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The Divine Hunter - Characters

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Ghost of War

Ghost of War


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VonBek of the Sons of Magnus, Champion of the Thousand Sons flickered into existance. Around his the warp fires of his lord, the Changer of Ways danced in its strange chaotic patterns. For years this ancient warrior has lead his squad of Rubric Terminators accross the Eye of Terror hunting down the sons of Russ. Armed with the blessings of Tzeentch and the heads of the fallen, he would not be defeated this day.

Often times he would let his mind drift back to his days of weakness. He once served the Emperor as a faithful Librarian, devote in the teachings of man. As his studies grew long he was asked on a mission of great importance to the Imperial Forces. He was to lay seige on a Tyranid Hive Ship.

Time passed as the vessel made its way toward the Leviathan somewhere deep on the outer rim of a desolate rock. While in deep slumber he had a vision of something ghastly. His homeworld lay in ruins, his own brother space marines cleaving it asunder.. in shock and horror we awoke to realize that his room was filled with these images and a twisting form lay in the center.

It spoke..

"I have saved you. Through my means you are away from the point that marked the end of your chapter as it stands. A small handful of your kind have been spared, yourself included. What you say next will decide the fate of VonBek. Think carefully."

"WILL YOU SERVE ME? Tzeentch - Changer of Ways.. Will you slay your bastard brothers and give yourself freely to me. Do this and I will grant you the power that has been eluding you. Do this and I shall grant you the power of one of my champions. Do this and you shall be a leader amongst both man and beast. Do this and I will show you the one who slew your world.... What is your choice"

Vonbek had no idea what to say.. his words were mixed with bile and blood... With great effort he stood, threw back his head and howeled so loud it shook the tomes from his walls.. "YES! SHOW ME THE DEFILER OF MY PEOPLE!"

With that a vision of Russ flashed to his eyes. Without a word he walked to the Armory on the ship and donned the tactical dreadnought armor of an officer, slide his hands into the lightning claws that would from this day mark his form. As the armor slide onto his body a strange change occured within it. Green lightning danced over its black form.. strange runes seemed to melt to its very surface. Energy crackled from head to toe and the claws made a sick humming sound.

With that, Vonbek strode from one marines quarters to anothers, dividing them all evenly in half. As the blood covered the armor it seemed to change to a green hue and absorb. The power he sought was his....

Memories can't ignore
Anguish of before
Satisfy the scorn.

Captain Leo

Captain Leo


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As I stare into the beauteous oblivion of space my mind searches for resolution to the plague of doubt which assails my serenity. Why has the Hunt led here? Who must I slay for the Hunt to continue, who must perish under my golden blade that I may learn more of our past?

I regard my armour, which has rarely failed me, and my pistol which may obliterate all but the most worthy foes.

Perhaps one of the Accursed who have befouled the name of the Chapter?

Or more likely, one of the heretic sons of the Traitor named Night Haunter. Surely one of their most puissant leaders must be involved in such an insane battle as was reported by.... what was the ship's name? Oh well, it matters not.

One thing was certain. The Hunt must continue.

"Hail the Imperial vessel. Inform them I am coming aboard"

Posted Image

Captain Onca-Green Claws 4th Company (Devastators)
Codex:Space Marines

Master-crafted power weapon
Plasma pistol
Terminator Honours

Artificer Armour

Pic coming soon (ie when i'm not at work)

P.S. if that takes me over points take off artificer armour. Thanks

O.k scratch 1 iron halo please ignore on model

Please excuse pic quality. it was the best cam I had available

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slave to slaanesh

slave to slaanesh


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Hello everyone,

my first post ever on this forum. :lol:

Here goes.....

Codex: Chaos space marine-Black Legion

Sorceror Melodious of Mavel

Chaos Lieutenant and sorceror

Mark of Slaanesh

armed with power weapon and bolt pistol

daemonic strength, daemonic resilience and doom bolt

Posted Image

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hope i aint too late


- commander Loki of the Shadow Drakes (sallies successor)

-w/ Master Crafted Thunder Hammer
-Bolt pistol

if i have forgotten anything i'll add it in a sec

"Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something." - [Pseudo Plato]
"Death does not concern us, because as long as we exist, death is not here. And when it does come, we no longer exist." - [Epicurus]
"'It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words." - [Syme, 1984]

Brother Gothard

Brother Gothard


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FINALLY, I am able to post this. Got the replacement cable for my Digi cam, and then my High-speed went down yesterday. Then that caused a problem with my router ... but now everything is finally fixed!!

Apraxae, The Corrupter, Scourge of Uromedan XII
1 Chaos Lieutenant (HQ)
Plague sword; Bolt pistol; Nurgles rot; Demonic visage; Demonic strength;
Mark of Nurgle; Furious Charge

Image here, complete with a WIP comparison shot. (The bolt pistol bore has been fixed since that picture was taken, but now my Camera batteries are dead BLASTED COSMOS ALWAYS CONSPIRING AGAINST ME!!!)

Beneath his rebreather, Apraxae’s face twisted into a maniacal grin. He relished the anticipation of the coming fight, of the souls he could claim for the Father. Unlike many of his comrades, boarding actions excited him: bodies packed tightly in the cramped corridors, enemies in such close proximity to him, his body’s vile diseases would work to a devastating effect.

The Dread claw jolted and jibbed to the side, jostling its passengers roughly. From the next compartment, he could feel the hate emanating from the Khornate champion. Apraxae felt a moment of pity for him. He was a slave, a mindless servant to the Blood God, whose only care was the number of skulls he could claim. Apraxae delighted in the spread of disease, in winning converts to the Father.

He delighted in the helplessness on the faces of his victims. When they felt the ravages of disease, the slow creeping of death, the doubt in their faith, it would be to Father Nurgle that their pleas turned. That was the reason for Apraxae’s anticipation, what he longed for. Why he was strapped to the Dread claw, hurtling towards his enemies. Why he had survived for ten thousand years. Why he would continue to survive, in one form or another, in service of his beloved Father, the great giver of life, the Lord Nurgle.

Phew .. finally everything is squared up.

+++ edited out points values +++

Edited by Brother Gothard, 15 January 2004 - 08:54 PM.

"And you run and you run to catch up with the sun, but it's sinking and racing to come up behind you again"

Captain P Emelius

Captain P Emelius


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Hey im srry if im a little late but i couldnt get a pic of my master.i have one now but i dont have a host for it. heres his stats:

DA Master Martonius

MC Power Weapon
Power Fist

Ill try to get the pic soon.Thanks and sorry if i did anything wrong(i aint sure so)

Edited by Captain P Emelius, 16 January 2004 - 03:13 AM.




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It was suggested that I enter a model by a friend, for it's conversion..... so:

Arkaine the twisted, Champion of the Black Legion
(Chaos lieutenant)
-Daemonic Talons
-Daemonic Mutation
-Daemonic Speed
-Spiky Bits
-Furious Charge


The pic is up! And in case it's needed, he comes to 110 points I believe.
*goes back to look up rules again*

Ok, back after reading rules.
Anyway, a little explanation of my twisted friend's background:
During training to become a seargent for his squad, Arkaine showed exceptional prowess. His commanders prattled amongst themselves for a while to see if his skill would really flourish before they made a decision. During an alien attack on an orbitting ship, his unit and many others were called to fight. There he really showed his capabilities, holding 2 adjacent rooms by himself, the rest of his squad pinned in the hallway beside. Each room had 3 doors: one shared that connected the 2 rooms, one each that connected to the hallway beside where his squad members were pinned, and one each that led to other parts of the ship. When all was said and done, the 2 doors that led to other parts of the ship were crammed with dead eldar bodies, reinforced with a large pile each of more eldar bodies. After that battle, the tolls were counted and the general needed a new righthand man for his lieutenant. He asked Arkaine because of the impressive mass before him, and then told him he had no choice after seeing the other impressive mass in the next room. Arkaine accepted somewhat gloomily. Arkaine never really showed much interest in anything. When his legion turned traitor, he didn't really care, he just prepared for battle. As his comrades started mutating though, he started to hear the whispers of chaos. Anyone can tell you it's tough to ignore the voices in your head, but he tried anyway. Eventually, they got so loud that he made a deal with the chaos gods to stop the voices and save his sanity: he'd give them his body and soul to any whim they wanted, they just had to stop using voices in his head as a medium to speak to him. The gods gleefully accepted the terms, and each started their own plans for him. Khorne was quick to implement his first gift, a gigantic pair of taloned hands for rending his foes apart. (the rest of this isn't represented on Arkaine for AoD, but when I use him as a Chaos Lord in games it does.) Tzeentch, foreseeing that gift, gave him the simple gift of psychic power partly to keep Arkaine alive, partly to make sure that nobody forgot his stake in this soul. Slaneesh also had greater plans to achieve, and with the same gesture to make others remember his stake in the soul, he gave Arkaine some companions to ensure his survival. Namely, a chaos spawn and a number of chaos hounds. Nurgle waited though, saving his gifts for a most opportune time. The other gods would not forget his claim to the soul as well, though they'd assume that he'd give Arkaine some slow developing disease to share with the universe.

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The Khan

The Khan


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*Vaishin stood as the Techmarine announced the launch of assault craft from the dying Chaos vessel. His left hand reached up to stroke the moustache that had only recently grown back following his last battle with the forces of Abbadon's Black Crusade. The Apothecaries had worked wonders but they had not been sure that his moustache, his pride & joy, would ever grow back.*

"Brothers! We must gather our forces for a counter-attack!"

*Vaishin's voice rose over the hubbub over Marines readying themselves for battle. The White Scars' Primarch, Jaghatai Khan, had been right when he had said "The best form of defense is an overwhelming offense". He must make his brothers see the wisdom of the Great Khan, even if they must attack unmounted.*

"Nay Brother, we must let them come to us, splitting their forces so we can destroy them piecemeal."

*This comment came from a Dark Angel. Vaishin had no love for the Sons of the Lion, their abscence from the battle against the Despoiler's forces on Cadia had been critical. He cast his mind back to the fortress of Kasr Barrus.*
"Khan Vaishin! Lord Castellan Creed wishes you to break up the right flank of the traitors. The Cadian 37th will attack the center."

*The voice belonged to Subedai Gol, his second in command.*

"What of the left flank Gol?"

"The Lord Castellan says the Angels of Vengeance have promised to take care of the left flank. A short orbital bombardment followed by an assault by their 3rd Company."

"Very well Gol, give the orders, take your bikers through the middle of the traitorous guardsmen and leave the mutants to me. Send Subedai Genk and his Rhinos to the far flank, the enemies transports are his main objective."

"At once my Khan."

*Vaishin waited as his forces arrayed themselves for battle. With a growl of engines and the howl of jump packs the White Scars launched their attack. On their left the Cadian 37th advanced towards the enemy center.*

"For the Khan and the Emperor!"

*The battle-cry of his Chapter rang out above the first shots as the White Scars neared the enemy battle line. The next few minutes were a blur, the screams of the wounded, the gasps of the dying and the scent of blood. Vaishin's men fought bravely but slowly the enemy was able to press them backwards. He looked around and saw the reason, the heretic's left flank had folded over the Imperial lines and their numbers began to tell.*
"Gol! Where are those damned Angels of Vengeance?"

*Frustration bled into his voice as he searched the Imperial lines for any sign of the promised support. Gol's reply crackled over the comm channels.*

"Castellan Creed says that they have refused to attack and are leaving orbit. They claim a mission of greater importance!."

*Vaishin could not believe his ears. The Angels of Vengeance had broken their promise and now the White Scars would pay the price. The fighting became even more savage and Vaishin had no more time to think on the betrayal of his Brotherhood. The mutated forms of his foe came on, wave after wave, and even the enhanced strength of Vaishin and his warriors began to flag. Surrounded on all sides his last memories of the battle were the roar of flames and the stench of his own flesh burning.*

"..A small force can lead the heretics here and we can overwhelm them with our numbers."

*The voice of the Dark Angel broke his reverie. He had not heard the full proposal but he could not stand by and allow the unreliable Sons of the Lion to lead them to defeat. Vaishin thumped his fist on the table. Those near him turned to look at the white armoured Marine, his form towering over even those of his brethren present.*

"Do not listen to this warrior, he cannot be trusted. The Scions of El'Jonson failed us on Cadia and they will fail us again here!"

*Many present had heard whispers of the curious behaviour of the Dark Angels and their kin, but this was the first time they had heard such a naked accusation. The Dark Angel drew breath to speak again, indignation burning in his eyes, then stumbled as a white helmed, green armoured warrior pushed past him, an ancient power weapon already crackling with energy in one dark red hand, a storm shield the other. A slow hum grew into an audible crackling as the Khan's power fist flared to life, this time when he struck the table it shattered, shards of nalwood peppering nearby Marines. Reaching for the power lance gifted him by the Storm Seers upon his ascension to Khan, Vaishin strode out of the room after the green armoured brother, his massive frame cleaving through the ransk of his brethren. Clearly there was at least one other soul who knew the children of El'Jonson were not to be trusted. He would lay his white gauntleted hand upon the shoulder pad of his newfound comrade and join him in a swift counterattack, shattering their foes and earning more honour-scars.*

"Together, brother..."

Fluff courtesy of SCC with some slight modifications

-EDIT- Minor sentence structure problem fixed.

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The flashbacks continued.

Thoughts of the 13th Black Crusade ran through his mind. Tomax could not remember a series of battles that had been more fun. Together with a small raiding force and two small spacecraft, Tomax and Xamot had jumped from planet to planet in the Cadian Sector, spreading confusion, and disunity among the defenders of the Cadian Gate. They used a large transmitter built into the hull of one of the assault ships. They transmitted as the “Voice of the Emperor.” One of the main targets of the Voice had been the Dark Angels. Simple lies, concerning the mysterious Cypher, or the Fallen, had severely disrupted the Cadian defense.

After transmitting in the Cadian system, Tomax and Xamot took the craft and warped to the area around Caliban. There they began to transmit again. They proximity to Caliban actually caused the idiot Dark Angels to leave Cadia. Most of Tomax’s small contingent of troops was killed in combat with the enraged Dark Angels, but, the mission was accomplished. The Dark Angels left the defense of Cadia. The disunity that that had created would grow as the battles around Cadia continued.

Tomax had even been able to secure doppelgangers to act as Cypher and member of the Fallen. He had allowed these false troops to be captured by the Dark Angels. He wished he could have been there when the Interrogators realized they did not have Cypher. They were fools.

He remembered the Squad of Green Claws space marines, augmenting the Imperial defenses in a small fort in a valley on Kasr Partox. He had led raids on the rear and the flanks of the Loyalist position, never facing them head on. Raptor cults and bike squads had added speed to the attack and they slowly dissected the Imperial defense. In the end Tomax and his warriors had overwhelmed the fort and slaughtered everyone there. After they killed the Green Claws, they destroyed the progenoid glands, so the chapter would lose their gene-seed. Prince Pravus Nox and the Despoiler had been pleased.
Kasr Partox had fallen.

Past battles continued to flash through his mind, Tomax was getting ready.





Chaplain Lucifer

Chaplain Lucifer


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*Master Avalon switched on his twin lightning claws disruption generators. Their low humm were a reassuring sound.
He tensed his body and muttered a brief prayer to the Emperor and the Primarch.
He would not faulter against the Chaos scum that was assailing the ship. He was confident on his skills to see him trough and live the fight, after all he had lived for over four hundred years, all of them fighting the Emperor's enemies, particularly the Chaos filth that stained his Legion's honour.
He only hoped that his brethren from other chapters wouldn't hold any prejudices againt him when the fighting erupts. That could prove fatal for them and himself.
Since the events in Cadia that Dark Angels were frowned upon, thanks to the work of the Arch-Traitor Cypher. He had been chosen to set things right and prove the rest of he Chapters that the Dark Angels could be trusted once again...*

Posted ImagePosted Image

Captain Leo

Captain Leo


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Memories of the day Venerable Brother Tigal the Unlamented told us of the ill-fated expedition to the Cadian Gate to aid Cadia against Abbadon's 9th Black Crusade fill my mind. His evocation of the horror felt when he discovered the defiled bodies of fully half the Chapter, and their almost untouched equipment lingers in he, filling me with a loathing and sense of sickening despair. All the despicable raiders had taken were the supplies of ammunition required for a campaign of such magnitude. But this was not enough for the depraved sons of Konrad Curze, who taught that fear is weapon. They took every Chaplain alive, or at least took their bodies, for not one was found. We simply prayed they were not traded to the Word Bearers in return for arms or other equipment. They also placed specks of warpstone in the progenoid glands of those who lay dead thus corrupting their legacy to the Chapter beyond redemption.

I hear you ask, "How does he know they were definitely Night Lords?" The answer is simple, my Brothers, they left their fallen behind them. They care not where they let the dead rest, unlike ourselves who will risk almost all to return the honoured dead to quiet slumber in the Crypts of the Righteous.

After we returned a force was sent to attempt to rescue or retrieve our missing brethren. We can only assume they met an overwhelming force for not one returned.

The moral of this tale is do not let rash anger control your reactions for your enemy will use it to his own advantage. Remember.

I suddenly realise I must prepare to hunt the traitors aboard a different vessel. But how to ensure I could deal death to Chaos Marines. It strikes me that the easiest way would be to imitate their entry. As the Imperial vessel draws nearer I order that a boarding torpedo be prepared for me.

"Send me in the same way as the traitors. And ask the brethren on the ship to let me get there without being shot."




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His face disguised by an ornate skull mask, Duval winced as the tingling from the teleportation died away. Glancing around he saw no-one to either side of him. Ornate servos whining he turned around, his huge terminator armour leaving large footprints in the ground, his blasphemous banners floating on the sickly breeze. Lowering his crozius he spoke into his voice- link. No reply. Checking his read-outs he found the scope devoid of lifesigns. Most strange. And slightly unnerrving. His heavy gun at the ready, Duval hefted his crozius and strode out across the barren wastelands. This could be interesting...

Name: Atticus Duval

Allegiance: Chaos

Legion: Word Bearers

Designation: Dark Apostle (lieutenant)

From: Have a guess, uhh... Codex Chaos Space Marines

Wargear: Storm Bolter, Terminator armour, Accursed Crozius and Mark of Chaos Undivided.

Special orders: Shoot until within charging range. If that doesn't work then charge them!

Atticus Duval- Dark Apostle Piccy

He is come- bringer of the darkness, destroyer of the faith.

Edit: Power weapon and melta/ bolter were swapped for storm bolter and Accursed Crozius- didn't realise I could have one- I read the lines below saying no daemon weapons and missed the bit above- Thanks Kenzington for pointing that out! <_<

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Ordo Literatus
Read the Codex Bitch!

Heavy Bolter on standby. I'm watching your fluff. ph34r.gif

My Current Ebay sales

Chaplain Erasmus

Chaplain Erasmus


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While the space battle raged, elsewhere in the galaxy, on Auris XII, tension of a different kind was brewing.
Chaplain Erasmus of the Crimson Fists 6th Company cursed for the umpteenth time as he strode back and forth angrily. The message he had recieved from Brother-Captain Tyler of the mysterious "Bolter and Chainsword Legion" had been recieved, commending Erasmus to come alone to the Cadian sector to join him in a mission of the gravest importance. Erasmus would have all too gladly answered Brother Tyler's summons: his brethren had suffered many losses in the Cadian sector while fighting on Taeloth IV in the Chinchare Sector, and Erasmus himself still had several deep wounds he had suffered from the blade of the accursed daemon prince Na'Thaan the Reviled. He would have longed to return to the Cadian sector, to repay his brethren's spilt blood thricefold on the Chaos scum.
But alas, it was not to be: a warp storm had surrounded Auris XII, preventing them from sending any messages or leaving the planet any time soon. The storm had been raging for a month now, and the 6th Company was still stuck on this Emperor-forsaken rock. Brother Tyler's summons would go unanswered.
Cursing yet again, this time more vehemently, Chaplain Erasmus shattered a nearby rock with a single powerful kick. He hated being so helpless, hated being unable to serve the Emperor, hated losing his chance for retribution.
Breathing deeply, Erasmus turned to his second, Epistolary Mordock. "Has the storm showed any signs of dissipating yet?" he asked.
Erasmus' old friend shook his head. "It still rages fiercely," he said. Mordock, being a librarian, could sense the ebb and flow of the tides of the warp, including the storm that brewed in orbit. "It slowly grows weaker, but I doubt it will dissipate for another week."
"Then we have failed Him," Erasmus muttered.
Mordock shook his head. "It is folly for you to go alone to face our enemies, Brother-Chaplain," the Librarian said solemnly. "If there was anything Rynn's World and Taeloth taught us, it is that we need to survive if we are to be victorious. Alone, we cannot turn the tide, but as one brotherhood, we can give the Emperor's foes something to fear."
Erasmus nodded. He could often rely on Mordock's wisdom in dire situations.
"You're right, old friend," Erasmus said. "Though we may win back our sundered glory and avenge our fallen brothers someday, it will not be today."

To make the long story short.....I have no means of posting pictures online, s I'm going to have to sit this one out. (grumbles under his breath)

Aurelius Rex

Aurelius Rex

    ++ GESTORIS ++

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Here is probably my final contribution to the fluff-storm before the fighting begins for real... or I don't make the cut and get killed by a falling bulkhead. ^_^


‘Euripides you old dog!’ said his friend Rhadamanthys. ‘Who died and made you captain?’
A knife of ice twisted in Captain Euripides’ gut.


Six months ago, in orbit over Solar Macharia

As Sergeant Euripides struggled against the warp-spawned magics that held him, the treacher marine let out a cackle and drew his blade. He crept up to the paralysed Captain Laertes, and then stopped for a moment, head cocked as if considering a puzzle. The traitor marine gently moved the captains chin up a fraction, nodded to himself in satisfaction, and then in a blur of movement the man Euripides had sworn to protect with his life was decapitated.

The traitor pulled up his faceplate and scooped up his bloody trophy. He walked around the frozen Scions of Dorn until he came to Euripides. Their eyes locked as they stared each other down. The murderer was inches from him now, and gave a sudden high-pitched, staccato laugh. Sweat streamed from Euripides face with the effort, but his finger was slowly tightening on the trigger of this bolt-pistol.

‘I am Tomax Hell. I am the thing you fear most. I am your failure.’ The beast whispered.

‘Keep gloating, you dastard.’ Thought Euripides. He heard the crack of his pistol, and the air was filled with the stink ozone and brimstone of a teleporter. As the unholy restraints evaporated he felt as if his skull was aflame. The last thing to disappear were the surprised eyes of the beast, Tomax Hell.

As the sorcerer vanished so did their unholy restraints, and the body of Virideus Pius Laertes of the Scions of Dorn finally fell to the floor.

Euripides howled.


One month earlier, aboard the Strike Cruiser ‘Saint Jude’.

Captain Euripides of the seventh reserve tactical company looked out over his remaining troops. Half of his squads had been drafted into the battle companies to replace losses taken during the defence Nemesis Tessera and the Cadian system planets, but in return he had got a squad straight out of the tenth.

By tradition a simplified version of the captains personal device was used as the company symbol. In this case a diagonal yellow bar on a red field. Even the former scouts, full of bravado in their new powered armour used it.

He looked down at his armour, and noticed for the first time that he had never got around to letting the artificers replace the black and white checks he had from his decades under the command of Brother-Captain Laertes. Before he could consider that further he saw Inquisitor Embeth Horst approaching, and the thought was lost.


Now, aboard the ‘Divine Hunter’.

Euripides shouldered past the crowds of marines debating tactics, and into the corridor. Only one thing mattered, to follow the orders of his captain. Laertes had told him that Tomax Hell was coming, soon, and Captain Laertes had never lied to him.

He was followed by his old comrade, Rhadamanthys, and a brother from the noble White Scars he did not recognise.

‘Let them come,’ whispered Laertes, ‘the Brazen Claw and Vaishin Khan have a vital part to play here. We must end this.’

Euripides strode ahead of his brothers.


Aboard the Dreadclaw boarding craft reality slipped for Tomax. Rather than remembering past battles he experienced a fight he had never had. One of his Primarchs gifts?

His helm was on the floor, and blood from gashes on his forehead was dripping into his eyes. It mattered not, as he was crushing his opponents shield with his powerfist, relishing the crack as its power source detonated.

He blinked the blood from his eyes, and in his peripheral vision saw the blade arcing towards his unprotected neck from his right…

Tomax was brought back by the impact of the Dreadclaw on the hull of the Divine Hunter. It was just the rapid decelleration that had winded him, and he dismissed the pitiful idea that he had just experienced fear.

It was the one thing he was incapable of, for he was Fear Incarnate.

He looked down at the skull of the marine captain, a favourite of his among the many that adorned his belt. He would add another before long, the prey had been selected.


The corridor shuddered under the impact of the boarding craft, and a second later part of the wall exploded, bringing down supporting beams and filling the air with noxious fumes and smoke.

Euripides, Rhadamanthys and Vaishin were separated, deafened and blinded, and the Enemy was close.


SCC, jokersminis, The Khan, I hope I did your characters justice. It has been a long time since o-level English lessons. <_<

+++ Edit - Minor changes - thanks SCC. :) +++

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Hidden Content

Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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Vilicate's entry as of 8:47 to me via PM:

Hey, whew, almost missed the deadline (i think):

Warsmith Vilicate:
Chaos Lt w/Power Weapon, Powerfist, Daemonic Strength, Aura and Resilience.

Posted Image


Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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This post is being kept for posterity (and other reasons which will be made known at a more appropriate time).

You'll note that I've deleted all of the posts that don't have either submissions, images of submissions, or fluff. Yes, I've kept all of the fluff that you guys worked so hard on.


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