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1000 - Scout List

1000 pts Blood Angels 1000 pts Battalion Detachment

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Next evolution: basically I wanted a bit more power to the list whilst retaining the theme. Not used at the time of typing...


Blood Angels Battalion




~ Master-crafted boltgun, power axe

~ Veritas Vitae

~ Warlord - Artisan of War



~ Master-crafted boltgun, chainsword



Scouts (8)

~ Camo cloak, combi-flamer, chainsword

~ Camo cloak, missile launcher

~ Camo cloak, sniper rifles (6)


Scouts (5)

~ Combi-grav, chainsword

~ Heavy bolter

~ Boltgun (3)


Scouts (5)

~ Boltgun, chainsword

~ Bolt pistol, combat blade

~ Shotgun (3)


Scouts (6)

~ Boltgun, chainsword

~ Bolt pistol, combat blade (5)



Land Speeder Storm

~ Cerberus Launcher, heavy bolter



Tarantula Sentry Gun

~ Twin lascannons



Officio Assassinorum Vanguard Detachment



Callidus Assassin


Culexus Assassin


Eversor Assassin


Vindicare Assassin



  • I think I'm going to try keeping the snipers back with the lascannon and use the HQ buffs on them

  • Eversor, Cullexus, choppy and shotgun to do a refused flank/target of opportunity.

  • Vindicare to camp somewhere advantageous and out of the way (maybe appear T2). Callidus will probably do a HQ rush in T2 (damn beta rules)

  • Bolters in the LSS to go objective hunting/counter charge/target of opportunity

  • I'm probably a bit light still, but I have a strong alpha potential. I also feel it remains fluffy and gives me an excuse to use my Assassins (which ticks a lot of boxes tbf)

Thoughts here?


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9 man choppy scouts in a basic rhino. Mephiston.

T1, rhino uses Lucifer Pattern Engines for 6" advance. Pops smoke. Mephiston uses WoS to get behind rhino for cover, moving up to 19". T2, scouts disembark 3", move 6" and charge. Rhino moves 12" and charges to shut down a unit or eats overwatch for scouts. Mephiston gives them unleash rage for 30 attacks (29 if sarge has special cc weapon)

By turn 2 Scouts can travel between 29" and 39" and have 30 attacks.

BLOOD FOR THE B!..erm, Emperor

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