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Cult of Golden Tears Redux

Chaos Emperors Children Legion Wars III Legion The Long War

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New chap's looking solid as usual, nice pose and the top knot's a nice touch. The whole group are looking very cohesive now.




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Looking sharp! Lovely mix of bits.

Heresy era Death Guard and other 30k shenanigans






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These look great hush! Amazing choice of parts




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New guys look fantastic! Are they going to combine / connect to your Black Legion troops, or basically separate armies?

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The Nephilim

The Nephilim


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Well, I finally made the latest, greatest, and newest member of the band:



So I have had these bits sitting in a pile on my desk for some time and I finally put them all together. For some reason I am really great at gathering bits and after like two-to-five months I can build something decent. I had been wanting to use that sanguinary guard axe for some time and happy to have it in the hand of another CCQ Noise Marine. I really wanted his right arm stretched out and pointing the axe at this next victim but I'm quite content with this pose.


Now to think of another two CCQ noise marines. Thinking of one with a phoenix spear but need to think of another weapon to use.


Also, my standard bearer in the back is going to get his left arm ripped off and replaced with a shield bearing one. Been thinking about that for awhile so it's got to happen. That way he can match his squadmates a bit more. Going to either find a sheathed sword for him with the idea if a battle gets rough he can plant the standard and draw his blade. We'll see how that goes.


I'm still chipping away at this army and my dumb self decide to make it a 1750 point force made up of two battalions. So I need to build more noise marines than planned and add an exalted champ to go with everything else I've got. Super duper!





Thanks Pearson! I wanted to show hints of corruption  with the raptor shoulder pad and carving away the grill of the mk3 helm (which I've been doing to some other marines). I tried adding studs to armor for cool factor but botched it on that leg. I tried digging out the microbead and gave up hoping it would just look like damage. IT WORKED! biggrin.png


The army is not dead and I am honored Nephilim! These poor sods have just taken a back seat as a lot of my attention is going toward my Black Legion. I honestly cannot give them up as they have gotten me through the rough times of previously crappy codices. Really the Blastmaster is what had kept me going. I miss all the fun times it had killed so many vehicles and removed chunks of infantry for me.


Thanks Deathspectre! My personal Long War on hobbying grinds on!teehee.gif


Thank you Vairocanum! One down and like fourteen more to go.wacko.png


Death to the False Emperor!


He looks great. Is the ax kitbashed or is it the one from the Sanguinary Guard?

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Some crazy intricate details here, the individuality of each marine is very cool. I think most people are secret fans of the III legion and I am loving yours.

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The Traitor

The Traitor


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Looks great, a truly magnificent bodyguard!


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Lord Commander Eidolon

Lord Commander Eidolon


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Glad to see this thread back up and running, even if it is full of dirty traitors....


I am really liking the command squad, and will be taking inspiration from it -- i too thought the custodes stuff from BoP would be ideal for the EC; sadly I've not got round to my terminator command squad & elite breacher squad which is what I had planned for the standard and shields! Nice to see it works out in practice!


I am hoping that the EC get a nice updated bunch of plastics soon - that will probably sway me to turn to the dark side..... 

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Great to see the squad all together! I know exactly what you mean when you say gathering bits and not doing anything with them for months as that's how a lot of my projects start. For the other noise marine how about giving him a smaller lightning claw, like what Nemac Vradon did with his raptor lord and biker lord. Looking forward to seeing more updates!


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