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Formatting Error

Bug Desktop Mobile

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Got a formatting error that's causing the mobile version of B&C to bug out.
Post #288 on this thread appears like this:

and this is causing the mobile view to change to this:

Fortunately it is contained to page twelve, but reporting it anyway.

Conn Eremon

Conn Eremon


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I get that sometimes too, happens anytime there is a large amount of formatting (like the images, quotes and spoilers in that thread), and some of it is "broken," like it is on post #285.

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I've had the same thing happen, too. Only a couple of times though, so never thought of reporting it.

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Servant of Dante

Servant of Dante


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I saw the desktop version of this error for the follow first time yesterday

Sisters of Battle: Order of the Glorious Reprisal

Let it be known to all present and future Sisters of our Orders that they must fast at the High Vigils of Saint Thor, Saint Aspira, Saint JasonSaint Orlanda, Saint Dolan and Saint Constantine of Alamar. Upon the Holy  Days of  Saint Gherick the Confessor, Saint Decessio and Saint Lucius of Agatha, let them meditate. Let them fast for not less than five days preceding the Most Holy Days of Our Founding Sisters, Saints Dominica, Katherine, Silvana, Mina, Lucia and Arabella. Let them observe silence for the vigils of Saint Capilene, Saint Josmane and Saint Lacena. Upon the Low Days of Saints Yamalla and Corvus the Sabines, Saint Tomasi, Saint Dufaux  and most especially Saint Josina, they should both fast and maintain silence, and upon the Days of Saint Praxedes, Saint Kozak and Saint Verevya they should meditate upon martyrdom. Upon the Feast of Saint Jasone, they must fast, but may consider themselves at liberty between matins and vespers.

- Rule DCCLXXXV, the Rule of the Sororitaas, Volume 12

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The Psycho

The Psycho


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Sorry for the necropost, but I think I may have figured out what's causing this error, actually, or at least one cause of it.


I think, based on post #628 of the ETL V Horus Heresy thread, that it occurs when a [ spoiler] tag is opened within a pair of quote tags ([ quote] and [/ quote]) and is closed with [/ spoiler] after the quote is closed with [/ quote]. Given that every occurrence of this error involves both a spoilered quote, I think it may be the universal cause of this error.




Here's how the post is appearing on the web version:





And when I hit the quote button it presented me with some of the coding,

[quote name="Balthamal" post="4418920" timestamp="1465852094"]
[quote name="Robzilla" post="4418863" timestamp="1465848592"]
[quote name="Aeternas" post="4418842" timestamp="1465847631"]
[quote name="Robzilla" post="4418813" timestamp="1465845765"]
Against popular decision on here - I stripped the paint off the whole of my vow and started again.  Got the majority of the force 75% done now, but I've done a test mini with all but weathering.
have to say I'm glad I did!  I think it's turned out a much better shade for the Alpha legion.  What do you think peeps?
Should have half the force to this stage by this time tomorrow, and the rest done by next week... ish?  then its just basing and weathering.
Might just be able to squeeze in a second vow if time is on my side.
Think it looks a lot better! Looking forward to seeing an entire force like this. Now...how did you get that blue?
Shamelessly copying Betrayer41's Alpha legion :P
Did do a few things differently to be fair.  But basically...
Basecoat Grey primer.
Full airbrushed coat of Gunmetal (Vallejo)
Zenthial coat of steel (Vallejo)
Zenthial Light coat of Eidolon Purple (Forgeworld)
Very light Full coat of Clear Blue  (Tamiya)
Full watered down wash of Guilliman Blue glaze
Full wash of Vallejo's new black wash, lamian medium to thin it out.
I then used a cotton wool bud to polish the raised areas like the torso, and shoulder pads, to lighten the final wash.
Its pretty much step by step the same as Betrayer, except I went with a lighter coat of purple.
I noticed on his log that he's had issues getting a consistent colour on each mini, and especially on tanks.  I can confirm, from my poor imitation, that it is maddeningly hard to do.  To be fair though, I quite like the varied colour across the mini's.
[color=#7f7f7f][size=3][background=#262626]I'm actually mighty tempted to do this for mine now....[/size][/color][/background]


As you can see, at one point a spoiler is opened within a quote but closed outside of that same quote. I think that is what causes the error, though I am not positive.

Edited by The Psycho, 13 June 2016 - 09:40 PM.

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