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Inspirational Friday - Battles of the Space Marines

Inspirational Friday

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Greetings frater and welcome to the first inter-forum Inspirational Friday. For those who are not familiar with this weekly event in the Chaos Boards allow me to explain what Inspirational Friday is. The event is a weekly column where the Chaos frater meet and write a short fanfiction on the proposed topic. The aim of Inspirational Fridays is to inspire the members of the community to flesh out their armies, the background of their heroes or the sagas of their faction. Each week I choose the frater who I consider have written the best fanfiction and they receive a badge which they can proudly wear in their signature. Usually we have only one winner each week but for this event I offer three badges for the taking. 


The theme of this week Inspirational Friday is Battles of the Space Marines and as you can imagine it is about a battle between the Chaos Space Marines and the imperial Space Marines. This week the event is special for I open the topic to the loyalist frater who wish to cross their autoquills with the Chaos writers. 


According to the theme you are allowed to choose the armies, the location, the outcome and the characters involved in the battle. A general guideline should be 500 words and remember the epic scale of 40k warfare, the many plot twists and turns in a battle as well as the sheer ferocity of combat in the grimdark universe we all love and play with. 


Here is the official link where post your topics. The deadline is Thursday 14/05/2015. May the best space marine win. 


Let us be inspired!



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Shall none of you rise to the challenge?!?! Perhaps the Emperors' lapdogs cannot write their way out of a wet paper bag? Consider your honor as fan fiction writers at stake Space Marines! Send us the best you have, that they may be judged!

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