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Fabalah's WIP Icons:Astartes Forces

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Happy Belated 19th Birthday B&C!!​ whistling.gif
I normally don't make homebrew icons but I thought I would make an exception this time around, it's the very least I can do.


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Its been awhile and after losing a lot of my art files, I finally have gotten around to redoing some of them. It's always so disheartening to lose work but yea, I hope you all have been doing well and keeping healthy. I have started working on redoing the next section (E) and plan on posting them once I am finished as well! blush.png 









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Astartes [Chapter Approved] Heraldry:

Based off official Astartes heraldry by Fabalah

A | B | C | D | E


Astartes [Chapter Approved] Heraldry, Section E:


Green = Done

Yellow = Need an image to create.

Red = Not done yet.


  1. Eagle WarriorsReference | Finished Heraldry
  2. Eagles Iridescent — None
  3. Ebon Knights — None
  4. Ebon Sentinels — None
  5. Eight Stolen Truths — None
  6. EightscarredReference | Finished Heraldry
  7. Emissaries of the Wasting Death — None
  8. Emperor's Blades — None
  9. Emperor's Children (Pre-Heresy)Reference | Finished Heraldry
  10. Emperor's Children Reference | Finished Heraldry 
  11. Emperor's Claws — None
  12. Emperor's HandsReference | Finished Heraldry
  13. Emperor's HavocReference (IG) | Finished Heraldry
  14. Emperor's HawksReference | Finished Heraldry
  15. Emperor's Pointy Sticks Reference (Comic) | Finished Heraldry
  16. Emperor's ScythesReference | Finished Heraldry
  17. Emperor's ShadowsReference (& here) | Finished Heraldry
  18. Emperor's ShieldsReference | Finished Heraldry
  19. Emperor's SpearsReference | Finished Heraldry
  20. Emperor's StormReference | Finished Heraldry
  21. Emperor's Swords (Bellicas) — None
  22. Emperor's Swords (Ghorstangrad) Reference | Finished Heraldry
  23. Emperor's Tears Reference | Finished Heraldry
  24. Emperor's Warbringers Reference | Finished Heraldry
  25. Emperor's Wolves Reference | Finished Heraldry
  26. Emperor's Wolves 8th Company Reference | Finished Heraldry
  27. Empyrion's Blight — None
  28. Encrusted Blade — None
  29. Endless MurderReference | Finished Heraldry
  30. Eradicatus Corps — None
  31. Espandors — None
  32. Excorias Elite — None
  33. Excoriators Reference | Finished Heraldry
  34. Excubants — None
  35. Execrators — None
  36. Executioners (Rogue Trader)Reference | Finished Heraldry
  37. ExecutionersReference | Finished Heraldry
  38. Exemplars Reference | Finished Heraldry
  39. Exorcists (Rogue Trader) Reference | Finished Heraldry
  40. Exorcists Reference | Finished Heraldry
  41. Exquisite Host — None
  42. Exsanguinators — None
  43. Extinction AngelsReference | Finished Heraldry
  44. Exultant — None

Edited by Fabalah, 24 October 2021 - 08:12 AM.




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Good to see you back! ^_^
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In the darkness between the stars, the weak and the faithless find no deliverance. We are raised to believe that the God-Emperor watches over us all. And so we are charged to cleanse the mutant, the heretic and the alien. We must not falter. We are His sword. We are His wrath. Even in the face of death, we shall not submit. Suffering is our prayer. Faith is our armour. In Battle He offers us redemption. And for those who proves their worth, the Emperor sends sends forth His Angels!


Watch this space...




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I was so happy when I discovered this update :tu:

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Having a Hobby Clean-out, a bunch of stuff now on eBay

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Good to see you back! happy.png

Thanks Aqui! It's nice to have some time to be back! biggrin.png


I was so happy when I discovered this update thumbsup.gif

Thanks Grotsmasha! I know it has been awhile! haha teehee.gif

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