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Liber Challenge IV: Inquisitorial Retinue


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So, here's my entry for the 4th Liber Challenge, models are obviously WIP but I figured I'd include them for completeness. The warband is meant for playing Inq28 so I've also included the rules from the Inquisitor game but I've hidden them for those who don't play/care!

C+C always welcome!

Inquisitor Zebulun Ryk


Highly intelligent, coldly efficient and fiercely loyal to the Golden Throne, Zebulun Ryk has served the Emperor and humanity as a member of the Most Holy Inquisition for at least two hundred years. Despite his advanced years, regular rejuvenat treatments have meant that his physical appearance and abilities are those of a man in his prime. Ryk has crossed the breadth of the Imperium over the centuries, but much of that period has been spent in the northern regions of the Segmentum Obscurus. In his time he has faced xenos raiders, uncovered heretical cults and even rallied entire Sub-sectors against all-out invasions from the Eye of Terror. However, unlike those of his peers who regularly co-opt entire regiments or battle fleets, Inquisitor Ryk is typically extremely secretive, preferring to work in the shadows assisted by only a small team of experts.

Ryk has never officially joined any of the Inquisition's numerous Ordos and when asked why always insists that the Emperor has many foes, and why would he limit himself to only facing one of them? His true goals are unclear, as are his beliefs and motives. The few who have seen or heard reports of Zebulun's actions would likely suggest that he broadly follows the principles of the Amalathians, attempting to unify and protect the various worlds and factions that make up the Imperium. A handful of detractors within the Segmentum Obscurus Inquisitorial Conclave suggest that in recent years his actions display a worrying tendency towards a more Radical viewpoint, even implying an Istvaanian bent, but at present Zebulun continues to enjoy the overall support of his Puritan colleagues.

Though Ryk prefers to use his mind, when battle becomes necessary he is more than capable. The Inquisitor is strong, agile and fast, a living proof of the skill of the Imperium's finest chirurgeons. A superior marksman, he is well equipped with bolt pistol and plasma gun, powerful weapons able to bring the Emperor's justice to the mightiest of foes. Zebulun's chosen tool for hand to hand combat is far simpler, but his skills as a blade master still make him an opponent to be respected and feared.

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Interrogator Elsbeth von Caeryd


Elsbeth is the third child of the infamously successful Rogue Trader Mordalphus von Caeryd. Captain of one of the ships of her father's fleet, she is a capable naval commander as well as a highly skilled duelist. Her path first crossed that of Inquisitor Ryk when he requisitioned her vessel to transport him across the Havilar Sector. However, it was neither her ship nor her superior bladework that later prompted Zebulun to ask her to join his team. Elsbeth was born with the psyker gene and while her abilities are minimal, far beneath the notice of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica, they are still very useful to an investigator. Perhaps because of the near pathological level of dishonesty shown by her father throughout her formative years, Elsbeth's power manifested as an ability to know whether those around her were speaking the truth. This gift, hidden from everyone until it was finally uncovered by Inquisitor Ryk, could have made her an even more affluent Trader than her father. However, her youthful (and somewhat idealistic) belief in truth and justice has made her determined to use it wisely in serving the Emperor and the Inquisition.

Von Caeryd's ability makes her a perfect Interrogator, rooting out the ring of truth from the countless lies of heretics and traitors. Ryk has helped to further hone Elsbeth's gift, training her to also use it in combat, anticipating whether a strike is real or merely a feint.

From the outset, the normally devious Inquisitor promised his young protege that he would never lie to her. Perhaps her power will mean that for once Zebulun Ryk will have to keep to his word.

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Thrug, Ogryn bodyguard


Though Inquisitor Ryk is as xenophobic as any true Adept of the Imperium, his hatred of that which differs from the ideal of humanity has never extended to the various loyal sub-species of mankind. In fact, among the longest serving members of Zebulun's warband is one of these abhumans, the Ogryn Thrug.

Thrug hails from Ardravia, an Imperial Garrison world in the Havilar Sector. Committed to defending the Emperor's realm from the hated Orks, more than eighty percent of Ardravia's population is drafted at an early age into the Imperial Guard. The planet has a sizeable Ogryn community and an even higher percentage of these abhumans serve in the Imperial military. Thrug's unit was assigned to act as Inquisitor Ryk's protectors during an armed incursion into the Ork infested Vorastin system. The rest of the Ogryn squad were killed in the line of duty but, as Zebulun often says, Thrug was simply too stubborn to die.

The abhuman has remained in the Inquisitor's retinue ever since. Thrug is monstrously strong, resilient and absolutely loyal. Unfortunately, he is also painfully slow witted and therefore Ryk rarely allows him to operate more than a few metres from the Inquistor's side. Armed with a heavy stubber - which compensates for his abysmal aim with an overwhelming hail of firepower - and his own massive fists, Thrug is a blunt but powerful weapon.

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Haldan Jagro, Renegade sniper


Along with his three brothers, Haldan joined the Imperial Guard at the raising of the 76th Reserchian Rifles. His proficiency with a long rifle saw him quickly assigned to the regiment's sniper corps. The vast majority of the 76th, including all of Haldan's brothers, died in their first campaign, a series of gruelling urban battles against the secessionist Hives of Xerxes Primus. Their sacrifice was proven an utter waste of human life when a short time later the nobles of Xerxes made peace with the aristocratic Lord General of the Imperial Guard that had led the campaign. The remnants of the 76th were discharged and Jagro disappeared. He resurfaced two months later, a mile distant from where the Ceremony of Reunification was taking place. The sniper-turned-renegade calmly executed the Lord General, the new Planetary Governor and four other high ranking Imperial officials, before vanishing back into the Underhive.

Inquisitor Ryk captured the sniper seven months later, but Zebulun did not immediately carry out Haldan's termination. Instead, the Inquisitor delayed Jagro's death sentence, offering him a reprieve in return for his continuing allegiance. Since then the sniper has fought for Ryk, even saving his life on a number of occasions. Though Haldan hates serving a man who is the embodiment of the Imperium that he believes killed his family, life is still far sweeter than the eventual certainty of a las-bolt in the brain.

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Ramak Firebeard, Demiurg Engineer


Doughty and strong, Ramak has wandered the galaxy for untold years. An explorer and innovator, his travels led him across the breadth of the Imperium, far from the Squat Leagues. This distance saved Ramak's life, placing him among the tiny fraction of individuals that survived the extinction of their race by the Tyranid menace. Before this atrocity, he was inquisitive, innovative and extrovert. After, he became understandably grim and withdrawn. Suddenly lacking any purpose in life, the Squat spent many months attempting to hide from his loss in the false comfort of a drunken haze. Inquisitor Ryk found him while searching for a rumoured archaeotech horde in the nethermost depths of Cal Ferena's tertiary Hive and somehow convinced him to join his retinue.

While a capable fighter, Ramak is most useful to the Inquisitor's team for his other talents. He is a skilled engineer with a firm understanding of countless technical disciplines. This aptitude also extends intuitively to the biological cycles and systems of the flesh, and though Ramak has had no formal training, he is more than capable of providing on the scene medical care for the other members of Ryk's warband.

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