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Step by step, creating a gallery & uploading pictures

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Dantay VI

Dantay VI


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Part 1: Creating a B&C gallery and uploading pictures.


Okay, so to start with this is my little camera set up on my office desk :

Click on images to enlarge them


Photo box
As you can see, it is not very sophisticated, but it does the trick. All I have used is the foam from the carry trays and the side of a unit. I find te dark colour works well with my models, however you can just as easily use some paper with a printed background. The most important thing is that the background be a neutral colour which will not distract the eye from the model and which the model will not blend into.
These are the photo's I have quickly taken using my phone camera.
Not bad eh?
Okay, so we have our pictures, now we need to get them uploaded into the B&C gallery and then on to your chosen page smile.png
So at this point we have moved the pictures on to the desktop
Note, I use the PC desktop for convenience, B&C can upload straight from your device, be it a phone or camera. The process will be exactly the same, just the file locations will differ
The next step in the process will be to create a gallery to put your pictures into:
To do this click on your login name at the top, this will open a drop down menu, and from here select "My Gallery"
Desktop 2
Once this is done, it will open up your page called XYZ's Albums and Images. This is mine & as you can see I have already created a few.
Click the Upload button
Desktop 3a


The next screen will then give you several options. Select create new album
Desktop 4
This is the point at which you give your Gallery a title, you can also choose where you want your gallery to go. I have decided to put it into the Space Wolves section, but you can drop yours in anywhere smile.png 
Just select the drop down button and left click where you would like it to be located
Desktop 5
When you are done, click save at the bottom.
The next step is to get your pictures into the gallery.

  Desktop 6


So now we click on Choose Files


Desktop 6a
This will then open up a new window from which you can select the location of the picture you want to upload,(for me it is on my desktop) Left click on the image (blue arrow) and then left click Open
Desktop 7
As a note, you can easily upload more than one image at a time. This is done by simply left clicking on the first image, then going to the last image you want to upload, hold the shift key and left click. This will select all the images between the first & last. You then click Open and it will begin uploading all the images
Once the picture is uploaded, select Review & Publish
Desktop 8
From here you can title your picture to anything you want and add descriptions which can explain what the picture is about... Particularly good if it is a battle scene, or you want to highlight something to the viewer.
I kept it simple and gave it a title (blue box). When you are done click finished (red box)
Desktop 9



And voila, you have saved an image into your very own gallery


Desktop last


ETL 1v2