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Rapier Battery Tactics

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Rapier thudd batteries using interceptor (not blasts~) - anyone else thing this is ridiculously powerful? I mean, kills leviathans

Since Thudd Guns Squads are not entirely made of models with the infantry type and cannot joined by Apothecarii with Augury Scanners I wonder how you wan't to pull that of?
Join a Forge Lord in there?
And besides, the Leviathan could just stay in that Drop Pod and shoot anyway or come down somewhere else.



You use either the master of signal or forgelord or Mechanicum Cyber Occularis (which have unlimited range).


The rules for the dread drop pod are strange, you can shoot the contents.

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Cyber Occularis won't work because their ability is only applied on units from your Admech detachment. You can park an admech IC into a unit and then use it on him, but I don't think interceptor confers. I've looked into it before and couldn't get it to work. It's fine through, because you can just take Myrmidons instead smile.png
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