightbreaker

-Slain during the battle for the Frostborn attempting to deliver warning of Armageddon's invasion to the Grey Knights.


Rune Priest Frei

-Wears the rune armor of his calling.


Rune Priest Ohthere Wyrdmake

-Rune Priest of the Space Wolves during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. Ohthere befriended Ahriman of the Thousand Sons in an attempt to learn about the sorcerous tenets of the Legion and spoke against the Thousand Sons on that basis during the Council of Nikea. Ohthere served alongside Fyf Company.


Rune Priest Eada Haelfwulf

-Rune Priest attached to Tra Company to act as Aun Helwintr's senior. Eada Haelfwulf succumbed to daemonic influence and was given the Emperor's Mercy during the events leading to the Scouring of Prospero.


Rune Priest Ulvurul Heoroth Longfang

-One of the first Long Fangs of the Space Wolves, and among the few serving during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. Heoroth Longfang was among the last of the Terran Legionaries in the Space Wolves before his death during the campaign against the Olamic Quietude. Heoroth served alongside Tra Company.


Rune Priest Aun Helwintr

-Helwintr rose to the rank of Rune Priest after the fall of Ulvurul Heoroth. Helwintr participated in the Scouring of Prospero alongside Tra Company. Assisted in the destruction of a dread daemon manifested during the Scouring of Prospero.


Rune Priest Torgrim Splitbeard

-Mentor to brother Ulli Iceclaw during the Battle of Phalakan.


Rune Priest Ulli Iceclaw

-Brother Ulli was placed in command of Strikeforce Stormfall during the Battle for Alaric Prime. Ulli bears a Rune Axe marked with runes of his own crafting. Brother Ulli Iceclaw began life as Ulli Vulturekin, a member of the corrupted Vulture Clan, a mountain tribe of Fenris whose entire number were rogue psykers who practiced debased rituals of sacrifice and murder, offering victims to dark gods. When the chapter learned of the tribe’s existence a strike force of Wolf Priests journeyed to the Valley of the Burning Stones and annihilated the entire tribe, slaying hundreds of rogue psykers in a matter of minutes and burning their bodies on a great pyre. Only five young boys were kept alive for they were young enough to potentially serve as aspirants to the chapter and psykers are so rare as to make even these potentially corrupt youths a tempting resource for the chapter. Three were found to be corrupted and were left in the wilderness to die, a fourth perished during his blooding. Only young Ulli survived and eventually rose to become a Rune Priest of the chapter. However brother Ulli’s survival was only due to his sheer bloody-minded determination and endurance for he was initially shot in the chest by Brother Vortigan Breakbone’s bolt pistol and his carcass was carried back to the Fang for dissection. Despite the horrendous physical trauma the young Ulli somehow clung to life and for that feat of extreme endurance Wolf Priest Ulrik the Slayer reconsidered his potential and inducted him as an aspirant to the chapter. Ulrik was swayed, at least in part, by Ulli’s account of the rituals of the Vulture Clan. For centuries the clan had summoned a daemon in a cavern carved from the obsidian walls of the valley and offered every youth of the tribe to the daemon. Each youth was possessed and released in turn; their minds and bodies corrupted by the daemon and turned to its service, all save Ulli. Along amongst the young of the Vulture Clan the young Ulli Vulturekin had looked into the nightmare eyes of the daemon and resisted it. Ironically Ulli Vulturekin had been marked for death by the Vulture Clan when the Wolf Priests attacked. Though he suffered his first death to the bolt pistol of Vortigan Breakbone without that execution he would have been slain and burned by his kin. In a way his death at the hands of the Wolf Priests was the beginning of his new life in service to the chapter.


Rune Priest Irnist the Wise

-Brother to Erik Morkai and advisor to Logan Grimnar.


Rune Priest Aldrek

-Rune Priest assigned to Berek Thunderfist's Great Company during the Charys Campaign, Aldrek was captured and executed by the Thousand Sons during the assault on the Governor's Palace.


Rune Priest Vagnai Ravenmane

-Recorded the re-telling of Russ' disappearance by Bjorn the Fell-Handed in M35. 


Rune Priest Hrothgar

-Rune Priest serving with Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Rune Priest Heimdall

-A renowned hero of the Chapter.


Rune Priest Gretrir

-The foresight of Rune Priest Gretrir foresaw the return of the 13th Company prior to Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade against the Imperium.


Rune Priest Edrigar

-A renowned hero of the Chapter.


Rune Priest Loysus

-Rune Priest assigned to Ragnar Blackmane's Company by the Great Wolf himself.


Rune Priest Skalagrim

-Rune Priest assigned to Berek Thunderfist's Great Company during the Campaign for Garm. Skalagrim was badly wounded during the fight for the Chaos Temple of the Arch-Heretic Sergius and is not expected to recover from his wounds.


Rune Priest Kolja Ravenblade

-Brother Kolja led the mission to Gath Rimmon. Kolja suffered mortal injuries to the Mechanicus Logis Charis and the corrosive elements but succeeded in destroying The Heart of Agony. 


Rune Priest Svasund the Golden

-Legendary craftsman of the Chapter responsible for forging the Thunderhammer Maekr in M38.


Rune Priest Finnbjorn Runeforger

-Served with the Redmaw Great Company during the Betalis III Campaign and participated in the Battle of the Tormus Delta. Destroyed an Eldar Wraithseer construct.


Rune Priest Jonor Stiel

-Rune Priest serving with Captain Helik Redknife's command at the outset of the Horus Heresy. Brother Stiel was slain on Signus Prime by the berserker warriors of Captain Amit of the Blood Angels and his 5th Company.


Rune Priest Magnir

-Brother Magnir served with the Deathwatch of the Jericho Reach centuries earlier. Magnir was renowned for his ability to accurately predict the skein of the future and direct his battle-brothers within the Deathwatch. All that remains of Magnir are a set of rune stones that are useless to any but Rune Priests of the Space Wolves. Those Rune Priests who use the Magnir Runes gain increased insight into the paths of the future and the fates of those around them.


Rune Priest Vyargir Runewrought

-Brother Vyargir serves alongside Canis Wolfborn and has on occasion retrieved the legendary Thunderwolf rider from his runs across the surface of Fenris.


Rune Priest Soren

-Assigned to the Blackmane Great Company brother Soren commanded the purging of the space hulk the Messenger of Woe. Wearing a suit of ornate Terminator Armor and bearing his runic axe and storm bolter Soren stood at the forefront of the fighting to cleanse the hulk.


Rune Priest Hallfrid

-Possessed of ferociously powerful psychic strength Rune Priest Hallfrid sealed the warp portal on Issajur by summoning a storm so strong that it was able to cast the Thousand Sons wrecked attack craft into the portal and collapse it.


High Iron Priest Berensson Gassijk Rendmar

-High Iron Priest of the Chapter in M32.


High Iron Priest Slejek Blademaker

-The gruff and irascible Forge Master of the VI Legion during the Horus Heresy. Despite Bjorn’s favor with the Primarch the Blademaker refused to move Bjorn’s need for a new arm to the top of his already extremely long list of tasks. Frustrated Bjorn stormed from the forge but on his way out spotted a master-crafted Wolf Claw hanging from a weapons rack. Without asking for permission Bjorn took the claw and refused to return it, much to the ire of Slejek.


Iron Priest Jens Ironfist

-Brother Jens is responsible for the maintanence of Stormrider, the personal chariot of the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar.


Iron Priest Jorik

-Brother Jorik deactivated the pain suppressant systems of Thorolf Icewalker's power armor at the Wolf Guard's request.


Iron Priest Olvar Ragnvald

-On his journey to Iron Mountain to prove his worth to become an aspirant to the Chapter Brother Ragnvald slew a great Fenrisian Wolf, a mighty deed for one so young. Rather than strip the corpse of its pelt Ragnvald dragged the body to Iron Mountain and years later, during his training as an Iron Priest, he remade the slain beast, replacing dead flesh with augmetic components to create a cyberwolf companion.


Iron Priest Alvard

-Assigned to the Dragongaze Great Company the Iron Priest Alvard served as the pilot of Krom’s personal Thunderhawk Gunship the Vengeful Howl. Alvard was slain by Grukk Face-Rippa while attempting to affect repairs to the gunship in the acid-bog.


Iron Priest Garjek Arfang

-Iron Priest serving with the 12th Great Company in M32. While the rest of the 12th Great Company fought hard to hold back the Thousand Sons Iron Priest Arfang worked tirelessly to prepare the defenses and awaken the Chapter's Dreadnoughts. By the time the Bloodfire and Sunrising Gates fell he had woken twelve of the mighty ancients including the legendary Bjorn the Fell-Handed. Like many others Arfang gave his life in the defense of the Fang.


Iron Priest Hrothgar

-The first of the VI Legion Iron Priests it was Hrothgar who, during the battle for Kalidus, revealed Tarus to be a daemon in disguise and ended the duel between Russ and Johnson.


Iron Priest Beorth Rig

-Senior Iron Priest serving aboard the Strike Cruiser Skraemar in M32. Killed with the destruction of the vessel during the Thousand Sons invasion.


Iron Priest Anjarm

-Wears forge-darkened suit of Artificer Armor.


Iron Priest Jurgen

-Iron Priest serving with Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Iron Priest Rorik

-A senior member of the Chapter's Iron Priests, Rorik serves as an adviser to the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar.


Iron Priest Fengri

-Ancient Iron Priest of the Chapter who crafted the Wulfen Stone into a suit of armor.


Iron Priest Fergus Forgrim

-A legendary craftsman of the Chapter, Fergus Forgrim crafted the mighty relic Frostfang. The secrets used in the forging of the Frostfang died with its maker.


Iron Priest Trunglas

-Member of Skold Greypelt's force on the Ice World of Shadrac. Trunglas aided the pack in freeing a warp capable vessel from a drifting space hulk in the system.


Ship Master Njan Anjeborn Greyflank

-Commander of the Strike Cruiser Skraemar during the Thousand Sons invasion of Fenris in M32. Outnumbered 54 to 1 the lone Strike Cruiser and its handful of escorts could not hope to hold back the Thousand Sons fleet for long, selling their lives to give the 12th Company time to prepare the Fang for war.


Wolf Guard Aeska Brokenlip

-Veteran warrior of Tra Company during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.


Wolf Guard Jormungndr Two-Blade

-An accomplished veteran of Tra Company during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy, named for his use of a matched pair Power Swords.


Wolf Guard Varangr

-Veteran and Herald of Fyf Company during the Great Crusade.


Wolf Guard Ranulf

-Supposedly the largest Space Wolf in the chapter’s entire history, said to have rivaled even the mighty Leman Russ in size. Ranulf was a legend in his day and remains a legendary figure in the chapter even now, and his Terminator Armor rests in the Hall of Heroes, towering over all who view it. Most inspiring of the battles in Ranulf’s saga however is that of his death. On a distant battlefield a force of Space Wolves was retreating after a defeat at the hands of the Orks, rare as that may be. With tens of thousands of Orks closing on the column as the Space Wolves retreated through a mountain pass, Ranulf and a force of Wolf Guard turned to hold a narrow pass against the Orks. With the narrowness of the defile the Space Wolves could take on a few Orks at a time and the numbers of the Orks were worthless. Hundreds of Orks fell to the guns and blades of Ranulf and his Wolf Guard warriors as they defended the rear of the Space Wolf force, piling the corpses of the Orks so deep that the defile was nearly walled off. Yet nevertheless Ranulf and his warriors could not last forever and the Orks eventually whittled them down till Ranulf stood alone. Even Ranulf could not survive the fight and eventually fell. However most unusual for the Orks when the Space Wolves retook the pass later they found the bodies of Ranulf and his warriors had not been defiled. Instead to their surprise the Orks had hastily constructed a cairn for the fallen Space Wolves and seated the dead warriors on it, surrounded by immense piles of Ork wargear. To the Orks Ranulf was nothing short of a god.


Wolf Guard Battle Leader Mikal Sternmark

-Wolf Guard Champion to Berek Thunderfist, Mikal had to take charge of the Thunderfist Great Company during the Charys Campaign. At the height of the fighting and the sorcerous influence of the Thousand Sons Mikal succumbed to the call of the Wulfen and in a fit of rage slaughtered the Imperial General Lady Commander Athelstane. He was placed under the care of the Wolf Priests for some time, but returned to serve as Berek's Champion one last time in his final stand and died at the side of his Wolf Lord. Mikal wielded the relic Power Sword Redclaw.


Wolf Guard Battle Leader Jurgen Whitemane

-Jurgen Whitemane commanded the Space Wolf garrison on Garm. One of the oldest living Space Wolves of the time and among the few surviving contemporaries of the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar and Wolf Guard Pack Leader Hakon, his death was a serious blow to the Chapter and a slight that would not go unavenged.


Wolf Guard Battle Leader Kai Blackpelt

-Commander of the Strike Cruiser Magnir’s Revenge and sole survivor of the ork ambush against the vessel and its escorts. Though he led his warriors with skill and tenacity the wolves were simply outgunned and outnumbered. Kai himself was defeated by Kaptin Badrukk himself. Badrukk did not slay Kai outright however, instead he tortured and flayed the Battle Leader and bolted his ruined frame to the command throne of the Magnir’s Revenge beneath a screen playing a looped image of Badrukk gesturing mockingly at anyone who watched. When reinforcements arrived Kai was found barely clinging to life, holding on by sheer force of will alone. Whether Kai will make a full recovery or not is yet to be seen.


Wolf Guard Battle Leader Olaf Blackstone

-The second in command of the Bloodhowl Great Company and commander of the Bloodguard. Of all the warriors of the Firehowlers only Olaf comes close to matching Jarl Sven in achievements, honors and renown, his skin and armor are almost completely covered in intricate markings detailing his many deeds in battle and Olaf’s twin Wolf Claws stand ever ready to add yet more. Marked by grey hair held in a long top-knot and yellow eyes the Canis Helix is readily apparent in Olaf and the reason he chooses to wear a yellow wolf’s head on a black field as his personal heraldry.


Wolf Guard Battle Leader Skallagrim of the Blackbrow

-Second in command of the Redmaw Great Company during the Betalis III Campaign. Skallagrim typically wears a suit of ancient Terminator war-plate and bears the relic Thunderhammer Maekr and a Storm Shield.


Wolf Guard Battle Leader Torfin Daggerfist

-Commander of the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar’s Wolf Guard Void Claws, an elite formation of Terminator armored Wolf Guard armed with pairs of Wolf Claws and specializing in close assault and boarding actions as well as teleport assaults. Reputedly Torfin once slew an Ork Squiggoth single-handedly, driving his claws into the creature’s belly as it rampaged past and being dragged for a full mile before the creature collapsed and Torfin cut his way free of the corpse. Brother Torfin often serves as commander of detachments in Grimnar’s absence and has the honor of bearing a standard featuring the Wolf That Stalks Between Stars mounted on his back. With more than four centuries of service to his name and the scars to prove it Torfin is a formidable fighter and tactician.


Wolf Guard Champion Arjac Rockfist, the Anvil of Fenris

-Champion of Logan Grimnar's Wolf Guard, Arjac is a legendary figure of the Space Wolves. Wearing massive Terminator armor, wielding Foehammer and the Anvil Shield Arjac is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. 


Wolf Guard Champion Canis Wolfborn, the Feral Knight

-A mysterious figure in the Chapter, Canis Wolfborn is the undoubted master of the Fenrisian Wolves and figurehead of the Thunderwolf Cavalry. Raised by Wolves and rider of the massive and powerfull Fangir, Canis is a truly feral and monstrous opponent. Between deployments Canis enjoys long runs across the frozen surface of Fenris with his wolves Mia and Timba.


Wolf Guard Champion Ranulf the Strong

-Champion Ranulf the Strong accidentally killed the Dark Angels Company Champion Balthasar Xaphan during a ritual duel in 894.M41 leading to bloodshed between the Space Wolves and the Dark Angels.


Wolf Guard Shield-bearer Álfar the Cold

-Brother Álfar served as Shield-bearer and bodyguard to High Rune Priest Njal Stormcaller. Armed with a frost marked chainsword and a storm shield Brother Álfar stood ever ready to guard Njal with his life or cut down anyone, or anything, foolish enough to stand in the way of the venerable Rune Priest. Brother Álfar was killed in an ambush by Plague Marines during the boarding of the Space Hulk Festerax.

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"Are we going to scrap about it now. Argue which Legion is the toughest?"
"The answer always is, the Wolves of Fenris," Torgadon put in. "Because they're clinically insane."
-1st Captain Sigismund of the Imperial Fists and Captain of the Luna Wolves 2nd Company.

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Wolf Guard Terminator Pack Leader Beoric Winterfang

-Beoric Winterfang has the honor of leading Krom Dragongaze’s elite bodyguard of Wolf Guard Terminators.


Wolf Guard Terminator Pack Leader Gunnar

-Commander of Pack Gunnar of the Blackmane Great Company, assigned to the boarding assault on the Messenger of Woe. Brother Gunnar bore a frost sword and storm bolter.


Wolf Guard Terminator Pack Leader Vulpen

-Commander of Pack Vulpen of the Blackmane Great Company, assigned to the boarding assault on the Messenger of Woe. Brother Vulpen bore a frost axe and storm bolter.


Wolf Guard Terminator Pack Leader Loki

-Commander of Pack Loki of the Blackmane Great Company, assigned to the boarding assault on the Messenger of Woe. Brother Loki bore a frost axe and storm bolter.


Wolf Guard Terminator Pack Leader Grendel

-Commander of Pack Grendel of the Blackmane Great Company, assigned to the boarding assault on the Messenger of Woe. Brother Grendel bore a frost sword and storm bolter.


Wolf Guard Terminator Pack Leader Aenir

-Commander of Pack Aenir of the Blackmane Great Company, assigned to the boarding assault on the Messenger of Woe. Brother Aenir bore a frost sword and storm bolter.


Wolf Guard Terminator Pack Leader Vanir

-Commander of Pack Vanir of the Blackmane Great Company, assigned to the boarding assault on the Messenger of Woe. Brother Vanir bore a frost axe and storm bolter.


Wolf Guard Terminator Pack Leader Ranulf Ironfang

-Brother Ranulf has the honor of serving with the Wolf Guard of Logan Grimnar and has the additional distinction of the right to wear a suit of Tactical Dreadnought Armor. Brother Ranulf favors the use of a Storm Bolter and Power Sword.


Wolf Guard Terminator Pack Leader Ranulf Ironfang

-One of the most accomplished warriors of the Champions of Fenris brother Ranulf serves within the Wolf Guard and commands a pack of Terminator armored elite.


Wolf Guard Terminator Pack Leader Volkbad Wulftongue

-One of the strangest warriors serving with the Wolf Guard of the Champions of Fenris brother Volkbad claims he can communicate with the wolves of Fenris. No matter how many times he makes strange noises, barking and growling at the Thunderwolves and Fenrisian wolves of the chapter the beasts always respond with indifference or aggression. Volkbad merely claims the beasts were either not interested in what he had to say or had somehow taken offence. This behavior earned Volkbad the title Wulftongue, though it was intended as a mocking label brother Volkbad bears the name with pride. Despite his oddities brother Volkbad is one of the most skilled and tenacious warriors of the Champions of Fenris.


Wolf Guard Terminator Pack Leader Vulstan

-Commander of one of the Champions of Fenris’ Wolf Guard Terminator Packs.


Wolf Guard Terminator Slay

-Member of Pack Gunnlaugur during the Cleansing of the Sorrows of the Just. Brother Slay bore a pair of deadly Wolf Claws.


Wolf Guard Terminator Arfól

-Member of Pack Gunnlaugur during the Cleansing of the Sorrows of the Just. Brother Arfól bore a power sword and storm shield.


Wolf Guard Terminator Variek

-Member of Pack Gunnlaugur during the Cleansing of the Sorrows of the Just. Brother Variek bore a storm bolter and power fist.


Wolf Guard Terminator Fjurn

-Member of Pack Gunnlaugur during the Cleansing of the Sorrows of the Just. Brother Fjurn bore the squad Assault Cannon and a power fist.


Wolf Guard Terminator Saarskel

-Member of Pack Vulstan and bearer of the pack’s Heavy Flamer.


Wolf Guard Terminator Ingvarr Thunderbrow

-Brother Ingvarr serves within the vaunted ranks of the Great Wolf’s chosen Wolf Guard, honored to wear a suit of Tactical Dreadnought Armor brother Ingvarr favors a Storm Bolter and Chainfist as his chosen weapons.


Wolf Guard Terminator Sven Halfhelm

-Member of the Champions of Fenris Wolf Guard, brother Sven wears a suit of Tactical Dreadnought Armor and bears a Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield.


Wolf Guard Terminator Kraeger Firebreath

-Brother Kraeger serves with the Wolf Guard of Logan Grimnar. Kraeger wears a suit of Terminator Armor and bears a Heavy Flamer and Chainfist into battle, the gouts of forge hot flames his weapon spews giving literal meaning to Brother Kraeger’s deed name.


Wolf Guard Terminator Godroc

-Brother Godroc serves with the Wolf Guard of Logan Grimnar. Brother Godroc has the honor of wearing a suit of Terminator Armor and bears a relic Frost Axe and Storm Bolter.


Wolf Guard Terminator Raegir Bloodknife

-Brother Raegir serves with the Wolf Guard of Logan Grimnar. Raegir wears a suit of Terminator Armor and bears a pair of Wolf Claws into battle.


Wolf Guard Terminator Jorn the Tall

-Brother Jorn serves in the Wolf Guard of the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar and has the honor of wearing a suit of Terminator Armor. Jorn chooses to wield a belt-fed Storm Bolter and Power Fist.


Wolf Guard Terminator Vidar

-Heavy flamer bearer of Pack Gunnar, assigned to the boarding assault on the Messenger of Woe.


Wolf Guard Terminator Heimdal

-Member of Pack Gunnar, assigned to the boarding assault on the Messenger of Woe. Brother Heimdal bears a storm bolter and power fist.


Wolf Guard Terminator Ringr

-Member of Pack Gunnar, assigned to the boarding assault on the Messenger of Woe. Brother Ringr bore a pair of wolf claws.


Wolf Guard Terminator Runolfr

-Member of Pack Gunnar, assigned to the boarding assault on the Messenger of Woe. Brother Runolfr bore a thunder hammer and storm shield.


Wolf Guard Terminator Kjartan

-Member of Pack Vulpen, assigned to the boarding assault on the Messenger of Woe. Brother Kjartan bore an assault cannon and power fist.


Wolf Guard Terminator Eyiarr

-Member of Pack Vulpen, assigned to the boarding assault on the Messenger of Woe. Brother Eyiarr bore a storm bolter and chainfist.


Wolf Guard Terminator Dvergr

-Member of Pack Vulpen, assigned to the boarding assault on the Messenger of Woe. Brother Dvergr bore a power axe and storm bolter.


Wolf Guard Terminator Ulver

-Member of Pack Vulpen, assigned to the boarding assault on the Messenger of Woe. Brother Ulver bore a pair of wolf claws.


Wolf Guard Terminator Alff

-Member of Pack Loki, assigned to the boarding assault on the Messenger of Woe. Brother Alff boare a heavy flamer and power fist.


Wolf Guard Terminator Voggr

-Member of Pack Loki, assigned to the boarding assault on the Messenger of Woe. Brother Voggr bore a chainfist and storm bolter.


Wolf Guard Terminator Hruodolf

-Member of Pack Loki, assigned to the boarding assault on the Messenger of Woe. Brother Hruodolf bore a power axe and storm bolter.


Wolf Guard Terminator Kabbi

-Member of Pack Loki, assigned to the boarding assault on the Messenger of Woe. Brother Kabbi bore a storm bolter and power fist.


Wolf Guard Terminator Silas

-Member of Pack Grendel, assigned to the boarding assault on the Messenger of Woe. Brother Silas bore a heavy flamer and power fist.


Wolf Guard Terminator Rud

-Member of Pack Grendel, assigned to the boarding assault on the Messenger of Woe. Brother Rud bore a storm bolter and power fist.


Wolf Guard Terminator Jari

-Member of Pack Grendel, assigned to the boarding assault on the Messenger of Woe. Brother Jari bore a power axe and storm bolter.


Wolf Guard Terminator Lars

-Member of Pack Aenir, assigned to the boarding assault on the Messenger of Woe. Brother Lars bore an assault cannon and power fist.


Wolf Guard Terminator Sigurder

-Member of Pack Aenir, assigned to the boarding assault on the Messenger of Woe. Brother Sigurder bore a power axe and storm bolter.


Wolf Guard Terminator Meginbjorn

-Member of Pack Aenir, assigned to the boarding assault on the Messenger of Woe. Brother Meginbjorn bore a pair of wolf claws.


Wolf Guard Terminator Petar

-Member of Pack Vanir, assigned to the boarding assault on the Messenger of Woe. Brother Petar bore a storm bolter and power fist.


Wolf Guard Terminator Axeln

-Member of Pack Vanir, assigned to the boarding assault on the Messenger of Woe. Brother Axeln bore a power axe and storm bolter.


Wolf Guard Terminator Leifi

-Member of Pack Vanir, assigned to the boarding assault on the Messenger of Woe. Brother Leifi bore a pair of wolf claws.


Wolf Guard Terminator Unnulfr

-Member of Pack Vanir, assigned to the boarding assault on the Messenger of Woe. Brother Unnulfr bore a storm bolter and power fist.


Wolf Guard Terminator Ranek

-Member of Wolf Guard Pack Beoric Winterfang, bearer of the squad’s heavy flamer.


Wolf Guard Terminator Jurgen Ironjaw

-Member of Wolf Guard Pack Beoric Winterfang.


Wolf Guard Terminator Alrik Doom-Seeker

-Brother Alrik serves as a Void Claw within the Wolf Guard of the Champions of Fenris. Brother Alrik is the epitome of the Void Claws fighting style, throwing himself fearlessly through the void between starships, dragging himself along decks devoid of gravity with his claws and launching bold and daring assaults into the heart of the foe no matter the odds against him.


Wolf Guard Terminator Hagrik Wyrdfang

-Brother Hagrik serves as a Void Claw within the Wolf Guard of the Champions of Fenris. Unusual luck seems to surround Hagrik Wyrdfang, when an avalance of scrap descended on his pack during the battle of Tyrbor XV brother Hagrik somehow managed to emerge from the pile of scrap unscathed. Hagrik has even survived the destruction of a boarding torpedo, leaping free of the wreckage to cut his way into the enemy ship with his claws.


Wolf Guard Terminator Kvarl Hammerfist

-Brother Kvarl serves as a Void Claw within the Wolf Guard of the Champions of Fenris. Brother Kvarl lost both of his hands to a Tyranid Warrior but this has done little to diminish his fury or skill in combat and hardly hinders his use of his favored paired Wolf Claws. At times brother Kvarl forgets the strength of his bionic limbs and is known to leave behind a trail of crushed tankards, shattered weapons and bruised battle-brothers.


Wolf Guard Terminator Leifvar Twice-Slain

-Brother Leifvar serves as a Void Claw within the Wolf Guard of the Champions of Fenris. Brother Leifvar has a tendency to emerge alive from injuries and circumstances that should have seen him very, very dead. The first time was when the chaos lord Krag’kar impaled the unconscious body of Leifvar on the front of his Land Raider. When Leifvar awoke he pulled himself from the trophy spikes, destroyed the tank and killed the chaos lord. The second time he was thought dead was when the ship he was aboard was destroyed and all hands aboard were lost. To the surprise of his battle-brothers Leifvar was found drifting in the void, his ice-encrusted armor preserving his life until he could be recovered.  


Wolf Guard Terminator Bensson Ironjaw

-Brother Bensson serves the Wolf Guard of the Champions of Fenris. Brother Bensson has lost both hands in service to the chapter and now bears a pair of bionic fists. To prevent his iron grip from shattering even more weapon grips and hilts than he already has brother Bensson chooses to wield a chainfist and heavy flamer in battle.


Wolf Guard Runstun Wolfbrother

-It is rare indeed for a member of the Wolf Scouts to receive promotion to the Wolf Guard yet brother Runstun is one such battle-brother. Even more unusually brother Runstun is the sole survivor of Strike Force Iceclaw. Brother Runstun serves the Wolf Guard of the Champions of Fenris.


Wolf Guard Helfdane Fangson

-Member of the Champions of Fenris Wolf Guard brother Helfdane bears a bolt pistol and power fist and wears a Wolf Helm.


Wolf Guard Torvind Morkai

-The youngest of Sven Bloodhowl’s elite Bloodguard, brother Torvind was promoted straight from the ranks of the Blood Claws, an honor only rarely bestowed on a warrior so young.


Wolf Guard Kregga Longtooth

-One of only two battle-brothers remaining of the former Wolf Lord Finn Goresson’s Wolf Guard. Brother Kregga serves as a wise advisor to the hot-headed Wolf Lord Sven Bloodhowl and often takes it upon himself to stand as bodyguard to the reckless Jarl.


Wolf Lord Istun Firestorm

-The second member of Sven Bloodhowl’s Bloodguard who served under Wolf Lord Finn Goresson. Brother Istun was the first to take up the practice of marking his deeds in tattoos upon his flesh and carvings upon his armor and in battle his relentless fury and whirling axe make him a kindred spirit to Jarl Sven.


Wolf Guard Uuntir Wolfskull

-Brother Uuntir is the sternest member of the Bloodguard who has sworn to protect his Jarl with his life. Armed with a Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield brother Uuntir serves as a mighty bulwark for his pack and stands ever ready to guard his Wolf Lord with his life.


Wolf Guard Borgen Fire-eye

-Member of Wolf Lord Egil Iron Wolf’s elite Iron Guard.


Wolf Guard Conran Wulfhide

-Member of Wolf Lord Egil Iron Wolf’s elite Iron Guard.


Wolf Guard Orven Highfell

-Member of Wolf Lord Egil Iron Wolf’s elite Iron Guard.


Wolf Guard Moln Stormbrow

-Member of Wolf Lord Egil Iron Wolf’s elite Iron Guard.


Wolf Guard Olaf Ironhide

-Member of Wolf Lord Egil Iron Wolf’s elite Iron Guard.


Wolf Guard Bjorn Bloodfist

-Member of Wolf Lord Egil Iron Wolf’s elite Iron Guard.


Wolf Guard Jekren Skald

-Brother Jekren serves in the Wolf Guard of Logan Grimnar. Jekren favors the greater mobility of power armor and wields a pair of matched Wolf Claws.


Brother Drekkan Greypelt

-Brother Drekkan serves within the Wolf Guard of Logan Grimnar and favors a Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield and chooses to wear power armor.


Wolf Guard Agmund

-Member of Erik Morkai's Wolf Guard during the Battle for Luetin Hive. Agmund is marked out from his brothers by a long scar that runs from his temple all the way down his neck. During the Battle for Luetin Hive brother Agmund lost both of his legs below the knees to the blade of Archon Vranak before he was kicked from the speeding xenos transport.


Wolf Guard Ivar

-Brother Ivar was a member of Erik Morkai's Wolf Guard during the Battle for Luetin Hive. Ivar was slain by the Dark Eldar Archon Vranak.


Wolf Guard Wulfric

-During the 13th Black Crusade Wulfric led Grey Hunter Pack Morkai in the assault on Wilderness Outpost Delta.


Wolf Guard Thorolf Icewalker

-During the Battle for Luetin Hive brother Thorolf lead a pack of more than thirty Skyclaws. Before his elevation to the Wolf Guard brother Thorolf served as a Long Fang. Despite being knocked from the air by a collision with a Dark Eldar skimmer Thorolf salvaged an Imperial Guard Heavy Bolter and used the weapon to wreak havoc and destruction on the Eldar attackers before finally being confronted by a group of Mandrakes. Though the hunters clearly anticipated an easy kill on a nearly unarmed and heavily wounded enemy they were mistaken, even without light and only armed with his knife the Wolf Guard was a match for the ethereal killers.


Wolf Guard Olfar

-Member of Wolf Guard Pack Bane, 3rd Pack of the Redmaw Great Company during the Betalis III Campaign. Participated in the Battle of the Tormus Delta.


Wolf Guard Harok

-Member of Wolf Guard Pack Bane, 3rd Pack of the Redmaw Great Company during the Betalis III Campaign. Wore a suit of Terminator war-plate during the Battle of the Tormus Delta.


Wolf Guard Haghmund

-Member of Wolf Guard Pack Bane, 3rd Pack of the Redmaw Great Company during the Betalis III Campaign. Wore a suit of Terminator war-plate during the Battle of the Tormus Delta. Significant damage to armor sustained fighting chaos marines of the World Eaters Traitor Legion during the defense of Londal Minor V.


Wolf Guard Alar

-Member of Wolf Guard Pack Bane, 3rd Pack of the Redmaw Great Company during the Betalis III Campaign. Wore a suit of Terminator war-plate during the Battle of the Tormus Delta. Bears the pelt of a Kroxar beast brought down and slain during ritual combat.


Wolf Guard Mardr

-Member of Wolf Guard Pack Bane, 3rd Pack of the Redmaw Great Company during the Betalis III Campaign. Credited with silencing the xenos communications across the Tormus Delta.


Wolf Guard Brynngar Sturmdreng

-Wolf Guard Brynngar was a senior officer of the Legion during the later days of the Great Crusade and the beginning of the Horus Heresy. Brynngar was stationed on the Vangelis way-station awaiting pick up along with a scattered group of marines from other Legions including some of the grizzled Veterans friends from the Ultramarines Legion. Captain Cestus of the Ultramarines was fighting alongside the Space Wolves on Carthis against the Kolobite Xenos. Brynngar had saved Cestus' life during that battle but had lost an eye in the process, though in true Space Wolf fashion, he had the mandible of the creature that took his eye fashioned into the Rune Axe Felltooth.


Wolf Guard Aesgrek

-A member of the 1st Great Company in M32. Bearer of a deadly heavy bolter.


Wolf Guard Rangr

-A member of the 1st Great Company in M32. Auspex operator for the Great Wolf's own Wolf Guard.


Wolf Guard Tromm Rossek

-A member of the 12th Great Company, Rossek wore a suit of venerable Terminator Armor and wielded a storm bolter and deadly chainfist. A red haired giant of a warrior with a dragon tattoo marking the left side of his face. Rossek bears six metal studs hammered into his skull, though they do not denote any particular term of service as they would in other Chapters, the Wolf Guard simply likes having the studs. When the previous Jarl of the 12th fell in battle Rossek was one of the leading candidates to become the new Wolf Lord but was beaten by Vaer Greyloc. During the opening stages of the Battle of the Fang Rossek led a Pack of Grey Hunters in attacking the Thousand Sons landing sites. Rossek refused the initial orders to withdraw back to the Fang and lingered too long in the face of the Thousand Sons advance. When the first squads of Rubric Marines and Sorcerers reached Rossek's pack they were caught in potent sorceries they could not resist and were slaughtered. Of the eleven strong pack only Rossek and Grey Hunter Frar survived. Rossek later took charge of an amalgamated pack of Blood Claws in defending the Fangthane but was slain by the dread might of the traitor Primarch Magnus, though alone among the Space Wolves who stood against the traitor Rossek managed to land a solid blow against his foe.


Wolf Guard Sigrd Brakk

-Member of the 12th Great Company and Wolf Guard Pack Leader to eleven of the Great Company's Blood Claws. Alone of all the 12th Company's Wolf Guard only Brakk chose to wear his usual Power Armor during the Battle of the Fang instead of a suit of Terminator war-plate. Brakk led his pack of Blood Claws in the defense of the Sunrising Gate, in that battle Brakk fell to a squad of Rubric Marines, fighting as a berserker until he was finally overwhelmed and cut down. Wolf Guard Brakk wielded the dread Power Sword Dausvjer, though his body had to be left behind the blade was recovered by the Blood Claw Aesval Helfist. 


Wolf Guard Hamnr Skrieya

-Member of the 12th Great Company stationed in the Chamber of the Watch when the Thousand Sons launched their attack on Fenris in M32. During the Battle of the Fang Skrieya was placed in command of the forces defending Bloodfire Gate, while Wolf Lord Greyloc led the defenders at Sunrising Gate. Later he commanded the Grey Hunters defending the Fangthane alongside Rossek who led the Blood Claws and Rojk leading the Long Fangs. Skrieya fell in battle defending the Fangthane.


Wolf Guard Leofr

-Member of the 12th Great Company. Killed during the Battle of the Fang.


Wolf Guard Kaarlson

-Kaarlson is a legend in the Chapter having reputedly survived being stepped on by a Titan.


Wolf Guard Lars Helltongue

-Personal Herald of the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar.


Wolf Guard Morgrim Silvertongue

-Wolf Guard and Skald of the Thunderfist Great Company.


Wolf Guard Haakon

-Member of Mikal Sternmark's Wolf Guard Terminator Pack during the Charys Campaign. Haakon was armed with a massive cyclone missile launcher mounted to his back and after it ran out of missiles used the targeter built into his left fist to guide his battle-brothers aim.


Wolf Guard Bjorn

-Member of Mikal Sternmark's Wolf Guard Terminator Pack during the Charys Campaign.


Wolf Guard Nils

Member of Mikal Sternmark's Wolf Guard Terminator Pack during the Charys Campaign.


Wolf Guard Karl

Member of Mikal Sternmark's Wolf Guard Terminator Pack during the Charys Campaign.


Wolf Guard Snurri

-Member of Mikal Sternmark's Wolf Guard Terminator Pack during the Charys Campaign.


Wolf Guard Thorin Shieldsplitter

-Former Champion of the Thunderfist Company, the aging Thorin was replaced by the upcoming Mikal but remained a loyal and dependable warrior. During the Charys Campaign it was Thorin who stood over the bier of Wolf Lord Thunderfist with his two handed Power Axe. Prepared to defend the comatose Wolf Lord with his life if need be and should he recognize death as imminent his task was to trigger the melta charges planted within Berek's bier and make sure that the enemy would not get the chance to sully the body of the Space Wolf Lord.


Wolf Guard Red Erik

-Member of Ragnar Blackmane's Bodyguard, killed fighting the Thousand Sons on Hesperida.


Wolf Guard Havard

-Member of Logan Grimnar's Bodyguard.


Wolf Guard Olaf

-Member of Logan Grimnar's Bodyguard.


Wolf Guard Per

-Member of Logan Grimnar's Bodyguard.


Wolf Guard Liet

-Member of Logan Grimnar's Bodyguard.


Wolf Guard Norge

-Participated in the Return to Kalidus.


Wolf Guard Horgrim

-Wolf Guard to Berek Thunderfist.


Wolf Guard Baldr Svelok

-Brother Baldr participated in the mission to Gath Rimmon and was its only survivor.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Hjortur Ageir Hvat Bloodfang

-Member of the Thunderfist Great Company, slain during a hunt. Hjortur was a vaerangi and bore the titles of blood-shedder, beast-slayer and tale-teller. Hjortur was believed slain in battle against the greenskins in the void above Teliox Epis. The truth is much darker however, Hjortur was hunted down and slain by a secret imperial agency likely connected with the Ordo Hereticus known as the Fulcrum.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Gunnlaugur Skullhewer

-Leader of Járnhamar Pack of the Blackmane Great Company. Before his ascension to the Adeptus Astartes Gunnlaugur was a clan chief of the Gaellings. During their time as Grey Hunters together in Járnhamar Pack Gunnlaugur and Gyrfalkon were rivals and competitors, when Hjortur perished leadership of the pack could have fallen to either warrior. Normally a contest of arms would determine leadership when two equally skilled candidates both stood able and ready to advance, however Gyrfalkon chose to join the Deathwatch leaving Gunnlaugur to become pack leader by default. Gunnlaugur bears the Thunder Hammer Skulbrotsjór. Gunnlaugur's preference for Thunder Hammers is one he shares with Arjac Rockfist, more than simply a shared view on combat however the two have become confidants, the older Rockfist serving as counselor and adviser to Gunnlaugur on the rare occasions the two find themselves at the Fang at the same time.


Much do I know, and more can see.

The fetters will burst, and the wolf run free.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Oje Redclaw

-Leader of a Blood Claw Pack of the Blackmane Great Company.


Wolf Guard Brand Rawthroat

-Wolf Guard of Logan Grimnar's Great Company during the 1st War for Armageddon. Brand was one of only a handful of Logan's Wolf Guard to survive the 1st War and the months of conflict against the Inquisition that followed.


Wolf Guard Taurangian the Cutter

-Commanded the sole remaining Strike Cruiser in orbit over the Fang when the Inquisition's armada attempted to bring the Chapter to surrender.


Wolf Guard Ivar Ravensclaw

-Brother Ivar fought in the defense of the Fortress World Hethgard alongside the Storm Wardens in the Jericho Reach.


“May the gates hold against the beast without.

May the stones of the wall be firm beneath my feet.

May my blade drink deep of the foe and never be satisfied.

May I not feel the touch of fear at the death that is my service.

May I stand a warrior, and if I fall, may I fall with my blade in my hand.”

-Words spoken by Wolf Guard Ivar Ravensclaw the first morning of the Tyranid assault on  Hethgard.


Wolf Guard Ralaff

-While deployed fighting back elements of Hive Fleet Behemoth a pack led by the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar became surrounded and cut off from reinforcements. Logan's Wolf Guard fought furiously to protect their lord and one, named Ralaff, leapt on the back of a Trygon and slit its throat with his Frost Blade, the Teeth of the Blizzard. Though Ralaff died from injuries sustained in the battle reinforcements were able to fight their way to the Great Wolf's side thanks to his actions.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Krom

-Leader of a Grey Hunter Pack in Berek Thunderfist's Great Company.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Tarl

-Participated in the Return to Kalidus.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Karlak

-Participated in the Return to Kalidus.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Harrek

-Participated in the Return to Kalidus.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Ranulf

-Leader of a Grey Hunter Pack in the Blackmane Great Company.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Tor

-Leader of a Grey Hunter Pack in the Blackmane Great Company.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Uller

-Leader of a Grey Hunter Pack in the Blackmane Great Company.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Joris

-Pack Leader Joris replaced Hakon as the commander of Ragnar Blackmane's Blood Claw Pack during the Campaign for Garm.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Gunnar

-Leader of a Wolf Guard Pack of the Ironfang Great Company who participated in the assault on the Space Hulk the Messenger of Woe.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Vulpen

-Leader of a Wolf Guard Pack of the Ironfang Great Company who participated in the assault on the Space Hulk the Messenger of Woe.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Grendel

-Leader of a Wolf Guard Pack of the Ironfang Great Company who participated in the assault on the Space Hulk the Messenger of Woe.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Loki

-Leader of a Wolf Guard Pack of the Ironfang Great Company who participated in the assault on the Space Hulk the Messenger of Woe.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Hakon

-Senior officer entrusted with training and leading new packs of Blood Claws. Critically wounded on Garm, the venerable wolf lived but was badly injured and would never fight again.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Hengist

-Leader of Ragnar's Blood Claw Pack during their first deployments on Fenris, Hengist was killed by the Thousand Sons fighting in a rearguard action to give Ragnar and his companions time to reach the surface with a warning for the Chapter.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Urlek

-Leader of a Blood Claw Pack dispatched into the rugged wilds of Asaheim to investigate a potential meteor impact. Instead of a routine piece of rock the pack discovered an infiltration force of the Thousand Sons and were overwhelmed. The fate of Urlek's pack was discovered later by Wolf Guard Hengist's Pack and the news of the Thousand Sons presence cost many of his pack's lives as well as that of Hengist himself.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Hogun

-Pack Leader of Ragnar's Blackmane Great Company, Hogun lost himself to the Wulfen and killed several members of his pack. Rather than killing him Ragnar got him under control and returned him to the Company to serve as a warrior Marked by the Wulfen and placed him in the care of Wolf Priest Sigurd.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Einar

-Leader of Sven's Grey Hunter Pack in the Thunderfist Great Company. Lost an arm to an Eviscerator and entered the Red Dream during the Battle for Charys. He appears to have survived his injuries and continues to lead packs of Space Wolves in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Anders

-Pack Leader in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Thorvald

-Leader of a Grey Hunter Pack of the Thunderfist Great Company.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Leif

-Leader of a Grey Hunter Pack of the Blackmane Great Company.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Petur

-Leader of a Wolf Scout Pack of the Blackmane Great Company.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Urlec

-Pack Leader of the Blackmane Great Company. Promoted to command after the death of Pack Leader Vitulv, the young Urlec questioned Ragnar's decisions as Wolf Lord in private quite often until he saw the true prowess of the Wolf Lord in close combat with a fell Sorcerer of the Thousand Sons.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Vitulv

-Former Leader of Urlec's Pack of the Blackmane Great Company.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Skaflock Sightblinder

-Leader of a Wolf Scout Pack during the Cambion Campaign.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Magnus

-Leader of a Grey Hunter Pack in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Holger

-Leader of a Grey Hunter Pack in Logan Grimnar's Great Company.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Ragnild

-Leader of a Grey Hunter Pack in Egil Ironwolf's Great Company.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Stiggar

-Leader of a Long Fang Pack in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Thorlief

-Leader of a Wolf Guard Pack during the Horus Heresy.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Skirnir

-Leader of a Wolf Guard Pack during the Horus Heresy.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Mjollnir

-Leader of a Wolf Guard Pack during the Horus Heresy.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Varig

-Pack Leader of Berek Thunderfist's Great Company. Varig's Squad participated in a boarding action against a Chaos warship during the Garm Campaign during which Varig led his squad in attacking a sizable horde of chaos mutants from two directions and keeping them pinned within a large corridor, Varig's men then used demolition charges to collapse both ends of the tunnel and trap the mutants inside.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Hef

-Pack Leader of Berek Thunderfist's Great Company. Hef's Squad participated in a boarding action against a Chaos warship during the Garm Campaign. Hef's Squad came under heavy assault and would have been overrun, but the crafty Wolves escaped through ventilation ducts and left proximity mines to kill their attackers when they eventually got the courage to investigate the abandoned position. Hef's Squad acted as the rearguard for the wolves fighting withdrawal to the Fist of Russ but could not stay ahead of the mutants attempting to run down the Space Wolves, Hef's squad turned and made a stand, sacrificing themselves to allow the rest of the Great Company to escape the doomed chaos warship.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Ferek

-Pack Leader of Berek Thunderfist's Great Company who participated in a boarding action against a Chaos warship during the Garm Campaign. Ferek's Squad nearly managed to fight their way into one of the chaos ship's magazines but were at last repelled by heavy weapons fire. This was somewhat fortunate for if Ferek and his squad had succeeded they might well have blown the entire ship apart and the Thunderfist Great Company with it.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Frostclaw

-Leader of Long Fang Pack Frostclaw, bears the Redmaw marking of his Great Company on the external vocaliser of his Mk. VII Aquila pattern helmet.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Anvindr Godrichsson

-Leader of a Grey Hunter Pack of the fourth Great Company.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Jorri Iceblade

-Leader of the Stormbringers Skyclaw Pack of the FIrehowlers Great Company, brother Jorri bears a mighty Frost Axe.


Wolf Guard Pack Leader Asgar Rockshard

-Leader of the Firestones Skyclaw Pack of the Firehowlers Great Company, brother Asgar bears a storm bolter and Thunder Hammer, making him a potent force to reckon with at any range.


Thunderwolf Rider Afgar Ironmane

-Afgar rides the Thunderwolf Skoll. Skoll drowned when it and Afgar fell through the ice while crossing a frozen lake. Afgar was dragged to safety by his battle-brothers but Skoll was far too heavy and sunk to the frigid depths. Afgar succumbed to his many and severe wounds after he and Skeln had cleansed the plague zombie infested Bastion.


Thunderwolf Rider Hagnin

-Hagnin rode the Thunderwolf Warg, but he fell to the curse of the Wulfen and presumably killed his own mount as well as his Brother Barak and his mount. The Thunderwolf Pack of Skeln Icefang chased him across the frozen surface of Skorbad until he led them to a last member of the Scions of Pestilence possessed by a Greater Daemon who had somehow avoided the hunters previously. Hagnin survived and continued to be hunted by Skeln until the pack leader gave in to the Wulfen and the two formed their own pack in the ice wastes of Skorbad.


Thunderwolf Rider Skeln Icefang

-Formerly a Thunderwolf Rider dispatched to Skorbad, Skeln rode the Thunderwolf Fenrir and led the Thunderwolf Pack deployed to Skorbad to fight against the Death Guard Traitor Legion renegades the Scions of Pestilence. For three weeks the pack hunted the Scions and killed them one by one, leaving just a mass of leaderless plague zombies for the Imperial Guard to mop up. Skeln wields a rune etched Power Axe. Fenrir was killed during an attack on a plague zombie infested Cadian Bastion. An autocannon tore the Thunderwolf apart just as the Wolves reached the gates. The last of the pack to survive Skeln continued to hunt the rogue Hagnin but rather than slaying his former pack-mate he succumbed to the Curse of the Wulfen himself and the two formed their own pack, deep in the ice wastes of Skorbad.


Thunderwolf Rider Thorgard

-Thorgard rides the Thunderwolf Magni. Magni was killed by a daemon possessed traitor marine of the Scions of Pestilence. Thorgard himself fell trying to slay Hagnin who had become overcome by the Curse of the Wulfen. The stealthy and jovial Thorgard wielded a pair of Wolf Claws.


Thunderwolf Rider Barak Thunderborn

-Barak rode the Thunderwolf Garrik, both were killed during the Skorbad Campaign.


Watch-pack Pack Leader Helik Redknife

-Dispatched to the Blood Angels fleet to keep watch on the Primarch Sanguinius for signs of treachery or deviancy following the Council of Nikaea. Captain Redknife and his command linked up with the Blood Angels just before the Signus campaign. Redknife and his command were slain on Signus Prime by the berserker warriors of Captain Amit of the Blood Angels and his 5th Company.


Watch-pack Pack Leader Faffnr Bludbroder

-Watch-pack master assigned to observe Roboute Guilliman, hailing from Sesc Company.


Watch-pack Pack Leader Torbjorn of Fror

-Formerly the Wolf Guard Champion of Fror brother Torbjorn was assigned to lead a Watch-pack to the Alpha Legion and stand as wardens or executioners over Alpharius; however as soon as the pack joined up with the Alpha Legion fleet the Space Wolves were betrayed. Though Torbjorn struck down the warrior he believed was Alpharius the agent was a stand-in for the real Primarch and the pack was hunted down and slain.


Watch-pack Brother Egil

-Formerly a Wolf Guard of Fror, Brother Egil served with the Watch-pack of Torbjorn and was slain in the Golan system by the Alpha Legion traitors.


Watch-pack Brother Grimnir

-Formerly a Wolf Guard of Fror, Brother Grimnir served with the Watch-pack of Torbjorn and was slain in the Golan system by the Alpha Legion traitors.


Watch-pack Brother Hengist

-Formerly a Wolf Guard of Fror, Brother Hengist served with the Watch-pack of Torbjorn and was slain in the Golan system by the Alpha Legion traitors.


Watch-pack Brother Salagrim

-Formerly a Wolf Guard of Fror, Brother Salagrim served with the Watch-pack of Torbjorn and was slain in the Golan system by the Alpha Legion traitors.


Watch-pack Brother Engal

-Formerly a Wolf Guard of Fror, Brother Engal served with the Watch-pack of Torbjorn and was slain in the Golan system by the Alpha Legion traitors.


Watch-pack Brother Gunir

-Formerly a Wolf Guard of Fror, Brother Gunir served with the Watch-pack of Torbjorn and was slain in the Golan system by the Alpha Legion traitors.


Watch-pack Brother Holdar

-Formerly a Wolf Guard of Fror, Brother Holdar served with the Watch-pack of Torbjorn and was slain in the Golan system by the Alpha Legion traitors.


Watch-pack Brother Malmur Longreach

-Member of the Watch-pack of Faffnr Bludbroder.


Watch-pack Brother Shockeye Ffyn

-Member of the Watch-pack of Faffnr Bludbroder. Brother Ffyn was killed fighting Konrad Kurze in the Residency of Macragge.


Watch-pack Brother Kuro Jjordrovk

-Member of the Watch-pack of Faffnr Bludbroder.


Watch-pack Brother Gudson Allfreyer

-Member of the Watch-pack of Faffnr Bludbroder.


Watch-pack Brother Mads Loreson

-Member of the Watch-pack of Faffnr Bludbroder.


Watch-pack Brother Salick the Braided

-Member of the Watch-pack of Faffnr Bludbroder.


Watch-pack Brother Biter Herek

-Member of the Watch-pack of Faffnr Bludbroder.


Watch-pack Brother Nido Knifeson

-Member of the Watch-pack of Faffnr Bludbroder.


Watch-pack Brother Bo Soren the Axe

-Member of the Watch-pack of Faffnr Bludbroder.


Watch-pack Brother Valdin

-Member of Captain Redknife's command during the Signus campaign. Slain by Captain Amit and the warriors of his 5th Company.


Wolfblade Haegr

-Haegr's legendary size was matched only by his legendary apetite. Friend and comrade to Ragnar Blackmane and fellow member of the Wolfblade bodyguard assigned to the Navigator House Bellisarius, Haegr was a Space Wolf of immense size whose bulk was the result of an abberant mutation in his development where he simply didn't stop growing. Although many saw Haegr as a strange simpleton, Haegr was nevertheless relentless, loyal and fiercely potent in combat, after all stoping an angry Space Wolf is hard enough but stopping one with the size and weight of Haegr was nigh on impossible. Haegr met his end during the Charys campaign, but in doing so saved the Chapter with his sacrifice, using his last moments of life to wrest the Spear of Russ from the grasp of the Thousand Sons and thwarting their attempt to destroy the Space Wolves.


Wolfblade Torin the Wayfarer

-The second companion and friend of Ragnar Blackmane in the Wolfblade, Torin was a cunning if eccentric Space Wolf, who had the rare talent of understanding foreign cultures and politics. His service with the Wolfblade was exemplary but like many sent to the Wolfblade he was not well suited to life with the rest of the Chapter.


Wolfblade Valkoth

-A senior member of the Wolfblade and superior to Ragnar, Haegr and Torin, Valkoth is well versed in Navigator House politics and just how dangerous they can be.


Wolfblade Skander

-Previous bearer of the Frost Blade now wielded by Ragnar, Skander was killed in the assassination of the Patriarch of the Navigator House Bellisarius. Ragnar replaced him in the ranks of the Wolfblade and after losing his chainsword while fighting to save the new ruler of the Navigator House he was gifted the blade as a replacement and reward.


Wolfblade Magni

-A young and impetuous youth recently assigned to the Wolfblade, Magni fought with distinction but was killed during the Battle for Hyades.


Myskia, Fenris Hunter

-Hero of the Space Wolves during the Horus Heresy.



-Baresark of Tra Company and Bearer of Serpentfang. Brother Aevalryff was slain in a duel with Captain Khârn of the World Eaters Eighth Company in an event known as the Night of the Wolf.


Hengyr Whitemane

-Hero of the Chapter.


“The Space Wolves revere the Emperor as the greatest warrior of all time, the only being ever to have bested Leman Russ in hand-to-hand combat. When Space Wolves call upon Russ or the Emperor in battle, it is to witness the deeds of men and to judge the fallen.”

-Hengyr Whitemane, Meditations upon the Fang.


Ulfric Hoodclaw

-Veteran warrior of the Chapter.


Hrothgar the Beastslayer

-Mighty hero of the Chapter.


Jaegar Brittletooth

-Mighty hero of the Chapter.


Throth Half-Heard

-Legendary hero of the chapter who earned renown by slaying Ur-Bolg the father of giants.


Lukan Thunderhand

-Veteran Land Speeder pilot of the Chapter.


Vorek Gnarlfist

-Hero of the Iron Wolves Great Company.


Skold Greypelt

-Leader of the pack who remained on Shadrac to bleed the Tyranid invaders as long as possible.



-Member of Skold Greypelt's pack.



-Member of Skold Greypelt's pack.



-Member of Skold Greypelt's pack. Trygvas was injured fighting a Carnifex, though his wounds were not fatal he chose to remain behind and lure the Tyranids into a trap. As the rest of the pack escaped the doomed Ice World of Shadrac the lone figure of Trygvas stood atop his own barrow, drawing the Tyranid swarm in before detonating a massive explosive and destroying the entire swarm.



-Packmate of Wolf Priest Jathrac Leatherhand.

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"Are we going to scrap about it now. Argue which Legion is the toughest?"
"The answer always is, the Wolves of Fenris," Torgadon put in. "Because they're clinically insane."
-1st Captain Sigismund of the Imperial Fists and Captain of the Luna Wolves 2nd Company.

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Dreadnought Murderfang, the Curseborn

-Found wandering alone on the hell world of Omnicide this armored killer resembles the honored Ancients of the Space Wolves chapter but possesses none of their wisdom or nobility. Dubbed Murderfang by the wolves this killer must once have had a name and deeds recounted in the sagas of the chapter but that identity has long been lost, subsumed by the madness and killing rage that now consumes the once noble Son of Russ entombed within the Dreadnought’s sarcophagus. Told of in the Curseborn Prophecy this warrior has been lost to the Curse of the Wulfen and is now kept in a state of permanent frozen stasis by ancient helfrost technology, thawed and unleashed in only the direst of circumstances. At battle’s end Murderclaw is frozen once more and taken back to the vaults beneath the Fang to sleep once more. Murderfang is armed with a pair of relic Wolf Claws known as the Murderclaws. These claws were forged from a mysterious alien ice that never melts.


Dreadnought Vegel Shard

-Brother Vegel bears the rare and double-edged honor of serving as a chapter Ancient entombed in the sarcophagus of a mighty Dreadnought. Brother Vegel prefers his armored chassis to be fitted with a fearsome Helfrost Cannon and a Great Wolf Claw with an in-built Heavy Flamer.


Dreadnought Karulf the Wizened

-Brother Karulf fought alongside the warriors of the Blackmane Great Company and Wolf Lord Ragnar Blackmane himself on the upper slopes of Sacred Mountain during the Battle of Alaric Prime.


Dreadnought Skarrag

-Ancient Skarrag Served with the Redmaw Great Company during the Battle of the Tormus Delta where he fell against the Eldar.


Dreadnought Warclaw

-Mk. IV Dreadnought serving with the Redmaw Great Company during the Betalis III Campaign.


The Ancient Wisdom to guide the Young.


Dreadnought Aldr Forkblade

-One of the many ancients woken by the Iron Priest Arfang during the 1st Battle of the Fang.


Dreadnought Hrothgar

-One of the many ancients woken by the Iron Priest Arfang during the 1st Battle of the Fang. When Bjorn, Greyloc and Sturmjart broke out from the defense of Borek's Seal to confront Magnus the defenses were left under the command of Hrothgar. The Venerable Dreadnought led the defenders in a controlled retreat in the face of the Thousand Sons sorceries.


Dreadnought Ymir

-Dreadnought in service during the Horus Heresy.


Dreadnought Aesir

-Dreadnought in service during the Horus Heresy.


Dreadnought Patrekr the Great Fanged

-Assisted in the destruction of a mighty daemon conjured during the Scouring of Prospero.


Dreadnought Cormek Dod

-Assisted in the destruction of a mighty daemon conjured during the Scouring of Prospero.


Dreadnought Alrik

-One of the Chapter's mighty and revered Dreadnoughts.


Dreadnought Thorir

-One of the Chapter's Ancients currently fighting alongside Kyrl Grimblood's Great Company.


Dreadnought Gymir the Ice Fisted

-One of the Chapter's Ancients who participated in the Battle for Hyades with the Thunderfist Great Company.


Venerable Dreadnought Grendel

-One of the Chapter's most ancient Dreadnoughts who participated in the Battle of Granica.


Venerable Dreadnought Skvald Warbringer

-The only battle-brother to survive the destruction of the Hel’s Fury, brother Skvald’s body was dragged from under the wrecked Land Raider still stubbornly clinging on to the thinnest thread of life. The chapter Wolf Priests interred him within a Dreadnought Sarcophagus so he could continue to serve the chapter. Skvald chooses to fight with a Helfrost Cannon and Great Wolf Claw.


Venerable Dreadnought Svard Bloodfang

-Always considered reckless beyond the point of reason brother Svard has nevertheless managed to carve out a bloody legend amongst the warriors of the Champions of Fenris. One of his most legendary feats was during the Battle for Gnosis Secndus where he achieved the mighty feat of slaying an Eldar Wraithknight.


Venerable Dreadnought Horthgar Frostskull

-Relentless to the point of obsession brother Horthgar spent centuries hunting down the Daemon Prince who laid him low as a mortal, eventually bringing Gorehide to battle and carving his bloody vengeance from the traitor’s hide.


Venerable Dreadnought Helgan Umberclaw

-As is common for those who have slept away centuries in the life-support casket of a Dreadnought Sarcophagi the memories and personality of brother Helgan Umberclaw have slowly faded away to virtually nothing. Only his duty and battle fury remain, all else subsumed over the aeons of waiting beneath the Fang between battles.


Pack Leader Sagen Dragonbrow

-A renowned hero of the Chapter.


Pack Leader Bran

-Leader of a Grey Hunter Pack who participated in the Battle of Granica.


Pack Leader Guntor

-Pack Leader of the Fenris Bloods during the Horus Heresy.


Pack Leader Kolbyr

-Pack Leader of a Hunter Support Squad during the Horus Heresy.


Pack Leader Sigfasti

-Pack Leader of a Seeker Squad during the Horus Heresy.


Pack Leader Thorbrand

-Pack Leader of a Hunter Squad during the Horus Heresy.


Pack Leader Ragvard

-Pack Leader of a Sky Claw Assault Squad during the Horus Heresy.


Pack Leader Horgun

-Leader of a Blood Claw Pack during the Horus Heresy.


Pack Leader Jorlund

-Pack Leader of a Hunter Support Squad during the Horus Heresy.


Pack Leader Garan

-Leader of a Blood Claw Pack during the Horus Heresy.


Pack Leader Jortan

-Leader of a Stalker Pack during the Horus Heresy.


Pack Leader Davyn

-Leader of a Fire Team during the Horus Heresy.


Pack Leader Ansuarr

-Leader of a Blood Claw Pack during the Horus Heresy.


Pack Leader Leiknir

-Leader of a Wulfen Pack during the Horus Heresy.


Pack Leader Tammikk

-Leader of a Wulfen Pack during the Horus Heresy.


Pack Leader Ornulfer

-Pack Leader of a Hunter Squad during the Horus Heresy.


Pack Leader Aldrim

-Pack Leader of a Hunter Squad during the Horus Heresy.


Pack Leader Leiknir

-Leader of a Wulfen Pack during the Horus Heresy.


Pack Leader Lukkan

-Leader of a Blood Claw Pack.


Pack leader Thorolf

-Pack Leader of Jotun Bearclaw's Great Company.


Pack Leader Ruschil

-Leader of Pack Ruschil, 2nd Pack of the Redmaw Great Company during the Betalis III Campaign. Honored for leading his squad into overwhelming enemy fire and credited with 47 confirmed Eldar Guardian kills.


Pack Leader Thrordric

-Brother THrordric led his pack-mates on the front lines during the Battle of Moreal’s Great Flat.


Veteran Sergeant Kjvar

-Member of the Redmaw Great Company and a veteran of the Antilus Campaign.


Deathwatch Forge Master Harl Greyweaver

-Hailing from the Space Wolves Harl Greyweaver serves as the current Forge Master of Erioch. The old and conservative Iron Priest is much maligned by Forge Master Mac Zi Ven, the younger Forge Master viewing Greyweaver as stuck in his ways and unable to adapt his workings to better fight the xenos. Even so Greyweaver is a respected and senior member of the Jericho Reach Deathwatch and a stout supporter of the young Champion Attalus Fellhand.


Deathwatch Champion Attalus Fellhand

-Brother Attalus is a recent arrival at the Watch Fortress from the Space Wolves Great Company currently serving in the Orpheus Salient. Ostensibly Brother Attalus was seconded to the Deathwatch to learn combat techniques useful against the Tyranids and train them to his comrades upon his return to the Space Wolves though in truth Attalus makes a poor student and an even worse teacher. Attalus has quickly earned a reputation for disorderly conduct and impulsiveness and covers his nervousness and fear of failure with brash antagonism, duels and challenges. His attitude has strained the patience of the Chamber of Vigilance on more than one occasion. Even so Forge Master Harl Greyweaver is a steadfast supporter of the “young-pup” as he calls Attauls and insists that he will learn and grow given time. Watch Commander Mordigael has enacted an uneasy solution for dealing with the troublesome Attalus by assigning him to any mission with even the faintest trace of Tyranid involvement in the hopes that the Champion will pick up the necessary tactics and methods in the field that he has thus far failed to properly learn in the halls of the Watch Fortress.


Deathwatch Veteran Frey

-Brother Frey dishonored an officer of the Dark Anels during the recent battles on Vanity in the Jericho Reach. Frey was seconded to the Deathwatch shortly thereafter and his presence is no small source of irritation for members of the Unforgiven Chapters serving with the Deathwatch of Watch Fortress Erioch.


Deathwatch Veteran Henghast

-Henghast wields a Power Sword and served in the Deathwatch Team of Captain Bannon during the Tarsis Ultra mission.


Deathwatch Veteran Orjen

-Deathwatch Veteran serving Inquisitor Grynner's Deathwatch Team during the Calixis Operation.


Deathwatch Veteran Kulac

-Deathwatch Veteran serving Captain Octavius during the Herodian IV "Tyranocide" mission.


Deathwatch Veteran Fenrik Red-Eye

-Brother Fenrik served with the Deathwatch to guard against the many xenos threats to the Imperium.


Deathwatch Veteran Faynor

-Brother Faynor was slain during the mission to the Damnatio Magellus by Subject #696.


Deathwatch Veteran Skorsa

-Brother Skorsa commanded the Dark Hunter-Class Destroyer Darkest Before Dawn during his watch duty to the Watch Stations Hestus, Kabiri, Cosel and Cressid in 198.M41. Brother Skorsa spent half a decade journeying to the four watch stations collecting data and ensuring their continued function.


Deathwatch Veteran Haarksen

-Brother Haarksen held the honor of being a Skald of the Chapter and was seconded to the Deathwatch.


Deathwatch Veteran Ingvar Orm Everrson Gyrfalkon

-Assigned to the Deathwatch from the Thunderfist Great Company Ingvar served the Ordo Xenos for fifty seven years. His return to Fenris was a long and convoluted journey, departing from U-6743 aboard the Inquisitorial line cruiser Obsession for Integrity he traveled through the warp from Orelia to Nishagar where he completed his last rite of decommissioning and gave up all but an Onyx skull-pendant and his stalker pattern bolter. From there he took transport aboard an unremarkable Imperial Navy frigate until he was able to transfer aboard a fenresian vessel at Kattyak. The Yvekk, a rather clunky but serviceable system-runner. The Yvekk took him the rest of the way to Fenris, the first time he had returned to his homeworld in more than half a century. Ingvar bears the ancient power sword Dausvjer, a weapon that served in the First Battle of the Fang some eight thousand years before. Upon his return to Járnhamar Pack Brother Baldr returned the sálskjoldur Ingvar had given him on the night before he left the Fang for his service to the Deathwatch.


Knight Errant Varskjøld

-Like a number of legionaries during the galaxy burning war for the Horus Heresy Brother Varskjøld renounced all oaths to his Legion and Primarch to join Malcador the Sigilite’s band of errant knights led by Captain Nathaniel Garro, formerly of the Death Guard. Brother Varskjøld did not reach Terra however, perishing on the forested moon of Algonquis.


Wolf Scout Pack Leader Ragnavalld

-Leader of a Wolf Scout pack of Erik Morkai's Great Company during the Battle for Luetin Hive.


Wolf Scout Haakon Gylfasson Blackwing

-Slight of build but as deadly as any Son of Russ. Haakon prefers to pilot the Nauro, a small but extremely fast and agile warship of indeterminable classification favored by the scouts. Like many Wolf Scouts Haakon does not share in the easy camaraderie shared by most Space Wolves and much prefers the empty hours and quiet of deep space patrol missions. When he finally took off aboard the Nauro on a system patrol days after the Space Wolves fleet departed he had the misfortune of flying directly into the chaotic space battle that erupted in the void above Fenris within minutes of the Thousand Sons arrival. During the fighting the Nauro received orders to bring word to the Great Wolf and though severely damaged managed to break the blockade and make the trip to the Gangava system four days faster than estimated, bringing word to Harek Ironhelm of the Thousand Sons invasion at the cost of the priceless vessel and most of its crew. Though he suffered severe injuries with the destruction of the ship Wolf Scout Haakon survived and was recovered by Wolf Lord Kjarlskar and his ship the Gotthammar.


Wolf Scout Olaf Skystalker

-It is a rare individual indeed who would turn down a promotion to the Wolf Guard, rarer still one who would turn down an offer to join the Wolf Guard of Logan Grimnar, yet that is exactly what brother Olaf Skystalker has done. Brother Olaf chooses to serve the Great Wolf in his own, more subtle way.


Wolf Scout Gunnar Dragonbane

-A monstrous member of Skaflock Sightblinder's veteran Wolf Scout pack during the Cambion Campaign.


Wolf Scout Hoskuld

-Wolf Scout assigned to assist Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Wolf Scout Hogun

-Member of Skaflock Sightblinder's Wolf Scout pack during the Cambion Campaign.


Wolf Scout Varg

-Member of a Wolf Scout Pack in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Wolf Scout Asbjorn

-Member of a Wolf Scout Pack in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Wolf Scout Inge

-Member of a Wolf Scout Pack in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Wolf Scout Johannas

-Member of a Wolf Scout Pack in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Wolf Scout Torvald

-Member of a Wolf Scout Pack in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Wolf Scout Helmar


Long Fang Ancient Torgrim Rojk

-Assigned to provide heavy-support to Wolf Guard Rossek's pack during the opening skirmishes of the Battle of the Fang in M32. Dependable and level-headed the veteran Long Fang Pack Leader pulled the Wolf Guard Rossek from a near certain death in the opening ground battles of the Thousand Sons invasion and later fought to defend the Fangthane alongside Wolf Priest Wyrmblade. Rojk chose to paint a skull on the faceplate of his helmet, giving him an appearance akin to that of a Wolf Priest.


Long Fang Ancient Old Brother Hrolf

-Senior Pack Leader of Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Long Fang Ancient Thorbjorn

-Leader of a Long Fang Pack of the Thunderfist Great Company.


Long Fang Ancient Gunnar

-Leader of a Long Fang Pack in the Thunderfist Great Company.


Long Fang Ancient Ansgar

-Leader of a Long Fang Pack during the Horus Heresy.


Long Fang Ancient Freyr

-Leader of a Long Fang Pack during the Horus Heresy.


Long Fang Ancient Eldgrim

-Leader of a Long Fang Pack during the Horus Heresy.


Long Fang Ancient Olfun

-Leader of a Long Fang Pack during the Horus Heresy.


Long Fang Ancient Greyfell

-Leader of a Long Fang Pack during the Horus Heresy.


Long Fang Ancient Hrothgar

-Pack Leader of a Long Fang Pack in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Long Fang Argnun

-Member of Pack Frostclaw, 9th Pack of the Redmaw Great Company. Assigned as part of the Boarding Assault Forces Redmaw's Claw.


Long Fang Harnvgr

-Member of Pack Frostclaw, 9th Pack of the Redmaw Great Company. Displayed great courage in defending the fallen Pack Leader Frostclaw during the boarding of an Eldar Aconite frigate.


Long Fang Scarpelt

-Member of Pack Frostclaw, 9th Pack of the Redmaw Great Company. Participated in the Battle of the Karina Nebula.


Long Fang Skyhowler

-Member of Pack Frostclaw, 9th Pack of the Redmaw Great Company. Honored to bear the Claws of Andhrimnir.


Long Fang Amon

-Member of Pack Frostclaw, 9th Pack of the Redmaw Great Company. Slew an Eldar psyker during the Battle of the Tormus Delta.


Long Fang Sven

-Member of Stiggar's Long Fang Pack in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Long Fang Gunda

-Member of Stiggar's Long Fang Pack in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Long Fang Berg

-Member of Stiggar's Long Fang Pack in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Long Fang Tord

-Member of Stiggar's Long Fang Pack in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Long Fang Daegalan

-A Long Fang serving during the Age of Apostasy.


Long Fang Thorin

-Member of Gunnar's Long Fang Pack in the Thunderfist Great Company.


Long Fang Mikkal

-Member of Gunnar's Long Fang Pack in the Thunderfist Great Company.


Long Fang Ivo

-Member of Gunnar's Long Fang Pack in the Thunderfist Great Company.


Long Fang Jan

-Member of Gunnar's Long Fang Pack in the Thunderfist Great Company.


Long Fang Hrolf

-Long Fang in of the Blackmane Great Company.


Long Fang Hrothgar

-Member of the Iron Wolf Great Company and pack-mate of brother Bjorn.


Long Fang Bjorn

-Member of the Iron Wolf Great Company and pack-mate of brother Hrothgar.


Grey Hunter Pack Leader Aesor Dragon’s Head

-Leader of Grey Hunter Pack Aesor of the Blackmane Great Company during the Battle of Alaric Prime and second-in-command of strike force Stormfall. Brother Aesor bears a Kraken fang Frost Blade, its serrated edge capable of cleaving a foe in twain with a single blow. Recruited from a tribe native to the Shark’s Reach fjords brother Aesor was a prideful and honor-bound warrior who took insults very seriously. Before his Blooding a fellow aspirant insulted Aesor and lost an ear as a consequence. However brother Aesor felt ashamed for his actions and tore off his own left ear to repay the debt and has since refused to have it treated or repaired, a constant reminder of his failure and the payment of his honor debt. Most times Aesor keeps his ruined ear hidden, to hide the reminder of his pride from his battle-brothers and encourage honesty in their remarks to him. Before his death his ear was the only scar brother Aesor visibly bore, the knotted crisscrossing marks common to the faces of his battle-brothers absent from the young pack leader’s own noble features. Unfortunately for young Aesor his pride would be his undoing. During the second clash with the ork Mek leading the greenskins on the upper slopes of Sacred Mountain brother Aesor tried to engage the mek in single combat. Despite his skill and fury Aesor could not overcome the dread creature and was knocked senseless. Aesor would have died then and there had not Rune Priest Ulli Iceclaw intervened, distracting the Mek and dragging the unconscious body of Aesor to safety. Yet rather than thank his battle-brother for the rescue Aesor raged at him, furious that he had been denied his glorious death in battle. Before the pack could stop him Aesor stormed off into the heart of the datacore at the summit of Sacred Mountain. When Ulli and Tanngjost followed Aesor inside, they found the fallen form of the Knight Titan Dominus Vult, its noble pilot twisted and dead and the Titan awash in corruption. Worse, the knight had spread its corruption out across the chamber and into the datacore of the mountain. Footprints in the spreading corruption suggested Aesor had passed through and continued deeper into the mountain. Ulli followed and soon discovered the pack leader had succumbed to the daemonic scrap-code and been tainted himself. Aesor attacked and grievously wounded brother Ulli before fighting his way out of the mountain. When Ragnar Blackmane and his reinforcements arrived and drew the orks away from the datacore entrance Aesor struck out and challenged the ork Mek to a continuation of their duel. Brother Ulli knew that neither could be allowed to survive the clash or they would bring untold doom and misery on all around them. Returning to the datacore Ulli linked his mind with the daemon possessed code and bent it to his will, locking the daemon in his mind and then casting it into the mechanisms of the ork Mek. Within seconds the Mek exploded in a massive fireball, taking itself and Pack Leader Aesor with it. All that survived of Brother Aesor was the shattered hilt of his Frost Blade, its emerald pommel cracked and marred by spreading corruption. Yet Ulli kept Aesor’s taint a secret, allowing the Pack Leader’s death to be recounted as a glorious sacrifice while battling a worthy foe, a saga that would endure through the ages as an example of the very epitome of Fenrisian bravery and heroism. Only Ulli, and perhaps the keen-eyed Ulrik the Slayer, would ever know the truth.


Grey Hunter Pack Leader Steinn Fellblade

-Lean and sharp-faced Brother Steinn carried a massive broardsword with a jagged blade engraved with a wolf’s head icon. Steinn and his pack were one of three packs of Grey Hunters assigned to reinforce Járnhamar pack on Ras Shakeh. Brother Steinn was slain during the boarding of the Festerax.


Grey Hunter Pack Leader Hauki Long-axe

-Named for the great twin-headed axe he habitually carries strapped at his waist Hauki Long-axe led his pack to Ras Shakeh along with two others, tasked with reinforcing Járnhamar pack. Brother Hauki was slain during the boarding of the Festerax.


Grey Hunter Pack Leader Kjarl Bloodhame

-Brother Kjarl Bloodhame earned his deed-name for the hardened blood-red wolf pelt he wore across his back, under which he carried the blackened flamer he favored in combat. Kjarl and his pack were tasked with reinforcing Járnhamar pack on Ras Shakeh. Brother Kjarl was slain during the boarding of the Festerax.


Grey Hunter Pack Leader Loer

-Brother Loer served alongside Iron Priest Olvar Ragnvald.


Grey Hunter Pack Leader Hengist Ironaxe

-Hengist Ironaxe leads one of Krom Dragongaze’s most accompolished packs of Grey Hunters and was chosen to join the Fierce-eye’s Finest for the drop assault on Alaric Prime.


Grey Hunter Rokyr

-Member of the Deathwolf Great Company.


Grey Hunter Finnvid

-Brother Finnvid fought on the front lines during the Battle of Moreal’s Great Flat and witnessed the duel between the Bloodthirster and Bjorn the Fell-Handed. As Skjald of his pack the others asked Finnvid to recount the tale but in its telling their mirth and the rush of victory dimmed. Bjorn is truly ancient and his memory faded, though glorious the duel saw Bjorn forget the name of one of his slain pack-mates, a lapse that threw him into a towering rage and saw him muttering to himself for hours afterwards, even as he was escorted back into orbit. The thought of sleeping away the ages crusted in ice in the deep, frozen vaults of the Fang muttering ancient memories that slip further away with the turning of each year left the pack cold and pensive.


Grey Hunter Guthorm

-Pack-mate of Brother Finnvid, Brother Guthorm participated in the Battle of Moreal’s Great Flat.


Grey Hunter Alvi

-Youngest member of Bjorn’s pack. Brother Alvi was the first member of the pack to fall to the Bloodthirster, crushed beneath its hooves.


Grey Hunter Brynjolf Teller-of-Tales

-The skjald of Bjorn’s pack. Brother Brynjolf was the second member of the pack to fall to the Bloodthirster, struck by an immense blow from the daemon’s fist and sent flying into the plague swamps.


Grey Hunter Eirik

-The third member of Bjorn’s pack to fall to the Bloodthirster on Gryth.


Grey Hunter Gunnald Shieldbearer

-The fourth member of Bjorn’s pack to fall to the Bloodthirster on Gryth. Gunnald met strength with strength, countering every blow with sheer might and blows from his Thunder Hammer until he was finally throttled to death by the dread creature.


Grey Hunter Hiorvard

-Brothers Hiorvard and Hrani were twins and the two ranged specialists of Bjorn’s pack. They were only slain by the Bloodthirster after all of the swordbearers of the pack had been cast aside and the daemon had charged them. Brave to the end the brothers had cast aside their bolters, drawn blades and met the beast and their doom head on.


Grey Hunter Hrani

-Brothers Hiorvard and Hrani were twins and the two ranged specialists of Bjorn’s pack. They were only slain by the Bloodthirster after all of the swordbearers of the pack had been cast aside and the daemon had charged them. Brave to the end the brothers had cast aside their bolters, drawn blades and met the beast and their doom head on.


Grey Hunter Lokrir Coldeye

-Member of Pack Hengist and bearer of the squad plasmagun.


Grey Hunter Uller

-Member of Pack Hengist, killed in defense of the Thunderhawk Vengeful Howl.


Grey Hunter Sven Threeclaw

-Member of Pack Hengist, killed during the battle of Gofftown.


Grey Hunter Eir

-A grizzled old fighter of Fellblade Pack. Brother Eir participated in the boarding assault on the Space Hulk Festerax. Following the escape from the Festerax and the departure of Járnhamar pack brother Eir was left as one of the most senior battle-brothers left.


Grey Hunter Arik

-A member of Fellblade Pack during the boarding assault on the Festerax. Brother Arik was slain by warp lightning shortly after the capture of the Festerax’s main plasma generators.


Grey Hunter Aesgrek

-A bionic-eyed veteran of Pack Bloodhame. Brother Aesgrek participated in the boarding assault against the Space Hulk Festerax.


Grey Hunter Arjen

-A member of Bloodhame Pack, brother Arjen participated in the boarding assault against the Space Hulk Festerax. Brother Arjen survived the boarding assault and was one of only ten survivors of the battle. Just hours later however he was assigned to guard the recumbent form of Brother Baldr and was attacked and beaten into unconsciousness by Baldr’s pack mates when they chose to steal the Hlaupnir and go rogue.


Grey Hunter Tanngjost Seven Fingers

-The oldest member of Pack Aesor brother Tanngjost earned his deed name from the mangled remnants of his hand, an old wound that does little to diminish the veteran wolf’s fighting prowess. Though he fought with skill and fury, first with his bolter Frejya and later with his twin kraken-fang daggers, brother Tanngjost was ultimately overcome and perished in the fight defending the entrance to the mountaintop datacore of Sacred Mountain.


Grey Hunter Saehrimnar Brokenaxe

-Brother Saehrimnar served as the heavy weapon specialist of Pack Aesor and bore a customized heavy bolter he called the Widow. Brother Saehrimnar was slain during the assault on the ork controlled hydro-electric dam, the massive rotary cannon of the greenskin warlord tearing him apart before he could reach cover.


Grey Hunter Fejor Redblade

-Scout and sniper of Pack Aesor brother Fejor bore a customized stalker bolter. Brother Fejor fought as fiercely as any of his pack mates but he could not hold out forever against the countless orks spilling into the datacore at the summit of Sacred Mountain. Brother Fejor succumbed to his wounds shortly before the arrival of Wolf Lord Ragnar Blackmane and a host of reinforcements.


Brother Starkad

-Demolitions specialist of Pack Aesor. Brother Starkad was raised amongst a tribe who carved a nomadic living across a belt of floating glaciers, a chunk of ice known as the Gautreksland glacier in particular, brother Starkad possessed senses far keener than even those of his fellow Space Wolves who are themselves more acute of sense than even other Space Marines. Many battle-brothers recruited from the glacier tribes become Wolf Scouts, a position where their sharper senses are an invaluable asset, only a few of the more pack-minded, like brother Starkad, choose to remain with their original pack. Brother Starkad was slain by the ork Mek leading the greenskins chasing Pack Aesor after destroying the warp corrupted Knight Titan the Aquila Ferox.


Grey Hunter Sigrund

-Pilot of the Thunderhawk Gunship Skjaldi’s Lament. Brother Sigrund was initially assumed slain by the ork Warboss during Strikeforce Stormfall’s assault on the ork-held hyrdo-electric dam on the slopes of Sacred Mountain. The ork Mek leading the greenskins shot down the Skjaldi’s Lament not once but twice and each time it seemed as though brother Sigrund must surely have been slain, for the massive caliber shells of the Mek’s rotary cannon had torn apart the nose of the gunship and likely shredded the pilot compartment. Yet somehow Sigrund clung stubbornly to life and by sheer luck the Skjaldi’s Lament somehow wound up wedged in a crevasse halfway down the mountain, dragged through the shattered dam and sent tumbling down the slopes. The vox-relays of the gunship were miraculously still operational and the gunship initiated an automated distress signal. Within hours reinforcements from the Blackmane Great Company arrived and pulled Sigrund from the wreckage. With aid Sigrund was able to recover enough to join the battle-brothers launching a counter-attack on the orks besieging the remnants of Pack Aesor at the summit of Sacred Mountain.


Grey Hunter Tormodr

-Flamer bearer of Pack Anvindr of the fourth Great Company.


Grey Hunter Sindri

-Member of Pack Anvindr of the fourth Great Company.


Grey Hunter Liulfr

-Member of Pack Anvindr of the fourth Great Company. When Anvindr's pack found itself trapped in the tomb of the Exorcists Captain Hrondir on Beltrasse the situation was worse for Liulfr. A giant slab of rock pinned his lower half, crushing his legs and leaving him stuck beneath tons of rock. Despite the seriousness of his injuries Liulfr's astartes physiology prevented his death and kept him stable until the rest of the pack managed to free him. Unfortunately, four days after the cave-in, the daemon restrained by Hrondir's soul attacked the pinned Liulfr and mortally wounded him though he lived long enough to deliver warning of the threat to his brothers.


Grey Hunter Gulbrandr

-Member of Pack Anvindr of the fourth Great Company.


Grey Hunter Mór

-Possessed of a thick-set face, pale skin and dark hair Brother Mór had the aspect of an underverse specter brought to life. Slain fighting the traitor legions on Deneth Teros.


Grey Hunter Grimbjard Lek

-The polar opposite of the grim-faced Mór, Brother Lek killed with a smile on his face, his wild blond hair flying and a laugh on his lips with every strike of his blade. Slain fighting the traitor legions on Deneth Teros.


Grey Hunter Vrakk Backhand

-Blunt and bulky warrior, Brother Vrakk was a dirty fighter whose skill with his power fist made him a valued companion in battle despite his direct manner. Vrakk was slain in battle against the traitor legions on Deneth Teros. His body blown in two Brother Vrakk's upper body lay in the gutter, choking on his own blood as his legs lay unmoving across the street. Mortally wounded Brother Kvara was forced to leave Vrakk in his attempt to rush to the aid of the rest of the pack. 


Grey Hunter Aerjak

-Inseparable from Brother Rann, the two of them had that uncanny knowledge of each others actions. Brother Kvara had always felt Aerjak possessed of a strange manner, something linked to the wyrd, and possibly making him a candidate for the Rune Priests. Brother Aerjak fell alongside Rann, as the two were fated to do.


Grey Hunter Rann

-Brother Rann was an inseparable companion with Brother Aerjak. The two of them possessed the remarkable awareness of each others actions that comes from endless hours of companionship and teamwork. Brother Rann fell alongside Aerjak, as the two were fated to do.


Grey Hunter Frorl the Blade-master

-Brother Frorl wielded his frostblade with disdainful ease, mocking the lack of skill in others and disregarding ranged weaponry in favor of the clash of disruptor fields and blade to blade combat. Slain fighting the traitor legions on Deneth Teros.


Grey Hunter Rijal Svensson

-A wiry built warrior that was as fast to laughter as he was to anger. Rijal's nose had been broken so many times that only mangled gristle and fragmented bone remained. Brother Rijal steadfastly refused augmetic replacement, preferring to keep his ugly reminder on his face to keep him from getting carried away. Slain fighting the traitor legions on Deneth Teros.


Grey Hunter Beorth

-Brother Beorth would have advanced directly to Long Fang and skipped the ranks of the Grey Hunters if the Chapter had let him. Unlike his companions Beorth was slow to laughter, only ever really happy when gripping his heavy bolter or at the controls of some equally large bore weapons system. When he did laugh, his booming mirth brought grins to his pack mates. Brother Beorth fell fighting a Daemon Prince of the Plague God on Deneth Teros. The last of the pack to fall Brother Beorth grievously wounded the Daemon Prince with both bolter and blade before at last falling to his many wounds. Brother Kvara finished off the traitor with Djalik, Brother Beorth's blade.


Grey Hunter Fith Godsmote

-Recruited to the Chapter as Godsmote or Godsmack to Tra Company during the Great Crusade. Fith earned his name after he stuck the point of an axe into the face of an Ork Warboss. Brother Fith served through the Scouring of Prospero and remained a member of Bjorn’s pack during the Battle of Alaxxes.


Grey Hunter Olafer

-Member of Tra Company during the Great Crusade. Olafer's tale of Heoroth Longfang was told first during the Rune Priest's sending away feast. His account was set forty years prior to the feast during the campaign against the greenskins on Prokofief.


Grey Hunter Oje

-Member of Tra Company during the Great Crusade. Brother Oje was slain during the Scouring of Prospero when a Thousand Sons Sorcerer turned him inside out.


Grey Hunter Orcir

-Brother Orcir along with Brother Bjorn dislodged a dug in heavy weapon nest during the capture of the Olamic Quietude's Graving Dock. Brother Orcir bore a Heavy Bolter during the Scouring of Prospero and fought bravely against a dread daemon when it manifested on the planet but was thrown into a warp portal and was lost to the Legion.


Grey Hunter Galeg

-Member of Tra Company during the Great Crusade. Brother Galeg was the first to be wounded during the assault on the Olamic Quietude's Graving Dock, losing his left arm to a gravity pellet shot. This injury did not stop him from fighting on with his chainaxe.


Grey Hunter Hjad

-Member of Tra Company during the Great Crusade, slain by a heavy gravity weapon during the campaign against the Olamic Quietude.


Grey Hunter Bitur Bercaw

-Member of Fyf Company during the Great Crusade.


Grey Hunter Trunc

-Member of Fyf Company during the Great Crusade.


Grey Hunter Adthung Greychin

-Member of Tra Company during the Great Crusade. Brother Adthung was slain during the assault on the Olamic Quietude's Graving Dock. Brother Adthung cut his way through the Quietude's biomechanical warrior constructs with his chainsword after his bolter was damaged, leaving a trail of corpses in his wake until he was finally brought down with multiple shots to the torso.


Grey Hunter Stormeye

-Member of Tra Company during the Great Crusade, slain during the assault on the Olamic Quietude's Graving Dock.


Grey Hunter Tjurl-On-The-Ice

-Member of Tra Company during the Great Crusade, slain during the assault on the Olamic Quietude's Graving Dock.


Grey Hunter Fultag Redknife

-Member of Tra Company during the Great Crusade, slain during the assault on the Olamic Quietude's Graving Dock. Brother Fultag fell fighting the Quietude's Super Robusts, when he lost his weapons he picked up a Quietude Gravity Hammer but the enemy had learned to prevent their weapons falling into Space Wolf hands and the hammer overloaded, electrocuting Fultag. His body was too badly burnt for his gene-seed to be recovered, a grave loss to the Legion.


Grey Hunter Thel

-Member of Tra Company during the Great Crusade. Brother Thel recounted the fall of Adthung to the Company Skjald.


Grey Hunter Erthung Redhand

-Member of Tra Company during the Great Crusade. Brother Erthung recounted the fall of Tjurl to the Company Skjald.


Grey Hunter Ullste

-Member of Tra Company during the Great Crusade. Brother Ullste recounted the fall of Fultag to the Company Skjald.


Grey Hunter Svessl

-Member of Tra Company during the Great Crusade. Killed during the Scouring of Prospero when a Sorcerer split him in two with an invisible blade.


Grey Hunter Hekken

-Member of Tra Company during the Great Crusade. Killed during the Scouring of Prospero when a Sorcerer cooked him inside his own armor.


Grey Hunter Orm Ormssen

-Member of Tra Company during the Great Crusade. Slain during the Scouring of Prospero when a Sorcerer exsanguinated him.


Grey Hunter Vossul

-Member of Tra Company during the Great Crusade. Brother Vossul was blinded and pulped on Prospero by the foul sorcery of the Thousand Sons.


Grey Hunter Lycas Snowpelt

-Member of Tra Company during the Great Crusade. Slain during the Scouring of Prospero, his body gutted and decapitated.


Grey Hunter Bane Fel

-Member of Tra Company during the Great Crusade. Slain by warp fire during the Scouring of Prospero.


Grey Hunter Sfen Saarl

-Member of Tra Company during the Great Crusade, withered to powder by the foul sorcery of the Thousand Sons during the Scouring of Prospero.


Grey Hunter Aerdar

-Member of Tra Company during the Great Crusade. Transmogrified into a twisted lump of flesh by foul sorcery during the Scouring of Prospero.


Grey Hunter Emrah

-Member of Tra Company during the Great Crusade.


Grey Hunter Horune

-Member of Tra Company during the Great Crusade.


Grey Hunter Uller

-Member of Pack Morkai during the assault on Wilderness Outpost Delta.


Grey Hunter Bran

-Member of Pack Ranulf during the assault on Wilderness Outpost Delta.


Grey Hunter Sven

-Member of Pack Ranulf during the assault on Wilderness Outpost Delta.


Grey Hunter Aunir Frar

-Member of Pack Rossek of the 12th Great Company. Seriously injured by the foul sorceries of the Thousand Sons early in the Battle of the Fang, the Grey Hunter was taken to the Fleshmaker laboratories and would have recovered from his wounds until the dread Daemon-Primarch Magnus came to the lair of the Wolf Priests and ended the wounded that had lain within.


Grey Hunter Scarjaw

-Member of Pack Rossek of the 12th Great Company. Killed by the foul sorceries of the Thousand Sons early in the Battle of the Fang while opposing the enemy landings.


Grey Hunter Eriksson

-Member of Pack Rossek of the 12th Great Company. Killed by the foul sorceries of the Thousand Sons early in the Battle of the Fang while opposing the enemy landings.


Grey Hunter Vre

-Member of Pack Rossek of the 12th Great Company. Killed by the foul sorceries of the Thousand Sons early in the Battle of the Fang while opposing the enemy landings.


Grey Hunter Naemr

-Member of Pack Ruschil of the Redmaw Great Company during the Betalis III Campaign. Lost to the Curse of the Wulfen.


Grey Hunter Halus

-Member of Pack Ruschil of the Redmaw Great Company during the Betalis III Campaign. Slain during the Battle of the Tormus Delta.


Grey Hunter Rolef

-Member of Pack Ruschil of the Redmaw Great Company during the Betalis III Campaign. Honored as a Taker of Heads.


Grey Hunter Felund

-Member of Pack Ruschil of the Redmaw Great Company during the Betalis III Campaign. Slain in battle during the campaign.


Grey Hunter Sigurd

-Thunderhawk Pilot of Berek Thunderfist's Great Company. Killed in a crash landing during the Battle for Hyades against the treacherous Dark Angels.


Grey Hunter Mikko

-Member of Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company recently promoted from the ranks of the Blood Claws.


Grey Hunter Lars

-Member of Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company recently promoted from the ranks of the Blood Claws.


Grey Hunter Jaimie

-Member of Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company recently promoted from the ranks of the Blood Claws.


Grey Hunter Zoran

-A newly promoted Grey Hunter and member of Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company recently arrived from Fenris to replace losses.


Grey Hunter Viggo

-Member of Ragnild's Grey Hunter Pack in Egil Ironwolf's Great Company.


Grey Hunter Yngmar

-Member of Ragnild's Grey Hunter Pack in Egil Ironwolf's Great Company.


Grey Hunter Roald

-Member of Ragnild's Grey Hunter Pack in Egil Ironwolf's Great Company.


Grey Hunter Olaf

-Member of Ragnild's Grey Hunter Pack in Egil Ironwolf's Great Company.


Grey Hunter Asborn

-Member of Holger's Grey Hunter Pack in Logan Grimnar's Great Company.


Grey Hunter Frans

-Member of Holger's Grey Hunter Pack in Logan Grimnar's Great Company.


Grey Hunter Jakob

-Member of Holger's Grey Hunter Pack in Logan Grimnar's Great Company.


Grey Hunter Ingeborg

-Member of Holger's Grey Hunter Pack in Logan Grimnar's Great Company.


Grey Hunter Gunnar

-Member of Magnus' Grey Hunter Pack in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Grey Hunter Lennart

-Member of Magnus' Grey Hunter Pack in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Grey Hunter Rasmus

-Member of Magnus' Grey Hunter Pack in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Grey Hunter Soren

-Member of Magnus' Grey Hunter Pack in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Grey Hunter Peder

-Member of Magnus' Grey Hunter Pack in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Grey Hunter Anders

-Member of Magnus' Grey Hunter Pack in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Grey Hunter Gistav

-Member of Magnus' Grey Hunter Pack in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Grey Hunter Ivar

-Member of Magnus' Grey Hunter Pack in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Grey Hunter Tordis

-Member of Magnus' Grey Hunter Pack in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Grey Hunter Sven

-Member of Ragnar's Blood Claw Pack, Sven was promoted to the Grey Hunters and served with distinction under the command of Wolf Lord Berek Thunderfist. Sven was badly wounded by the Chaos Sorcerer Madox, but lived to fight again though with the help of a new augmetic hand.


Grey Hunter Jurgen

-Member of Sven's Grey Hunter Pack in the Thunderfist Great Company.


Grey Hunter Bors

-Member of Sven's Grey Hunter Pack in the Thunderfist Great Company.


Grey Hunter Varek

-Brother Varek participated in the mission to Gath Rimmon and fell in battle there.


Grey Hunter Freyr

-Member of Sven's Grey Hunter Pack in the Thunderfist Great Company.


Grey Hunter Karl

-Member of Sven's Grey Hunter Pack in the Thunderfist Great Company. Killed by a meltagun wielding traitor who managed to get too close to the Space Wolves barricades.


Grey Hunter Jarl

-Member of Wolf Guard Pack Leader Tor's infiltration force against the Night Lords on Corinthus V under the command of Wolf Lord Ragnar Blackmane.


Grey Hunter Grauvr

-Last survivor of the Frostborn, missing both legs and with one arm crippled. Recovered by the Grey Knights of Squad Castian.


Grey Hunter Lokjr

-Brother Lokjr participated in the mission to Gath Rimmon and fell in battle there.


Grey Hunter Snorri

-Thunderhawk Pilot in service to the Blackmane Great Company.


Grey Hunter Váltyr

-Member of Járnhamar Pack of the Blackmane Great Company. Váltyr holds the title of sverdhjera or blademaster and bears the rune etched longsword holdbítr. Of the members of Járnhamar Pack Váltyr is closest to Wolf Guard Gunnlaugur, acting as his deadly sword arm. Though supremely skilled with a blade Váltyr requires constant affirmation of his skills and reputation, his pride demanding he show off whenever possible and push himself for perfection in combat. Váltyr was slain in combat with the chaos lord Thorslax the Blighted.


Grey Hunter Ulf

-Member of Járnhamar Pack of the Blackmane Great Company. Slain on Lossanal.


Grey Hunter Svafnir

-Member of Járnhamar Pack of the Blackmane Great Company. Slain on Cthar.


Grey Hunter Tínd

-Member of Járnhamar Pack of the Blackmane Great Company. Killed by greenskins.


Grey Hunter Olgeir Heavy-hand

-Member of Járnhamar Pack of the Blackmane Great Company. Olgeir bears his beloved Heavy Bolter dubbed sigrún.


Grey Hunter Jorundur Erak Kaerlborn Old Dog

-Member of Járnhamar Pack of the Blackmane Great Company. Jorundur is a skilled Thunderhawk pilot and serves the pack well in that capacity whenever necessary. Jorundur is older than the next most experienced member of the pack by more than a hundred years. Why he has not passed into the ranks of the Long Fangs is an issue of much speculation.


Grey Hunter Baldr Fjolnir

-Member of Járnhamar Pack of the Blackmane Great Company. Baldr was close to Gyrfalkon before he left for the Deathwatch and remains his closest companion in Járnhamar after his return. Baldr is the best shot in the pack, possessing a preternatural degree of accuracy, seemingly predicting where his opponents will be before they get there. It is likely Baldr possesses some level of latent psychic potential and he has sought and received the counsel of the Stormcaller. At times Baldr suffers terrible headaches and nightmares, particularly during long warp transits. During a raid on an enemy convoy on Ras Shakey Baldr was injured by a chaos sorcerer, his injuries and warp spawned plague infection brought forth his latent psychic power to an incredible degree. In most cases this would have led to his swift execution, however Gyrfalkon recovered him and gave him a soul-ward. With the soul-ward in place the chaos plague quickly receded and Baldr appeared to recover, his ultimate fate however is unknown.


Grey Hunter Urth

-Brother Urth served as a member of Bjorn the One-Handed’s pack during the Battle of Alaxxes.


Grey Hunter Eunwald

-Brother Eunwald served as a member of Bjorn the One-Handed’s pack during the Battle of Alaxxes.


Grey Hunter Angvar

-Brother Angvar served as a member of Bjorn the One-Handed’s pack during the Battle of Alaxxes.


Grey Hunter Ferith

-Brother Ferith served as a member of Bjorn the One-Handed’s pack during the Battle of Alaxxes.

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"Are we going to scrap about it now. Argue which Legion is the toughest?"
"The answer always is, the Wolves of Fenris," Torgadon put in. "Because they're clinically insane."
-1st Captain Sigismund of the Imperial Fists and Captain of the Luna Wolves 2nd Company.

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Blood Claw Hero Lukas the Trickster

-A legendary figure amongst the Chapters Blood Claws, but a figure of frustration to the Chapters elders, Lukas is the epitome of the mischevious and reckless nature of the Space Wolves. Constantly defiant of authority Lukas is ever the trickster, to friends and foes alike and his exploits are manifold as they are controversial.


Blood Claw Pack Leader Egil Redfist

-Brother Egil Redfist leads the most promising pack of Krom Dragongaze’s Blood Claws, his pack was chosen to join the Fierce-eye’s Finest for the drop assault on Alaric Prime.


Blood Claw Torgen

-A young Blood Claw in the Firehowlers.


Blood Claw Horgar

-A young Blood Claw in the Firehowlers.


Blood Claw Aenar

-Blood Claw of Berek Thunderfist's Great Company during the Garm Campaign.


Blood Claw Arik

-Member of Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company, killed in action against the Night Lords Traitor Legion.


Blood Claw Bori

-Member of Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Blood Claw Bregi

-Member of Hogun's Blood Claw Pack of the Blackmane Great Company, takes charge of the squad after Hogun succumbs to the Call of the Wulfen.


Blood Claw Erdwulf

-Member of Hogun's Blood Claw Pack of the Blackmane Great Company, attempted to secure the wild Pack Leader and was cut down in Hogun's uncontrolled fury.


Blood Claw Fyer Brokentooth

-Member of Sigrd Brakk's Pack of the 12th Great Company. Killed during the retreat from Sunrising gate by a lascannon beam to the back.


Blood Claw Gunther

-Member of Harald's Blood Claws during the Charys Campaign. Like all the Blood Claws Gunther fell in battle to the Thousand Sons.


Blood Claw Hafloí White-pelt

-Member of Járnhamar Pack of the Blackmane Great Company. Hafloí has only just been promoted from the Blood Claws to replace some of the losses Járnhamar Pack has suffered. Despite being transferred to a Grey Hunter pack Hafloí does not yet hold the rank. His transfer is yet another sign of how stretched the Chapter is towards the end of M41.


Blood Claw Halvdan

-Member of Hogun's Blood Claw Pack of the Blackmane Great Company, attempted to secure the wild Pack Leader and was cut down in Hogun's uncontrolled fury.


Blood Claw Harald

-Blood Claw under the command of Wolf Priest Sigurd during the Charys Campaign and the young Space Wolves unofficial leader. Fell in battle against the Thousand Sons after succumbing to the Call of the Wulfen, but took a chaos Dreadnought with him.


Blood Claw Hemming

-Member of a Blood Claw Pack in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Blood Claw Hrothgar

-Blood Claw serving during the Age of Apostasy, succumbed to the Curse of the Wulfen.


Blood Claw Kezan

-Member of Ragnar's Blood Claw Pack killed by the Thousand Sons on Fenris.


Blood Claw Kjarl

-Member of the Ironhammer Great Company and one of the few survivors of the initial landing of the Cambion Campaign. Kjarl and his Blood Claws joined the Wolf Scout Pack Skaflock in hunting down the Ork Warboss responsible for slaying Wolf Lord Haldane Ironhammer.


Blood Claw Kraki

-Member of Ragnar's Blood Claw Pack killed by the Thousand Sons on Fenris.


Blood Claw Kyr Aesval Helfist

-Former hmanni tribesman and member of Sigrd Brakk's Pack of the 12th Great Company. In keeping with his name Helfist wields a potent Power Fist and inscribed his breastplate with the two runes of ending, Ymir and Gann. When Wolf Guard Brakk fell during the battle at Sunrising Gate the young Helfist was grieved and fought with unmatched brutality and ferocity to defend the body of his pack leader, crushing an entire squad of Rubric Marines with his Power Fist. Helfist came very close to giving in to the Wulfen within him but was pulled back from the brink by Wolf Guard Rossek. Ordered to withdraw the young Blood Claw retrieved the Power Sword of his pack leader, the blade Dausvjer, before withdrawing with the rest of the Space Wolves. In the battles that followed Helfist wielded the blade of his mentor and his power fist together against the silent, soulless Rubricae of the Thousand Sons. Like the rest of his pack Helfist was amalgamated with a number of other depleted Blood Claw packs and fought under the guidance of Wolf Guard Rossek in the defense of the Fangthane. Though he remembered himself at the Sunrising Gate the young Blood Claw gave in to the call of the Wulfen during the defense of the Fangthane, throwing himself into the ranks of Rubric Marines, killing more foes than his comrades believed possible but doomed to certain death.


Blood Claw Lars

-Member of Ragnar's Blood Claw Pack. Lars was a promising recruit to the ranks of the Rune Priests but fell in action against an Ork Warlord on Galt before advancing from the ranks of the Blood Claws.


Blood Claw Lars

-Member of a Blood Claw Pack in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Blood Claw Lief

-Member of a Blood Claw Pack in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Blood Claw Nils

-Member of Ragnar's Blood Claw Pack.


Blood Claw Ogrim Raegr Vrafsson Redpelt

-Member of Sigrd Brakk's Pack of the 12th Great Company. A pack brother to Aesval Helfist, the young Blood Claw fought in contesting the Thousand Sons landings, he stood against the enemy at the Sunrising Gate and later in the defense of the Fangthane. When Magnus the Red manifested at last within the Fang and laid waste to the barricades defending the Fangthane only a dozen Space Wolves escaped the slaughter, Redpelt among them. The twelve survivors fell back to the Chamber of the Annulus with the surviving Kaerls and there staged a last stand. When the rest of the Chapter broke through and retook the Chamber the only defender still standing was Redpelt, greviously injured and surrounded by felled Rubric Marines the young Blood Claw nearly succumbed to his injuries but after a long time in the Red Dream he eventually recovered. One of the few surviving Blood Claws Redpelt was heavily affected by the loss of his pack mates and destined for life as a Lone Wolf. Into that service he carried the dread blade Dausvjer, the last weapon wielded by his pack mate Helfist. Carried merely as a weregild, Redpelt did not know that the blade carried a potent wyrd and would play an important role in the millennia to follow.


Blood Claw Olaf

-Somewhat unstable Blood Claw of Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company. Killed on Hesperida by a Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle.


Blood Claw Reinhardt

-Blood Claw of Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Blood Claw Rolfi

-Member of Harald's Blood Claws during the Charys Campaign, the red haired Rolfi acted as Harald's second in command.


Blood Claw Rujveld

-Member of Wolf Guard Brynngar's force during the Horus Heresy.


Blood Claw Snori

-Member of Ragnar's Blood Claw Pack killed by the Thousand Sons on Fenris.


Blood Claw Soren

-Member of a Blood Claw Pack in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Blood Claw Strybjorn

-Member of Ragnar's Blood Claw Pack, Strybjorn was one of the tribesman who wiped out Ragnar's Thunderfist tribe. Ragnar and Strybjorn were mortal enemies for a time but eventually learned to fight with and trust each other.


Blood Claw Svipdaeg

-Member of Hogun's Blood Claw Pack of the Blackmane Great Company, attempted to secure the wild Pack Leader and was cut down in Hogun's uncontrolled fury.


Blood Claw Torvald

-Member of Ragnar's Blood Claw Pack during the Garm Campaign.


Blood Claw Troll

-A massive brute and member of Ragnar Blackmane's Pack during the Garm Campaign.


Blood Claw Urlik

-Member of Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Blood Claw Vilhelm

-Member of a Blood Claw Pack in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Blood Claw Volgard

-Member of Ragnar's Blood Claw Pack killed by the Thousand Sons on Fenris.


Blood Claw Wulf

-Member of Ragnar's Blood Claw Pack killed by the Thousand Sons on Fenris.


Skyclaw Pack Leader Valdyr

-Decorated for his actions in the Battle of the Tormus Delta. Taken to the Redmaw's Wolf Guard.


Skyclaw Aganun

-Member of Pack Valdyr, Brother Aganun led the high altitude insertion strike during the Battle of the Tormus Delta.


Skyclaw Kjvar

-Member of Pack Valdyr. Honored as a Taker of Heads.


Skyclaw Leifir

-Member of Pack Valdyr, credited with 18 confirmed kills. Cast into the warp by Eldar wraithcannon fire.


Skyclaw Wulf

-Member of Pack Valdyr, credited for his fury in the Battle of the Tormus Delta.


Swiftclaw Alfred

-Member of a Swift Claw Bike Pack in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Swiftclaw Folke

-Member of a Swift Claw Bike Pack in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Swiftclaw Jorgen

-Member of a Swift Claw Bike Pack in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Swiftclaw Stigand

-Member of a Swift Claw Bike Pack in Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Swiftclaw Jossi Bloodfang

-Rider of the Attack Bike Bloodhowl’s Wrath of the Firehowler’s Great Company.


Swiftclaw Helmgard Iceclaw

-Gunner of the Attack Bike Bloodhowl’s Wrath of the Firehowler’s Great Company.


Lone Wolf Aj Kvara

-Recruited from the seafaring island tribes. Kvara participated in the successful hunt of a Hvaluri, one of the dreaded Kraken of Fenris, while a youth serving aboard one of his tribe's longships. During the hunt Kvara earned great honor, spearing the eye of the Kraken and saving the ship by leaping onto the back of the beast and hacking into it with his axe. Though injured in the hunt Kvara noticed a Thunderhawk shadowing the longboat as it returned to the tribe's island. Kvara had yet to undertake the solitary test of manhood. 20 years. Brother Kvara bore the yellow eyes and skull tattoos of one touched by the Mark of the Wulfen.



“Allfather, deliver me from safety and bring me into peril.”

-Prayer uttered by Aj Kvara during every mission since Deneth Teros.



Drop Pod Ice Claw

-Drop Pod in service to the Morkai Great Company during the Battle for Luetin Hive.


Razorback Harrkon


Razorback Spear of Russ

-Currently serving with the Iron Wolf Great Company.


Razorback Spear of Morkai

-Currently serving with the Iron Wolf Great Company.


Rhino Leman's Thunder

-Rhino in service during the Horus Heresy.


Rhino Wolfsbane

-Attached to Long Fang Pack Frostclaw of the Redmaw Great Company.


Land Speeder Lash of Ulric

-Vehicle in service to the Morkai Great Company during the Battle for Luetin Hive.


Land Speeder Stormfang

-Land Speeder piloted by Lukan Thunderhand.


Predator Annihilator Wolf's Rage

-Predator tank in service with Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company.


Predator Annihilator Iron Hunter

-Currently serving with the Iron Wolf Great Company.


Predator Destructor Iron Vengeance

-Currently serving with the Iron Wolf Great Company.


Vindicator Wrath of Morkai

-Currently serving with the Iron Wolf Great Company.


Land Raider Redeemer Fire of Fenris

-The Fire of Fenris serves as the personal transport of Wolf Priest Ulstvan Morkaison and his Wolf Guard bodyguards.


Land Raider Crusader Ironfist

-Personal command tank of Wolf Lord Egil Iron Wolf.


Land Raider FoeHammer


Land Raider Mjolnir

-Participated in the Battle of Granica.


Land Raider Hel’s Fury

-The destruction of the Hel’s Fury killed all of it’s passengers as well, save Brother Skvald Warbringer who only survived through internment within a Dreadnought Sarcophagus.


Land Raider Tormund

-Attached to Bran Redmaw's Great Company during the Betalis III Campaign. Destroyed in battle on the Alacian Plains.


Land Raider Voltar


Land Raider Helios Widowmaker

-A relic of the Chapter assigned to the Redmaw Great Company since 940.M41.


Thunderhawk Helspite

-Gunship transporting kill-team Eldurstjorm during the Cleansing of the Sorrows of the Just.


Thunderhawk Vengeful Howl

-Personal drop-ship of Wolf Lord Krom Dragongaze. Shot down during the second wave deployment to the surface of Alaric Prime. Currently the ship is under the claws of the greenskins and being salvaged into a transport for Grukk Face-Rippa, the vessel’s proud hull and machine-spirit corrupted and twisted by the crude technology of the orks.


Thunderhawk Skjaldi’s Lament

-Shot down not once but twice during the attack on the hydro-electric dam near the summit of Sacred Mountain. Dragged over the edge of the cliffs by the roaring water currents the gunship became wedged halfway down Sacred Mountain. In its last action before fading from existence the machine-spirit of the Skjaldi’s Lament transmitted a distress signal to the Blackmane Great Company, summoning reinforcements to the aid of Pack Aesor.


Thunderhawk Hammer of Fenris

-Gunship in service to the Morkai Great Company during the Battle for Luetin Hive.


Thunderhawk Hawk of Asaheim

-Participated in the Garm Campaign.


Thunderhawk Jaegarhundt

-The Jaegarhundt served the Deathwolf Great Company during the Cleansing of Comania. The dread daemon engine that opposed the landing damaged the Jaegarhundt's turbo-laser but the crafty pilot managed to damage the enemy with the burn of the gunship's afterburners.


Thunderhawk Wyrmsbane

-This gunship diverted to Isoulde in response to distress calls and was shot down by the Bladed-Dragon.


Thunderhawk Morkai

-Participated in the Draxian Incursion.


Thunderhawk Red Fury of Russ

-Command transport of Bran Redmaw during the Battle for Betalis III. The vessel's turbolaser armament is said to be a relic of the Great Crusade.


Thunderhawk Vragnek

-Thunderhawk used by Wolf Lord Greyloc during M32.


Thunderhawk Vuokho

-Thunderhawk gunship frequently piloted by Grey Hunter Jorundur of Járnhamar Pack. The Vuokho has served the Chapter for more than four hundred years.


Thunderhawk Gunship Kjarlskar

-The Kjarlskar was one of two Thunderhawk Gunships assigned to the Heimdall during the mission to Ras Shakeh.


Thunderhawk Gunship Grimund

-The Grimund was one of two Thunderhawk Gunships assigned to the Heimdall during the mission to Ras Shakeh.


Caestus Assault Ram Gore Dagger

-Lost, presumed destroyed during the Battle of the Karina Nebula.


Stormwolf Runeclaw

-This mighty assault carrier serves the Deathwolf Great Company and bears the Deathhowls Blood Claw Pack into battle.


Stormfang Iron Spear


The 13th Company



“The Impure shall tremble

For no hard thing may touch them,

No iron of ancient forging shall harm

The bloody battle-hand of the Ulfhednar.”

-The Prophesy of Frode, from the Lamentation of Days


The 13th Company is a force shrouded in mystery, wearing the looted armor of chaos marines to replace damaged wargear, showing the bestial signs of the curse of the wulfen and appearing at seeming random to wreak havoc among the forces of chaos, the 13th Company is at the same time a terrifying and inspiring force.


Legends tell of the time before the Horus Heresy when the 13th Company had been part of the Space Wolves legion, though little remains of that time but the names of famous battles such as the First Siege of Methrix and the Battle of the Plains of Mo-Shan, the Fall of the Paramours of the Morpheus Rift, and the Crossing of Hangman's Void. The 13th Company are said to have chased the fleeing Thousand Sons into the Eye of Terror where they hunted the forces of chaos for 10,000 years, somehow surviving in the depths of the Eye of Terror despite the odds. Each marine in the company having acquired the skills of a Wolf Guard, and showing signs of the curse of the wulfen are both terrifyingly brutal and skilled warriors on the battlefield.


The 13th Company’s organization is little known, who leads them is unsure. Whether Jorin Bloodfang, the leader of the Company in the siege of Prospero still leads them is unknown, some wild theories even suggest that Leman Russ leads the Company from the depths of the warp, having manifested the true form of the curse of the wulfen as a giant werewolf of awesome power. However such theories are unsubstantiated and the truth may never be known.


Since their disappearance the 13th Company have emerged from the warp at times to hunt down traitors seeking to prey on the Imperium. On the warp spawned reflection of Charys the 13th Company hunted the Thousand Sons even as the sons of Magnus worked to bring the Space Wolves to their knees. Most recently the 13th Company has emerged in some apparent numbers to hunt the traitor warbands aligned with Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade. On multiple worlds across the scattered warzones bestial warriors have struck at the traitors in a whirlwind of blades and talons, slaughtering the oath-breakers even as they seek to butcher the warriors and peoples of the Imperium.


The continued existence of the 13th Company is not apparently a mystery to the Space Wolves, for certainly Logan Grimnar knows something of them, however whatever knowledge is possessed by the Great Wolf and the officers of the Chapter is a closely guarded secret.


Special Units


Storm Claws

-While it is certain that all members of the 13th Company have likely attained skills equal to those of Wolf Guard, the Storm Claws are equipped to fully utilize their ferocity and skill in close combat, both noble and stoic in their manner the Storm Claws tear into the forces of Chaos with skill and fury.


Grey Slayers

-The backbone of the 13th Company warbands the Grey Slayers are akin to the Grey Hunters of the Space Wolves, though the formation appears to have been created when the 13th Company faced questions of rank, with all survivors beginning to reach the skills of Wolf Guard and with no new influx of Blood Claws the 13th Company re-organized it would seem and Grey Slayers were the result.

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Fenrisian Wolf Packs

-During the Great Crusade the Space Wolves went to battle alongside packs of Fenrisian Wolves. Since then the Space Wolves have taken to bringing the wolves of Fenris to battle only as the guards of officers. The 13th Company however still maintains whole packs of Fenrisian wolves that will take to the field with the company, bounding alongside the marines to rend and tear the forces of chaos apart.


Wulfen Packs

-The 13th Company includes entire packs of Wulfen kind, battle brothers that have fully succumbed to the curse of the Wulfen and manifested as bestial werewolves. Lead into battle by Wolf Priests the Wulfen Packs are deadly adversaries, utterly vicious and brutal in close combat and nearly unstoppable.


The 13th Company still includes Long Fangs, Rune Priests, Wolf Priests and Wolf Lords, and somehow the Rune Priests of the Company have learned to transport the warbands of the 13th Company through the warp with their psychic powers, how this is done is a mystery to the Imperium and there are many who would dearly wish to know the secret, and others who want to see the 13th Company purged as heretics and mutants.


Known Heroes


Wolf Priest Sternhammer, Warden of the Lost


A warrior known only as “Sternhammer” to the defenders of the Cadian Gate came to represent all the actions of the 13th Company during the 13th Black Crusade, falling on the foul forces of Chaos mercilessly and then withdrawing before any Imperial force could make successful contact. Sternhammer was reported to have been in a great many different warzones some light years apart from each other, leading a band of bestial warriors, like giant hunting hounds he would unleash upon the foe. He was reported to have saved the Cadian 143rd at Cadmus Binary. Alongside a powerful Wolf Lord the Wulfen Guard slew the Night Lord Sinax. Only a few days later and five light years away, Sternhammer was reportedly sighted once more, leading a boarding action that resulted in the scuttling of the Light of Fatidicus, so that the enemy would not capture it. 


More than a hundred victories were attributed to Sternhammer and his warbands, whether they were the same band, or many, and whether Sternhammer led them all himself is unknown, but the Defenders of the Cadian Gate take heartened and terrified at the mournful howls of the Wulfen.


The Pelt of Wulfen

-According to ancient legends the first Wolf Priest of the Legion cut this pelt from a terrible werebeast that he had slain in single combat. It is unknown whether Sternhammer is indeed that same Wolf Priest, or simply carries the pelt is a mystery, however the pelt grants Sternhammer incredible predatory skills.


Wolf Lord Jorin Bloodfang

-Wolf Lord of the Space Wolves 13th Company during the Horus Heresy.


Bulveye- Axeman of Russ

-Wolf Lord of the 13th Company, Bulveye and a warband of the 13th Company aided Ragnar Blackmane in recovering the Spear of Russ from the foul sorcerer Madox, staging a distraction to allow Ragnar and his companions to reach the stronghold of the Thousand Sons while most of the traitor forces were engaged with the 13th Company. Bulveye spoke of Russ as only a man who knew him in life could and together with his warriors spoke of ten thousand years of struggle within the Eye of Terror, fighting the foul forces of Chaos and the beasts within themselves.


Rune Priest Torvald the Reaver

-This mysterious Rune Priest arrived suddenly to save Ragnar and the Wolf Blade from an ambush by Chaos Raptors. Torvald then aided Ragnar in an assault on the stronghold of the Sorcerer Madox to recover the Spear of Russ and then mysteriously teleported the survivors to safety before vanishing once more. Torvald held back the scum of chaos while Ragnar and the Wolfblade fought Magnus and his cabal of Sorcerers for the Spear single-handed and though wounded survived. Torvald bore the Mark of the Wulfen though had not degenerated into a beastial monstrosity. With his help and the help of a warband of the 13th Company Ragnar recovered the Spear of Russ successfully despite the cost.


Rune Priest Oulf

-One of the 13th Company who chased the Thousand Sons into the Eye of Terror, Rune Priest Oulf unfortunately did not survive the endless conflict with the traitors.


Lone Wolf Haakon Grey Storm

-Haakon Grey Storm followed the Thousand Sons into the Eye of Terror alongside his battle-brothers of the 13th Company. Haakon's particular splinter warband suffered extensive cassualties until he was left as the sole survivor. Determined to continue the hunt despite the circumstances Haakon narrowed his hunt to the exiled Sorcerer Ahriman, the former Chief Librarian of the Thousand Sons. Tracking his way across the daemon-worlds of the eye by consuming the brain-matter of slain heretic officers and psykers Haakon came close to locating Ahriman's hiding place until he was intercepted and slain by one of the Sorcerer Amon's own hunters.


Pack Leader Dagmar

-A Pack Leader of Bulveye's Warband who spoke with Ragnar and his companions during the Charys Campaign.


Wolf Guard K’arsso-Tolk

-Member of the 13th Company during the Horus Heresy.


Wolf Guard Halvdan Bale-eye

-Member of Wolf Lord Bulveye's Wolf Guard during the later days of the Great Crusade.


Wolf Guard Jurgen

-Member of Wolf Lord Bulveye's Wolf Guard during the later days of the Great Crusade.


Wolf Guard Johann

-Member of Wolf Lord Bulveye's Wolf Guard during the later days of the Great Crusade.


Wolf Guard Ranulf

-Member of Wolf Lord Bulveye's Wolf Guard during the later days of the Great Crusade.


Wolf Guard Lars

-Member of Wolf Lord Bulveye's Wolf Guard during the later days of the Great Crusade. Killed in action. 


Rhino Saemundr

-Rhino in service to the 13th Company during the Horus Heresy.


Concluding Thoughts



hope this article has proven useful to anyone who reads it, I have tried to present a comprehensive guide to the core of the Space Wolves background, for those of whom wish an ease reference, or others who perhaps are reading this information for the first time as an introductory into the history and organization of the Space Wolves. To all of you, thanks for reading.


Additional Contributions



I just want to thank Berasse LoneSniperSG, Beef, Quillen, frostclaw222, hendrik and clanfield and all the other members who contributed to this article in its thread in the Space Wolves board. You all were a great help and your willingness to contribute to the project was above and beyond what I had expected, and what I've seen for any of the other articles I've worked on. Cheers guys, have an Ale!

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"The answer always is, the Wolves of Fenris," Torgadon put in. "Because they're clinically insane."
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So there it is, as always questions, comments, critique are all welcome, and if you notice names, dates, places, anything missing or a source I've missed or don't know about, please do let me know! I hope you guys enjoyed reading the article and hopefully found it useful!

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"Are we going to scrap about it now. Argue which Legion is the toughest?"
"The answer always is, the Wolves of Fenris," Torgadon put in. "Because they're clinically insane."
-1st Captain Sigismund of the Imperial Fists and Captain of the Luna Wolves 2nd Company.

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Wow, awesome work! Great stuff Vash. 


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Thats a lot of text, I still have to read my SW dex........

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Sigismund replied.'"Are we going to scrap about it now. Argue which Legion is the toughest?
The answer always is, the Wolves of Fenris" Torgadon put in "because there clinically insane."
-1st captain of the imperial fists and Captain of the 2nd Company of the luna wolves.
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Wow, Comprehensive is an understatement.  Good work Vash! 


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There are a few Wolf Lords listed as Great Wolves, Kjarlskar in particular.

I just skimmed--too busy at present to proofread whole thing anytime soon--but that's what leapt out at me.
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There are a few Wolf Lords listed as Great Wolves, Kjarlskar in particular.

I just skimmed--too busy at present to proofread whole thing anytime soon--but that's what leapt out at me.


Well with Kjarlskar that's because he did become Great Wolf. I amend entries to show the highest rank someone achieved, even if that's not the rank they held for most of their background material. Who knows, maybe one day Lukas the Trickster will be listed as a Wolf Lord...

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"Are we going to scrap about it now. Argue which Legion is the toughest?"
"The answer always is, the Wolves of Fenris," Torgadon put in. "Because they're clinically insane."
-1st Captain Sigismund of the Imperial Fists and Captain of the Luna Wolves 2nd Company.

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An amazing piece of work.   If there is a Saga of the Bard this would qualify.  Great job.

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Well with Kjarlskar that's because he did become Great Wolf. I amend entries to show the highest rank someone achieved, even if that's not the rank they held for most of their background material. Who knows, maybe one day Lukas the Trickster will be listed as a Wolf Lord...

Oh man that would be the best company ever. It'd be kinda like an Alpha Legion version of Space Wolves (unusual tactics) and that sounds so, so awesome.
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This one page is awesome.  I hope it stays around.

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3rd Place Finish Carolina Comics Halloween Warhammer 40k Bash (2009)

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