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Tutorial: Painting Skull Icons

Freehand Blood Angels Skulls Skull Icon Tutorial Xeniths Tutorials

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So I posted this in my BA thread, but it might help some folks here.


This tutorial will take you through the steps to go from this




To this






Step 1

Paint the knee pad black



Step 2: Draw A circle

The next stages are a circle and triangle, to define the basic shape of the skull. It doesnt really matter what order you do these in.




Step 3: Draw a Triangle.


Draw an isosceles trianle, with the top point roughly in the centre of the circle. This makes the upper jaw



Step 4: Temple and jaws

Knock the corners off the triangle with the base colour paint to make them more rounded. Where the triangle meets the circle, add smaller circles on both sides to represent the temple bones, so pronounced on GW transfers.



Step 5: Teeth

Add fine, irregular vertical lines to the base of the triangle



Step 6: Teeth 2

Then, use the base paint to redefine the bottom of the triangle, cutting the teeth from the main skull



Step 7: Nose

Using a very fine brush, water down some black paint and draw two diagonal lines, forming 2 sides of a triangle to make the nose hole. These can be messy, and then tidied up with white afterwards



Step 8: Eye sockets

Paint 2 blobs just above the nose. I usually angle these towards the nose, but you could do them more rounded, or more angled to look angrier. I usually mess up the right hand eye, and have to have several goes at painting it, with the model at different angles. Try a few different position and styles. then go with whatever works  best for you personally!







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