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White Marble

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I was hoping one of you guys had a convincing formula for pure white marble.  I find tutorials for black marble, green marble, and dirty white marble, but no pure white marble.  When I say "pure white" I mean just white-graywhite marble with black/grey veins.  I imagine it's because either it's pretty hard or it's not popular enough to have a tutorial. 


My objective is to paint a miniature as a marble statue for a terrain piece.  So any technique needs to take into account a detailed and textured surface.  I've tried a few theories I had, even tried to convert methods remodelers use to create faux marble on large surfaces, but the effects have been unconvincing as they are hard to duplicate in miniature. 


I know this is a very specific request.  But I figure it wouldn't hurt to ask for a tried and true method that someone may have in their back pocket. 

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Maybe this could help. I am not sure, if the activator only works on special colors, but it could be worth the try. http://www.ebay.it/i...r-/400528035285


Edit: Or this :-) http://www.kunstpark...rchparam=marmor

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My formula is:

Base coat white

then lines of white mixed with grey, random, usually parallel with each other, but not vertical or horizontal.

Edge some of these with a thin line of black, some times at the start, sometime only at the end.

Finish with a high gloss.


Use google image search to find a style you like and copy patterns: StatuaryWhite-MARBLE.jpg


Feel free to post some pics of your trials and maybe people can help from there

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White Marble


  1. Begin with a white base coat and stipple on light grey using a stiff bristle brush, and the same amount of paint as for drybrushing.

  2. Stipple mid grey over this using less paint. Try not to cover all the white.

  3. Stipple dark grey using even less paint. If the result is too even or dark, stipple white on top.

  4. Using a fine sable brush and dark grey paint, add some veins. First using very watery paint create an uneven stripe.

  5. Highlight this with a very fine line, whilst wobbling your hand a little. Apply gloss varnish to finish.

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