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The Legio Bolter & Chainsword Insignium (WIP - LM inputs)

Legio B&C Legio Bolter & Chainsword Liberalia Martiale 2016 Liber Day

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Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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As many of you may be aware, the Legio is the mascot of the Bolter & Chainsword website. The Legio is a unique Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes, comprised of members from the other Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes in much the same way that the Ordo Xenos Deathwatch is. My contribution to the Liberalia Martiale 2016 will be a complete article providing the official redux of the Legio.
One of the essential elements of the Legio Redux will be an extensive insignium showing the markings and heraldry of battle-brothers that have served within the Legio; and this is where you come in.
Upon the closure of the Liberalia Martiale 2016, the mod staff will select some of the Adeptus Astartes Chapters submitted/updated for the event and battle-brothers from those Chapters will be included in the insignium.
Here's a teaser (these are incomplete images, showing only the Legio and parent Chapter livery - the insignium will have complete images):
When a battle-brother is seconded for service with the Legio, he will apply a badge of the Legio upon his armour. The most common practice is to add the basic badge of the Legio to the right pauldron, replacing the battle-brother's squad badge, as seen on the battle-brother from the Emperor's Shields 6th Company at left.

Battle-brothers are given significant flexibility and freedom in determining how they display affiliation with the Legio, however, and it is not uncommon for battle-brothers to retain their normal squad badges while adding the basic Legio badge in miniature elsewhere upon their armour. The battle-brother at right is from the Knights of Gryphonne Chapter and has added the basic Legio badge to the front corner of his right pauldron while retaining his Tactical squad badge.

Many battle-brothers choose to use variant badges in place of the basic Legio badge, as this battle-brother from the Celestial Guard 4th Company.

Another practice is to display one of the badges of the Great Compay with which one is affiliated. In the case of the Liberators battle-brother at right, the white skull upon his left kneepad indicates that he serves with the Light of the Emperor Great Compay.

When the Legio marches to war, the artificers apply the basic Legio livery of black armour, red helmet and left pauldron, and white aquila to each battle-brother's armour. The battle-brothers will then display the badge of their parent Chapter upon their right pauldron and a badge of the Legio upon their left pauldron, reversing the normal livery. Often, detachments will display a badge of their Great Company on their right kneepad, usually through either the color of the kneepad or a skull in the color of the Great Company (though some variations exist).
In the case of the squad below, the squad of 5 battle-brothers is led by a sergeant, with each member coming from a different Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. This squad serves with the Blood of the Emperor Great Company, as indicated by the decoration upon the right kneepad (either a red skull or the entire kneepad in red).

(From left to right, Legio battle-brothers from the Dark Crusaders, Skull Bearers, Griffon Lords, Death Knights, and Angels Redeemed Chapters)

And below you can see some basic heraldry work (hidden because the images are pretty big):

Hidden Content

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Yes! I was wondering when the Legio would be making it's triumphant return. ^_^

Posted Image
Posted Image

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Nomus Sardauk

Nomus Sardauk


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Ah this pleases me greatly to see the Legio finally given life beyond the shenanigans of the This Is The Liber Astartes thread, joyful though they were. I too always figured the Legio's colours would be similar to the Deathwatch, although the red helms I didn't expect, nor the Companies within the Legio and their iconography, interesting stuff. Will you be doing colour schemes for the Heresy Department and the Liber Heraldry Department?

Do the Legio proud Brother Tyler, lest ye draw the attention of it's resident Dark Knight and his curiously Bowling Ball-shaped wroth.


Yes! I was wondering when the Legio would be making it's triumphant return. ^_^

It was never gone Olis, it was merely dormant. As always, the Legio endures.

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Grand Master Belial

Grand Master Belial


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Like the Legion of the Damned, the Legio arrives unannounced and in its wake the enemies of the Imperium lie dead.

Great to see the Legio resurgent once more!


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Ohhh, neat.  smile.png


Although the line between the Liber event and the Brotherhood event continues to blur, with the nature of the candidate selection... :lol:

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