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Children of Poseidan and Gaea

Sons of Antaeus Poseidan

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Hello my name is Squeaky i have'nt been on the fourms alot latlely a new job and starting a few new projects like this one with not alot to show yet. Anyway this is more fluff in process at the minute and I would like some critismism to try and improve parts or embellish bits. But I have got alot more to flesh them out in my head atleast.  There will be a firgure to acompany this eventually but I wont to put alot of effort into him as it will be a one of charater. I present my take on a nice blank slate chapter of the 21st founding. (thus far)
Sons of Antaeus
Lost Chapter of a Cursed beginning
Founding Chapter:    Death Guard/Ultramarines
Founding:                     21st The Cursed Founding
Known Decedents:     None
Chapter Master:         Unknown
Home World:               Unknown
Fortress Monastery:  Thought to be Poseidon’s Wrath  
Colours:                         Black/Grey
Speciality:                      Unclear possibly Hand to Hand combat and Frontal assaults (Going by the one            or two available accounts)
Strength:                      Unknown
Battle Cry:                   Unknown
The Sons of Antaeus are a very sporadic chapter appearing in the annals of the Imperium only a handful of times over several millenniums, ever since their inception in M36. Most of the information is purely speculative as they have never made direct contact with “allied” forces.
When they helped open a second front in the Inca Sector, during the “Third-Inter Guild War” to help the Subjugators with several bands of Eldar Pirates.  Contact was repeatedly attempted from the various Imperial forces to try and discern the Sons of Antaeus’s motives and never recuperated.  A few lines of dialect spilled over the Vox chatter in an unknown dialect, originally thought to be a basterdised High Gothic. But further research by the Ordo Malleus showed it to be ancient language thought dead called Greek. 
Apon discovering the origin of their dialect the agents of Ordo Malleus discovered the history of the Chapters name. It instantly unsettled them as the figure Antaeus was nearly invincible and had god like strength, the character of Myth would challenge pilgrims to single unarmed combat kill them and take there skull to build a temple to his father. The story bearing so many markers of the Blood God, demanded action so the hounds of the inquisition demanded they be excommunicated and branded traitors. But the Lords of Terra proclaimed the story pure fiction, based on ancient data, and no further action over than observatory is to be taken at this time (M39).
The Inquisition forever the sceptic of others, hounded those that claimed to have seen them for information of the Sons of Antaeus on location, their tactics and the chapters heading after combat. But little did the fellow combatants know of their saviours they weren’t even sure how the Sons arrived as no Vessel was ever sighted.
Notable Campaigns
Third Inter-Guild War – Inca Sector: Aided Subjugators in dividing and routing Pirate Eldar.
Possible sightings
7th Black Crusade – Possible Sighting on Cadia and in the Belis Corona Sector.
2nd Armageddon War
No viable trace of gene-seed has been found or body of these seemingly invulnerable giants has been recovered. It’s purely conjecture what lineage these hulking marines draw their strength from, most believe it to have come from the Death Guard Legion owing to the stories of marines shrugging off wounds that would kill angels  of other chapters. But this would mean the Cult Mechanicus was committing heresy willing using traitor gene seed.
Inside the Sons of Antaeus
The Sons of Antaeus are giants, on average standing 2 – 3ft taller than their fellow Astartes brothers.  As well as their high stature space marines of this chapter have other unique characteristics, such as a metal fussed skeleton with several articulated plates bolted to parts of the skeletal system, like the rib cage and covering other vital parts like knee caps and wrists. No motors or mechanised parts are used to minimise problems in the field.
The problem with all these required extras on the skeletal system mean pushing the Ossmodula to the point of breaking, so there is enough space on the bones to attach the required parts. Usually when the Marine has fully matured after the years of Initiation, the Ossmodula can give up all together, meaning the marine will eventually crumble under their own weight as the bones soften or the Marine will never stop growing at such an advanced rate that they will outgrow their armour in a few centuries.
With all the extra weight adds a lot of strain on the muscular system so it to is altered beyond the point of an ordinary space marine. Increasing the muscle destiny is achieved with a variety of stim treatments into the Biscopea.  It seems defence is the best offence or at least when the Chapter was being created. The is skin is also altered with treats of varying exposure to different spectrums of light and alloy flakes and a variety of mineral giving the skin a pearlescent appearance.  
To the fortune few that come out of the heavily altered inception of a marine, they are far stronger and virtually indestructible. To those that Ossmodula begins to shut down are put into the 1st company and will always be given missions with suicidal odds to honour the tribulations they have endured. As well as honour to those not truly worthy, the Sons of Antaeus have a literal take on the companies, the 1st is the shock wave breaking the front ranks  and the following companies  crash behind like a unrelenting ocean against a crumbling shore line.

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The Sons are by far my favourite 21st Founding Chapter, so good choice!

Am I right in thinking most of the above is the limited official fluff and you'll be fleshing it out from there?

The only thing that really concerns me straight off is the statement that members of the Chapter are on average 2 or 3 ft taller than other marines. GW tells us that a typical marine is between 7 - 7.5 ft tall, so you're saying that the Sons are averaging about 10 ft? And some of them will be even taller than that?

While it is true that they are bigger and more resilient than a typical Astartes, 10 ft is straying well into Primarch height territory (some sources even suggesting it's not far off the height of the Big E himself). Might be better to tone this back a touch and stick to what GW has said, i.e. be non-specific.




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yeh my plan is to flesh out the chapter as there's so little fluff and alot of potentia. Your probabky probably right it young down the height. I was looking at charaters like Hanger and Silas Alberec as inspiration aswell as the Greek mythology of Anteaus for size, but possibly to specific.

Il try and update this soon thanks for reading though it all and the feed back :)
<p>gore tutorial needs updating [url=http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/289223-easy-gore-soon-water-splashes-sprays-and-impacts/]http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/289223-easy-gore-soon-water-splashes-sprays-and-impacts/[/url]