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Looking to start a gaming Community in Georgia, USA

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  • Location:US, GA.
  • Faction: Blood Angels, and World Eaters
I am looking to start playing again and since my favorite store closed down some odd years ago I have no one to play with nor a commuNity that isn't 70 miles away or more lol. Does anyone want to play 30k or 40k near Duluth Georgia? Specifically The place to play at would be Titan Comics and games in Duluth. I'm looking for people to play with and also to start a community around here. I wouldn't mind starting a weekly roundup of games I play 30k World Eaters and 40K Angels I have 10,000 points of angels and 5000 of world Eaters I am also starting to get into tau as well. Please PM me if you are interested or want to start a gaming community I miss playing the game so much and I would love to stArt getting back into the swing of Warhammer again. Thanks again guys


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