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Lack of support from LGS

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MTG pretty much runs the store I play at and 40k players are left on the back burner.  Also it doesnt help that a couple of store veterans quit playing because of 6th edition and are vocal about how the game sucks (most of their complaints arent valid  in today's codexes and rules).   


Does anyone else suffer from this?  I'd like to here your stories/thoughts/




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actually and I know I will catch a lot of heat for this but I felt 5th was moderately fair(as fair as this game gets) and I like 7th, maelstrom and likeminded people have made it fun even when I am out classed bye newer dex. I don’t do competitive so there’s that to consider.
all of the local game shops round here have closed 4 in my life time, my only two options are to go to an literal ice house ware house at 7p and use their work shop (they allow) or go into the city and risk my car being towed because the game shop doesn’t have dedicated parking and the neighboring business take offense to us being parked there that long.

So back burner doesn’t sound so bad lol.[/size]

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I wish I could read your post without highlighting it slip. :c


I noticed a few issues with my LGS when I was down south, however since moving to Shropshire I haven't had any issues; the staff are friendly, helpful and engaging. I can't say what the gaming scene is like there as I haven't finished putting my army together yet, however at a glance there's more fantasy players than 40k.

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Hey mate,

I don’t know anything about your situation except from what you’ve just told us but it feels to me like you might want to have a peek around for a different store. A store is a store but if that store is playing MTG and not Warhammer 40k, and that is what you would like to do, it simply might not be the right place anymore.
Is there any other stores around? Does anyone have a sizeable basement you could borrow a night every week as long as you sweep the floor afterwards? Playing in an environment where A) it almost feels like you are taking someone elses’ space ‘cause they are doing different things and B.)people constantly talk smack about must be really tiering and putting a lid on the awesomeness that is 40k!

Where I lived before the only local supplier of Warhammer was a toys store, and they did not have any tables, no sir, and then the profit margins weren’t good enough so they stopped selling altogether. Next closest store? Two hours by car, and you’d have to park an hour away.

I am very fortunate now to have a FLGS within two train stops and a small but active w40k focused community. The owner is doing it as a side-job/project next to his main work and is only open 3-4 times a week, but there is always a turn-out on Tuesday nights and we usually have 3 tables going.

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Lord-Commander Macarian

Lord-Commander Macarian


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I feel for you mate, I was in a similiar situation years ago. I tried to keep going but in the end it was pulling on a dead horse. Painting and netlisting gets old really quick when you have noone to play with. 


In the end I sold off or stored my miniatures, paints and books away and left the hobby for the better part of the last six years. I did keep my ear to the ground by joining the Games Workshop email-list and checking blogs (Faeit212, BOLS and B&C). This proved to be a saviour for me as about two weeks ago I learned a Warhammer Store had opened in a town an hour's worth travel away. Went there last weekend and I am now part of a resurgent hobby community, we have around ten guys all with similiar stories as mine rebuilding our armies and getting up to speed with the new rules. Coming Friday I will play my first game of 40k in six years with 750 points of Space Marines.


The moral of the story, even if it looks bleak right now do not despair, in time an opportunity will present itself. Keep an ear out and be ready to seize it when it comes.


Best of luck!

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i think the main problem is ... GW favours LGS only if they made good profit - which is often a infinite loop - most LGS i know don't like GW or doing advertising - no advertising, lesser sails - lesser sails, no favourism from GW's side - and so on :X

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