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Augustus' 5th Co. Imperial Fists Showcase

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Augustus b'Raass

Augustus b'Raass


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Why is Genart sighting at the ground about 6 foot away from him?

Because 5 foot in the game constitutes about 120 yards in real life, and that is a very appropriate distance to be using binoculars?


Those scion heads look great on the scouts.

Cheers! It's the only way to go with scouts, if you ask me. ;)

Race Bannon

Race Bannon


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Genart could also be looking from a ledge.  The high ground is good ground.

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Walter Payton

Walter Payton


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Amazing thread, background, and models.  Scion heads for the Scouts is perfect, and your yellow is very rich without looking too luminous like some IF armies.



The high ground is good ground.


Thanks Obi-wan.

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"Never die easy."




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Brilliant Scouts, though now that I've seen them, I'd go the other way. I think I'd model them up as Storm Troopers.


Either way, they are killer looking.

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Great looking army mate. Really nice weathered yet vibrant yellow hues going on there. Will keep tabs on this army :)



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