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Kitbash Relic Predator w/ Magna-melta + other configurations

predator magnamelta relic

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Augustus b'Raass

Augustus b'Raass


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Hi all, I've posted this tutorial in my own WIP some time ago, but I thought it would be handy to share them here, so that its more easily find-able. I hope this is of use to anyone. biggrin.pngthumbsup.gif Feel free to PM me if you have any further questions.








Normal Rhino ++You'll also need an additional predator plate from a second rhino kit (but you can reuse this part in every build thumbsup.gif )

Vindicator Extra Armour http://www.bitsandki...-kit-p-492.html

Vindicator top armour and vents (for the rear part) http://www.bitsandki...mour-p-493.html

The two vindicator armoured parts (middle row, two rightmost parts) http://www.bitsandki...-kit-p-495.html

Rear fuel tanks (on side of tank) 2 x http://www.bitsandki...ck-p-10843.html


Thermal Cannon muzzle http://www.bitsandki...on-p-10772.html

Leman Russ exhaust http://www.bitsandki...pes-p-2313.html

Leman Russ turret http://www.bitsandki...ret-p-2310.html

Leman Russ side armour http://www.bitsandki...-x2-p-2319.html

Leman Russ plasa destroyer for the base of the thermal cannon muzzle http://www.bitsandki...gun-p-5282.html

Baal predator fuel tank armour sections


Baal predator fuel tank http://www.bitsandki...nks-p-5810.html


Secret Weapon Sack ‘o Corpses http://www.secretwea...products_id=576

Secret Weapon Sack o Skulls http://www.secretwea...roducts_id=230�


1. build the rhino normally, leaving all top plate and the lights off. Glue the Vindicator sides in place. Also, glue the vindicator top ventilation plate on the back door

2. Take the top plate from the vindicator set

first cut out the vents - leaving the edge undamaged! In other words, cut around the vents, with about a 2mm margin

then from the side, saw, dremel, file or sand away the raised area of the copula, so that it becomes level with the rest of the top plate

then cut out a rectangular shape slightly larger than the predator top plate that comes with every rhino set


3. Cut out a hole of the same shape as the vents you just removed. Then, cut off about 2mm of the ridge along the vents and glue the vents under the top plate, so that it matches the hole you just cut


4. Cut out a piece of plasticard roughly the shape of the top plate. Then glue that onto the raised area of the top plate and carefully cut it out to fit with a hobby knife


5. Cut the hinges of the predator top plate.


6. Cut out a rectangluar shape the sice of a predator plate. Use the predator plate to orient yourself. You could use dabs of glue to put it in place, as the part on the card you glue it on is removed anyway


7. Glue in the predator top plate. Use some green stuff to fortify it from below


7. Cut a rectangular piece of plasticard 4mm longer and 4 mm wider than a predator top plate. Out of that piece, cut out a rectangular, making sure what is left over is a 4mm rectanular piec of banding. Glue that over the predator top plate (the yellow is supposed to be the plasticard)


8. Take the largest front part of the vindicator cannon pieces and cut it along the red lines. Glue the two left over pieces in place. Glue the rhino lights in place


9. Take the second rhino top plate. Cut out the ring along the straight edges. It will serve as a cutting shape


10. Then, glue it on a piece of plasticard with the TOP of the ring glued to the plasticard using very few, small dabs of glue (you'll have to pull it off later). If you don't understand what I mean, check out the pic. Then, cut out the plasticard around the ring. Pull the ring (save for the next predator) off the plasticard. Then, glue the plasticard shape on top of the top plate of the predator and glue the entire modified vindicator top plate on top of the predator


11.Cut the two Imperial Knight fuel cannisters in half and glue them in place on the aft parts of the tracks. Cover the wholes under the cannisters with small strips of plasticard or green stuff



1. Glue the Leman Russ Turret together. Then, saw the turret from one rear corner to the the other rear corner. Also, cut off the copula. You'll be replacing that with a (Chaos) Space Marine vehicle copula


2. Close the hole on the turret rear with a piece of plasticard. Reinforce this with some green stuff

3. Glue the Baal Predator fuel tank to the turret. Leave the armour sections off for easy painting


4. Glue the plasma cannon bits together and saw them off along the red line. Glue the rear part in place where it's supposed to be on the leman russ turret


5. Glue the Imperial Knight Melta Cannon together and cut of the fitting edges and the sight. File the ridges into the plane edge where the sight used to be.


6. Glue the cannon to the turret. I filled all holes with green stuff and pinned everything in place for extra strength.

7. Cut out a form out ot the top plasticard part, to fit the fitting ring of the leman russ turret. This should be the end result


You could magnetize the melta cannon in place, so you can replace it with the left over bits from the plasma cannon for a plasma executioner. Simply stick some green stuff and a magnet in the back of the plasma cannon bit you have left over and hey presto. Also, you could magnetize the Conversion Beamer option. Use the FW Contemptor conversion beamer for this
  • RED: Cut at the red lines
  • GREEN: Fill the gap in the green portion with some green stuff and mold it until it copies the slope of the
  • other side. Add glass bead rivets. Fill the side of the gun (the top for the dreadnought) with some plasticard gubbins to match the other side of the gun
  • ORANGE: Magnet here
  • BLUE: And use a GS tentacle/tube maker to replace the tube


Hope it works out! Enjoy!

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You're insane. But in a very good way.

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This is awesome and im going to make two!!