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+++ The Rules of the Forge +++

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Captain Semper

Captain Semper


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RULE 1: Read the B&C rules!
Read the rules of the Bolter & Chainsword! These are the site-wide rules and apply to all sections of the boards and are the supreme code that all the Frater must abide!
RULE 2: No hijacking or off-topic discussions!
Post your own work and in your own thread. We encourage people to start their own threads to showcase their projects (WIP or completed). What we do not look kindly upon is showing other people’s work in your own thread (even if you clearly state it’s not yours) or, worse still, showing your work in other members' threads (also known as hijacking in the context of the Forge). If you must make a reference to other people’s work it’s preferable to use links. Hijacking posts will be deleted on sight.
Similarly, as is the case throughout the B&C, off-topic discussion will be purged with extreme prejudice and offenders will be facing disciplinary action.
RULE 3: Be polite! Really.
Beware of your tone! People come here to show their work and receive constructive feedback. All skill levels are welcome in the B&C and all deserve respect. Be considerate in your remarks, even if they are negative – you can hurt people’s feelings even if you didn’t think what you said is particularly hurtful. Make sure you are polite and, where possible, use emoticons to denote intent. Belittling or talking down other members' work will not be tolerated and offenders will face full disciplinary action! Constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement are encouraged, but remain constructive, civil, and respectful.
RULE 4: No trading or advertising!
B&C does not allow trading posts even if there is no cash element in the trade. If you want to trade parts or even sell your entire army, you’re welcome to say so in your signature space. That way the more you post, the more exposure you’ll be getting and hopefully people will contact you offline. Note that using B&C resources to trade (even through PMs) is not allowed so it is advisable to provide some other means of communication in your signature, or if you’re contacted via PM to take your business outside the B&C premise. B&C BEARS NO RESPONSIBILITY WHATSOEVER FOR ANY SUCH TRANSACTION.
Similarly advertising topics are prohibited and will be deleted without warning. This applies for miniature/hobby supplies companies, crowd funding campaigns, commission painting services, etc. Especially for the latter, commission painters are welcome to post their work and having their brand on the pic as long as they do not actively engage in promoting their business. Like with trading above, members are allowed to use their signature space to promote whatever they are selling (wares or services) along with flashy banners and links to their own internet sites.
EXCEPTIONS: Frater are welcome to reach the B&C Administrators to obtain permission to advertise.

That’s about it for the Forge rules. Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the moderating team should you have any questions.
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