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WarriorFish's Inquisition Blog

WIP Inquisition Inquisitor

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How did CA2019 invalidate your list? I am not seeing what's illegal about it ... I guess I missed something in CA2019 huh.png


EDIT: Or do you just mean that it is now significantly less than 500 pts?

The edit ;) CA points drops are all very nice but when you have a limited amount of models it can be frustrating. My full Custodes collection started at 2000pts and incrementally drops each chapter approved so I need to keep mucking about with it :P

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Indeed, I was thinking I was going to be within reach of it once the recent squad was done then suddenly I wasn't laugh.png However as mentioned the changes are very appropriate and welcome so it's a good thing smile.png Besides not like I wasn't going to be adding models anyway, this just means I need to add them sooner for gaming tongue.png


I'm focusing heavily on my Daemons currently but I'm considering grabbing that box of Stormies before too long as a break project. I'm thinking that a Tempestor Prime is first on the list, but I'm not sure if I'll need a Command Squad at least yet so I might do the other four as standard troopers or perhaps alternate special weapons?

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