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Knight House Hyperion Decal Sheet

Knights Mechanicum 40k imperium imperial titan adeptus mechanicus titanicus

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Inquisitor Engel

Inquisitor Engel


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File Name: Knight House Hyperion Decal Sheet

File Submitter: Inquisitor Engel

File Submitted: 22 Oct 2014

File Category: Adeptus Mechanicus

The old House Hyperion look just isn't doing it, so I thought I'd give it a bit of an update. Included are as many little stripes and crescent moons as I could fit, including a custom aquila, and more, including some reproduced details from other B&C decal sheets.

This is a LARGE file, designed for designed to be printed in FULL colour, on 200x330mm paper. Typically using an ALPS printer, or a laser that supports white content. Printing this on traditional clear decal paper WILL NOT yield a final product close to what you see on your computer screen.

If you don't have access to either of the above printer types, or a special inkjet, If possible, I recommend using a reputable custom decal print shop (I used Bedlam Creations) to have this printed. It may cost some decent cash, but you'll be happier with the result.

The uploaded version is 150dpi which should be fine for most uses. A 600dpi version can be had by emailing PMing me.

Click here to download this file

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Very nice work, thanks for the effort you have put into it!




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Great work!

I always appreciate when the community does this kind of thing