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The Siege of the Oscadus Cluster. July 16th & 17th SLC, Utah

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The Siege of the Oscadus Cluster is a narrative Horus Heresy event being held on the 16th and 17th of July 2016 at Gajo Games in Sandy UT.

Day 1 will consist of three rounds of 30k and Day 2 will host a single huge apocalypse game. The cost of entry will be $15 and all proceeds will go towards prizes.

Players will be separated into Loyalists and Traitors based on their preferred choice. (In the case of uneven teams, militia/auxilia/mechanicum/fence sitter astartes players may be asked to switch for balance.) Teams will elect a general and the generals will decide the match ups of the day. Missions will be table and round specific with options for either 1k point Zone Mortalis games or 1.5k per player doubles games. The day 2 apocalypse game will be played to decide the final fate of the planet.

Players will need to bring a 3 color minimum painted 1000 point Zone Mortalis Combatant List and a 1500 point standard Age of Darkness force organization chart list. For the Day 2 apoc game players must bring their 1500 point day 1 list. They may also bring as many additional 1000 point blocks of 3 color minimum painted models they would like. Each side will be given an additional allotment of points for Lords of War based on how many players we have. ***please be prepared to give and take on the additional units in order to allow for balanced teams***

This is a narrative event and there will be no prizes for winning, so please build your lists accordingly.

If you would like to attend and do/will not have a 3 color army by the event date please contact me as I will have armies made up for both Militia and Alpha Legion you can use for the weekend! PM me here or through the Facebook event link


Additional info and mission briefings will follow in the coming weeks!

EDIT: Facebook link fixed

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