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Unable to post any new pictures

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Greetings !

For quite a while, i've been unable to post any pictures in my Galleries, neither adding to my albums or creating a new one. When i select the picture, regardless of the uploader version, and i try to download, nothing happens.

Maybe it's because of the browser i use ? Firefox ? i don't have any clue.

Which leads to my next question / problem. I'm trying to change my pasword, but the email adress i gave ages ago is no longer available, and the password reminded by firefox for the automatic connexion doesn't seem to work. What can i do ?

Thank you for you answers and excuse my poor english, i'm french !

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Kurgan the Lurker

Kurgan the Lurker


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You can PM me with your email details and I can change it for you.


As for the pictures. Your browser is certainly a culprit. The size/type of picture you are uploading could be an issue. The # of pictures you are trying to upload at one time could be the issue. 


What steps are you taking to get into your Gallery? There is one route that isn't working due to the database damage at last update. 

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I am experiencing similar issues Kurgan. :(

I managed to finally upload some images to my gallery, but was initially wanting to create a new post w. said pictures. When I try to either enter an URL from (previously photobucket, but now) the gallery - and using the bolter and chainsword code - the website tells me I do not have permission to use that image extension..


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