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Mechanicum Tactica

Mechanicum Tactica Taghmata Omnissiah Legio Cybernetica Ordo Reductor Titan Legions

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I think you’ve touched appropriately on the fact that Magi/Domini are particularly useful for specific buffs via Cyberthrurgy or utilising Battlesmith, so most shooting upgrades are unlikely to be all that worthwhile. Therefore, anything that keeps them alive longer (especially if you were to play a Cybernetica Cohort) is worthwhile, and probably gear towards the combat specialism as you have for support and general utility. I really like your Archmagos - and my Domini tend to be cheaper versions too, normally with Abeyants and Machinator arrays. You will just want to make sure they are manoeuvrable if they are accompanying Thallax/Ursarax, so they aren’t slowing them down!

Be great to see a sample list in due course :)









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Well based on my built Thallax and Ursarax I have come up with the following list.

Archmagos Prime Malagra 265p
Cyber-familiar, Jet Pack, Abeyant, Master Crafted Paragon blade, Power fist, Phased Plasma-Fusil
Archmagos Prime Malagra 265p
Cyber-familiar, Jet Pack, Abeyant, Djin-skein, Paragon blade, Power fist

Thallax Cohort 145p
3 Thallax, 1 Irad-Clenser

Thallax Cohort 150p
3 Thallax, 1 Multi-melta

Thallax Cohort 160p
3 Thallax, 1 Photon Thrusters

Thallax Cohort 275p
6 Thallax, 2 Phased Plasma-Fusil

Ursarax Cohort 505p
9 Ursarax, 3 with Power Fists

Total: 1500p

Which of the two Archmagos options seems better? In both cases he would probably start the game attached to the unit of 6 Thallax. And leave it the turn I anticipated that he would charge into a unit (or the entire unit just charges in).

The Djin-skein could add a lot of flexibility as the smaller Thallax units could then deepstrike in when and where I needed them as long as I position the ArchMagos in the right place. The +1 BS could also be useful for both the Plasma Thallax and the Photon Thallax. I briefly consider Archimandrite instead of Malagra for the extra flexibility in setting up deepstrikes but that seemed like an expensive option for only using half the rules as I have no vehicles in this list.

The other version just hits more often in combat and has 3 plasma shots as well.

Alternatively the Archmagos could be Myrmidax with 2 Plasmas or 2 Photons. Which is a lot of fire power but it does not fit as well with the conversion concept I had in mind for the Magos of this particular style list. I am also already working on the concept for the conversion that will be the Myrmidax Archmagos mentioned in my last post.
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