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Forgeworld Estaban and House Atreus

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Emperor's Furor

Emperor's Furor


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Here's my first try at writing a backstory for my combined Forgeworld/House force that I'm entering into the Liber Challenge. If anyone could help make my image better I'd be most grateful.


Exploratory Fleet Omega-Psi_Epsilon




Forgeworld - Estaban III / Orestes
Name of Warhost - Exploratory Fleet Omega-Psi_Epsilon / House Atreus
Name of its Founder - Unknown / High Protector Tantaius
Notable characters 
Magos Tuzian Ku - Overseer of Skitarii Cohort Omega-Psi_Epsilon
Nu-iota,  Alpha Primus of Omega-Psi_Epsilon
House Atreus
Lord Agamand - High Protector at the outset of the Horus Heresy
Sir Aegithan - Leader of the rebellion at the outset of the Heresy
Knight - Deus Fortius - Constructed from the salvage of Lord Agamand's Knight, it holds a special reverence within the House. Those who ride it are said to be especially blessed by the Omnissiah.
Sir Achileus - Current occupant of Deus Fortius, Commander of Household forces seconded to Forgeworld Estaban.
History of Estaban III
The Forgeworld of Estaban III is not just a single world but an entire system dedicated to the manufacturing of war engines for the Imperium. The origins of the Estaban systems forge capabilities were lost during the Horus Heresy where the Estaban system was a key instrument of the traitors.
During the Heresy the forges were turned towards providing Horus's forces with munitions and engines of war. Half of Legio Tempestus had turned traitor and had "acquired" Estaban as it's main source of replacement engines and repairs, additionally many Knights that had turned from the Emperor's Light also made their way to the forgeworld with the aim of joining the mighty war machines. The exact details of what happened after the fall of Horus is unknown, but during the scouring, Estaban was consumed by war as the loyal remainder of Legio Tempestus walked against their former brothers who were still within the system, although the full strength of the traitor god engines had fled into the Eye of Terror and what remained were the recently repaired engines that had been unable to flee. Mechanicus fought Dark Mechanicus and horrors were uncovered, but after the smoke settled the loyal forces had cleansed the system of the traitors.
Much of the forge works had been all but destroyed during the fighting and all of the high ranking members of the forgeworld had been wiped out. So as reward for their continued loyalty during the turmoil, many priests of the Mechanicus who had lost their forges elsewhere, including those on Mars, were given the system to rebuild. Along with them would stand the remnants of Legio Tempestus, whose stronghold at Ascraeus Mons on Mars had been destroyed during the heresy, and so would now remain in the Estaban system to rebuild their forces. Due to this the forgeworld and the Legio have developed a close relationship and have taken to the field together many times.
History of House Atreus
House Atreus had survived the Age of Strife relatively in tact having been so closely associated with the nearby forge in the Estaban system. The two had built up a symbiotic relationship that pre-dated what would eventually become common place across the Imperium when the Mechanicus made contact with lost Knight worlds. As such they to felt the effects of the Heresy Keenly. At the time the majority of House Atreus's Knights had just returned to Orestes under orders from Horus. The majority of the house had spent the crusade supporting the forces of Roboute Guilliman under the command of High Protector Agamand, the head of the house, whilst a smaller number under the command of Sir Aegithan, had served with Mortarion's Death Guard.  
Agamand had won renown whilst fighting at the side of Guilliman, Aegithan had witnessed some of the thickest fighting in the Crusade and had lost a number of close friends, but hadn't received any reinforcements from the rest of his house or any offer of joining his more lauded brothers. Bitter resentment had crept into Aegithan's heart, as well as those who followed him. Aegithan arrived home after Agamand and was greeted by the High Protector in his knight along with a small escort. Agamand welcomed him with open arms, Aegithan welcomed him with a blast from his thermal cannon. Shocked at the betrayal the High Protector's bodyguard was easily over run by Aegithan's forces whilst Aegithan dueled with the badly damaged Agamand. Agamand eventually fell, his body broken and his Knight ripped in half and badly damaged from repeated thermal blasts. 
Aegithan's betrayal would not be rewarded entirely though as the time he spent dispensing with the late high protector had cost them to much time and as Aegithan's forces closed on the House's keep the doors closed before them and they were met with heavy fire from the battlements, forced to withdraw, Aegithan's forces suffered grevious losses, it was then the loyal knights surged forth. Aegithan's forces were sundered and they fled in all directions. Some traitors would survive for a day or two, but they would be eventually hunted down and slain.
Upon receiving a request from an emmisary of Horus the house became aware of the hostility that would now be turned towards them by the Estaban forge who had already swore alliegence to him. The house evacuated Orestes a long with as much of the population as it could transport and made their way towards Macragge, however they would be unable to reach it and would be drawn into the conflicts that would be waged throughout the Coronid Deeps.
The house would emerge from the heresy badly damaged but would eventually be able to return to Orestes where they would rebuild. They to would have to rely on the output of the Estaban forge to replace their lost Knights. In doing so they swore to protect Estaban system and would go on to fight a longside the forge and Legio Tempestus on many ocassions. Many knights would be seconded to the Legio in a scouting capacity whilst the Legio awaited the addition of more Warhound Scout Titans which it sorely lacked. This practice would continue into the present day, with many Knights spotted fighting a long side the Legio and Forge's Skitarii forces.
Currently these forces can be found within the Exploratory Fleet of Omega-Psi_Epsilon where Skitarii forces are being assisted by Knights of House Atreus in their expedition of the southern fringe in search of STCs but have encountered several worlds protected by Eldar.

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