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Note - there were a lot of requests for a downloadable version of the rules we used for the Arena of Death table run at Games Day Los Angeles 2007. The rules below are not those rules. The rules you see below are the baseline rules we use when running the online AoDs in which members submit their characters and the AoD organizers run battles. The rules for AoD games you can play on the tabletop will be posted in this forum very soon. (note added 12 Aug 2007)

Below are the revised basic rules for the Arena of Death, based on the original rules created by Captain Achilles. For our purposes, these will be considered the Basic Arena of Death rules. Each AoD, however, might change these rules or add new rules applicable only during that AoD. Additionally, the basic AoD rules might change as the WH40K system develops and we look at how the rules work in this venue. (modified 7 Jan 2004)
-Bro T


Combatants must be an HQ character from any army covered by the Bolter & Chainsword - Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, Sisters of Battle, Inquisitors (no assassins, venerable dreadnoughts, or greater daemons). The character must be legal within its army list restrictions and requirements and may not be worth more than 150 pts. You may only have a single model; command squads, retinues, wolves, thralls, etc. are not allowed. No vehicles or mounts are allowed. This includes Space Marine Bikes, jump packs, Juggernauts of Khorne, etc. Minor psychic powers are allowed. No special characters will be allowed, the only exception being the Emperor�s Champion (who must be taken as is � no additional wargear). Other than these restrictions, you are free to choose as you like.

Images of Miniatures

Most AoDs will require a picture of a painted model that represents your combatant, including full WYSIWYG requirements. The requirements for this will be included in the rules/announcement of the AoDs.

Starting the Fight

Two models enter; one model leaves. Both models set up 6" apart. There is no cover or terrain! The Arena is featureless and empty and goes on into infinity!

Shooting & Charging

These will be SUDDEN DEATH matches. The fights will be simultaneous but the Charger will be determined by a D6 roll. Whoever wins the roll shoots first. The opponent will be the one to charge, and vice versa. BOTH characters will get a chance to shoot (again who goes first will be determined by a D6 roll) before they engage in HTH combat. After that combat is as normal (by Initiative). In the event of a tie (mutual simultaneous death), the victory will go to the one who has scored the highest number of wounds, including overkill.

Special Rules

The Hand of God: In the Arena of Death; I AM GOD. I roll the dice and I post the results. This ensures the impartiality of the fight.

Fighting to Win: All models MUST fight to their best advantage in the Arena of Death. That means that when the shooting phase comes; they will fire their highest Strength weapon at the opponent, and in HTH combat they will split their attacks evenly in half and to their best advantage (see splitting attacks below). If armed with a Rapid Fire weapon; the model WILL stand still in order to fire twice.

Splitting Attacks: Models in the Arena of Death that are armed with more than one weapon for Close Combat MUST make half their attacks (rounding up) with the more expensive weapon, and half their attacks with the less expensive weapon (i.e., a model with a bolt pistol and power weapon and three attacks will strike twice with the power weapon and once with the bolt pistol).

As some of you may have noticed you can't post in this forum. Well neither can the other moderators! This is to ensure that the fights are fair and impartial and totally run by me. Discussion about the fights and whatnot can take place in the forum of the mods you're cheering on, or in Amicus Aedes like all off-topic stuff like this.

So get out your Nacho Hats and Big Foam Fingers, the ARENA OF DEATH is now open. Stay tuned; the Battle Stats for the Champions; and first round match-ups will be posted soon!

Enjoy folks; and may the gods of battle be on the side of your chosen Champion!

Edited by Brother Tyler, 12 August 2007 - 11:12 PM.

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