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Krixxus mk1 Assault Rhino

Treadheads and Flyboys

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  • Krixxus Assault Conveyor
  • Krixxus Troop Conveyor
  • Krixxus Armoured Assault Conveyor
  • Krixxus Personnel Conveyor
  • Krixxus Assault Carrier
  • Krixxus Armoured Troop Carrier
  • Krixxus Personnel Carrier
  • Krixxus Armoured Personnel Conveyor
  • Krixxus Troop Transport
  • Krixxus Assault Engine
  • Krixxus Attack Carrier
  • Krixxus Armoured Breacher
  • Krixxus Armoured Transport Engine
  • Krixxus Armoured Conveyor
  • Krixxus Battle Transport
  • Krixxus Armoured Assault Carrier

Just a few ideas avoiding "Assault Transport/Tank" for you 




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I like the the sound of the Krixxus mkI Breaching Transport....

*Furyou Miko

*Furyou Miko


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I'd go with Krixxus Rapid Assault Vehicle.

Then you could do a larger one and call it the KRAV MEGA.
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Bjorn Firewalker

Bjorn Firewalker


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I'd go with Krixxus Rapid Assault Vehicle.

Then you could do a larger one and call it the KRAV MEGA.

Is this a reference to Krav Maga? Then the "KRAV Mega" should be a Baneblade variant with a front assault ramp replacing that stupid bow-mounted Demolisher cannon.

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