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Moving to Manchester

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I am relocating with work and move to Manchester in early January so interested in any gaming groups or clubs that might be around and would welcome a new member?


I have Tau and Guard 40k Armies but have not played these much recently as my gaming life has been dominated by 30k for the last 18 months and I have decent sized Fists and Ultramarines armies as well as a small White Scars army. Also started playing X Wing in the last few months as well.


I will be living in Sale so anyone who fancies a game or taking in a newbie to the area would be great so just drop me a line if you can reccomend anywhere.





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Hi, just wondered whether you found anywhere good for games?
I started playing again this year and I have only been to play at the GW in Manchester but I wonder if youve come across any good groups?
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