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IL XIX - The Scions Hospitalier

Brotherhood of the Lost IdeaVomit Tags for the Tag God I REALLY like apothecaries And Turtles IInd Legion? XIth maybe?

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I'd thought the Phaeton-pattern Stormeagle was the Obscura-pattern - now, can I propose that we rename it to that? It makes more sense for it to be designed there.

Sure, I guess. I don't see why not.

I thought Obscura-pattern referred to the special underwater-working Jump Pack the Scions used?


its Obscura-Pattern because its fabricated on the Forge Moon of Obscura.

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XIXth Legion Praetor


Captain of the 18th Company



While not part of the vaunted Deka, Coeratas was a far more powerful and influential officer than the title of captain would suggest, having commanded battalion-strength forces on multiple occasions during the Great Crusade. Like many of his brethren, he had earned many plaudits during the Qarith Crusade, fighting under Pionus’ direct command in the planetfall operation on Prime.
Coeratas led the Scions detachment aboard Star Fort Aphron above Untara, and when the trap was sprung he responded swiftly, putting the Untaran Benthiers to the sword in uncompromising fashion. Coeratas’ initiative ensured that the Scions and their allies quickly took control of Aphron, turning its weapons upon the enemy and beating off the initial attack by The Drowned. When the Folorn appeared with the second wave, Coeratas was persuaded to retreat by his lieutenants and pulled back what assets he could, saving thousands of lives but abandoning more to a last stand. He evaded the murderous attentions of Yarlath Keelsplitter, but it was noted that Coeratas felt profound guilt for months afterwards that he had survived, while so many of those under his command had not, and this manifested as brooding anger throughout the voyage back to Iona. For this reason Pionus was slow to appoint him to one of the vacant positions on the Deka, only doing so on the eve of the Subjugation of Zbruch.
Coeratas’ armour, easily recognisable as the Cyma variant of MK IV warplate, makes few concessions to rank and ornamentation. The Scions eschewed any thing would unnecessarily compromise the streamlining of their armour, and their flat command structure was reflected in this too. However, on his right greave the downward-facing trident and lightning symbol specifically commemorates the Company's honour of fighting alongside their Primarch. Coeratas’ Waveblade sword, distinguished by its inbuilt suspensor-generators, likewise signifies an honoured warrior of the XIXth.

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