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Tip of the Claw - Levi's Astral Claws/Tyrant's Legion log

Tyrants Legion painting conversion Astral Claws Chapter Badab War

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Happy to see this! I missed quite a bit too.
The Tyrant's Legion is looking sharp as a razor.

Hey Hush! Thank you. How are your Astral Claws doing? Or are you working on something else smile.png
All I have are the scant bits I kept and they still need paint (*add pained grunt sound here). That might change now though since some friends and I are going to try this Heralds of Ruin business. However my focus is on my Emperor's Children as I continue on my quest to finish a single army. msn-wink.gif



Good luck on with your epic quest Hush biggrin.png Remember, the Tyrant will always welcome you back with open arms (mind his claw though) tongue.png


Welcome back, Levi! That Leman Russ looks great and I look forward to seeing your next update. thumbsup.gif


Thank you Dos!


Well, here's what's on the painting table for the Tyrant's Legion; a second batch of Arms Men (moar cannonfodder)! With added bonus, the wounded chap as objective marker (got my hands on an old metal Cadian Command Squad and was quite giddy when this fellow was part of the bunch too). They are almost done, only the transfers and tufts are left. The missile launcher team needs a bit more work though as you can see.






Not a very exciting update but hey, the regular troops need some attention as well msn-wink.gif After this, I'll probably treat myself on a character to paint. So, please stay tuned! smile.png


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Well, we can't always have fireworks and fizzy wine... :lol:

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The meat bags are looking good. What character do you think you will be painting up?

One day I will return to Badab. Like I said Heralds of Ruin poses a great opportunity to dust off my boys or make some new one :)

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They look nice, but I think we can all agree that the best part was the wounded guy who like he's just tripped over a rock and scraped his arm.

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