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Homemade washes

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Hey everyone,


Been meaning to do this for a while but only recently got the rest of the stuff I needed so here we go.


I've mede 12 washes today using a slightly modified version of the Les Bursley method (detailed here - http://thepaintingco...e-released.html)


There is also a Youtube video by the man himself (here - https://www.youtube....h?v=dEkMnP6p08I)


I used slightly different materials, but the results are much the same. Rather than Liquitex mediums I used Windsor & Newton Flow improver and W&N Galleria Matte Medium and I swapped out the W&N inks for Vallejo GC Inks (though I'd recommend the W&N ones as it's much more cost effective). I also used 20ml droppers rather than 1 oz. droppers.


Anyway heres a couple of pics of my results, one with flash and one without. All washes were straight from the bottle, 2 per model except for the metal test which has a 3rd wash on the bolter.





The six standard guys were washed over a VGC Dead White basecoat, the metal dude was old GW Chainmail.


I must say I didn't expect them to work as well as they have and will definitely be doing some experimenting to see how many shades I can get.


I'll be back again at some point with some further paint reviews as I am one set away from a complete Zombicide paint set and think that I should note my experience with using them as well as pros and cons compared to other ranges.


Later :tu:

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