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IV legion: The Void Eagles

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Once the Ash Walkers reached the Veribon system, initial events proceeded bettern than Jarnieu had envisioned. Although alerted to a potential incursion, the Ork scrap-fleet was a pitiful thing since the Veribon Orks had preferred to pursue their wars on the surface. So few were the Ork warships, that the Ash Walkers outright ignored them and began early their bombardment campaign. Reaching the fifth and outermost planet infested with greenskins, the Ash Walkers advanced toward the few orbital yards that orbited the gas giant. Scans revealed a meagre enemy presence, given the Orks' disdain for the void. While other commanders may have launched boarding torpedoes to secure the stations as outposts or simply avoid them, Admiral Jarnieu would brook no such thing as he ordered his ships to target the stations' stabilizers. While the Orks aboard activated the few, working batteries, the defense fire was too weak to puncture through the Imperial void ships. In minutes, all four stations were sinking toward the massive planet beneath them where they would eventually be crushed by its atmosphere.


The threat eliminated, the Ash Walkers journeyed to the fourth planet, Veribon Secundus. While the Ork submersible indeed had dived long before the Ash Walkers entered into orbit, there remained a plethora of other, suitable targets. Unlike the brief, half-hour the destruction of the Ork stations had required, the purge of Secundus would take place over the next few days. The Ash Walkers scoured Ork settlements with mixtures of promethium and explosive shells. The few Ork void-capable bombers and fighters never left atmosphere as they were ruthlessly targeted by long-range point defence systems. Mobs of Orks were tracked and systematically eliminated with barrages of lances. Any fortification proved only a temporary relief. Any greenskins who dispersed into heavy, local terrain, such as forests or swamps, were washed away with saturation bombing. 

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