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The Wardens of Light, 53rd Company "Twilight Spears"

Liber Challenge

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+++ On Order of the Emperor+++
+++All Data has to be expunged and erased+++
+++Company has been destroyed+++
+++disobedience means imminent death+++

XIth Legion, The Wardens of Light, 53rd Company

  • Gwalchavad, the Avatar of Light
Legion Symbol:


Inofficial Company Symbol :


Color scheme:

Battle Cry:
"Lux malum superate" (Overcome evil with light)
"Buaidh no Bàs"(victory or death)

  • 53rd Company „Eclipse Spears“, 99th Fleet, Wawr, High Command: Galad of Caerbannog
  • Estimated Strength: 111 Legionaires
  • Company Command:
    • Cervantes de Leon, Disciple of Light (Captain Rank)
    • Alexandre Plairé? (Medical Prime) Centurion, 2nd in Command
  • Legionaries of note:
    • Landspeeder Squad Senior Warden Leader Phellan
    • Terminator Senior Warden Leader Jonan Adley
    • Tactical Senior Warden Leader Uilleam
    • Techmarine Adair
    • Sraonadh Doininn Storm Leader Ingtar Shinowa
  • Squads:
    • Command Squad:
      • 9 Jetbikes Scimitar Pattern, consisting of Cervantes de Leon ,Disciple of Light, Alexxandré Plairé Centurion Medical Prime, 3 Energy Weapons (Plasma or Volikte, depending on enemy), 5 Senior Wardens of Light with Heavy Bolter
    • Fast Attack:
      • 4 Landspeeder Tempest Pattern
      • 1 Landspeeder Illuminator (Warden of Light Landspeeder Vengeance Variant)
    • Elite:
      • 1 Squad of 10 Tartaros Terminator
      • 1 Squad of 10 Cathpraci Terminator
      • 5 men Squad of Comheadair plus Empiric Manipulator and Techmarine
  • Support:
    • 5 men Squad of "Sraonadh Doininn"(Storm Blast)
    • 4 x 5 men Squad of Heavy weapon support.
  • Standard:
  • 4 x 10 men Veteran Squads
History: +++corrupted date+++ +++system failure analysis+++ +++ corrupted data will be retrieved soon+++ +++reload data+++

Homeworld: Caerbannog & Terra (mainly south western europe)
Alignement: Imperium of man +++ excommunicate traitoris +++ +++ relationship to xenos +++ => Destruction ordered+++

The 53rd Company, the "Eclipse Spears" as the call themselves, under the High Command of Galad was one oft he oldest Companies of the Wardens of Light. Their Captain Cervantes de Leon already fought to free the solar system from xenos influence and they helped in the purging of Sedna.

After the reunion with their Primarch Gwalchavad on Caerbannog, the Legion was reformed but the 53rd were able to adapt to the new tactics and keep some of their past thraits alive. So instead of using assault marines to halt the advance of enemy lines, rely on terminators. the 53rd outflank their foes with jetbikes under the command of Cervantes himself and attack from behind with a squad of landspeeder.

The heavy weapon teams are protected by different squads of veteran marines equipped with tactical dreadnought armor, rarely seen among the ranks of the wardens of light. There you find the last remaining great swords terminators, once the proudest members of the apostles of war, but cast aside by the majority of the wardens due to their slow approach and they use of swords, any caerbannog marine disgusts.

Although the great swords may be slow, if they reach the enemies front ranks, they cleave through them like the an unstoppable force.

The 53rd were destroyed when the Emperor ordered the XIth Legion to be purged for crimes against the Imperium.

+++All data has to be erased by imperial decree+++

Battle Tactics:
Massed utilization of heavy weapons, jetbikes and landspeeder to attack from different sides.
Terminators with meleeweapons to hinder the advance of the enemy and bind them so that heavy weapon and fast attack can cross-fire the enemy.
Notable Battle Campaigns: ++corrupted date+++ +++system failure analysis+++ +++ corrupted data will be retrieved soon+++ +++ reload data+++
+++Freeing of the solar system from xenos influence+++
+++Purging of Sedna+++
+++Battle against the Ork Waagh Grotsmasha with the Ultramarines+++
+++ Campaign against Eldar Pirates togetherwith the 206 Company of the Blood Angels Legion.
  • -destroyed-
  • Purged by the IX Legion "Blood Angels", 206 Company, "the Sworn". 53rd Company destroyed on joint mission. Destruction has been verified by Blood Angel Commander Dumah [+++corrupted data+++ +++system failure+++ +++ retrieving information from blood angels data +++
More will come soon^^

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Open for Comissions, just PM me. The Wardens of Light were like golden blades, cutting down their enemies scarring the darkness.