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The Lauss Rift: The Battle for Transcendence - A Joint Log

Lauss Rift Brother SP Brother Cambrius LySIMachus Dosjetka Ace Debonair Joint Log Battle for Transcendence DIY Liber

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I guess you could hang it off the backpack somewhere? Or maybe around the waist?

Ace Debonair

Ace Debonair


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Waist armour?


Capital plan! happy.png

I'm mad busy all weekend, but hopefully next week I can start really going to work on my Sternguard. biggrin.png

After all, it's an ETL vow and time's marching on...


Brother Cambrius

Brother Cambrius


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Chapter: Vanquishers

Brother Veneo of the Fourth Company, Fifth Tactical Squad
Founding: 8th
Homeworld: Caeron
Geneseed: Imperial Fists (Crimson Fists)
Organisation: Codex
Chapter Master: Coras Brenen
Chapter Symbol: Silver Clenched Fist

Against All, We Endure

A byword for urban combat and endurance across the Segmentum Solar’s southern region, the Vanquishers were forged from the Crimson Fists in the 34th Millennium, to counter the increase in Ork activity surrounding the Southern fringes of the Segmentum Solar. Captain Vasperon of the 7th Company was placed with the honour and responsibility of building the new chapter, ready to counter the Greenskin threat that was making its presence more felt through the Fidel Sector. Captain Vasperon was a warrior who prided himself and his Company on pure will and unyielding vigilance for incoming threats when on and off the battle field. This would be a major part in the creation of the Vanquishers’ personality and combat doctrine, as they grew in number and capability over the early years of the 34th Millennium.

The Vanquishers are a chapter that live and fight under the tenets of endurance and vigilance, taking the trait of stubbornness and purity from their Primarch’s legacy. Renowned for rarely retreating until the last glimmer of hope for victory is lost, always seeking to find a weakness to exploit and turn the tide of a battle. Endurance is the tenet above all else the Vanquishers strive for, ensuring that they outlast their foes through superior firepower and combat skills, no matter how long or protracted the campaign. This has sometimes led to the chapter receiving shocking losses in ill-fated campaigns, but the amount of victories snatched from the jaws of defeat by this tenacity has been just as high. The battle brothers of the Vanquishers maintain a supremely high level of discipline both on and off the battlefield, it is stated by some that their level of discipline is only matched and surpassed by their primogenitors, the Imperial Fists.

Settling upon the planet of Caeron after clearing the Fidel Sector of the Ork menace, Caeron is a former Hiveworld, with a single surviving city named Blackring Hive, which circles completely around Caeron’s equator. To the north and south of Blackring, vast irradiated tundra plains spread far and wide, with long abandoned and crumbling hive cities scattered across the hemispheres. It is from these crumbling metropolises that the Vanquishers have trained their recruits to become the masters of tight combat in urban environments. Astartes of the Vanquishers often exceed the standard level of marksmanship with their firearms, the skills developed over long careers as Scout snipers.

Combat Doctrine

A staunchly Codex chapter, the Vanquishers follow its tenets loyally and rarely with deviation. The chapter have moulded themselves and their combat style to fight in the cramped and unpredictable nature of fighting in built up areas and in dealing with the Ork menace that constantly threatens the Fidel sector. As a result, the Vanquishers often deploy weaponry designed for this purpose, including the use of flamers, meltas for breaching buildings and combi variants there-in. The Vanquishers boast a high amount of heavy vehicles designed to aid them in their campaigns in combat on industrial and hive worlds, this includes a plethora of Vindicators and Land Raider Redeemers.

Astartes of the Vanquishers typically eschew adorning their armour with overtly ornate decorations, viewing them as hindrances in the tight confines of urban warfare. Typically, a battle-brother’s honours are laser-eteched and painted into their armour on an honour shield, which can be placed wherever they deem fit. Veterans who wield Storm Shields and Combat Shields place the honours once on their armour onto their weapon, displaying their honours without hindering their armour’s movement. The chapter possess a fair amount of the new Mark VIII “Errant” armour from the Adeptus Mechanicus’ Forges, with their other armour often including up-armoured additions to aid them in combat. Often they also add additional sensors and scanners to their armour, to ensure they have the best upper-hand in urban combat.

Lauss Rift:

When knowledge of the Chaos incursion and rebellion reached Caeron and that a Crusade had been declared, the Vanquishers immediately coordinated a response to purge the sector. Chapter Master Coras Brenen decreed that a large response force, consisting of the Fourth “Resilient” Company under the command of Captain Elias Draeg would be deployed alongside elements of the First “Praetorian” Company, commanded by Captain Marek Tarren and the Reserve Companies. Overall command would be led by Chapter Master Brenen himself, foreseeing the threat from the Lauss Rift being a force that could utterly destabilise the region if it was not stopped quickly


About time I posted something fluffy given my heritage on this site! tongue.png I have some Vanquishers partially painred currently (pics soon), including one major project of reclaiming and restoring a 1990s metal Land Speeder along with a classic one from the 3rd Edition Starter Box Set.

Now to finish words on the Oblivion Warriors...


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Ace Debonair

Ace Debonair


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"Do not be fooled by their bravado and posturing. The White Hawks want, desperately, to be thought of as heroes. Perhaps they hope if they can make us think of them as such we will forget that those who fight monsters risk becoming monsters themselves.

Do not mistake them for anything other than the living weapons they are. Be sure never to mistake them for the hallowed knights they wish they were." - Inquisitor Ivan Ping, in a message to the Conclave of Thorns.

The cleansing of Canaria was a long, difficult process. After the collapse of the grave-complex, daemons resembling the skinless, humanoid monstrosities the White Hawks had encountered within started clawing their way free of the lesser barrows that littered the world.

However, few things can stay the wrath of a full Battle Company of Space Marines, and the daemons were too few in number, too widely dispersed to inflict any significant damage.

With the pacification of Canaria complete, Lord Inquisitor Tybalt Maltire turned his attention to the mining world of Gheranim. Intending to stop at a Conclave of Thorns outpost on it's lone moon of Phargan to relay word of Canaria's cleansing, instead the White Hawks intercepted a desperate transmission from the isolated outpost, filled with the sounds of battle and desperate pleas for help.

On arriving in orbit around Phargan, initial scans revealed the outpost was badly damaged, the great bronze Aquila atop it's domed ceiling defaced with the sigils of the Dark Gods.

The Great Enemy had come to Phargan, and struck at the Conclave of Thorns.

At the Inquisitor's command, the White Hawks made ready to deploy.
The heretics would pay in blood for this transgression.


[Pictured above: Brother Torex and Brother Alaf of Squad Lowen, during the battle of Phargan]


Amongst the Companies of the White Hawks, there is always a squad consisting of the most decorated veterans of the Company - utterly reliable even in the direst of situations, White Hawks whose mastery of war is absolute.

Such a squad is always clad in robes of warrior's blue, symbolically marked with blessed oils from Talhon, to signify the purity of their dedication to the Chapter's honour.

Symbolism aside, the voluminous robes are often reinforced on the inside with thickened hides or scales taken from the myriad beasts native to the Glastheim Rift, durable enough to turn aside blows from most humans.

Such a squad is armed with the best weaponry the Company can muster, their armour reapinted after every battle, then blessed and consecrated with oil and water from worlds and places considered favoured by the Emperor.

They are also tasked with the duty of eliminating the most challenging targets on the battlefield, be it a colossal ork Warboss or a thickly-armoured tank.

In the First Company, Squad Lowen is the squad with these distinctions, and they would once again prove their worth on Phargan, the lone moon of Gheranim.


Once the sole survivor of his tactical squad, Brother Torex [pictured on the left] is no stranger to enduring hardship. He served for over thirty years in Squad Hennig, and they faced down countless foes, until they were pinned down and all but wiped out by the unstable power of a Chaos Sorcerer on Filaf's World near the Glastheim Rift.

Torex survived the searing pain of the ethereal fire conjured by the sorcerer. He also survived the lance made of raw, fluctuating Warp energy that was hurled at him afterward as he advanced on the heretic. He also survived the next, frantically-cast wave of green flame, then three desperately-fired bolt pistol rounds, and the sorcerer's final, desperate swing of his force staff as Torex severed the heretic's head with his former Sergeant's own Chainsword.

The reward for such endurance, of course, was more pain. This time, the pain of loss.

It has taken Torex a long time to adjust to Squad Lowen, unable to move past the unsettling worry that one day, this squad too will perish around him, consumed by the darkness of the Great Enemy.


Brother Alaf [pictured on the right] is very much a stereotypical White Hawk. Though utterly unflinching in the face of danger and more than eager to hunt down and destroy the enemies of The Emperor, he is also boisterous, prone to mistaking recklessness for courage, and above all filled with a terrible pride in himself and his brothers.

Any insinuation, no matter how vague, that Alaf, or his squad, or his Company, or his Chapter, is anything less than the very best of the best, is met with scathing insults and dismissals.

Even brother Chapters of the Circle of Iron are not immune to Alaf's endless bragging and boasting - the small multi-Chapter taskforce assigned to keep vigil on the White Hawks during this campaign were all individually confronted over their Chapter's various shortcomings before Captain Ambrose himself intervened, restricting Alaf from any interaction with outsiders and placing him on penitence and additional prayers to The Emperor for guidance.

However, despite his shortcomings, Alaf has proven himself time and time again to be a fearsome combatant. Driven, honourable and utterly merciless to enemies of Mankind, it seems at times as though the Emperor himself ensures Alaf's survival even against the most strenuous odds, and his rise to membership of the Company's most veteran squad has at times seemed inevitable. However, despite currently being the second longest-serving member of Squad Lowen, age hasn't diminished Alaf's recklessness, nor his quick temper.

The shame of being the only member of Squad Lowen to be placed on personal penance in over a century has only stoked Alaf's fervour for battle higher, and by the time of the battle of Phargan, Alaf's drive for redemption had almost consumed him.


Sorry this took so long, guys. sweat.gif
I've been painting more fences than models lately! pinch.gif

Hopefully the rest of Squad Lowen will be completed rather more quickly, although I've still got some greenstuff work to do for the sergeant that might slow me down a little.
As a side note; heck yeah, Vanquishers! turned.gif



Also, I couldn't resist arming these guys with Bolter & Chainsword.

Best forum on the Internet?  Darn right! biggrin.png




Despite how silver they look in the pictures, I swear on the Throne the lenses on those guns are Etherium Blue.

It took me three darn attempts not to botch painting them, so I'm a bit narked they didn't even come out right on the pictures.

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wow, white marines, purple marines, multiple awesome hobbyists. there so needs to be more projects like this.

If you're gonna be a nerd, be an awesome nerd!




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Dudes. Most excellent.

"I don't need my left arm to run." - Sergeant Arkad VII Legion bad-ass.

Brother Cambrius

Brother Cambrius


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More is on the way folks, I have finally finished something from a project some may remember called "Operation Reclamation". A Land Speeder has been sitting half finished for a long time and it is finally almost completely done,requiring a flying base and some detail work. This is how it once looked when I obtained it:






I had to scratchbuild a tail with 3 layers of thin plasticard, as that was the only piece missing. After that, it was time to spray and paint it in the colours of the Vanquishers.


Which you will see tomorrow, with the story of its pilots and the craft itself, baptised in warfare as "Menia's Glory". tongue.png


Stay tuned for purple!



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Brother Argent

Brother Argent


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Just so any who happen to be following this thread know the Interdictors shall be receiving an update soon, as will me other part of the Rift Story line, the White Talon group of Traitors.   Unfortunately a shoulder injury has reduced my ability to sit at my desk and model/write/basically anything rather drastically without being in pain and having very little control of my hand.  I am going in for a MRI next week and hopefully find out if its muscular (thus requiring massage therapy) or nerve damage (requiring probably operation).  Needless to say I am hoping for the first one.  So dont worry the newly revised Interdictors will be back soon as the White Talons shall make their appearance. 




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Just discovered this, and by Liber members no less! happy.png Loving it so far! thumbsup.gif

Cambrius - You've got one of the "Flying sofas"! blink.png I wish you the best of luck keeping your patience with that model, Brother! They were the absolute censored.gif to glue together (even Araldite was not enough!) and keep it that way! blink.png

I look forward to more updates! thumbsup.gif

(Go Liber!)

Once, a Novice Cantus came to me, troubled and uncertain. A slip of a girl, only a few strides down the eternal path leading her to the Golden Throne. She asked me a question. She asked me how we can ever truly understand what faith is. I told her that there is no coin to measure what we feel in our hearts. There are no scales upon which we might weigh the faith of one woman against another. There is only duty and blood. There are only deeds and words. There is only the service to the God-Emperor, and the price that demands from each Sister can only be known by Him. But know that whatever fears must be faced, whatever hardships endured, that price is forever worth its full cost.
- Sister Katherine Elysius,
Daughter of the Emperor (later Imperial Saint Katherine)

Chaplain Dosjetka

Chaplain Dosjetka


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Need to get my side of the project rolling. It'll take a couple of weeks, but it should be worth it :)

Stay tuned for more updates from us all!

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Accept all challenges, no matter the odds. | You carry the Emperor's will as your torch, with it destroy the shadows. | Suffer not the Heretic to live. | Abhor the Typo.




Ace Debonair

Ace Debonair


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"On Macragge they train their youths to fight other men, and by doing so make soldiers. On Talhon we teach our young how to slay monsters, and by doing so we create heroes." - Captain Ambrose, White Hawks 1st Company

The battle of Phargan was a shining example of the resilience of the White Hawks.

Hundreds of cultists, fighting from captured fortified points within the hideout meant any attempted advance was met with a withering hail of destructive fire. Shored up further against enemy fire with piles of their own dead to act as shields, the cultist threat was well able to repel all but the staunchest of assaults. Supplementing these ordinary cultists were grenadiers, throwing a mix of high explosive grenades and some kind of containers that leaked a highly corrosive gas.

Nevertheless, the White Hawks advanced undaunted.

Their squads moved in a complicated, fluid formation, the end result of which was that no single squad of White Hawks was able to come under sustained fire for more than a minute at a time.

At the core of the advance was Squad Lowen - tasked with breaking open enemy strongpoints, the veteran squad used their combi-plasma guns and Lowen's power fist to remove barriers and tear through the ranks of enemies within the cunningly placed bunkers. After each strike, they would fade back into the advancing ranks of hunting Hawks, always ready for the next target.


[Brothers Lukano and Gorath of Squad Lowen]

At the heart of the Inquisitorial bastion, however, lay a very different threat.

Ten Chaos Space Marines, of the warband that would later be identified as 'The Bonehewers'.

Well-armed and armoured, these wily, cruel and vicious worshippers of Slaanesh used flamethrowers to flood the corridors with billowing, dark flames. Combined with the corrosive gases thrown earlier by their cultists, these modified, unholy flamers were able to burn through the armour of several White Hawks, resulting in several severe wounds and a total of five fatalities.


[View of the additional scale armour worn by Brothers Lukano and Gorath]

But even these vile corruptions of The Emperor's Chosen were not enough to halt the advance of Squad Lowen.

The layers of additional armour worn both over and under the squad's bulky robes served to absorb the brunt of the flame attacks, allowing the Space Marines to close in and use their chainswords and knives to brutal, bloody effect.

With their leaders emphatically broken and slain, the handfuls of remaining cultists panicked and scattered - easy prey for the vengeful Hawks.


[Close combat weapons - the ones borne by Squad Lowen are reinforced with the rare metal Oridecon, mined from Athlum, famed for it's light weight and durability.]

Outsiders sometimes remark on how strange it is that the White Hawks largely shun the use of their Chapter insignia.

Like the other Chapters of the Circle of Iron, the White Hawks tend to only use their insignia - in their case a white hawk with it's wings spread wide - for the Fortress Monastery and it's attendants.

And though at first they simply seem to be less uniform than other Chapters, with differently coloured knee and elbow armour or variously-hued bolter casings, in truth each one holds a certain significance o the White Hawks.

For instance, it is largely frowned upon to use white for a bolter casing without first performing a great and heroic feat. Emblematic of The Emperor's light and power, it's use is usually the preserve of great veterans.

Brother Lukano, however, picked white for his bolter as soon as he reached full Battle-Brother status. This simple act was seen as highly disrespectful by both the Sergeants and the Captains he served under, and Lukano found himself frequently assigned to the most dangerous tasks on the battlefield that could reasonably be accomplished by a marine with a bolter.

Lukano, however, had a knack for surviving. And, as any Space Marine who survives long enough is wont to do, Lukano earned honour and glory for his Company and his Chapter.

His rise to the most prestigious squad in the First Company is another step on a long, hard road, although it is possible to make the argument that by now Lukano has earned the right bear the white bolter.


[Image of the wing-and-sword motif commonly used as one of The Emperor's symbols on Talhon]

Brother Gorath is a good-natured marine with a particular knack for difficult shots. Even on the move or under heavy enemy fire, Gorath has the keen eye and shrewd instinct of the born marksman.

Though initially a member of the Ninth Company, Gorath's talent for almost peerless accuracy proved more useful in hit-and-run attacks with standard, lightweight bolters, able to support advancing squads easily from the flanks or counteract enemy attempts to snipe battle-brothers in the midst of combat.

Even now, rich in years and experience, Gorath's intuitive marksmanship lends Squad Lowen much of it's ranged combat power, able to pick out targets beyond even ordinary bolter range.


Sergeant Lowen is one of the longest-serving marines in the First Company.

At a little over five hundred years old, and hardened by a life at the forefront of the endless war against Chaos, there is little an enemy can throw at Lowen that he hasn't already seen, or defeated.

Of course, a lifetime of war has brought Lowen his fair share of scars and wounds. His left leg was lost to battle with the Orks, long ago. His right hand was broken beyond repair after a gruelling combat with a mantis-like xeno creature on a distant jungle-world, and his left eye has bionic enhancements after suffering a fierce wound from an Aspiring Champion of Chaos.

In spite of his long years and various wounds, Lowen is every bit as zealously dedicated to his Chapter as he was in his youth.

Lowen serves the First Company as much as an advisor as a warrior - his memory is excellent and he can recall tactics that served well against foes long-forgotten by many others.


[The additional scale-armour on the shoulders and helmet worn by Sergeant Lowen]


Phew, this took some writing up. laugh.png
I hope my mediocre paint jobs don't put anyone off the project! sweat.gif

Also, that's my third and final ETL vow for this year completed! Huzzah! biggrin.png

I can't wait to see that landspeeder in Vanquisher colours - it's going to look awesome.happy.png

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Brother Cambrius

Brother Cambrius


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Right then, now that Master Argos has brought this wonderful site back from the near-dead, I think it is time I shared that old Landspeeder, "Menia's Glory".


First off, here's how it looked after applying the initial paints to it after super-gluing a lot of the Landspeeder together (and Aquilanus, somehow my use of Loctite "Brush On" did the trick well, she only came apart once or twice...) alongside the second Landspeeder I am working on, which will become a Tornado variant after obtaining the Assault Cannon from an eBay job lot of bitz.


I have no idea if I have all the parts for it, but I'll find a way to make it work. laugh.png




But now onto Menia's Glory itself. Why is it called that I hear some of you ask? Well:


Vanquishers Record File Sigma-Epsilon 455.02.1


Subject: Relic Land Speeder Alpha-0032 "Menia's Glory"


Notable Battle Honours:


Galeforce III Campaign:

Outpost D-093 Reclamation

Basalt Ridge Retreat

Eaglehive Assault


Menia Campaign:

Destruction of the Gargant "Gork's Teef"

Civilian Encampment 22-A's Defence

Prometheum Pump Facility Secundus Assault

Seraph Fortress' Relief


Malachite VI Purge:

Helwinter Gate Annihilaiton

Senseseeker's Daemon Horde's Cleansing




Access Sub-Folder Alpha-5.B:


Menia's Glory, a chariot of the Vanquishers that has become a name of legend from its numerous Campaigns of victory against the Imperium's myriad of enemies. Originally a relic gifted to them by their parent chapter at their founding, the deep blue and crimson of the Crimson Fists' colours were replaced with reverence with the purple and silver of the newly formed chapter.


Since that time, the Landspeeder earned its reputation quickly under the experienced guidance of its once Crimson Fists pilots. Menia's Glory did not earn its title until the Campaign to defend Menia from the assault of Waaaagh! Sawtoof in 530.M35. Seconded to the 4th Company in that Campaign, the Landspeeder and its crew achieved the almighty task of stopping the Gargant "Gork's Teef" from charging headlong into Sainthive, achieved after a multi-melta blast into the magazine of the Gargant caused its ammunition stores to explode and annihilate itself. Its presence in defending the refugee encampments from an Ork Kommando raid and ensuring that airborne reinforcements could arrive at Seraph Fortress, after destroying the Ork anti-aircraft emplacements with its squadron earned it the title of Menia's Glory.


Access Sub-Folder Omega-12.A:


Menia's Glory participated in the majority of the Vanquishers' battles to protect and reclaim the Lauss Rift from the chaos incursion. Piloted by Veteran Seregant Matteus Kallo alongside his gunner, Veteran Aller Meretas, Menia's Glory acted as the lead Landspeeder in the first squadron of the Fourth "Resilient" Company of the Vanquishers. the squadron of Menia's Glory earned notable glory in the purging of the artillery lines beyond the Argent Gate of the Hive complex of Felwinter and ending the devastating fire of the corrupted Shadowsword 'Hellcaster' during the Second Sunrise Assault. Despite numerous hits against it, Menia's Glory continued to fly after minor repairs from each skirmish and assault, until it nearly met its end as the newly reborn Daemon Prince of the Oblivion Warriors, Lord Taros caught the Landspeeder, burning the pilots with a breath of hellfire and throwing the hull back down into the Vanquishers' assaulting lines reclaiming Spaceport Victrix.


The remnants of the Landspeeder and its crew were recovered by the Techmarines of the Vanquishers and work began anew on restoring Menia's Glory to its once proud appearance and capabilities. The bodies of Veterans Kallo and Meretas were interred into the Sepulchre of the Noble Dead back on the Vanquishers' homeworld of Caeron, resting alongside previous pilots of the legendary relic assault vehicle. With a deep and hollow regret, the geneseed and armour of both Kallo and Meretas were unrecoverable, destroyed beyond any form of recovery from the Daemon Prince's tainted flames.








Menia's Glory carries a number of squad markings to signify its position as leader of the Foruth Company's Land Speeder Squadron, with a golden "1" upon the nose of the assault craft, and the Roman Numerals on the wingtips. Across the prow it proudly displays the name of it's greatest campaign and namesake, Menia, whilst the black encircled skull represents that is was part of the Defence of Fortress Echo-419 from an Oblivion Warriors assault.

The veteran status of its pilots is represented by the bone coloured helms of Kallo and Meretas, but they carry the green shoulder-pad trimming to represent their secondment to the Fourth Company. Their Assault Squad symbols are also painted in red to display their rank as Squadron leader, which would be white for the rest of the Squadron.



And there it is folks, my first proper attempt and contributing to the Campaign with a completed miniature. No flying base as of yet as I need to locate one that can withstand the metallic weight of the speeder, until then Menia's Glory and the still being worked on Land Speeder remain grounded.


Hope you enjoyed the read up and weren't too overwhelmed.



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Ace Debonair

Ace Debonair


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I can't wait to see that landspeeder in Vanquisher colours - it's going to look awesome.happy.png

Called it. laugh.png


Digging Menia's Glory - loving all the little heraldric details and the campaign history. Top stuff! happy.png


Brother Cambrius

Brother Cambrius


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"Urban warfare is the ultimate test of a warrior's skills. To fight in the claustrophobia of ruined buildings, where danger waits around every passage, every corner, from above and from beneath. An Astartes must be as vigilant as his spirit can muster. His weapons must be gripped tighter, always ready to strike. His reaction times must reach a point rivalling the preternatural. We have been raised to fight in this environment. In the ruins of Ashenhive, Skyreach and Tridenthaven, every son of Caeron has honed their skills against each other and the cruel monsters within the shadows of the once almighty buildings. The battles of legends may be imagined upon open fields, but we fight the reality of the ultimate test of combat." - Veteran Sergeant Alato Karvan of the 4th Company to a White Talons veteran, during the defence of the Felwinter Hive Complex.


Time for some more stuff to keep this rolling on! biggrin.png


I couldn't resist building a Veteran Sergeant 2 nights ago from my new Tactical Squad box set (never used one before, it's pretty!) and some extra bits here and there and made the leader of Enduring Company's 5th Squad, known as "Fourth's Fury". His head comes from the 8th Company Captain, whilst his backpack is a Chaos Marine backpack with the stems removed, making it look bulky and ornate. Makes sense if it's powering a lightning claw. :P




Veteran Sergeant Karvan has served the Vanquishers for over one and a half centuries since he was chosen amongst the hopeful in the Trials of Caeron. Spending numerous years training in marksmanship for the 10th "Hidden" Company, Karvan soon displayed his abilities in planning and leading assaults within the numerous Hive ruins of his homeworld and upon numerous campaigns against Xenos and Chaos alike. Serving his time in both the Devastator and Assault squads of the 9th and 8th companies, Karvan immediately found himself placed within the Fourth "Resilient" Company's ranks in 831.M41, after he displayed exceptional skill in the taking of Bastion 38-A from an Ork Flashgitz group, during the Halon Prime assault alongside his squad from the 6th "Tenacious" Reserve Company. He quickly rose to become the second in command of the fifth squad, before taking his Veteran Sergeant's place as Squad Leader after the ill-fated Bloodmoon Massacres.




During the Lauss Rift Campaign, Karvan led "Fourth's Fury" throughout the numerous battles to retake and purge the Chaos forces that blighted the worlds of the Imperium. His counter-assaults during the rampaging assault of the "Black Dagger" cultists, guided by their masters from the Oblivion Warriors helped to break the assault and deny the Chaos Marines their final goal of plundering the weapon stores of the Munitorum. His heroic and decisive leadership throughout the Campaign earned him further accolades to be included upon his honour shield, notably the earning of his laurels after defeating and slaying a Dark Apostle in single combat atop the ruined walls of Hexxan Fortress.


Armoured in the newer Mark VIII 'Errant' variant of Astartes battleplate, with the addition of an up-armoured powerpack on his pack, to protect him from shots behind him during urban battles. Veteran Sergeant Karvan wields a Lightning Claw, recovered from the stores beneath the once Ork-infested Forgeworld of Chora II. His sanctified bolt pistol is fastened to his wrist with a "Chain of Endurance", a visual vow of loyalty to staying within the Fourth Company until his dying breath. Karvan also sees it as a useful tool in ensuring he does not lose his firearm in close-quarters combat or from a blast.




And that is everything from me tonight! I sadly won't be active in terms of modelling for a fortnight now as I'm going on my travels to Texas for a week, attending the RTX convention in Austin and meeting up with Amercian buddies of mine. Hopefully the heat doesn't turn my pasty and pale Welsh skin into ash... I'll get to work on the rest of Karvan's "Fourth's fury" Squad when I return.


Until then!




Brother Argent

Brother Argent


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“ Duty till death, Brother.  That is our creed, our motto and more and battle-cry.  But most importantly it is our oath. It forms our very being. Every part of who we are, who we are made to be.  Remember it, make it be the first thing you tell yourself every morning; the last words you speak of a night.  And when the day comes when you pay the ultimate price let be that you can hold your head high and know you have done your duty and be forever honoured amoungst your brothers.  Duty till death! Salvation through sacrifice!”
Reclusiarch Taron - Interdictors Fifth Company
Although official records have long since been destroyed or sealed away under lock and key by the order of the High Lords of Terra and the Inquisition the Interdictors are rumoured to be from the mysterious 13th, or Dark Founding.  The Chapter itself is tight lipped on this, and many other matters.  Surviving records of that turbulent time of the Imperium’s history contain the first mention of the Chapter.  No official source of geneseed is recorded and, despite the Chapter showing many similarities of those known descendants of Rogal Dorn’s Legion gene markers show closer similarities to that of the Ultramarines and indeed they possess none of the failed implants of the Fists sons.
Whatever the truth of the matter the Interdictors have proven to be a faithful and worthy Chapter in the years since.  Courageous in assault and immovable in defense the Chapters name has become a byword for dedication and duty in their home region of The Drift.  Despite this service because of the mystery surrounding their Founding and origins the Chapter has often been shunned or treated suspiciously by other Imperial forces and, as such, have grown to distrust any and all outside their Chapter.  Known to often refuse contact to those outside their Chapter and instead operate on their own to achieve their own goals.
Within the Chapter, or to those whom have earned the Chapter trust, however they are extremely loyal.  Each Squad is regarded as a brotherhood and each Company an extended family.  Whilst most Chapters refer to each other as brother for the Interdictors it is far more literal.  Each and every brother will go out of his way, even willing to sacrifice himself, for those he calls brother.  In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, the Companies within the Chapter are highly competitive against each other.
The Lauss Rift
When Lord Commander Artenis Pullo declared his great counter crusade against the forces of Marou invading the Lauss Rift he petitioned for the aid of Astartes to counter the traitor forces in the Rift.  The Interdictors were one of the first Chapters to answer, alongside the Vanquishers and the remaining forces of the Marines Adamant 4th Household.  Committing the entirety of the Fifth Company alongside elements of the First, Tenth and support elements from the reserve companies the Interdictors committed almost two companies worth of marines to the conflict.  It perhaps telling that the Interdictors refused contact for the most part with the other Chapters in the conflict until it was deemed unavoidable during the Battle for Transcendence.  The Interdictors force was under the command of First Company Father-Captain Dolvus Armo supported by Fifth Company Father-Captain Vicah Therus, along with elements of the Reclusiam and Librarius.
So there is my first Interdictors Reboot post.  I would include a picture of the colour scheme but that is currently WIP as I paint.  Ignore the somewhat unfinished guys in the pic as I am working marine to marine.  There will be the first White Talons Update soon too.  Unfortunately my shoulder is still stuffed and it hurts like hell to paint sometimes but, as the Interdictors say: Duty till death!




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Man some Great Fluff and Marines here.

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Awesome stuff, guys. happy.png

Can't believe I missed another Vanquisher post! Shame on me. pinch.gif


I especially like the pose on the Interdictor with the drawn knife - much cooler than the ones I managed for Squad Balorn! biggrin.png

Here's also hoping your shoulder heals up soon, SP!


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The wonders of the new assault marine kit Ace.  Sad thing is he (Brother Jacobus) will probably be the last from this lot of guys I paint (I paint one by one. Slow I know) I am working Right to Left.  I am about half way through Brother Ignatio (Far right)