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Fan Publications?

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Rev. Tiberius Jackhammer

Rev. Tiberius Jackhammer


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So, would it be preferable to continue discussing the first of the generalist issues in this thread, or should a separate LIP thread be created?

Dolchiate Remembrancer

Dolchiate Remembrancer


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Brother tyler!
Would it be possible to have a clean up of this sub forum?
Right now it wont matter but i think when we get to discussing issue content when it matters then i would think it preferable to close and move all completed LIP to a legio imprint archive forum. So that way only the ongoings may be viewed on this one.

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Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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If we have a real effort to develop an issue, I'll create a sub-forum specifically for that issue. This forum is for general planning and discussion of ideas that might become issues. Each issue will have its own dedicated sub-forum.

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I'll do one better for you and just move this one. msn-wink.gif


that works.

If you're message even remotely resembles this:
"O foar teh noez dey schrewd Ka0z agen!11!!!one! /cry /quit" and "Ka0z iz OP hax0rz."

Please go back and re-type it. Seriously, go back and try again. I am not fluent in txtiese. I am capable of reading/writing/speaking 3 languages: English, bad English, and American.

Inquisitor Kravin

Inquisitor Kravin


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I was contributer, assistant editor and general dogsbody for Legio Imprint 2.

Start to finish it took almost 2 years and damn near burned out Octavulg producing that leviathan.

I think a much smaller and more frequent publication has more chance of building momentum.

I'm more than happy to assist with any of those tasks on any other publications people want to try. Just PM me.
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